The Seduction of Janie


“I shouldn’t be here.”

“Then why are you?”

“I don’t know.”

He smiled at her honesty. Not that he expected her to lie. But she wasn’t quite what he had expected either. Although they had chatted for months, they had never traded pictures. His visual image didn’t do her justice.

Her hair wasn’t just brown. It was a deep sable with red highlights catching in the candle light. Her eyes were a deep green and her nose small and up turned. Her lips were full and shaded a light coral. When they first met, he towered above her 5’9″ frame at 6’3″. Her body wasn’t super model thin. She had full, luscious breasts and a curvy, voluptuous body. His first thoughts were how soft she would feel against him.

“I’m glad you came though.” He offered with a wink.

He could see her relax a bit more. She was nervous. And that was good. He wanted her to be. This was, after all, her first affair. Not that he was a pro, but he was almost fifteen years older then her and he had had other relationships outside of marriage.

“You’re not what I expected.” She said, taking sip of the white zinfindel he had pre-ordered for her.

“Oh?” He asked with a raise of his dark eyebrow.

She smiled and his heart melted. She had the most beautiful smile. He all ready knew she would be a keeper. He wanted to always make her smile like that.

“I’m sorry. What?” He said when he realized she had been talking.

“I said, I had this image in my mind of you being some sinister looking man, with a long mustache that you would twist while you laughed evilly.”

“Sorry to disappoint you.” He said smiling.

“Oh! I’m not disappointed. I hope you’re not.” She said the last softly, lowering her head. He had to strain to hear it.

Disappointed? Was she crazy? She was more than he had expected.

“Janie,” he waited for her to look at him. “I’m not disappointed.” He reached across and took her hand in his.

Janie looked down at their joined hands. His wedding ring sparkled.

“What did you tell your wife?” She asked. She wasn’t sure why though.

“What did you tell your husband?” He countered.

He watched her face for some sign that she had changed her mind. He would be pissed if she did, but he would get over it. She was something special and he wanted to be with her more than he had ever wanted any of the other women he had fucked. There was just something about her, they had so much in common that he knew they would be together. He just hoped she gave them a chance to find out.

Janie tried to pull her hand away, but he held firm.

“If you have changed your mind, just tell me. I would never force you into anything.”

“I know. It’s just that…” He voice trailed off and she took another sip of wine.

He sat back and studied her. This was the first time she had ever met with another man. She had chatted with many online, she confessed, but never felt comfortable enough to meet any of them. He felt special that she was taking a chance on him. He meant what he said, he wouldn’t force her. Did he want to fuck her? Hell yes! Did he want her with every particle in his body? Fuck yes! Would he push her into something she wasn’t ready for? Never!

“You can tell me anything Janie.”

“I know.”

“Then say my name.”

“What?” She looked up, surprised.

“You haven’t said my name since we sat down. I want to hear you say it.”

“Sam.” She said softly.


“Sam.” She said, a smile curving her inviting lips.

He loved the way she said his name. Breathy.

“Let’s have dinner.”

Janie agreed and Sam signaled for the waiter.


“I really enjoyed myself tonight” Janie said as the waiter cleared away their dinner dishes.

“You sound surprised.” Sam commented, lifting his glass of wine to his lips.

Janie watched them part as he drank. God! his lips looked so good. So strong. Not for the first time that evening, Janie wondered what having his lips on hers would feel like. Or having his mouth sucking on her hard nipples, kissing down her body, sucking on her clit……She felt her cheeks heat and reached for her own half empty glass of wine.

“Now those thoughts are worth a fortune.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your cheeks are as red as this table cloth. What were you thinking?”


Sam leaned across the table and took her hand in his.

“Tell me Janie.” His voice was deep and seductive. His thumb drew lazy circles on the inside of her wrist.

“I like your lips.”

“My lips?”

“Yes. Your lips. I wonder what they would feel like on mine. On my body.”

Sam sat back as if she had sucker punched him. The image her words evoked had his eight inch cock straining against his slacks.

“Would you like to find out?” He asked, his gaze locking with hers.

