Luke at University Pt. 02


[Ch. 01 should be read first]

Chapter 31

Easter vacation

Since grandmother Singleton was now pretty elderly, we always stayed in a hotel when we visited her in Nice at Easter. We did not think that I had known my boyfriend long enough to introduce him to her, so there was nothing very novel about our visit that year. I did of course tell her about my new relationship, and her reply was similar to that of Cathy, “Not ANOTHER gay in the family!” My grandmother enjoyed being taken out for walks in the park or along the sea-shore, and always enjoyed being taken out to dinner at a fancy hotel. She doted on Cathy and me, and had forgiven Dad and Pop for being gay after they had given her two grandchildren. She was now too old to have toy-boy relationships, but she was just as outspoken as her granddaughter about sex and relationships. I found it difficult to envisage what she might think of Tom.

In accordance with our usual routine, we went to the English Church on Easter morning. We enjoyed our brief stay in France, even though I was missing Tom already. I saw our stay as an opportunity to improve my spoken French, which was only just up to the demands of university level study, so I went on my own to the cinema several times to see films without English subtitles. On Easter Monday, I got an E-mail from Tom which read as follows:

‘My darling Luke,

I am missing you terribly. Will it be OK if I come to Ixfordingworth on Thursday? My train gets in at 15-25, would it be possible for someone to meet me, as I am bringing back a lot more luggage than I took when I left? A lot has happened here and I am anxious to get away from here as soon as possible. There are things that I need to discuss with you, especially about the summer vac! I will need to get a job. I hope that you are enjoying things on the Riviera.

Love Tom XXXXXX’

I felt both uneasy and curious when I read this, but I answered it promptly, having checked with Pop that he could drive to Ixfordingworth to pick up Tom.

We flew back to Bristol on the Wednesday and drove into the city to drop Dad at his hotel in Clifton, where he would be staying for most of the time during the run of ‘Così fan tutte,’ and then continued to the M5 on the way back to Camford. Next day, Pop and I drove to Ixfordingworth to meet Tom’s train. On the way, I took the opportunity to ask Pop as a special favour to give Tom a mini progress test, to see how his chemical knowledge compared with Pop’s first-year St Boniface students.

Tom came staggering off the train with two large suitcases and an enormous back-pack. The two of us relieved him of some of his burdens and we stowed them in the car. On the way to Ixton he explained why he had brought so much stuff with him. “Basically this is about one-third of all my possessions. There are none left in my father’s house, and I will never be going back there! The rest of my things are safe at my sister’s house.”

He then told us the story of his feckless widower father, subsisting on state benefits and held in thrall by a series of equally feckless women, culminating in one who was an out-and-out bitch, who had just been about to throw all Tom’s possessions away. “I’m not exactly homeless,” he said, “because my sister has given me a room, but I don’t feel that I could live there in the summer for three months without a job, and the chances of doing even supermarket shelf-stacking in that town are pretty slight. So I’ve got to find a summer job here or in Camford and somewhere to live!”

At this point, Pop stepped into the conversation. “Tom,” he said, “I will be able to find you a paid job for two months in the summer and as far as accommodation is concerned, you will be able to live here or in Camford or on the job. The nature of the job depends on me giving you some aptitude tests. Do you agree to that?”

“Of course! I’ll agree to anything that will give me a paid job and a roof over my head.”

“You know that you will always be guaranteed a bed wherever Luke is, but we all know that you need to pay for your keep!”

“He’s a big lad, Pop, and has a big appetite!” I said with a knowing grin, at which we all started to giggle, though Tom did blush slightly.

“But, Tom,” said Pop, “you must not let any anxiety about the summer put you off preparing for your exams. At the moment, they have to be your first priority, so don’t worry, we will take care of you in the summer!” I felt like kissing my cofather out of gratitude. Anxiety about the future was the last thing that Tom needed at this stage.

Chapter 32

The end of virginity and the vacation

Next day, Pop called Tom from his books and took him into the small sitting room. Tom was gone for about an hour and came back with Pop. “Tom will have no difficulties with his exams,” said Pop, “he’s better than six of my eight first year chemists. I think the Buckingham tutor, whom I don’t know, is not very skilled in giving him feedback. I think we may be able to get him a job in one of my trusts, or perhaps at the Fitness Centre. It’ll probably be at the minimum wage, but he’ll only be paying us for his Bursa escort bayan board. You’ll need some kind of occupation too, Luke, unless you get a paid job in Italy.” Tom looked very happy, and I knew very well what would happen that night!

