In Love with Justin Ch. 02


I watched Justin and Michelle kiss passionately while their fingers were delectably kissed and caressed by my hot lips and mouth. As I watched her kiss him I felt the sharp sting of jealousy. Yes she was beautiful, her big luscious breasts and feminine body, her hairless pink pussy…all of her, In my mind was keeping him from me.

Yes she excited me, but not nearly as much as Justin did. As I sucked their fingers my mind started drawing up the plans to get him alone.

He spent the next full hour pleasing her. She squirted continuously and blacked out more than once. I made sure to focus on him, licking and biting his neck and back. My arms around him from behind as he stretched her pussy as she laid on her back in orgasmic bliss.

I nibbled on his ears as my hot breath followed my tongue. My utterances of love and passion were not rehearsed, in retrospect what this man was doing to me…without even touching me…was beyond any sexual thrill I’d felt before.

I moved my fingers to his ass hole and slowly pushed in two. I saw him sink deeper into her, his thrust was met with a ground moving orgasm experienced by Michelle. Her sheets were completely soaked and he was still slamming her with deep thrusts showing no signs of tiring or being overcome by the raw sensuality and sexuality of the situation.

I moved a third finger into his ass but I also added my tongue to his hole. Fuck was his hole delicious. I stuffed my tongue as far up his ass hole, I used my free hand to spread his cheeks further. I wanted to be his dirty cock slut more then anything. I started biting his ass cheeks and sucking on his back as he bucked furiously against her. Her legs were on his shoulder as he alternated between sucking her toes on either foot.

Seeing this made me erupt all over him and after I recovered I licked up and sucked up every drop. He was still pounding her but now both legs were over one shoulder. He positioned her on her side with her legs holding a V position as he stood Kadıköy travesti between them with his fat cock pointed at her drenched and honestly puffed out vagina. Her lips were thick and flushed and I saw different shades of liquids from thick creamy white to dark yellow pooling all over the mattress.

I was running my tongue all over Justin as he held Michelle and entered her. Her moans turned into grimaces of pain and accelerated breaths, then her hands started pushing against his pelvis. She couldn’t take him in that position and started pleading “no baby, please baby, it hurts too much”. Seeing his extremely thick cock push into her now purple vagina made me explode all over again.

When I recovered I saw her resting in his arms…did she come…how long had I passed out for. None of this was important as I crawled between them and we all drifted off to sleep.

I don’t know how many hours passed, but when I awoke I was in Justin’s arms, Michelle was no longer in bed with us and I could hear the shower running. I stared down Justin’s body and saw that horse cock, even soft it was about 6 inches long and thicker then my fully erect cock. My lips went to his as my hand slid down his torso to his monster.

I could taste juices on his lips and my hand was stroking his cock, it was so thick my fingers didn’t touch when they wrapped around. We started making out heavily as he woke. I told him how gorgeous he is and how much I wanted him. His already thick cock was getting even thicker.

My fingers spread further apart as I continued kissing him and telling him my most intimate thoughts. He pulled me closer to him and our kiss became more of a feeding frenzy. I was intoxicated with him since I saw his photo and it was 10x more intense now that he was hear. I bought his mouth to my breasts and he hungrily sucked them, of course they weren’t as big as Michelle’s, but he treated them as if they were, licking and biting my nipples.

All of this made me explode Kurtköy travesti again, he scooped up my com and fed it to me off his fingers. Michelle walked in around this time and got in bed with us. I got very close to him and whispered “tell her you need to go”. He abruptly stopped and made up some bs excuse and Michelle’s face sank…she couldn’t believe he was leaving. They said their goodbyes but she was in disbelief as he left.

She told me she may as well get her day started but I was free to stay at her place until she returned. I told her it wouldn’t be fun without her and I wanted to do some sight seeing, it was the best bs I could think of, she was indifferent to my bs and I told her id call her in a while and would be waiting for her when she got back. Of course the only person I wanted was Justin.

As I left her apartment the reality of my feelings hit me. Not in an embarrassing way but in a “wow” and “want it, need it, can’t wait” way. I took three or four steps towards my car when I heard the honk of a horn. It was Justin. I got into his car and lunged at him kissing him biting his neck, we made out as my hands went to his pants, the only words I mustered were “drive”.

I was on the passenger side floor as my hands got his cock. I wrapped both hands around it and started in amazement. This was the most gorgeous cock I’d ever seen. Rocco siffredi, nacho Vidal did not compare. Only Manuel Ferrara’s cock was nearly as thick as Justin’s. I pushed his huge cock down into my throat, it was so big I had 2 hands at the base and there was another 6 inches of untouched meat. I pushed further down and felt my throat expand. We had gotten to his house before I could fully throat him, but now we could truly enjoy each other.

I couldn’t let him out of my throat but he convinced me it’s much more comfortable inside. As we walked to his house I was all over him. When we got inside I jumped in his arms and started kissing him. He took me to his bedroom and layed Pendik travesti me on his comforter. I tried to get up but he told me to lay on the bed as he undressed. Finally his pants came off, I exhaled a huge sigh. I had become addicted from the first time I saw it in a photo.

He made a call and told someone he would be out of the office the next day. This made me smile because it made me feel very special. After he hung up my eyes said it all, he got on the bed and his huge cock was jutting out towards me. It was covered in Michelle’s juices.

His dick was so fucking hot it made me wet and moist deep in my body, I realized that since I saw his photo I would never be able to go back, it was a natural craving. After being with him in person I knew I’d always be his. There were so many male porn stars i had crushes on, but none even came close to Justin.

I put both hands around the base and went to pushing his monster down my throat. After a long juicy while it was all in, his entire cock was down my throat, my nose was mashed into his pubic hair when I felt his mouth close over my toes I sprayed a geyser of com, my eyes were closed while his cock was sliding in and out of my throat but I felt like a hydrant. My hands went to his ass cheeks as he continued fucking my face, stuffing my willing throat with his over sized cock.

I felt like I was born to please this man as his muscular thighs pushed his horse cock down my throat. I pulled his ass to my face smothering myself and pushed 4 fingers in his ass, while his meat stretched my throat. I wanted him to come, I wanted his hot thick come and I pressed hard into his prostate and felt an explosion followed by him screaming.

I’d heard him make Michelle scream that way, but never heard him so loud. I drank all of his juice that didn’t run out of my mouth and all over me, I was hungry for every drop. I started coming again (yes I know this is the fifth time in the last few hours, but with Justin I’d usually com around 10x).

After I came I was lying on my back and he was on me missionary. We kissed for so long as his cock teased my opening. I wrapped my hands around his cock, looked at him and told him to make love to me…

I’ll continue in a third part if the audience likes this.

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