John Joins The Boys

Double Penetration

This is a continuation of my loosing a bet series so if you haven’t read them yet please do. I am married to a twin who is the sister of my twin sister’s husband. In other words my sister is married to my wife’s brother.


The girls had taken Mona my mother in law to Los Vegas for a week of fun. They were visiting a collage friend of my wife and me. She had introduced my wife to me.

This left my brother-in-law to fend for ourselves, we didn’t mind as we had become good friends. We had decided to make a long weekend of it and spend it relaxing at home and having some fun of our own. We had just started to settle in by the pool when john my father-in law dropped by. He ask, if we had heard from the girls yet?

We replied that they hadn’t checked in as yet but we weren’t worried as they were in good hands. He was a little worried as his wife hadn’t called either.

It had only been two days and they were to be gone a week I wasn’t sure if they were staying with our friend or not.

The friend was a bit of a wild child and was probably showing them a great time.

She had been lovers with both my wife and Mona my mother-in-law. Actually the first time I had had sex with Mona had been when she mistook her for my wife, we had been in bed and Mona was drunk thinking it was her daughter she snooped on us having sex. I caught her and forced her to have sex with us. (But that is another story see MONA’S story)

Mona had said john was paying a lot more attention to her sexual needs lately. He looked as if he had lost some weight also.

“We have some stakes to grill dad if you would like to stay for supper.” I said.

“That sounds good to me.” he replied.

Jim his son chimed in.” We are going for a swim won’t you join us?’

John started to say he hadn’t brought a suit when Jim dropped his shorts and dove into the pool stark necked.

Not to be outdone I did the same, followed shortly by John.

As he got in I took a gander at his prick and saw it was almost as big as his son’s.

We swam for a while doing some laps and just relaxing, as we floated we would catch John checking us out as much as we were him.

I got out Şişli travesti and started to get the stakes ready, not bothering to get dresses. Jim got out and lay down on the chase lounger also not getting dressed.

When john got out he slipped on his underwear, so we boys slipped back into our shorts.

We ate in an informal mood talking about work and such for a while, of course as with all men after a while the talk turned to sex and John commented that he had to start going to the gym to keep up with Mona lately.

Jim and I both just smiled at each other knowing where she had gotten her new found interest in sex.

John said she has even quit drinking and goes for a run almost every night.

He explained that after the twins were born he had been so busy with work he had almost lost interest in sex and she had started to drink. This had gotten so bad he was satisfied with getting it once or twice a month for the last 10 years.

Just as a joke I ask if he had ever had an affair on due to that. Surprisingly he admitted he had. Then he asked if either of us had strayed, we looked at each other and smiled saying we had been with other women a few times. I said it was good to try different things on occasion to keep things going.

Getting braver I ask if he had ever had sex with a man, he was kind of taken back by this and then smiled and said he had a guy at the gym that he had had thoughts about. It seems the guy always seemed to be taking a shower when John was. I ask why he thought he might be interested in doing it with him, and he said the guy had the biggest cock he had ever seen.

It was about sunset and getting cool so we adjourned to the house. I got all of us a drink and suggested that we watch some videos. I said that I had some movies that john might like since he had thought about being with a man.

At first all you could see were a couple guys playing with each others pricks. This got john shifting in his seat, I went a little farther and started to rub myself through my shorts. Jim had even gotten his dick out and started to play with himself. At this point john let out a small groan. “Those are some nice looking pricks,” Taksim travesti he stated. About that time one of the guys on the tape got on his knees and started to suck the other off his head was turned so you couldn’t see who it was. John followed his son and took his cock out and started to stroke it. Giving us the first good look at it (I was very happy for Mona at the sight of it). He wasn’t the largest I had seen but a good 7 to 8 inches and a good 3 inches around. He also had a nice hanging sack of nuts which I knew Mona liked also. He was about 6’1” 155 # so he was in good shape.

Then the camera shifted and you could tell it was me doing the sucking. John let out a big groan and came like a race horse. Coming all over his legs, His son jumped up and said “Let me clean that up for you dad.” Getting on his knees between is dads legs he licked it all up. The camera shifted again and you could see it was his son I was sucking off. God that looks hot when did you start doing that for each other. We replied last year. Then the camera shifted and you could see my wife his daughter in the chair behind us playing with herself. While I was sucking her brother…

“The girls know you do this?” he asks.

“Sure we play together all the time.” I replied.

It was actually their idea his son added. They thought it only fair as we liked them to do it to us so much.

Its really no big thing, I stated. We aren’t gay or anything but it is fun to have different types of experiences. We don’t hide our activities from the girls and they don’t hide theirs from us.

You said you had thought about having relations with a man well you have two willing dicks to try out. He kind of flushed then said he had wondered what it would be like and if I was willing he would be like to see what his daughter is getting.

With that I stood up and removed my shorts the rest of the way. Setting back down on the couch. He came over and got on his knees between my legs. I was already semi hard and he licked the under side of my manhood I finished getting rock hard. He played with my scrotum and took the head in his mouth swirling his tongue around and pumping up and down Gümüşsuyu travesti on it.

He took his mouth off for a second and continued to stroke me with his hands.

“Your right this is good, I bet my daughter really likes it doesn’t she.”

Looking me straight in the eyes he placed it back in his mouth and started fucking his face with it.

AAAAHHHH shit that is fine dad you are going to make me cummm. My dick got a lot bigger and shot a big load into his mouth. Wow that was great you will make a great cocksucker when you get some practice I said.

His son came over and sat next to me offering to let him practice on him some more. Immediately his dad took him in his mouth and started to play with his sack making his son squirm something fierce I know what makes Jim hot as hell so I got up and went behind the couch and leaned over his shoulder and played with his chest scraping my nails over his nipples and licking his neck.

AAAhhh shit that’s not fair you know how that brings me off real fast. But you do love it don’t you I replied.

John started to moan and said how great his son tasted in his mouth.

I could tell Jim was starting to come by the way he was sighing and groaning. Going back around the couch I positioned myself under john. Placing his flaccid prick in my mouth. I started to lick and suck for all I was worth. He was soon to full erection and really getting into pumping my face when his son exploded in his mouth.

AHHH fuck that is it I need some more, his son shouted suck me you cocksucker do it deeper ahhhh shit noooow you fucker. With that he shot the whole load down his dad’s throat nearly gagging him. By now john was fully hard and started to have some shortness of breath.

Oh fuck he cried this is so much better than I thought it would be. I love it when your mom does me but to have a man doing it seems so much more pleasing. AAAHH shit that’s it fuck that is good when you take it all the way down your throat with that he unloaded the second load for the day in my mouth.

Keeping some I ask if Mona had ever let him taste himself. He said no but he would like to taste it as he had ours so I kissed him on the lips and gave him some. Wow that is good I kind of like it would you eat your wife out after doing her he ask. I replied all the time.

With that we decided to get a snack and something to drink as we were all kind of dry from all the activity.

To be continued

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