We had another family weekend, with walks, swims and trips to the pub. Pop cooked us some excellent meals, but on the Saturday Tom volunteered to cook us dinner. It was a revelation to all of us. My stud-boy produced a three-course meal with garlic mushrooms followed by a fish pie with vegetables and ending with a fruit crumble made with fresh rhubarb purchased from the farm shop in Ixton. Pop opened a bottle of Verdicchio to follow the Prosecco, which we often drank before a meal. Both Cathy and I were deeply impressed, and Pop even more so. I could see Pop wondering if Tom was going to repeat his own undergraduate years in the late seventies of the previous century.

On the Monday, Cathy went back to school and Pop moved back with her to the flat in Camford. They left on the Sunday evening, leaving us with the house to ourselves. Reluctantly we knuckled down to a week of revision and reading, rather than a riotous twosome of drinking and sex. However, we had earmarked the Tuesday as a special day, in which I was to lose my anal virginity.

Tom obviously wanted to make an occasion of it, but it needed more preparation than it would if we had been in Camford. No question of takeaway food or ringing up for flowers to be delivered! The only way stud-boy could make it special was to contact a firm of caterers. He phoned around and found a firm that could deliver at 24 hours notice, and arranged, without telling me of course, a special meal to be delivered at 5 pm on the following day.

On that special Tuesday morning, I disengaged myself from Tom’s sleepy grasp, got out of bed and stood looking out of the window. The Ixfordshire countryside was awakening to spring. The late April sun shone on the distant woodland, not yet having reached warmth sufficient to disperse the spring mist. The trees were showing traces of green. Tom approached me from behind, stood beside me and put his right arm round my waist. His touch triggered a sensation in me that seemed like a slow electric shock. I felt the warmth of his breath on my left ear and a shiver of delight, anticipation and overflowing love spread over me as I turned to face him and got enfolded in his embrace. I kissed him repeatedly and found myself melting in the warmth of his passion. No matter what that day might bring, I knew that I wanted this man for life, that this was not merely sexual coupling. “My own wonderful boy, my lovely Luke,” he whispered, “you are the only person in the world who loves me! My whole being is yours, not just for today, but for ever!” I had never known anyone so hungry for love as Tom. It made him talk in a way that I could never have expected on the basis of our short intimacy. I reached round him and clasped each of his buttocks with my hands and pressed myself as closely to him as I could. After a few hard kisses, we breathlessly released one another and grinned when we saw each other’s hard-ons.

We shaved and showered and had a good breakfast, toast with scrambled eggs with a few prawns, cooked by me. I wanted to us take a turn in the pool, but Tom said no, it might make us tired. After breakfast, I took Tom into the study/library and showed him a locked bookcase with a wooden door. “That’s my parents’ porn collection!” I told him. “They don’t know that I know where the key is! There was no internet when they were our age and there was strict legal control over printed pornography. Pop on his frequent visits to Paris used to visit all the bookstores on the ‘rive gauche’ and come back with many works in English that were unobtainable here, due to the obscenity laws. There’s one particular book that I want to show you.” I reached to the top edge of the bookcase and pressed a concealed knob. A small door opened, and I pulled out a key and unlocked the bookcase. I withdrew a book in a faded green binding and showed it to Tom. ‘Sodom, or the Quintessence of Debauchery by John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester.’ “This is supposed to the most obscene book ever written,” I told him. “It’s a five-act play in verse in which King Bolloximian commands his court to have nothing further to do with women, but from then on only to fuck men. It’s not nowadays particularly hard to come by: you can buy it from any online bookshop. The line I particularly want to mention is where the king says:

‘Pockenello for a mate I’ll choose/

His arse shall for a minute be my spouse.’

I’ll let you have the pleasure of reading it after this afternoon!”

At noon, we had a sandwich for lunch and then adjourned to our bedroom and took off the garments that we had on. We lay on the bed and Tom rubbed his face in my hair. “I love your hair,” he said, “and I’m glad that you’ve started wearing Storing pour Homme. By both wearing it, we are marked out as an item. You have no idea, coming from a close and loving family, how awful it is to have no-one to love. Apart from keeping in touch with my sister, I can now forget Escort Antalya about my home-town and all the people there except Mr Silverdale. You fathers have both been so good to me. Instead of saying goodbye to you when you took up with me, they have taken me into your family. I will always be grateful for that.”