Here it was….finally. Could she go through with Travesti it? Could she go upstairs with this man, fuck him and then go home to her loving husband as if nothing happened? Janie clamped her legs together to try and stop the wetness that was gathering there. She did want him. She wanted all the things he had written to her he would do. All the things his sexy voice had promised to make her feel. And she knew, that once she said yes, and they went upstairs, her life would change.


She grabbed her glass and finished the wine in one long gulp.

“I won’t force you. If you say no, this stops right now and you have done nothing but have dinner with an old friend. Or who ever you need me to be to explain. At least we had the chance to meet.”

Janie set the glass down and took a deep breath.

“Let’s go upstairs.”


Sam still couldn’t believe she said yes. He guided her toward the elevator with a hand on her back. His heart was beating wildly in his chest. He felt like a teenager on a date with the hottest girl in school. He wanted to ask again if she was sure, but he didn’t want to hear if she changed her mind. They had emailed and talked for months before she finally agreed to meet him. He craved her too badly right now to give her a chance to get away.

The doors opened and Sam followed her inside. They were both quiet as the doors closed and he reached across her to press for his floor.

“Are you okay?” Sam asked, taking in her stiff posture. She looked as if she was about to break, she held herself so stiff.

“Yes. Just nervous.” She admitted, looking up at him.

“Don’t be. I really am harmless Janie.” Sam said facing her.

He lifted his hand and touched her cheek. His thumb rubbed back and forth over her full bottom lip. They were so soft, now he was wondering what they would feel like on his. On his body. Stretched around his cock.


He heard Janie sigh his name as his head descended and his lips captured hers. Her lips parted and he swept his tongue inside. She tasted delicious. He pulled her into his arms and crushed her body tight against his. She fit him perfectly. He felt her hands touch his waist and he growled into her mouth. He couldn’t wait to fuck her.

The doors slid open and thankfully no one was waiting to catch the elevator. Sam reluctantly lifted his head. He looked down into her half-closed eyes.

“I want you so badly Janie.” He whispered, his covered cock pressing against her stomach.

“Me too.” She answered shyly.

Sam took her hand and led her down the hall to his room. He slipped the key card in and waited for the green light. Once inside, he threw the card to the nearest table and pulled Janie back into his arms. With his weight, he pushed her back against the wall and ravished her mouth with his. He heard her purse drop to the floor and then her arms slide up around his neck.

He thrilled at her response to him. He could feel her nipples harden against his chest. Her mouth opened wider and her tongue danced with his.

Sam groaned at the contact. She tasted of the sweet wine she had with dinner. And of innocence. He wanted to go slow and take his time pleasuring her, making her first time memorable. But he wasn’t sure how much longer he would last before he had to have his cock buried deep inside her.

His hands went to her blouse and he quickly undid the buttons. His large hands covered her lace covered breasts and he massaged them, feeling her hard nipples against his palms. He kissed his way across her jaw and to her ear. Her head fell back giving him better access to her sweet neck. He licked and sucked, delighting in the moans he brought forth.

“Oh Janie” Sam breathed against her neck.

She was driving him fucking crazy. He felt her fingers on the waistband of his pants and tensed slightly as they undid his belt and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped them. She slid her hand inside his boxers and cupped his thick cock. He growled at the contact. His cock pulsed with his need to be inside her.

He pulled back and made quick work of removing all her clothes. Then he removed his own. He would have loved to let her undress him, he just didn’t think he would last if he had to feel those soft hands on his body. He knelt down before her, his head just below her breasts. He leaned up and flicked each hard nipple with the tip of his tongue, his eyes on her face as he did so. He watched her eyes close and a sigh pass her lips. He remembered what she had told him then. Her nipples were very sensitive and she confessed that she could sometimes cum from just having them sucked on. And, it made her pussy wet.

Trailing one hand down her stomach, he came to the small triangle of curly hair above her pussy and slowly slid one finger back and forth through her bare wet pussy lips. She was Ankara Travesti soaking wet. He placed a few kisses on her stomach, working his way down to her pussy. Using one hand, he lifted her right leg up and put it over his broad shoulder. He looked up and saw her watching him. Her lips parted, her hair falling forward to frame her face. Fuck, she was beautiful. He couldn’t wait to have her astride him and have her hair falling around them.

