The Root and Nasty Rachel Pt. 02


The next day was Friday, and it couldn’t pass fast enough for Luther. And when he saw Rachel in their fourth period Government class, she gave him a sly wink before resuming her good girl persona.

Lute was sure Rachel wanted to torture him, because the nasty vixen had worn a tight black sweater that displayed her big tit’s profiled curves in such an alluring way that he needed to keep readjusting his growing hard-on throughout class. And when the bell rang and they all stood up to leave, he had to cover his crotch with his backpack before he exited the room. When Rachel saw this, she just rolled her eyes and grinned.

As arranged, Lute arrived at Rachel’s grandparents’ house at 7pm that evening. And since they were being discreet, he had left his van at home and rode his bike over instead. After stashing his bike behind the house, Lute walked up to the back door and was just was about to knock when Rachel swung it open and pulled him inside.

She was still dressed in the jeans and tight sweater she had worn to school. And not bothering with any small talk, she grabbed him and they hungrily began to kiss, continuing where we had left off the night before.

“I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” Rachel whispered to him after several minutes of shared teenage passion. “My pussy has been so wet! I took an extra pair of panties to school with me, but I should have taken two!”

“I’ve been thinking about you, too!” Lute replied. “And that sweater you’ve got on should be illegal!”

“Oh, you like it?” she said demurely, standing back and doing a modeling turn. “Well, I did get a lot of looks today.”

“I promise you, I wasn’t the only guy who had to cover his crotch when he saw you wearing that today,” he chuckled.

“Maybe. But you’re the only guy in school who gets a hard-on it that looks like he has a Coke can in his pocket,” Rachel giggled, massaging his bulging crotch to emphasize her point. “I take that back, you always look like you’ve got a Coke can in your pocket. But when you get hard – like you did today – it looks like you’ve got two cans in there!”

“Well, I guess I’m flattered you notice,” Lute said as he continued kissing her and fondling her firm ass.

“Oh, I notice!” she whispered back, “And I’m also really flattered that I’m the one who inspires you to get so big, so I guess we’re a good match!”

“I think we’re a great match!” Lute said, and then finally took a moment to slip off the backpack he’d brought with him. Opening it, he pulled out a bottle that he’d swiped from his dad’s supply of table wine. And after producing a corkscrew from his pack, he walked over to the kitchen counter and uncorked the bottle while Rachel reached into the cupboard and got them glasses.

Lute poured them both a full glass, and then raised his in a toast. “To us!” he said as they clinked glasses. “To Root and Nasty Rachel!” she replied with a lusty laugh, and took a big sip.

“So, here’s what I’m thinking,” Rachel said with that same sexy smile. “For part one of our date tonight, we’ll go into the living room, and we’ll talk and listen to music and drink some wine and make out for awhile. And then when we get really horny and are dying to get naked and fuck, we’ll go down to my room in the basement for part two. Okay by you?”

“Somehow, I knew you’d have a plan all worked out,” Lute chuckled. “But what if we did part two first, and then part one later on, you know, if there’s time?”

“Nope, that’s not the way a first date works here in the world of civilized beings, Luther Casey,” she chastised. “You don’t get pussy until after you’ve had some intelligent conversation with your date and proven to the girl that you’re a worthy partner for her to mate with.”

“Okay, fair enough,” he laughed. “Bring on the intellectual foreplay!”

So they carried their wine into the living room and settled into the couch. Rachel already had queued up a record, so The Talking Heads were playing in the background.

And that’s how it went for the next hour or so. They talked and laughed, drank wine, listened to music, and kissed and groped each other. They were both still fully clothed, when their conversation began to fade and the kissing and groping increased. Finally, a flushed and very horny Rachel whispered as she rubbed her big tits against his body, “Okay, enough of this intellectual foreplay shit. I say it’s time for part two!”

Getting no argument from Lute, Rachel led him downstairs to her bedroom. And while he sat on her double bed, she walked around the room lighting candles. And after she’d created a satisfactorily sexy ambience, she joined him on the bed for more kissing.

“I’ve got to see your big beautiful tits, Rachel,” Lute whispered, as he kneaded her D cup boobs through her sweater. “You’ve been tormenting me with these for way too long!”

“You know, I’ve wanted to have you suck on my tits ever since the first time we met in eighth grade and I saw you check me out,” Rachel confessed as she pulled up the bottom of her sweater, lifted it over her head Anadolu Yakası Travesti and tossed it aside

She was wearing a sexy sheer black bra that wasn’t at all of the conservative variety Lute had expected to see. It was low cut and her big boobs spilled out like a dual moonrise on some distant planet.

