The Story of Raj Ch. 03


It was past 7 when Raj wrapped up for the weekend. He was almost a leg out of the office building when he remembered something which should be brought to the notice of Mr. Kumar, the big boss. Cursing under his breath, he ran up the four flights of stairs to Mr. Kumar’s cabin.

He always took the stairs. He figured that it was a good way to stay in shape since he was not a gym person. It seemed to work too. Though not muscularly built, there was not an extra ounce of fat on his lithe body. He especially prided his tight derriere. A fine specimen that was. Many a woman, and more than his fair shaire of men as well, had been unable to resist copping a feel of those perfect buns. He quite liked the attention.

This late in the day the office was a ghost town. As he made his way through the empty hallways, Raj could not help but look forward to an evening of rest and much needed relaxation. The last 48 hours had been a whiz. He found his thoughts drifting towards that night with Sita, her fragrance intoxicating him as their bodies intertwined in a passionate frenzy. He could taste the sweat on her pink nipples, feel her hot breath on his face. Her wrapped around his waist held him in a vice-like grip, her sex milking him dry. She was all woman.

He shook the thoughts off. He had a couple of minutes of business to attend to. Mr. Kumar’s secretary greeted him in his outer office. She was a nice woman, Cheryl. Big, buxom. Her blouses always filled out the right way.

“Is the boss in?” Raj enquired.

“Yes. Go right in. I was just about to leave. So you won’t see me on your way out. Have a great weekend!” and with that she picked up her handbag and jaunted out, shaking her butt in ample measure for his viewing pleasure.

This was odd, he thought. In all his time at the company, he had never seen Mr. Kumar’s door closed. He was one of those new breed of managers who believed in open-door policies. Perhaps it was closed my mistake by a rookie who did not know better. He thought no further of it and walked in. He should have knocked.

Mr. Kumar was your typical average Indian male on the wrong side of 50. He had a beer belly, courtesy of fine whiskey. He was less than 5 and a half feet tall, and about half as much round. He had very fair skin, the kind one gets by not having to get out in the sun for 20 years or more.

For some reason which Raj could never put his finger on, everyone in the organisation revered him. They latched on to his every word as if he was Moses himself. He cracked silly jokes, which everyone found supremely funny. And he was obsessed with penis size. Every second joke or remark or quip from him had phallic references. Being as high up the ladder that he was, he could get away with utterances that would otherwise have been most inappropriate.

He was usually quite badly dressed. For a man whose trousers probably cost more than Raj’s salary, this was bizzare. His clothes never fit him well. On occasions, Raj had almost advised him to change his tailor. Raj would have done anything to get the man to drop those trousers!

And dropped them today he had. Raj never imagined his wish would literally come true. A sight it was! Mr. Kumar leant against the window ledge, his trousers down to his ankles, his penis in his hands, eyes closed. He was most certainly fantasising of Sita while he masturbated. His hands moved up and down furiously. Had he been uncut, surely such rapid movement would have scraped his penis.

Despite himself, Raj let Kadıköy travesti out a silent laugh. He was quick on his feet. Took out his cellphone and clicked a few pictures. They would surely come in handy someday. Then his eyes fixed on his penis. He was quite small. Large enough to please a woman if he knew what he had to do but small for all other reasons. Raj finally understood the man’s fixation with penis size. It was his inferiority masquerading as superiority. Raj’s smile broadened into a grin.

It was less than two minutes when Raj heard him let out a gutteral moan. His cock spluttered and shot out a few drops of semen, some of it almost landing as far as Raj’s shoes.

Finally, Mr. Kumar opened his eyes. To his credit, he did not flinch. It was as if this was not the first time he was caught with his pants down. He zipped up non-chalantly.

“Yes, what brings you here?” he asked.

Raj played along. If Mr. Kumar wanted to pretend nothing happened, then Raj could too. For now at least.

“The Brazillian contracts. We hear the government might go with the other fellows. I thought you shoud get a heads up.” Raj said.

