Everyone is a Little Bit


This isn’t strictly a “gay” story. It has a straight guy, a gay guy, and a straight girl who all learn something fun about themselves. It’s meant to be harmless and enjoyable. Please let me know what you thought by either voting or leaving a comment, or both! Thank you and enjoy!


My name is Kelly Parker and I have been a friend of Greg Baxter’s for years.

We started out working together and became fast friends. I was so attracted to him at first; he is a living statue. Picture in your mind the perfect male specimen and you are now looking at an image of Greg—he is that breathtaking. Greg and I go together perfectly, we enjoy so many of the same things it is almost frightening.

I have not had a great amount of success with men in my life. I tend to attract the jerky, neglective type. Some have told me it is because my father wasn’t present in my childhood and although that kind of makes sense I’m still not so sure if I believe it.

When I met Greg I thought he was the one. I fell deeply in . . . let’s call it lust with him for quite awhile. I spent many a lonely night staring up at the blank ceiling and imagining Greg filling that empty space looking into me with those piercing eyes.

I started feeling self-conscious thinking he didn’t like me in that way because most guys try to jump me right off the bat, but Greg was always a gentleman. I’m not the hottest chick in the world, but I’m doing pretty well for myself if I do say so. So I couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t trying to bang me, then the obvious answer eventually sunk in—Greg was gay.

And no, I’m not that conceded, he really is gay; he told me!

I was so disappointed at first, because his body . . . I mean . . . seriously, he is perfection; his skin, those eyes, that build, YIKES! One time we went swimming and when he got out of the pool his trunks clung to his body so tightly that I saw the outline of his package—holy shit, my boy was packing! I couldn’t believe I was to be deprived of that. But I digress.

Once I overcame my sorrows, I decided Greg was still the perfect boy for me. He was everything I wanted in a guy, but without all the uncomfortable baggage of sex. On the other hand, the sex would have been mind-blowing, at least in my own imagination. During our friendship Greg had a few boyfriends, but they never seemed to last. He had a very similar problem as I did; I guess gay guys can attract dicks too—well, you know what I mean!

Our story begins with the latest new hire at our job. His name was Mark (still is, actually!). He didn’t strike me as anything at first, just a nice guy, cute, polite, quiet.

Nothing special.

That all changed one day when Mark and I were working together in close quarters. I said something goofy and Mark made a comment about it that made me laugh. Now a thing about me, when I laugh—I LAUGH. If something strikes me funny I let it all out. When I started laughing at Mark’s comment his eyes lit up and an enormous grin spread across his face and he continued saying funny things in order to make me carry on laughing harder and harder. Then I started to make him laugh and before you know it the two of us just laughed like crazy people for the rest of the day. I’ve never known a guy to laugh like Mark. He is unafraid to really let it go and laugh like an idiot. I find that so attractive in a guy and too few of them are like that. It was in that moment that I realized just how cute Mark really was. He had me laughing so hard that I felt that special tickle inside. You know the one I mean? That special tickle a woman feels that tells her maybe this guy is more than she originally thought.

After that day I started to look forward to my days working with Mark. I also started to notice just how cute he really was. Funny how that happens, a guy doesn’t seem that great until you get to see what he is really like on the inside and suddenly he’s gorgeous! And don’t get me wrong, Mark is very attractive, like Greg, he has penetrating eyes, a really nice body (from what I could tell in our work clothes), great hair, and a nice ass!

All that stuff intensified once I saw what a great person he was.

The first day Greg, Mark and I were all scheduled to work together I was a little apprehensive. I shouldn’t have been, but I worried what would happen if Mark didn’t like Greg, or if Greg didn’t get along with Mark; these are the kinds of things I worry about.

Well that was a waste of time; the two of them got along fine and before you knew it we were all joking around and laughing hysterically together. Mark and Greg became friends very quickly and before I knew it I had two great guys in my life.

The only big difference was that Mark was not gay. On several occasions I caught him checking me out and when he looked me in the eye he was really looking at me. He was seeing me for who I am warts and all (figuratively speaking, of course!)

I talked to Greg about my growing feelings for Mark and he approved. He told me that he was sorry to hear that Mark Maltepe travesti was straight and I was somewhat shocked to learn that Greg had a thing for Mark!

Somehow that made Mark even more attractive to me. Greg’s approval wasn’t easy to come by as far as guys go, so an approval by him meant Mark must be pretty special. For once, I started to think that maybe I found a good one!