Lute was sitting behind her on the bed, so he wrapped himself around her torso and reached out with his left hand for her left boob, and did likewise with the right, massaging her sexily covered melons while he nuzzled her neck.

“Pull down your bra straps for me, Rachel,” Lute said softly in her ear. And she gave a lusty sigh and did as he asked, enjoying how he was kneading her soft loaves through her sexy bra.

“Now take ’em out for me,” he encouraged her as he removed his hands and looked down to watch the unveiling of her wondrous orbs.

Slowly peeling down the bra one cup at a time, Rachel seductively began to show him what he’d been lusting over for so long.

Now, with Luther being a diehard tit man, it was always a wonderful thing for him the first time he saw the breasts of a woman he desired. Every time, it was just like Christmas morning. Oh, he may have shaken the packages in advance, and made guesses about their contents, but he never really knew what he was getting until the wrapping came off and the gifts were revealed.

And when he finally saw Rachel’s tits, they were definitely the gifts he’d been wishing for. And maybe even more, because they were big and full and hung down onto her chest with just the perfect amount of sag. And her areolas were broad and brown and topped with wide dark red nipples – like large suction cups attached to water balloons.

Seeing them at last, all Lute could do was sigh. “Oh, Rachel, your tits are beautiful,” he said with absolute sincerity as he reached around her and fondled them. Reveling in the soft bare skin and the ample heft of her perfect udders, he rubbed his hands over her nipples and massaged them lightly.

“These are everything I’d hoped for,” he said, still somewhat awed by what he now held in his hands. “And they’re worth every uncomfortable hard-on I’ve had in class this year.”

Pleased that he was so appreciative, Rachel leaned her head back and shoved her chest forward while they kissed. “They’re all for you tonight, Luther,” she said, but then couldn’t resist adding, “You earned them with your snappy intellectual conversation upstairs. You’ve proven yourself to be a worthy mate.”

“Thank goodness I studied,” Lute chuckled while he continued fondling her fleshy twins. And then he undid the back clasp of her bra, and she squirmed it off as she stood up.

Standing at the end of the bed, Rachel quickly undid her jeans and kicked them aside. And then looking at him, she rubbed a hand over the moist crotch of her black panties.

“Damn, you make my pussy wet, Luther,” Rachel said as she touched herself through the damp panty covering. “But I’m gonna’ keep these. I think one pair of my panties will be enough to last you for awhile.” And she then slipped them off and stood before him in all her naked glory. Which, to Lute’s admiring gaze, was truly glorious.

Not wanting to be overdressed for this party, Lute stood up on the bed and pulled off his shirt and undid his belt. But deciding she wanted to help open his package, Rachel crawled next to him on the bed and unzipped his pants and tugged them down.

To her surprise as she pulled down his jeans, Rachel discovered Lute had worn something special for their first date. He had chosen to forego his underwear and instead had tied her pink panties from the night before around the thick shaft of his ten-inch cock. And as it swung out to meet her, Rachel gasped and laughed.

“God, Luther, you’re huge!” she exclaimed in delight as she gawked at the massive appendage that extended out from Lute’s crotch. And then noticing her pink panties, added “And you definitely get style points!”

In the time it took Lute to discard his pants, Rachel had grabbed his thick meat and placed her mouth over its big mushroom knob, and was soon sucking, licking and throating his hard member in full Nasty Rachel mode.

And though it was an appreciated accessory, she removed the pink panty scarf from his cock to give herself full access to the length and breadth of his throbbing love rocket.

Lute still stood on the bed, and with his hands on her head, helped move his thick veiny beast in and out of Rachel’s cock hungry mouth. And as he looked down, Lute marveled at the sight of Rachel gorging herself on his meat, and also at her beautiful tits that were swaying and flopping about as she sucked his wood.

With her hands wrapped around his shaft as far as they could go (which, given the girth of Lute’s cock, meant her fingers and thumbs didn’t touch), Rachel looked up at him, wide-eyed and incredulous.

“Damn, Luther! When I heard the girls’ gossip about the size of your cock, I thought they must be exaggerating,” she exclaimed. “But Antalya Travesti they weren’t. If anything, they undersold how big you are. God, no wonder it’s so uncomfortable when you get an erection at school!” And then she resumed her ravenous assault on his hefty spear.

