LaCour Academy Ch. 04


Since none of us had school and everyone was tired we all just slept in me and Ian’s dorm. When I woke up they were gone and it was just me and Chris (which I really didn’t mind at all). I went back to sleep for a good hour and when I woke up this time I was staring into soft, warm, concerned turquoise eyes. They looked so sad and I didn’t know what to do so I kissed him. I think this was more for me than him but I don’t think he cared at all.

“Draven I- “He began but I cut him off.

“I’ll tell you when I get ready to ok. Right now just forget that it ever happened for me please?” I told him with a soft soothing voice. He seemed in more stress than I was. I felt so bad so I suggested we go take a shower. Thank gawd that LaCour lets people have bathrooms in their rooms. As we stood under the spray I had a flash back when….Chris stood behind me and I guess he knew not to go below the belt and just put his arms around my Esat travesti waist. He did this very cautiously and I could feel him tense with every move I made. This position reminded me of the time when I was 10 and….

“Draven how about we go to get some breakfast and then go see the others. Or we could bring them some to they are all in Nick and Josh’s dorm.” He said.

“Baby that sounds great I think we should bring them food.” I wanted him to relax. So I kissed him again and this time he relaxed and let out a groan of pain from being tense. I rubbed his shoulders for a bit then we got dressed and went to get the food. On the way there we had a light conversation that turned into a lot of laughing and playfully punching each other. I hope things go back to normal very soon so he would forget my episode and I don’t have to tell him or them.


After we got the food we went to the Nick and Kızılay travesti Josh’s dorm. Draven was staring at him with a glassy look in his eyes which normally means he was having a flash back. My mind was racing. Josh could have been the one but none of his names had a D in the beginning or in it at all.

“Earth to Chris earth to Chris. Hello is anybody home hello.” Yalena said as she waved her hand in my face. I was so deep in thought that I barely felt the kiss that landed on my lips. So warm and tasty but gone so soon.

“Oh yeah baby Drave’s the medicine man. If only you came in women form I would love you forever baby!” Josh yelled. Wow this was going to be fun. We had a pot luck and shared everything with each other but Draven kept staring at Josh all the time. I don’t know what he saw but I wish he would tell me so I could help my poor baby. He must be in pain. Oh what am I going to do?


Josh Alsancak travesti reminded me of…..

“Yo Draven baby I know I’m sexy and everything cause erbody know I’m ah ha something to look at so save some looks for the chicks baby.” He said in a mock ghetto hustler voice. I couldn’t help but laugh at him he is so damn funny. He just looks like…

“Don’t be laughing at my cuteness boy ok? Hey Chico you hear me talking to ju huh you hear me talking to ju?” Now he was a wanna be cholo. I laughed even harder this time. Then I stopped when he touched me. It was just a touch to the arm some people wouldn’t even feel it and I went into a spasm. I couldn’t help it he just looked so much like…..

“Draven stop screaming your ok. Your ok just stop.” I didn’t know Chris was holding me and rocking me back and forth. Whispering in my ear soothing me. I was so tired I don’t know why I just felt safe with Chris and I went to sleep what happened after that I have no clue. I don’t think I will ever get over this. I should have a long time ago but he should not have been…I don’t know I was stupid and I always hold grudges over people when most of what happened to me was…

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