We worked together often and when we weren’t at work Mark, Greg and I would hang out. We had a lot of fun doing all kinds of things I never imagined doing; we would go hiking, kayaking, movies, wine tasting, travelling, you name it!

Like I said, I usually pick losers so for me dates mostly consisted of hanging out watching guys play video games, going to sports bars, or some other horribly dull thing. In retrospect, I don’t know why I put up with those guys, but for some reason I just didn’t have the respect for myself that I should have had. Having friends like Mark and Greg has really opened my eyes to my own self-worth and I’m a little ashamed now of how I let myself be treated in the past.

Anyway, all of that has led to this so here we go!

One night at my apartment we were talking and having a few drinks—possibly more than a few now that I think about it.

Another great thing about these guys is that they talk. We have conversations like you wouldn’t believe. Any topic at all is on the table and we always have great, in-depth discussions and I love it.

Guys that talk—imagine that!

We were discussing something, I don’t remember what, when Greg made a statement that changed our group dynamic forever.

And that statement was:

“Well everyone is a little gay.”


“I’m not!” Mark said.

“Oh come on, Mark. You’ve never had a gay thought, or dream, or fantasy? I find that hard to believe.” Greg said.

“I don’t remember ever having had one.” Mark looked at me, “Have you?”

“Maybe a little. Well, yeah, okay I kissed a girl once or twice if I’m being perfectly honest”

Mark moved in closer, “Well that isn’t gay that’s wonderful!”

“Oh here we go!” I said.

“And the straight guy wants to hear all about the lesbian story, but refuses to admit his own homosexual desires! What a shock!” Greg taunted him.

“What homosexual desires? If I were gay or wanted to so something gay I’d admit it. I’m comfortable with who I am.” Mark protested.

“In twenty-eight years you never once thought, ‘Hmm, I wonder what a cock feels like’ that never occurred to you?” Greg asked.

“I know what a cock feels like, I play with one every night!” Mark laughed.

“So you don’t think everyone is a little gay?” I asked him.

“Nope. Sorry.”

“All right.” Greg was obviously not buying it.

Mark looked at Greg “Have you ever had a straight fantasy?”


“About who?” Mark asked, “Kelly?”

Greg blushed slightly and looked at me, “Well, yeah.”

Apparently it was my turn to blush because my face grew very warm.

“What was the fantasy?” Mark pushed on while studying the two of us intently.

“I imagined what it would be like to kiss her and maybe . . . fondle those beautiful puppies!” Greg said and burst out laughing.

I was on fire, imagining that this perfect male specimen had dirty thoughts about me!

“Why didn’t you ever act on it?” Mark asked.

“Because I wasn’t THAT curious. I like dick! And that’s my point, I didn’t act on it but I thought about it, because I guess I’m a little bit straight too. There’s nothing wrong with being straight or gay. We are sexual beings and if it feels good why not do it! That’s what I say. So why are you hiding your secret desires to touch a guy’s cock?”

Now Mark blushed, “I’m not! Until right now I really haven’t thought about it.”

“And now that you have?” I asked.

“I don’t think it would be a big deal—it wouldn’t turn me gay or anything, but it isn’t a fantasy.”

Then that awkward silence dropped into our conversation. Each one of us scrutinized the other waiting for the next shoe to drop.

“Do you like Kelly?” Greg asked.

“Very much.”

“Then what are you waiting for?’

Mark and I looked at each other.

“You straight guys are so bad at admitting your feelings, why is that?’

“I don’t know, it’s weird to just say stuff.” Mark said growing redder. I wasn’t about to say anything to ruin this moment; I wanted to see where Greg was going with this.

“Look at her. She is a thing of beauty, a flower, a sunset, the most wonderful woman in the world and you’re afraid to say it.”

“I’m not afraid of anything. I do like her. No, you know what tough guy, I more than like her—I love her!” Mark blurted out. “Kelly, I’m in love with you!” he said through a gorgeous smile.

“Thank you.” I said. It seems small and I should have said something much better, but my head was swimming in that moment.

“Do you fantasize about her sexually?” Greg asked.

I kicked his foot Ümraniye travesti to let him know he needed to shut up.

“All the time.”

“Why was that so hard to admit to?” Greg asked.

“It wasn’t. I would have told her when I was ready.”

“Yeah, ready for retirement!” Greg joked.

