The Sexiest Woman I Ever Met Ch. 05


As we stood there me cupping her firm young breasts and her hand cupping my cock; she stopped me before I could put her on the bed. She said: Before we leave I want to fuck you all over this room.”

I smiled and said, “OK! Where do you want to do it now?”

She said, “Well now, tonight, I want you to make love to me on the bed Bud.”

With her bathing suit top off, I bent my head as I held her with my arms and ran my hand s down her smooth back. She bent back and my mouth began to suck and lick her nipples as she held my head tight against her breasts. I stepped back and knelt on the floor. I kissed around her pussy and she put her foot on my shoulder and then over it moving my head between her legs and under her body. Now looking under her thighs and inner legs I licked up the inside of her legs. With my fingers I pulled the elastic around her bathing suit to the side exposing her unbelievable hot pussy and as hole. I began to lick that warm wet pussy and flick my tongue on her as hole. I could taste her salt and sweat.

She moaned as I shoved my tongue deep in her pussy hole and held her ass with both hands. She held my head as she stood there with one thigh hanging over my shoulder just a foot or two inside the door of my hotel room. She moaned and said: “Oh Bud. I’m so sweaty baby! Come on I need a shower!”

I smiled up at her and told her she tasted delicious! She pulled on my head and I reluctantly stood up. I was serious; she never tasted bad even when she had been sitting out in the sun all day. I loved her taste. I said: “I want to see you under dress. Take your bikini bottoms off for me while I watch. And, do it slowly!”

She smiled and said: “You are evil you know that?”

D smiled and said: “You take your cock out of your suit first. And show it to me.”

I pulled my cock out from under the pants leg of my bathing suit and slowly worked it in my hand it was rising as I watched her. She smiled and began to push down on both sides of her suit as she wiggled her ass and hips out of the bottoms. Once she had it off she held them out to me. I took them and brought them to my face. When I covered my face with them and inhaled her musk again she grabbed them from my hand. I told her: “I want to shower with you.”

She said: “Well let me see you get out of your bathing suit. Then we’ll take a nice warm long bath together.”

I smiled and slid the suit down to my feet as my cock jumped up more than semi-hard now. She smiled and took it in her hand feeling it get harder. She squeezed the mushroom head as we walked together to the bathroom. S bent over very sexy and turned on the water. She was turning me on too as it filled the tub. She put a few drops of her special body lotion in the water too.

When the tub was full we both got in and sat facing each other. We took our time and bathed each other. I lifted her leg watching the beads of water run off her smooth shapely thigh. I put her foot on my shoulder and washed her leg all the way from her foot to the top of her inner thigh. Then I took the other leg and did the exact thing. All the while she was smiling and I knew she loved this part of the sex act, teasing. In fact I believe this sexy woman felt everything we did was part of our overall sex act. Everything we did just built and built us towards another fucking and another wonderful orgasm or two.

Next I move closer in closer to her and she to me. I washed her neck shoulders arms. I told her to hold her arms over her head and washed those wonderful breasts that this young beautiful woman offered me. I bent in again and licked and sucked the hardening nipples as I enjoyed those wet hard globes in my hand. She was stroking my cock pulling on it under the water. It was hard.

We moved even closer and she now had her legs over my thighs. Our bodies were within inches of each other and my cock was pressing against and almost lying in the folds of her pussy lips. We bent in and kissed long and hard as our tongues took turns in each other’s mouths. Her mouth opened for my tongue, which I gave her quickly. She sucked hard and long as my hands continued to enjoy her breasts and body. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I reached under her arms to her back and pulled her tighter to me. She was almost sitting on my lap as we felt my cock bend against her pussy. I kissed her again and seeing the lust in her eyes and on her face I whispered: “Put me in. Put my cock in your pussy D.”

She moaned and I felt her soft hand guided my cock to her waiting hole. She adjusting her body up once to accommodate the fat cock head. As I moved into her, she pushed forward and as she did, 3 inches of my cock entered her body. She started to hump on it right away. I held her and pushed as I pulled her body up on top of my thighs. With her smooth legs wrapped around my body, my cock slipped all the way up into her hole. As she sat on my lap we gently rocked back and forth fuck each other slowly and lovingly. Neither of us was in any hurry and we just enjoyed the feeling of my cock deep inside her pussy tunnel.