“Pop knows all about alienation” I replied. “He lost his father when he was seventeen and has never been close to his mother. She never showed him any deep affection and when he met Dad and took him to Nice to meet her, she tried to get Dad into her bed! Next year, we’ll take you to meet her. She’s a bit old now for fucking, so you won’t be in any danger. But when he and Dad got together, Dad’s parents took Pop into their family, and that’s why the two of them have done the same for you!”

Our foreplay lasted an hour or so, during which time we took small sips of Marsala to prevent any tension building up. Neither of us of course had had much previous sexual experience, and apprehension can have a disastrous effect on male sexual performance. We had both read on the internet exactly what to do, and our mechanical needs had been thoughtfully provided for us by my parents, but it was now a question of translating cold digital text and images into hot, loving carnal reality.

Tom began to make love to me. He had started with my hair, and slowly moved down my neck and shoulders to my chest, where he began to nibble my nipples. As each stiffened in response to his attention, he moved to the other. Then he moved steadily down my body, kissing and nuzzling, until he reached my belly-button. He spent a lot of time poking his tongue into its hollow before continuing along my treasure trail until he reached the hair round my cock. I was transported with delight at all this loving attention. Nothing that Mark had done to me had felt like this. I threw my arms round Tom and kissed him passionately on the lips before letting him return to my crotch.

By now we were both rock-hard and oozing precome. “Are you ready?” he whispered to me. I nodded and he began to unwrap a condom and unroll it over his rampant dick. I lay back and spread my legs wide open and he squeezed a large dollop of lubricant gel on to his fingers, and inserted first one, then two, and finally three fingers through the sphincter ring, stretching it gently. I squirmed a little when the first finger went in. When he pushed two fingers in, it got a little easier and he was able to stretch me somewhat by pulling his two fingers apart. The third entry with three fingers became again a little uncomfortable, but again he helped to stretch the muscle and mitigate any pain that I might have. I marvelled at how he seemed to know exactly what to do. In no way did he do anything upsetting or unpleasant. Then he spread lube over the condom on his dick.

When he had me well lubed up, Tom said, “I think the first time I had better do it in the doggie position.” Accordingly I climbed off the bed and stood beside it with my arse in the air. “Please, Luke, tell me if you feel any pain and I will stop immediately.” He gently inserted his well lubricated rubber-covered projection between the cheeks of my arse and began to push gently but firmly. After what seemed eternity he pushed through the sphincter and I felt a considerable degree of discomfort as he entered my gut. “Just relax,” he said, “it won’t, I hope, hurt any more.” He rested inside me for a minute or two and I found that the discomfort had worn off, and that the presence of this large object inside me was not unpleasant.

“Okay, stud-boy” I said “you’re in, and it doesn’t hurt any more, so feel free to get going with your buggery.” He enwrapped my body with his arms, folding them over my belly and he began to fuck me. The lubricant was extraordinarily effective and he slid in and out of my back passage with considerable ease, taking care not to slip right out. I now felt Tom sweating with exertion and the sweat was dripping from his chest and armpits over my back and down my arms. It felt delicious. The whole operation of course was prolonged because of the fact that neither of us had very much seed inside us. We were pretty well dry after four days of frequent sexual activity. Eventually, though, Tom speeded up and with a loud cry came violently into the prophylactic inside me. He immediately started kissing my shoulders and spine, and as his cock softened and began to slip out of my hole, his kisses moved progressively down my back.

When he was fully out, he lifted me bodily back on to the bed and slipped the condom off his dick. “Tie it in a knot so that it doesn’t leak, we’ve got to keep the sheets clean,” I said. He obeyed and hopped on the bed beside me and began to kiss my mouth. I rolled over on top of him and started to kiss him in return, before starting to rub my rock-hard dick against his hairy belly. He put his arms round my hips and clamped his hands one on top of each of my buttocks as I continued to rub his belly with my prick. After a delicious few minutes, I came and shot my small cargo of fuck-juice on his belly, kissing him violently as I did so. I lay there for some time, feeling Manavgat escort secure in his warm and loving embrace. I then rolled off him and lay on my back breathless beside him. “My darling Tom, you’re so good to me. I’m so glad that I am yours. You’re everything that a man could want! You’re as good in the bedroom as you are in the kitchen!”