But as much as he loved Rachel’s oral devotions, Lute was dying to do some ravaging of his own. So he soon eased his cock out of her mouth and dropped down beside her on the bed, planting his face on her fleshy boobs and alternating his kisses and sucks between each of her tasty melons. Lute was in tit heaven!

Rachel loved his attention to her breasts, and he soon learned that her nipples were especially sensitive. So he began to make her moan and sigh as he worked his tongue over her wide nips while he moved a hand into her crotch.

Welcoming his hand to her fertile delta, Rachel spread her legs apart for him as she reached down and found Lute’s throbbing cock and began exercising his stallion.

Between his nipple sucking and pussy fingering, it wasn’t long before Lute had Rachel thrashing and moaning as she approached her first of what would be several orgasms that night.

“Oh, Luther, you’re gonna’ make me cum!” Rachel moaned as her cunt juices began to flow and she ground her crotch hard onto his hand, while stroking his cock even harder, and moaning, “Oh, yeah, baby, yeah…!”

And then her zeal rose, slowly at first, and then in a full-on climactic rage. “Oh yes!” she moaned again and again as he continued working over her clit with his fingers. “Oh, fuck, yes!!” But rather than relax into the flow of her orgasm, Rachel became even more agitated and horny.

“Now I want your big cock inside me, Luther! I want it right now!” she demanded while still in the throes of her climax.

Knowing she’d never be more ready for the massive intrusion she was about to receive, Lute swung himself into position between her legs and prepared to give her cunt a first introduction to his massive love muscle.

Typically, when he initiated a new lover to his big cock, Luther would slowly and gradually ease his tool into her pussy. But in her current orgasmic state, Rachel was demanding a more forthright approach, “I want it all! Right now, goddammit, Luther! Right now, baby! Give it to me!”

So, with a thrust of his hips, Lute drove his cock into her, and stretched her pussy to a size that Rachel surely couldn’t have imagined. “Oh, god!” she howled as his member began to impale her tight twat. “Oh, my god!”

But any misgivings he might have had about going in so quickly were soon erased when she cried, “Now fuck me!” and she raised her hips up to give him an even deeper penetration into her stretched vagina. “Fuck me, Luther! Fuck me!”

The tight grip of her pussy around his big cock was a sensation that Luther would relive for days. And likewise the memory of looking down at Rachel as he drove his thick meat into her pussy that first time, and seeing the “hurts so good” grimace on her flushed face, and watching her big beautiful tits bounce around like soccer balls. That was definitely a memory he’d hold onto for some time, as he and Rachel fucked and groaned and melded themselves together as they rode each other like wild horses over miles of open range.

Lute was now experiencing the true Nasty Rachel. No longer the brainy good girl, she had transformed into a lusty and uninhibited young woman who wanted nothing more than to have passionate sex with her well-hung lover.

And after they had ravaged each other for some time, Rachel craned her head down so she could observe Lute’s monster sliding in and out of her stretched cunt “Oh, my god, Luther! I love this!” Rachel whispered to him, “God, I love how you fuck me, Luther! I am so filled up by you! Your big cock feels amazing inside me! Just amazing!”

For his part, Luther also loved the feel of driving his hard sabre in and out of Rachel’s tight sheath. And when he joined her in looking down to admire their carnal embrace, he eased off his fuck thrusts for a moment and watched as his veined member slid perfectly inside her beautiful stretched twat. And between his pre-cum emissions and her vaginal juices, their genitals’ union was a well-lubricated affair.

“Are you loving this as much as I am, Luther?” Rachel whispered to him as she watched his cock slowly fuck her wet pussy.

“Oh, god, yes!” Lute replied. “I love fucking you! And it’s really nice to meet this Nasty Rachel girl. She’s great!”

“I thought you’d like her,” Rachel said with a giggle as she reached down and positioned her hand so it could rub against Lute’s slick power tool while it continued to penetrate her cunt.

“And if you don’t mind, Nasty Rachel is thinking she’d like to have another orgasm,” she added with feigned innocence as she continued rubbing his cock shaft. “And she’d like to get on top so you can suck on her big titties while you shove your big cock in her pussy. And if it’s okay with you, she’s gonna’ rub her clit while you fuck her really hard and Ataşehir Travesti make her scream. Would that be okay?”

“I think that can be arranged,” Lute said as he deftly reached around her and grabbed her torso from behind, and then quickly flipped them over, so that a somewhat surprised and laughing Rachel was now on top of him, while still impaled on his thick lumber.

“Oh, yeah!” Rachel exclaimed as she looked down at Lute. “Nice move, stud!”