As Maltepe travesti we rocked back and forth holding each other enjoying each other’s sex and the feeling we were getting and receiving I bent her back a little and took one of her red hard nipples in my mouth and began to suck on it! She held my head tight against her breast and moaned, “Oh yes Bud1 this feels so good!”

It was just a slow easy fucking as we held each other kissing and tonguing as our bodies were locked together. Every once in a while she would lift and pump a little harder into me like she was trying to get more of me inside her. But I was totally inside her. She moaned each time that I would thrust into her. The water splashed around over us. She kissed me more passionately and humped her pussy harder and faster now. I whispered: “That’s it D. Fuck me with that sweet pussy. Oh yes! That’s it fuck me. Mumm you are so good!”

She cried out with a passion I was sure would bring the house detective. She tossed her head back and cried: “Oh yes! Oh fuck Bud! This is so good! Oh god yes! FUCK ME! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!”

She began rotating her body on my cock as she moved closer to what I knew was going to be a fantastic orgasm. I joined her and rotated my hips in unison with her. We were joined together rotating against each other letting my cock move in and out of her pussy about 2 or 3 inches with each of our movements. I used my arms to pull her tight when I knew she was almost there. She moaned loudly and said: “I’m cumming! OH Bud! So good! SO GOOD! SO GOODDD!!! OH YES!!! I’M CUMMING!! OH GOD BUD YES!!!! OHHHHHHH! YESSSS!!”

She squeezed her body tight against me as her pussy squeezed my cock tight as I held it all the way up inside her. She rocked and rocked and rocked against me cumming and cumming and cumming. She kissed me like a little girl as her body rocketed into another orgasm right behind the first one. Little whimpers came from deep inside her as her body climaxed with a rage I never knew a woman could have. She bit my shoulder so hard it bled. She squeezed my cock like a vice with her cunt. She held me so tight with hr arms and legs I could hardly more an inch. She continued to hump and hump on my thick cock until her orgasm resided. Then she didn’t move after the second orgasm. She just held me tight and told me she was loving the feeling of my hard thick cock up inside her filling her like her husband never did. She continued to rotate her pussy on my cock. It was a gentle fuck with lots of holding and kissing and touching and I believe she had never been fucked like this before. I knew she had never cum like this, she told me that. But the way we were fucking was all new to her. She told me her husband would pump a few times into her pussy and then shoot his load. He would stop and that was it. He would wait until his cock deflated and fell out of her small pussy, or would simply roll over and lay there falling asleep.

When we fucked we would go on and on and on after we both had cum. It was like a marathon and neither of us wanted to stop. We held that position until the water turned cold. When she finally pulled back and kissed me one last time, she stood up to get out of the cool water and dry off. I watched the water rub down her smoothed young body and drip off her pussy. She was one fantastic woman and her body was so nice and so unused!

She was going to get out of the tub but I stopped her. When she turned to face me, her pussy was right in front of my face. I pulled her body against my face and I sucked her pussy as she spread her legs and squatted a little. She held my head with her hands and said, ‘OH FUCK BUD! I LOVE THE WAY YOU EAT MY PUSSYYYYYY!!!!!!!”

I licked and sucked and fingered her cunt until she shuttered and came again standing up this time. As she finished she pulled me up from between her thighs and said: “Let go to bed. I want to give you the fucking of your life!”

We dried each other off quickly and I held her at arm length just looking at her beautiful body. I made her turn around and around so I could take in all of her small tight figure. She tied a towel around her body and another one around her wet hair. She kissed me and took my hand as we walked into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom we moved to the center of the king size bed. I undid the towel around her body and the one around her hair.

As I got her completely nude now on the bed, I moved around and opened he thighs. I sat between this beautiful woman’s cleanly washed thighs and looked down on her smooth skin and the most wonderful pussy I have ever had in my life. I smiled and heard her say, ” Make love to me Bud.”

I slowly began to work on her body as she lay there with her eyes closed letting me do whatever I wanted to her. There was no shyness or embarrassment, she knew what she wanted and that was for me to make her cum. I was so happy to help her. I enjoyed looking at her as she lay in front of me now with her legs spread and knowing we didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing us or having to hurry because Ümraniye travesti of the time.