“Luke, you’re exaggerating! You’ve got a lot more talent than me. And you find it easy to get on with people, and I don’t. Even if I had had your parents and upbringing, I would still have been a nerd.”

“You’ve learnt to cope with rejection and hardship, whereas I have had an easy and comfortable upbringing. Still we have one thing in common, and maybe that’s the bond that unites us: we both have no mother. But how did you learn to fuck like that? I can’t believe that you’ve never done it before! You were absolutely brilliant!”

“It’s only what I read on the internet. No-one has ever wanted to do it to me or with me!”

“But most men when fucking only think about themselves, and you were thinking of me all the time, I know that, even though I couldn’t see your face.”

“Yes, next time I’ll fuck you lying your back and then we can see each other. But doggie-style is the easiest to get in and unlock the treasure-house. Thank you for being such a sweet bottom. I hope there are going to be a lot more next times!”

I gave him a final kiss, climbed off the bed and got a flannel from the bathroom. I cleaned up our bellies and disposed of the condom, wiped us both with a towel and said, “A drink is called for: Prosecco or White Shield?” I have mentioned White Shield before. It is a beer brand that had been through a bad phase, having been brewed by several breweries who did not have the skills to produce a quality product, but at the time of this story its brewing had returned to its home town of Burton-on-Trent, and it was now fast recovering its iconic status as a flagship bottle-conditioned beer.

“We’d better have Prosecco” said Tom, “I love White Shield but it always makes me fart H2S the next day, and I don’t want to stink the bed out!”

“It’s the yeast reducing the sulfate in the hard Burton water,” I explained. “As a chemist, you should know all about that, even though sixth-formers are no longer allowed to work with H2S.”

We always kept a bottle of Prosecco in the refrigerator, so I went and fetched it, opened it and poured us two glasses. Tom sipped his wine and started reading ‘Sodom.’ Half an hour later, the doorbell rang from the street level door. I went to the door-telephone and answered it “Ask the delivery man to wait a couple of minutes,” said Tom “while I come down and get it. I’ve ordered us a special meal to celebrate your loss of virginity!” Tom put his tracksuit trousers and top on and went down in the lift to collect the delivery. It was a large cardboard box. The box contained some precooked scallops, sweet and sour pork with rice, a salad, tiramisu, a pre-chilled bottle of QmP Mosel wine and a packet of coffee mints.

“Tom, you’re a thoughtful genius!” I said. “It would have been totally inappropriate to go to the pub after the experience that you have just given me. We need to be alone together for the rest of he day.”

“These things just need heating in the microwave,” he said, “so let’s get dressed and tuck in. If you’re feeling lazy, I can feed you!”

What I was beginning to think of as ‘our’ bedroom was spacious enough to have a table in it, so I laid it for our meal and opened the wine as soon as we had finished our Prosecco. Tom came in, still naked, as I was, carrying the dishes with the scallops. “I would love it if you could feed me with the first course,” I said, “but then I can eat the rest on my own!” Tom cut each of the scallops into small pieces and fed them to me one at a time, pausing from time to time to eat one himself. “This is the ultimate in erotic decadence!” I exclaimed with a grin, “It makes me feel like Cleopatra or Lucrezia Borgia! You are so sweet to me!”

“You deserve it after letting me commit the foulest of unnatural acts on your helpless body!” he replied, joining in the spirit of repartee. We both giggled. Then we pulled on our underpants and T-shirts and sat up at the table to enjoy the rest of the meal.

I found it difficult to analyse the basis of my attraction to Tom. Apart from being more muscular and less skinny, there was little about his body or face or hair to distinguish him from any other healthy young man of eighteen. It was not because of his home conditions making me feel sorry for him, because he had not revealed those to me until after I had fallen for him. It was the way that he looked at me and the way that he held me that made me feel as if there was an indissoluble bond between us. And it was a constant thrill to be finding out new things about this reticent, secretive boy. And he wanted me SO much. Not only that, but he needed me. Without me he could quite easily do something stupid, like leaving Camford. He desperately needed a good exam performance, pitting himself against the brainiest nineteen-year-old chemists in England, Etonians, Manchester Grammarians, the cream of the private education system. If my company and my body could bring him comfortably through the exam ordeal, he could cruise the next three years to a first, a Masters and a Ph.D. Pop assured me that the talent was there, Tom just needed to discover it for himself.

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