Let’s Check in the Back


The grocery store was practically empty. The only people I had seen in there all night were a few teenagers restocking the produce section, an old woman with a cart full of discounted cuts of meat, a cashier, and some young guy stocking shelves. Even though the supermarket was large enough for me to have navigated without seeing any of these people more than once, the employee stocking shelves kept showing up everywhere I went. I grabbed a box in the cereal aisle, and he was right there next to me, reaching up to restock the fruit loops. In the baking section, I threw a bag of sugar into my cart and noticed him crouched beside me, sliding boxes of cornstarch onto the shelf. We made momentary eye contact and he smiled. I looked away quickly. I won’t lie, I enjoyed having him as my companion while I shopped. He was short, but fairly muscular, and while his company-issued polo shirt was too large, his pants were tight and hugged his ass nicely. After a long day at work, it was pleasant to have something pretty to look at.

I kept shopping, and he kept showing up right beside me or at least in the next aisle over, with his cart full of boxes in tow. I couldn’t help but notice how he was staring at me when he wasn’t stocking the shelves. It was like we were playing a game, where I would stare at him as he refilled the shelves, and he would stare at me as I looked for the products I wanted to buy, and sometimes our eyes would meet and we’d share a quick smile, then look away. We continued this for a while, until I finally couldn’t help but approach him. “Hey, uh,” he turned to face me and I glanced at his nametag, “Jeffrey.”

He smiled, Üçyol travesti breaking down an empty cardboard box and tucking it amongst the others on his cart, “Can I help you with something?”

“Yeah, I was looking for this specific kind of beans. They’re like, little pink kidney beans in the bag.” He nodded,

“That’s in the ethnic food section. Follow me.” I let him lead me down a few aisles, watching his hips as he walked in front of me. In the aisle he crouched down to look at one of the bottom shelves, “They should be down here.” He leaned in deeper, pushing his ass up in the air. He had to know what he was doing at this point, considering how long he stayed with his head buried in the shelf, and when he sat back on his knees he looked up at me and smiled, “Enjoying the view?” Before I could come up with any response, he got to his feet again, “Sorry, it looks like we’re all out.” He stepped very close to me, “If you want, we can go look in the back and I can find some way to make it up to you.” His eyes traveled down to my crotch, then back up to meet mine. He licked his lips and I caught a quick glimpse of a tongue piercing. I had certainly never felt this turned on in a supermarket before.

“Uh sure.”

“Leave your cart.” Jeffrey lead me to the back of the store and between two double doors labeled “STOP: Employees only.” He took me past rows of towering metal shelves loaded with boxes and around the corner to another set of doors sectioning off a smaller room. “Don’t worry,” he assured me as he pushed open the doors and I felt a rush of cool air hit my face, “No one works floral past seven.”

I Alanya Travesti entered the room, essentially a cold gray box with some sort of large scale, a few carts, and shelves stacked with flowers and plastic vases. Jeffrey pushed the doors shut behind us, and rolled a cart full of damaged goods in front of it. “Do you always bring customers in here?” I asked. He backed me up against one of the shelving units, caressing my lower back under my shirt with one hand and grabbing my crotch with the other,

“Only the hot ones.” Jeffrey dropped to his knees, undid my belt and pulled my pants down. He pressed his face against my underwear, inhaling deeply. I felt his pierced tongue tracing over my cock as it grew hard and pushed against the fabric. He teased the head of my dick with the stud, and I reached to pull my underwear down as well. Jeffrey helped me, then placed his lips around my dick. He pressed his tongue along the underside of my head, and I felt the trail of his piercing. I grabbed his hair as he took me into my throat, but he quickly pulled his head back up and started teasing the end of my cock with his tongue again. He looked into my eyes, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

This was a lot more than I had planned for my visit to the supermarket, but I was horny and remembered how perfect his ass was so I ordered him, “Turn around.” He did, and I pulled his pants down to his ankles. Freed from his company-issued khakis, his ass looked even better. I slapped it, and Jeffrey moaned. I massaged his asscheeks and rubbed my cock along his crack. Then I stopped, “Uh. I don’t have any lube,” I said Konyaaltı travesti uncomfortably. Jeffrey laughed and took my hand, palm-up. He pulled me in and shot a mouthful of spit into my hand. At this point, I was too turned on to argue and rubbed my spit-covered hand over his hole. I spit in my hand too and ran it over my penis, then pressed the head of my dick against his asshole. If I was going to do this, I was gonna have to make it quick, so I pushed my cock in forcefully. Jeffrey groaned, and I could only imagine how painful it must have been without lube, but his muscles relaxed and I slid into him with minimal resistance.

I pushed my dick all the way in, and slowly pulled out, then entered him again. With one hand gripping Jeffrey’s hip and the other one pulling his hair, I fucked him fast and hard. The scale he had placed his hands on rattled as I slammed into his ass again and again. His head was back and he moaned, so I told him to shut up and he smiled in response. I hooked my fingers into his mouth and he spat on them again, which I applied to my dick as I went, watching the muscles of his back tense as I pounded into his ass. My heart was racing and I felt my orgasm approaching. Jeffrey must have been able to tell I was close because he pushed his ass back in time with my strokes, looked over his shoulder at me, and said “Cum inside me.”

I grabbed his hips and pushed my dick fully inside of him. I felt my muscles tightened as he clenched his ass around me and I came, shooting multiple spurts inside of him. I stayed for a moment, feeling his breathing in time with my own. Then I pulled out and watched my cum leak out of his hole. To my surprise, he only remained there for a second before pulling his pants up, pushing his hair out of his face, and kissing me quickly. “Well, back to work,” he said with a smile and left me standing in the cooler, slapping my ass on the way out.

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