I began to stroke her soft smooth thighs very slowly running my hands up both sides of her inner legs. I made her shutter with excitement as my fingertips came with an inch of stroking her pussy again and then they touched it. I could see her nipples becoming red and long and I was sure much harder as I worked on her body.

I used my hands to rub her legs and my lips kissed their way up her calves and knee and inner thighs util they got to the point where I could feel her heat coming off of her pussy. As I licked and kissed the folds of her cunt and she arched and moaned as I did. When she did, I moved back off of it since I didn’t want her to cum fast this time. I made gentle love and rubbed her body gently for a long, long time. Finally I move up between her legs and up over her stomach licking and sucking on it as I went.

When I got up to her face I kissed her and slammed my tongue into her mouth. D wrapped her arms around my back as I lay on top of her. She dry humped against me. I took her arms and moved them up over her head and began to suck on each breast. I tried to get as much of her nipple and breast into my mouth to suck as I could. One after the other back and forth I moved my lips and flicked my tongue over those rubbery ruby red nipples. I told her to keep her arms up and I pushed her breasts together so I could suck on both nipples at the same time. I rubbed and squeezed her breasts again for a very long time enjoying them, her body and her beauty.

I kissed her and sucked on her tongue as her arms came down over me now and her fingers played with my ass as I lay on top of her. God! I was so hard! I whispered things in her ear that made her moan with desire, and which made me even hotter, if that was possible. Stroking and running my hands and tongue over her breasts and body I moved them now down and up again and again teasing her and myself. Finally I rolled her over and did the same thing to her back. I probed her ass and under it stroking her pussy while she lay on her stomach. I explored every smooth wonderful inch of her body.

Finally I sat up and sat again this time on the back of her thigh. I watched as I opened her legs wider. I began touching her pussy as she continued to lie on her stomach. I slid my hand under it and cupped it. I squeezed it and rubbed it and even fingered it as I sat watching my fingers enjoy this sweet young woman.

I watching my hand and her pussy get wetter and wetter as I played with her cunt. I could feel her body begin to slowly rock against my hand and fingers now and soft moans were coming from her lips.

As I watched from between her legs, I could actually see her pussy open and close around my fingers with her need and desire. When I pushed a finger inside her hole I could see it squeeze around my digit like it was looking for something to hold and fuck! I bent down and licked up and down the back of her thighs. I bit her ass cheeks and licked them too.

Finally, after maybe an hour of exploring her body and touching every fucking inch of it, she rolled over and moaned to me: “Oh Bud! I’m so hot and wet. Eat me Bud! Eat my pussy baby! Make it cum! I want it so bad baby!”

I smiled down at her and I place my mouth over her wet hot cunt and began to give her what she wanted, my mouth and tongue. As I began sucking her juices, which were flowing fast, she reached for my cock and began stoking it. She said: “Oh yes! Oh yes Bud. That’s so good! Umm! God I love your tongue. Lick me baby! Lick my hole!”

I watched as my fingers went deep inside her and come back out all wet. As I started to finger fuck her very slowly, my mouth sucked her pink clit. She moaned as I licked and sucked her cunt again and again and my fingers worked her pussy hole over. I had only been working between her thighs for a few minutes when she began to moan and moan and rock her body fucking my face and hand. Then she arched her hips up in the air off the bed and as I tasted her cum I knew she was climaxing. My fingers, tongue and mouth went wild on her cunt!

She moaned and sighed and rotated her hips fucking my fingers and face faster. Finally a few seconds later, she cried out as her body screamed at me and rammed into my mouth with her sexual release. When she finally let her body fall back on the bed and release her hands on my head, I slowed down and began to lick and suck her pussy gently giving her body gentle but continuous thrills but not orgasms.

I continued to lick and felt her body stiffen again and as I continued my stimulation, it took her to the peek of another orgasm and then another one. I didn’t want this too ever end! Each time she moved towards a climax, her hand flew up and down on my cock, and each time she climaxed she held on to my cock and squeezed it tight crying, “Yes!! OH fuck yes! OHHHHH! FUCKKKKKK! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I had a fucking rock hanging between my legs!

Finally I decide to let her body rest. I put my lips back off of Tuzla travesti her pussy hole and moved my tongue out if it. She held my head stroking my hair as I lay on her thigh just looking at her open pussy hole.