Mr. Kumar’s burrows furrowed. This was an important contract. He had bid big. It was either going to make or break the company.

“Why don’t you sit down and tell me everything you know?”

Raj started at the beginning. Mr. Kumar listened intently. He even asked him to share his views on the matter. Mr. Kumar was not known to do that with rookies. It was his way of welcoming someone into the big league. Raj did not know what gave him that privilege. He was too young. Was it a bribe to keep things quite? Or did Mr. Kumar reward him for his ability? He did not know. And frankly, did not care.

“Tell you what” Mr. Kumar said when they finished the discussion “why don’t you come over to my place around midnight? I have a small party. We could discuss this further.”

Raj knew Mr. Kumar well enough to spot a bribe when he saw one. Small parties at his place only meant the top brass was invited. For a newbie, this was the chance of a lifetime. Of course he said yes.

It was almost 8 when he got home. Four hours to the party. He took his clothes off and hit the sack. He wanted to be fresh and at his intellectual best.

He dressed in casual black slacks and a dark blue button-down. Like clock-work, he joined the party at midnight.

He was overwhelmed. This was his first high class party. It was a small gathering. About 10 people, all of them people who matter. He could not take his eyes off the women. They were all class – dames in evening wear that clung to their bodies like a second skin. Good thing he left his shirt tails hanging out.

“Welcome, Raj” Mr. Kumar greeted. He went on to introduce him to his guests. No one had ever seen Mr. Kumar do that. For this moment on, Raj was his prodigy. He was making everyone else knew that.

He met the chairman and his wife, the MD and his wife, the VP and his wife and another couple he had never seen before. All the wives were ravishing. He almost drooled over on particular wife.

She had caught his eye the moment he walked in. Sitting atop the bar stool, her perfect ass called out to him. Her evening gown was backless, the back so low that it showed the top of her butt-crack. She was a dark-skinned Indian woman, about 30 with long black thick hair. Her body seemed the work of the finest sculptor, her cleavage deep and inviting, her breasts full and supple. Kurtköy travesti And what a smile! When she smiled, she became the only person in the room. Her radiance reflected off the walls. Her even straight white teeth drawing you. He never got her name. She was the other half of that couple he had never seen before.

As the evening wore off, Raj started becoming his normal self. His composure started to return. He was no longer over-awed by the occasion. He started noticing things. And one thing he did notice was the MD’s wife checking him out. She was a woman in her 40s, plump with large tits and a big ass. She dressed like a woman in her 20s which meant most of her tits and ass were out on display. She still retained traces of her youthful beauty. Raj knew that bedding her was easy. He did not wish to bed her, though. His thoughts were still on that woman at the bar.

He tried to think of ways to get her. He drew a blank. After he had spent what was a reasonable span of time for a rookie to spend at such parties, he had no choice but to bid goodbyes.

“Hold on!” someone called after him as he opened the door to his car “I was wondering if you could give me a ride? My husband is still in there but I am bored to bits.”

Holy smoke! It was the woman he was lusting after. There was a God, and She was being very good to him lately.

“Sure, hop in!” he managed to say.

When they hit the road, she asked “Do you even know where I live?”

“No.” he said “Does it matter?

“I like you, Raj. You dispense with the pretences and go straight after what you want. I knew it the moment you set your eyes on my ass.”

“I knew you knew. But tell me something. What does a woman like you want to do with a man like me?” Raj questioned.

“You said it yourself, Raj. And self-fulfilling though it was, you got it spot on. A woman needs a man. Not some excuse in man’s clothing. Once in a while, we just want to let our hair down and get on with it.”

Raj understood. She was in love with her husband. There was no doubt over it. But she was a woman. And hell, there was no doubt over that! In the bright beam of the on-coming car he heard her hard breathing, her breasts moving with every intake and outtake of the air she breathed. Her legs had parted. The slit of her gown ran all the way up to her crotch. In the darkness he could still make out the moistness between her legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties tonight.