“I don’t know, man, it’s hard to talk about personal feelings. I’m more of an action guy. Give me a task and I’m your Guy, but feelings-type stuff I suck at!”

Another long moment of silence fell between us.

We all took quite a few gulps of our drinks before something wicked came over me and I suddenly felt very courageous so I said, “Okay ‘man-of-action’, what would you be willing to do to kiss me?”

Mark looked at me for the longest time before answering, “Anything! I would slay the tallest dragon, I would punch a hurricane, I would . . .”

“Would you admit everyone is a little bit gay?” Greg asked.

Mark smiled, “If that’s what it takes.”

“But would you mean it?” I asked him this time.

By now I think Greg and I were beginning to conspire together.

Mark smiled again knowing he was being played, “No.”

I hesitated quite awhile before saying this next bit, the guys knew I had something brewing and they patiently albeit eagerly awaited my words.

“Would you be willing to put your mouth where your penis is?” I said.

“I wish I could put my mouth where my penis is, if I could do that I’d be home doing it right now!” Mark joked.

“What I mean is, how about a friendly wager?”

The boys looked at me intently while devious smiles crossed their faces. I was afraid of what I was about to suggest, but whether it was Mark’s admittance to liking me, or the booze, or what I don’t know, but I was feeling pretty SAUCY so I went for it.

“Let’s just see if every straight guy is a little bit gay. I propose a test, first you boys embrace and I mean a full body embrace for two minutes. If you get hard Mark then you have to kiss Greg for two full minutes while I watch. And I mean a passionate kiss, you have to make it count!”

Mark and Greg looked at each other in stunned silence.

“If, on the other hand, you stay . . . flaccid then you and I will embrace. And if you get hard while we embrace then I have to kiss you for two minutes, and believe me I WILL make it count!” I said and both of the boys’ jaws nearly hit the floor.

Nobody spoke, but all wheels were turning I assure you.

‘I blew it’ I thought to myself, ‘I went too far. Maybe if I bail out now I can say it was just the alcohol talking and we can talk about music or something for the rest of the night’. I was about to tell them to forget it that it was a dumb idea when Mark said, “DEAL!”

You could have cut the tension with a knife in that room. Nobody spoke. A wave of smooshy-heat-balls washed through my body and I felt woozy.

“Greg?” I asked.

“Fucking hell yes to the nth degree, Baby!” Greg has a way with words.

“Okay, let’s do it!” I said clapping my hands together. We all stood up and began laughing at how eager we all seemed to be. We realized we were being naughty and this could get out of hand, but the gauntlet had been thrown down and the challenge accepted so there was no turning back.

Greg and Mark faced each other and began laughing hysterically while looking each other up and down.

“How do we know if he’s hard or not?” Greg asked.

I noticed Mark grabbed his own balls as he said, “I assure you I’m soft as Jello!”

“We’ll have to take his word for it.” I said.

“Of course, if you’re watching us that might make me get hard!” Mark added.

“Already making excuses!” Greg chuckled.

“No really, knowing she is watching us is pretty sexy and I might not be able to keep it down!”

‘Good to know!’ I thought to myself.

“Okay, Boys, ready?” I asked while looking at the clock, “GO!”

I looked back at them, neither one was ready because they were still laughing, but when I said “go” they jumped to attention and wrapped their bodies together. They didn’t disappoint; there was no denying their bodies were completely enveloped. Greg wrapped his leg around Mark’s legs and I think he even rubbed his groin subtly against Mark which made Mark throw his head back in tortured laughter. Greg pressed his chest up against Mark’s and rested his chin on Mark’s shoulder. Both men had their arms wrapped around the other completely and they looked so wonderful together, so peaceful, so . . . right. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I wished that image could have lasted forever, but two minutes went by far too quickly.

“That’s two!” I said dejectedly. The boys released each other and stood back smiling.

“That was nice,” Greg said looking cuter than ever, “That was really nice.”

“But did he get . . . did you feel anything, Greg?” I asked.

“I know neither of you will believe me, therefore in the interest of full disclosure . . .” Mark said and before finishing Tuzla travesti he stepped forward and grabbed Greg’s hand and forced it over his own crotch!

I screeched in delight as Greg burst out laughing in complete surprise.

“Pure Jello!” Mark said squeezing Greg’s hand over his package before releasing him. Mark lost it too and now the three of us were laughing hysterically and in total shock at what had just occurred.

