Jared Ch. 02


Jared woke with a start. Had it all been dream? He moved. His fears were confirmed. He hurt in places he shouldn’t hurt in. He ran to the toilet and nearly screamed during his routine emptying of his bowels. Why me? He thought. His hole ached and blood appeared in the toilet. He had been violated and worst of all he couldn’t tell a sole.

When he cleaned up he went back to bed. His parents worked non stop so he did what he wanted when he wanted so today he decided to stay in bed. His phone vibrated to let him know he had a notification. He looked at his phone to find an email from that monster. His blood ran cold. That monster had the nerve to contact him after… Jared couldn’t think straight. He didn’t want to think straight. After turning off his phone he fell asleep.

After a few hours sleep he woke from another nightmare reliving the event from the day before. He plucked up enough courage to look at the email from the man, he was curious to see what he’d written.

Bitch boy,

Yesterday, was so much fun. Why don’t you get your bitch arse over here so I can pound your tight teen hole again? I know you loved Halkalı travesti it and I bet you can’t wait to feel my cock in your hole again.

Message me back slut!

His blood boiled that man didn’t even show any remorse! Jared knew he needed to delete his email account and never go on websites again. After plucking up the courage Jared sent the man an email back.

You know what you did and one day everyone will find out what you are.

After that he deleted his email account got dressed and wandered down stairs to watch television before his parents returned home.

Weeks later Jared was stilling reliving the event, his whole personality had changed. He’d become shy and refused to stay out the house for any length of time, the few friends he had had become distant and didn’t try with him.

One day, he needed to go out and get food as he was on his own for the week while his parents went on holiday. It took him over an hour to pluck up the courage to leave. When he finally left he headed to his local supermarket. He grabbed a trolly and wandered around the shop picking up what Levent travesti he wanted. He was browsing the sweet aisle when he felt a hand grab his bottom. He turned round lightening quick,there standing next to him was the man.

Jared felt the blood drain from his face. The man had an evil smile on his face. He lent in towards Jared.

“How’s my little bitch boy? I didn’t like your last email, maybe I should take you somewhere and punish you,” he whispered into Jared’s ear.

Jared lost it, “leave me alone you dirty fucking pervert!” Jared yelled. He left his trolly and ran from the store all the way home. After locking his door he ran to his bedroom crying his eyes out. Hours later he fell asleep exhausted from crying. The next day he couldn’t think. He stared into thin air for hours desperately trying to forget.

Hours later he made a decision. A decision that would change his life forever.

He got dressed and left his house, he wandered around and finally ended up at his local park. He watched the happy couples holding hands and the kids playing without a care. His life had been stolen Şirinevler travesti from him. Some man took his innocence. He was never going to be same again. He had been raped. As he said this to himself it hit him harder than he thought it would. Tears uncontrollably fell from his eyes. People starting looking at him he moved towards the trees; he needed to be alone.

The decision he made in the house floated around his head. He couldn’t see another way. He needed to do this. Then everyone would know what a monster than man was. When he pulled himself together he left the safety of the trees and headed towards the lake. As a child he loved watching the ducks and always felt happiest here. He walked onto the bridge and stood watching the ducks swimming blissfully around. It was about 8pm and the park was basically empty he could here the occasionally child scream in delight in the play park but he couldn’t see anyone.

He watched the waterfall underneath, the waters under the bridge were strong as the waterfall along the river pulled the water.

‘No time like the present’ he thought.

The event played in his mind as he stood on the ledge. He didn’t leap he fell gracefully into the current below. The cold water surrounded him, he thought of his parents who barely knew he existed. He thought of the letter he left explaining why he did this.

Suddenly, everything went black.

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