Raj did not ask her her name. There was no point in such petty contrivances. If she wanted him to know who she was then she would have told him. The rest of the car ride was spent in silence.

He pulled into his driveway. They were like teenagers on their first night together, literally running up the stairs to his first floor apartment. He had just about managed to lock the door when she melted into his arms, her head resting against his chest, her arms wrapped around his neck. He could feel the heat of her loins flowing into his. Her breathing was erratic. Beads of perspiration appeared on the valley between her breasts. Those magnificent globules!

He held her head in his hands and drew her mouth to his. Her breath was fresh, despite the late hour in the day. Their tongues fought each other vying for the right to explore the deepest caverns of the other’s mouth. She closed her arms around him tighter, squeezing him hard enough to make it an effort for him to breathe.

He unzipped her dress. She let it fall to the Pendik travesti floor and stepped out of it. They did not stop kissing for one second. She pressed her naked body against him, her smooth dark skin rubbing against the fine cotton fabric of his shirt. He put his hands under her bottoms and lifted her straight off he floor. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and her arms around her neck as they went to the bedroom.

Her buns were smooth, and they were hard. She worked out. Every muscle in her body was toned. He threw her on the bed. He never undressed faster. He was hard, hard has rock. His heightened state of arousal pleased her. She opened her legs, welcoming him. He lay himself on top of her.

Further foreplay was irrelevant. He touched her pubes. She was dripping wet. She was also freshly shaven. Raj had respect for women who did that. It showed they cared for the man.

Without further ado he mounted her, shoving all of himself into her in one thrust. She let out a yelp, pain or pleasure he could not tell. Her insides engulfed him like a sheath engulfs a sword. He waited a while to get used to her tightness. He had to take it slow. He was too far gone.

Their union began slow. With every movement of his hips her moans grew louder. He placed soft kisses on her neck and shoulders. His hands cupped her beautiful breasts, her dark nipples standing erect like little black phalluses. Her nails dug into his back, scratching him, almost branding him with her marks of passion. It was almost as if she owned him tonight, and she was writing a message for any other woman he would be with in the near future.

The pain of her nails mixed with the pleasure of his impending orgasm. He went at her like a runaway train, ramming into her like a man possessed. She met every thrust of his by moving her hips further into him. Suddenly he saw her eyeballs roll to he back of her sockets. Her toes curled as a blood-curling scream escaped her throat. She almost yanked his penis clean off as her nether lips tightened further, her orgasm ripping across her body, lighting his fire in the process. He came bucketfuls. She came like the flood. They collapsed, their naked bodies in a sweaty heap.

The first rays of the sun woke him. Her side of the bed was empty. He smiled. He was not used to having women leave him before day-break. Providence was finally catching up with him. Or so he thought. He heard a clank in the kitchen.

He noticed her dress still lying in the living room in the same spot where he had slipped it off her. She was in the kitchen, fixing up sausages and eggs for breakfast. She ought to be the hottest cook ever. He had never come across a woman who cooked without a shred of clothing on her. In the daylight he could finally appreciate the wonder that was her body.

He went behind her, strategically placing his semi-hard member in the the crack of her luscious behind. She wriggled closer to him. Cupping her handful breasts he pulled and kissed her on her nape.

“Good morning!” she smiled her radiant smile, flashing her pearly whites. He loved a woman who took care of her teeth. She gave him 32 reasons to love her even more.

“Morning!” he greeted back “I am famished!”

She set the table and they ate in silence, naked. This woman could eat. Another quality he admired. He was never a fan of those anorexic wannabes. He liked meat on the bones.

After they had cleared the table and washed the dishes she spoke, “I have called for my car. Thank you.”

Nothing more had to be said. In that ‘thank you’ she had summed up how much the night had meaning for them both. He nodded. She got into her dress, and closed the door behind her. Raj hit the sack for some much needed sleep. The night had all but drained him.

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