Just Roommates


Corey and Justin are roommates. They share a room in the guys off campus apartment house. It was Homecoming weekend and the girls down the block were having thier own private party. They had invited the guys in thier apartment too.

The party was in full swing when they arrived. As Justin slipped off to try to hook up with some girls, Corey got himself a soda and found some other friends.

It wasn’t long before Justin had drank way too much and was almost passed out in the hallway. Corey was a good friend, he helped Justin to his feet and began home.

On the way, Justin fell a few times and even layed in the grass next to the trash cans. Corey couldn’t believe his friend was so drunk. He wasn’t a responsible drinker.

When they arrived at the house, no one else was home. Corey drug Justin to thier room and helped him onto the bed. He was so drunk he couldn’t even take off his clothes.

After Corey got him out of his jeans and sneakers, Justin flopped back on the bed. Corey watched his friend, he was lying on his back with his boxers and t-shirt. The front of his boxers were wide open and his softness was flopping out.

Not able to take much more of his drunk friend, Corey stripped to his boxers and climbed into bed. He was getting some sleep before the night got any worse.

Corey awoke when he felt someone touch his leg. He didn’t open his eyes or alter his Çankaya travesti breathing, he just waited.

The hand slid into his boxers and released his cock. He didn’t want to risk moving and letting them know he was awake, so he just lay there.

The hand gently massaged his cock, working it up into it’s full seven inches. He was proud of his dick, it had gotten him alot in his life. Up and down, cupping his balls. Whoever was in his bed was really good at this.

He felt a tongue flicker over the head, then lick down to his balls. Then a tongue ran up and down his shaft, flickering at the head and balls.

He was getting the best blow of his life and he had no clue who it could be. He hadn’t had a girlfriend since he’d been in college and the last girl he’d gone out with was only interested in his notes.

To risk opening his eyes could startle this heavenly mouth on his cock. He barely moved, only slightly shifting occassionally. He layed there patiently waiting.

While one hand jerked his penis and the other cupped his balls and massaged his asshole, the glorious mouth hole was making his entire body tingle. He felt he would cum right then.

He decided to risk a peek. If someone was going to swallow his cum, he should atleast know who to thank. He opened one eye a flicker, he could only see the top of the head.

Adjusting his body, he Dikmen travesti could feel the head of his cock touching the back of the throat. No gagging though, so they must be experienced.

From his new position, he could open one eye and look down at………Justin? Why he must still be too drunk to know where he is. Why would he be sucking my cock though? Corey thought.

Corey’s thoughts disappeared a moment later when he could feel his balls fill with cum. He knew he would be filling his friends mouth with his cum any second.

Not knowing what else to do, he reached down and grabbed Justin’s head. He pumped into his mouth a few times before groaning, then releasing his cum.

He fell back against his pillow. Not knowing what to say, he watched as Justin got up and returned to his own bed. Nothing more was said, they both turned over and went back to sleep.

The next morning when Corey awoke, he immediately glanced at Justin’s bed. It was empty even at this early hour.

He went about the day as usual, attending class before heading to the library to work on his research paper. His mind wouldn’t allow him to concentrate, his feelings about the blow job he’d gotten from Justin were very confusing.

When he got back to the room late that night, Justin still wasn’t home. He wanted to atleast talk to him before the day was over.

He looked Eryaman travesti around the room for some type of sign that Justin was gay. He couldn’t find anything except a strap on and a dildo. He wasn’t sure what to think now.

When it got to be past midnight, Corey decided to atleast get into bed and pretend to sleep. He hoped this would bring Justin home.

Corey awoke at the sound of the door. Justin was finally coming in. He was a little nervous. He heard him preparing his bed and smoking a cigarette.

Finally, just moments after the light from the cigarette went out, he felt the shifting of weight on his bed.

He didn’t know whether to continue pretending to sleep or to tell Justin he liked what he was doing.

His could feel the blanket lift, his erection rising. He couldn’t help it, he loved a good blow.

Moments later he felt Justin’s warm breathe on his member. He could feel Justin’s rough hands grip the base of his erection.

Before he knew it, Justin’s mouth was around the head of his cock. Tasting him, licking him. He moaned.

Justin froze for a moment. Corey took that as a chance to speak, he grabbed a hand full of hair, forcing his cock down Justin’s throat.

“Just keep going, I like it.”

With that, Justin bobbed his head, deeply down onto Corey’s penis. The faster he went, the more Corey groaned.

“I’m going to cum.”

That was all he could say before he squirted his juices down his room mates throat.

When all was done, Justin spoke up. “When did you figure it out?”

Corey just grinned, “You should have told me you were so good, I’d have let you do it more often.”

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