And then, hardly missing a beat, Rachel shoved a pillow under Lute’s head to give him better access to the fleshy wonders that she had flopped into his face. And propping herself up on one arm, she shoved her other hand into her crotch, found her clitoral nub, and began to slowly rub it while she ground Lute’s cock deep into her wanton cunt.

“Oh, god yes!” Rachel moaned as she pleasured herself with Lute’s cock and her own hand. As she did, Lute wasted no time enjoying his full price admission to her wondrous tits, kissing and sucking on them like a starved puppy.

The slapping sound of Rachel’s tight stomach against Lute’s groin began to reverberate around the room as she increased the intensity of their fucking. And Lute was soon raising his hips in a synchronous motion to meet each of her downward thrusts, driving himself even deeper into her while he continued hungrily mashing his face and mouth onto her fleshy boobs.

“Suck my titties, Luther! Suck ’em, baby! They’re all for you!” Rachel moaned as she drove them into his face.

And when Lute began working one big nipple with his mouth while he pinched the other with his hand, she screamed, “You know just what to do! Oh, god, just like that, baby, just like that!”

Then after several more minutes of discovering each other’s sexual talents and erogenous zones, Rachel began to writhe and spasm with the approach of her next orgasm.

“Oh, fuck, yes, Luther!” she wailed as Lute drove himself upward with even greater ferocity into her cunt, while Rachel worked her hand over her twat in a fevered pitch. “I’m gonna’ cum, baby! I’m gonna’ cum!”

And as Rachel screamed and swooned into her climax, Luther grabbed her by the ass and flipped them back over, so he was again on top, but this did nothing to abate Rachel’s orgasm, which continued in full force.

“Oh, god, yes…yes…yes!” she continued to moan.

And as Lute repositioned himself and began to drive his massive beast in and out of Rachel’s cunt, he could feel the huge load of jism rising in his loins. So after several more massive thrusts that made them both grunt in crazed anticipation, he girded his loins and prepared to unload his prodigious cum deep into Rachel’s dazed pussy.

“Here it is, baby! Here it is!” Luther groaned as he prepared to unleash his torrent of hot seed into his lover’s ready body. “Oh, yeah, Rachel, here it is, baby! Oh, sweet Jesus, yeah!”

Though Rachel was deep in the throes of her own orgasmic bliss, she was soon overwhelmed by the depth charge that reverberated throughout their co-joined bodies when Lute erupted inside her, and his huge cannon released an initial load of cum that jettisoned inside her like an uncorked bottle of champagne.

And feeling the flood of Luther’s cum deep inside her as his cock throbbed and spewed, Rachel looked down and was transfixed as she watched gushes of Lute’s sperm ooze out of her pussy and cling to her patch of brown fur like melted ice cream.

But there was more! Because just when Rachel was about to relax and enjoy the amazing feelings that were flowing through her, Lute plowed his cock even deeper inside her and released another blast of seed, catching her by surprise and causing her to gasp, “Oh, my god, Luther! Oh, yeah, baby! Give me all of it! I want it all!”

That was all of his major explosions, but Lute’s cock continued to spasm and unload into Rachel’s overflowing pussy. And they kissed hungrily as he slowly worked his rock hard member around inside her, spelunking every last corner of her gushing cave with his hungry appendage as it spewed.

And then, to fulfill a long held fantasy, Lute removed his slick member from Rachel’s flooded cunt, and moving up to straddle his lover’s torso, he dropped his sticky but still hard dick between Rachel’s big tits. Seeing what he had in mind, Rachel pushed her fleshy twins together and wrapped them around Lute’s cock as he began to slide his huge cum-oozing cock back and forth between her sweaty breasts.

After several upward thrusts of his cock between her tits, Rachel positioned her mouth at the end of her tit tunnel and sucked on the huge red knob of Luther’s beast when it reappeared, drawing out the last gobs of cum from his huge cock. After letting Lute’s jizz pool inside her mouth, she looked up at him, gave him an open-mouth display of her catch, and then gulped it all down.

When his cock had been completely drained of cum, Lute looked down at Rachel and gave her a beatific smile, and then rolled off of her chest and nuzzled in next to her on the bed. But feeling his hard cock pressed against her thigh, Rachel lifted her leg and pulled Lute’s still ready tool towards her wet pussy and shoved it back inside. Lute repositioned his meat for their mutual pleasure, and then continued to very slowly move it in and out of Rachel’s drenched and welcoming orifice.

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