Then Mark looked at me, “I think you owe me two minutes of pure Heaven!” and he moved in toward me.

Greg quietly said, “Ready go.”

Mark slowly and seductively slide his body against mine. He hugged me so gently, so exquisitely that I think I literally melted in his arms.

Mark was a rocker—meaning, he rocked me back and forth as he hugged me. It felt so wonderful, so natural that I quickly forgot about the sight of my two glorious boys hugging and all I wanted was for Mark and I to remain in that embrace for the rest of time.

Now if this were a Romance story it would end here. Fortunately this is a naughty little sex story so here’s what happened next . . .

“That’s two minutes.” Greg said as he took another hit of his drink.

I looked up into Mark’s brilliant, masculine eyes, “So do I get to check if there was an effect?”

Mark smiled and gently pressed his erection into my thigh. I could feel the hard (yet soft) length of his penis and what felt like some good-sized balls rolling against my upper thigh.

“Mmm . . .”

“Is he . . .?”

” . . . As a rock!”

Mark smiled, “I can’t believe we’re . . .”

Again we laughed.

“Now Kelly you have to make it count!” Greg taunted me.

And without any hesitation Mark and I kissed. What can I say about making out? There were tongues and lips; there was an exchange of nose exhalation and that intimate fumbling of hands on backs that never really know where they should be. It was great, amazing, passionate, clumsy and superb!

“Should I leave? Because I will with no hard feelings.” Greg whispered.

In a way I wished he had because I wanted Mark all to myself. On the other hand I knew as we kissed that Mark and I had a long future together, but what was happening right then was special and not to be dismissed.

“I don’t think we are done here!” I said to Greg. “I’m now curious to see what Mark would be willing to do to touch me . . . to touch my . . .”

“Boobs?” asked Mark expectantly.

“Titties?” asked Greg expectantly.

“Breasts.” said I definitively.

Mark and Greg swapped looks again. Mark understood he was defeated in that moment I think.

“Oh boy . . . I don’t know if . . .”

“Here,” I said, “Let me sweeten the deal first. With that I used an old trick I learned at a sleepover once. I pulled my arm into my T-shirt, pulled the strap of my bra over my arm, poked my arm back out and then pulled my bra out of the other arm hole without ever taking my shirt off. Both men watched in amazement.

“How the hell?” Mark said.

Then something caught his attention and by the way he looked at my chest I knew it was my nipples! I was too shy to look, but I knew they must have been pushing the fabric of my shirt out proudly because the look on his face said everything I needed to know. His eyes clearly told me there was no limit to what he would be willing to do to touch them!

“If you want to slide your hands up my T-shirt, Mark, I would let you. First, however, I would need some more stimulation.” I looked them up and down, “I’d like to see you remove your shirts and kiss each other passionately!”

I couldn’t believe how quickly Mark began to unbutton his shirt. He was like a hypnotized zombie or something. His shirt came off and he turned to face Greg.

“WOW! Seriously?” Greg said.

“We’re doing this!” Mark told him as he pulled Greg’s T-shirt up over his head. Mark didn’t hesitate; he moved in and shoved his tongue into Greg’s mouth. I was shocked, I think Greg was equally stunned because he didn’t say anything (then again, his mouth was full!) Mark picked Greg off the ground and carried him right across the room next to me and I watched as Mark pinned Greg up against the wall and kissed the shit out of him!

Greg’s feet dropped back down onto the floor giving him enough leverage to press his crotch into Mark’s.

I gasped and they heard me because they intensified their show just to get more reaction out of me.

They didn’t have to try hard, my body was on fire watching these two studs go at it with such fervent enthusiasm. Their hands explored each other’s bodies and, for a moment, I wondered if I hadn’t just created two monsters! Speaking of monsters, I looked down at their crotches and noticed that both Men’s pants were tenting out obscenely.

“Oh my!” I exclaimed as I heard them laugh through their noses at me.

“How’s this?” Mark asked, “Feeling stimulated yet?”

“I know I am, Damn Boy!” Greg said and sunk his tongue back into Mark’s mouth. Then Greg reached down and cupped Mark’s erection in his hand and began massaging it.

“Damn, Girl, this boy is hard as steel, I don’t know if it’s from kissing me or if it’s because you’re watching us!” Greg added.

“Maybe it’s both!” Mark said, “Holy Shit! This is so fucking . . . HOT!”

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