Still holding her gaze, he moved his head closer and inhaled deeply. The smell of her arousal made him high. He stuck out his tongue and licked her exposed pussy lips. They were bare and smooth against his tongue. He saw Janie close her eyes, lean her head against the wall and sigh. Closing his own eyes, Sam lowered his mouth once more and began to feast on her.

The tip of his tongue found her swollen clit and began to flick it lightly. He brought his hand up and stroked the inside of her thigh. He felt her shiver against him. Opening his mouth, he began to suck on her wet hole, swallowing all of her thick cream as it flowed freely and rapidly from her pussy.


Janie looked down at the dark head buried between her thighs. Sam’s eyes were closed as he ate her pussy. She had felt self-conscience at first, being so exposed to him, but his wonderful mouth was replacing that feeling quickly. She felt his strong fingers caressing the inside of her thigh. His nose rubbed her clit while he used his tongue to fuck her wet hole.

Janie lifted her hand and ran it through his hair, messing it. She arched her hips against his mouth, trying to draw him deeper against her. She felt his hand move and then she felt his fingers on her pussy lips, spreading them wide and then the sweep of his tongue from her ass to her clit.

“Fuck Sam” She cried, her hips bucking off the wall.

“That’s it baby. I want you to cum for me.” He growled against her.

Janie felt the vibrations against her clit to her soul. The familiar tightening started in her stomach and slowly started to spread outward. She reached out down and held on to Sam’s shoulders as his tongue licked furiously over her clit. The sounds of him slurping up her juices filled her ears.

“Yes Sam. Oh….God….YES!” Janie pushed away from the wall.

Sam’s hands grabbed her ass and held her steady against his hungry mouth as she came, flooding in his mouth. It took several minutes for her body to relax and then she slumped back against the wall breathing heavy. She looked down and saw Sam staring up at her. She smiled nervously.

“Thank you.” She said quietly.

“Oh no Janie. Thank you.” Sam placed a kiss on her wet curls and then slowly stood.

Janie reached up and touched his face. Her fingers trailed lightly over his lips, coating them with her cream. She then brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked each one, tasting herself on them.

“I need to fuck you Janie.” Sam said, his voice sounding strained.

“Yes Sam”


Sam lifted Janie in his arms and carried her to the bed. He placed her in the center of the king size bed and laid down beside her.

“I have thought about this all through dinner.” Sam admitted, trailing his fingers lightly over his breasts. He watched as her nipples hardened to points.

“Really? What else have you thought about?”

“This.” Sam leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth. His tongue swirled around it, laving it and then he pulled it gently with his teeth.

Janie groaned and stroked his head with her hand. Her other hand came up and pulled on her other nipple.

“None of that now.” Sam said against her wet flesh.

He rolled over and covered her body with his. His tongue licked and teased her lips until they parted for him. He deepened the kiss then, sweeping his tongue inside her mouth and sliding against hers. He felt her arms circle his waist and her fingernails scrape against his sides.

“I need to be inside you Janie.” He said against her lips.


Sam pulled back and looked down into her green eyes. “Are you sure?”

Sam held his breath as he waited for her answer. If she said no, it would kill him, but he would stop.

“Yes Sam. I’m sure.”

Sam smiled and took her mouth again in a hungry kiss. He shifted his body and felt her legs squeeze against his hips. His cock rubbed against her wet pussy. He pulled back and raised himself on his elbows. Keeping eye contact, Sam slowly started to enter her.

He groaned as her tight pussy swallowed his cock. She was so wet and snug. He arched his hips and drove himself deeper inside her. Her lips parted and she let out a small gasp.

“Did I hurt you?”

“God no! You feel wonderful.” She said with a dreamy smile on her face.

Sam closed his eyes and buried himself deep inside her. He lowered his head in the crook of her neck İstanbul Travesti and stayed still inside her. Just feeling her pussy wrapped around him. He felt her fingers trailing down his spine to cup his ass.