She was pumping her pussy in a steady movement and I knew she was enjoying the light touching I was giving her lower body. Her cum was running out her pussy hole as I watched it. God she was dripping. She was so wet and my face was covered with her cum. As I moved my mouth and tongue all around between her thighs now I made her arch a few times but held off making her cum again. Her juices were washing over my face and hands.

As I teased her I held her ass up with both hands now as I went back licking and sucking on her eating her cunt again. It was like some magical weapon she had. I couldn’t keep my mouth and tongue off her pussy. I had to taste her again and make her cum! As she humped on my mouth I continued to hold her ass up off the bed with both hands. It was like I was holding a feast in my hands as I ate her sweet young cunt. I could just see over her Venus mound and saw her breasts bouncing up and down as her body rocked on my face and hands. I continued to suck that swollen pussy until I sure she had finished.

When she did, I lay her body back down on to the bed and kissed around her pussy wide open slit. She grabbed hold of my very swollen cock feeling how fucking hard and long it had gotten She moaned as she looked at me with pure lust in her eyes and face. She told me, “I’m going to fuck your cock off Bud! Come up here.”

She guided it to her open, very wet, waiting pussy. As it pressed against her pussy hole she eagerly rammed and pushed her body into mine taking at last 5 of my 7 inches immediately inside her. I was so hot and so worked up I immediately began to slam all of my cock into her pussy fucking her like a mad man. She was so wet I had no problem entering her and she wrapped her legs around my body and her arms around my neck and we began to fuck like two animals in heat locked together. Again and again we slammed into each other as our passion built to such a heat I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t pass out when I came.

She bit my shoulder again and held me as she fucked my cock and body like no woman I have ever had before or after in my life. This little woman was unbelievable. Her pussy squeeze my cock shaft as hard as any I have ever had. She rocked and pumped on me giving me the fucking of my life. It took only a few minutes of us locked together before I was moaning and she was grunting. We continued to hump and pump and rock together locked tighter yet against each other. My cock was buried as deep as I could get it inside her pussy. She had her legs locked around me and was actually trying to pull me deeper. Our lips locked and tongues began fucking each other too. More and more our bodies fucked. As I lifted a little I was able to look into her face. She hissed at me saying, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh God Bud fuck me baby! Fuck me harder Bud!”

I grabbed her legs and unhooked them from around my back. I lifted them higher and over her head. As I held them up I slammed down into her pussy as hard and fast as I was capable of doing. Again and again and again I rammed her pussy slamming my cock as hard as I possibly could into her loving pussy tunnel. I gave her the fucking of her young life, one that her husband never could do for her. She smiled up at me from between her legs as I held them over my shoulders. In and out, in and out, I pumped feeling her cunt squeeze and suck my shaft trying to hold me deep inside her body. Faster and faster I thrust trying to make us both cum. And then I felt it!

The orgasm was rising and my cum was ready to shoot deep into her body. As I fucked her as fast and as hard as I could now I need that last bit of rubbing, that last bit of stimulation from the walls of her pussy on my cock shaft and cock head, I knew she could feel my cock thicken! She moaned as she knew what I was going to do. As my cock got even harder it also got thicker with my blood. I was there! I was going to cum!

I lifted D’s legs a little higher until her ass was over her head. As I began fucking down into her cunt I knew she could see my cock disappearing inside her pussy. She moaned again and told me, “Cum in me Bud. Fill me baby! Oh fuck this feels so good baby!”

She moaned loud as the first rope of cum rammed deep inside her body. Then another came and another and another and another and another pumped into her body. She cried out from the feeling of it and tried to lift her body up. But with her legs well over her head she could only get her ass to rock up a little. I could almost hear each shot of cum going into her and my cock thumped, and thumped and thumped and thumped my cum into her.

I released her legs and she immediately wrapped them back around me and started to thrust her body up fucking me like she had gone crazy. Together we fucked and fucked and fucked our bodies against each other as we rolled all over the bed. Finally with my cock buried completely and the cum running out all over us, I felt her pussy tighten and squeeze my cock as she started too cum. Her orgasm lifted us both up off the bed as she rammed her cunt up and down my cock fucking it as she lay under me. She held me and moaned my name over and over and over again.

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