“Fuck me Sam” She whispered against his ear.

That was all he needed to hear. Pulling back, Sam rose up on his knees, lifted her legs in the air and began to drive his cock in and out of her. He looked down and watched as her bare lips stretched around his cock. He pulled almost all the way out and then plunged his cock back inside. With each thrust, she cried out. Sam placed her legs over his shoulders and moved his hand to her clit. With his thumb, he began to rub her fleshy nub.

“Yes….Sam…..” Janie panted as she pulled and pinched her nipples.

Sam watched her roughly play with her breasts. Her eyes were half closed and her lips were parted, her hair spilled out across the pillow. He thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

He felt her pussy start to tighten and knew she was nearing another climax. He fucked her harder and faster. His balls slapped against her ass. He let her legs slip from his shoulders and he came to lean over her. Their gazes locked as he fucked her.


“That’s it Janie. Cum again for me baby.” Sam grunted out.

Janie arched her back and cried out as a powerful orgasm washed through her. She lifted her hips up to meet his downward thrusts.

Sam felt the clenching of her pussy on his cock. He tried to last through her orgasm but the squeezing on him sent him over the edge and he shouted out as he filled her pussy full of his sperm-free cum.



Minutes passed as they lay trying to regain their normal breathing. Sam had collapsed on top of her. He struggled to lift himself up and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed and she had a small smile on her face. Chuckling himself, he rolled to his side and brought her up against him.

“So, I’m guessing you enjoyed it.” Sam said, stroking her hair away from her face.

“As a matter of fact….I did.” Janie said kissing his chest.

Sam sighed. He thought for a minute about all the other women he had been with in his twenty year marriage. None of them had made him feel like Janie had. Even before he had met her, just from her emails, he knew she was someone special. And he knew one time with her would never be enough.

He felt Janie move and watched as she kissed and nibbled her way down his chest, past his stomach to where his semi-hard cock lay. She settled between his thighs and looked up at him.


“My turn.” Was all she said before she took him into her mouth.

Sam growled and closed his eyes. Never, had a partner taken his cock in their mouth after he had fucked them. Even his wife refused. He lifted his head and watched as Janie continued to lick his cock from base to tip, she even took his balls into her mouth and sucked and tongued them.

Sam tangled a hand in her hair and guided her on his cock. She looked up at him and smiled around his cock.

“Fuck baby….” Sam hissed and couldn’t help but watch as he cock grew thicker and longer from her talented mouth. He wouldn’t have believed he was ready to cum again this soon but his balls started to tingle and he knew he was close.

“Baby…I’m gonna cum.” Sam warned her.

Janie continued to suck hard on his cock. Her lips formed a tight suction and she squeezed and massaged his balls.

“Fuck!! YES!” Sam roared, arched his hips and filled her hungry mouth full of cum.

He looked down and watched as Janie swallowed every last drop then licked him clean.

With his hand still in her hair, he pulled her to lay across his chest. Kissing her deeply, Sam wrapped his arms around her and held her while they slept.


Sam woke slowly and reached for Janie. The bed was empty. He sat up quickly and saw her buttoning her blouse.

“Do you really have to go?” He asked getting out of bed.

“Yes. I do. He will be waiting for me.” She answered slipping on her shoes.

“I know.”

Naked, Sam walked over to her and stood before her. And he did understand. He would have liked for her to stay and fuck her once more, but the last thing he wanted to do was get her in trouble.

He took her into his arms and with his hand, lifted her face up to his. His head lowered and he took her mouth in a deep kiss. His mouth slanted over her countless times. Minutes later they both came up for air.

“I really have to go.”

“I want to see you again.” He said, his eyes staring into hers.

“Me too.”

Sam kissed her quick and stepped back. He watched her get her purse and walk to the door. She turned back and smiled before opening the door and walking out.

Sam let out the breath he hadn’t been aware he was holding. He didn’t know what it was about her, but she had made him feel more alive than he had in years. He walked back to the bed and sat down. He could still smell her on the bed. On his skin.

Smiling to himself, he was all ready planning their next time together.

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