Making New Friends


It was in the elevator that Jess really started to feel anxious. She took a deep breath as she started fidgeting with buttons on her mauve blouse and the hem of her tight black miniskirt. James noticed it right away. He looked down at her and gave her a warm, sympathetic smile. “Nervous, babe?”

Jess awkwardly returned his smile. “Yeah, just a little maybe.”

James reached over and gave her hand a light squeeze. “It’ll be okay. We’ve hung out with them already, they’re cool people. And besides, they’ve already seen you naked in the pictures. It’s just the contact that’s new now, right?”

Jess gave a quick laugh. “Yeah, I suppose you’re right.”

When the doors finally opened onto Bill and Kasey’s floor, the nervousness had not dissipated. By the time the two of them reached their door it was still there, laying in her stomach like a stone, weighing her down. James gave her one last smile, and “don’t worry, baby” before he knocked under the door, saying “okay, here we go,” under his breath. It helped Jess to know he was nervous too.

They quickly heard a “coming!” from inside the apartment and a moment later were greeted by Kasey’s smiling visage. She was wearing a tight black cocktail dress, which contrasted nicely with her blonde hair. She wasted no time ushering them in, and gave Jess a hug as soon she was inside. “Oh, it’s so good to see you two again,” she said as she squeezed Jess. “Oh and Jess, you look gorgeous!”

Jess tried her best to smile naturally as she replied. “Ah, thanks Kasey, you look lovely too.” She was a little relieved when Kasey turned her attention to James, hugging and complimenting him in turn.

Soon Bill came out too, explaining he’d been busy preparing. Kasey laughed saying he always waited till the last minute to get ready. Bill put his arm behind her back and pulled her towards him. “Beauty takes time darling,” he said, “you’d know all about that,” and he gave her a quick kiss on the lips as she laughed. “Wouldn’t you two agree?”

James laughed and nodded, “Oh yeah, you’re a lucky man Bill.” Jess just smiled.

“Hey, let’s stop wasting time and get those refreshments out huh?” Kasey suddenly announced. In a few moments the two couples had moved over to the living room, where there were two small black couches facing each other in front of a glass coffee table. Jess and James took their seat on one, while Bill sat in the one opposite them. Kasey quickly excused herself to get the aforementioned refreshments, as James struck up a conversation by complementing the apartment. This didn’t last too long before Kasey called Jess from the kitchen, asking if she could come help her.

Jess, didn’t really want to leave Bill, but she decided she needed to get over her nervousness soon enough, so she got up and headed toward the kitchen. She found Kasey there with a few bottles of wine. “I just wanted to check what wine you preferred,” she asked. After looking over her options Jess picked a nice rosé. Kasey then asked if she’d help her take some of the plates of snacks into the other room, and Jess obliged. As Kasey handed her the bottle she looked her in the eyes. “Hey,” she said, “you’re a little nervous aren’t you?”

Jess smiled awkwardly. “Yeah. Maybe a little.” She tried to play it off with a little laugh.

Kasey patted her on the back reassuringly. “It’s okay. Nothing needs to happen tonight that you don’t want to have happen.”

This made Jess feel a little better. With a wine bottle in one hand and a plate of crackers and cheese in the other she returned to the living room, only to start a little upon finding that Bill had switched over to the other couch and was now sitting next to James. “Oh sorry Jess,” Bill said coyly, “hope you don’t mind me snuggling up with your boyfriend.”

James laughed at that and Jess smiled, putting down the tray and the bottle. “Oh, no of course not. I mean we’re here to… get to know each other better, yeah?” She laughed awkwardly and sat down alone on the opposite couch.

Bill gave a sly smile of his own and turned toward James. “That we are, that we are.”

Soon Kasey returned with another plate, this one with potstickers, and put it on the table. She left one more time to retrieve glasses and upon returning poured a glass for everyone. She then sat down next to Jess, but not particularly close to her, to Jess’s small relief. She wanted to take all this slow.

Soon both couples were drinking, eating and chatting freely, and Jess started to feel more comfortable. Bill was very suave and clever, telling funny jokes, and he regularly found a way to make sly compliments to both the ladies in the room. Jess couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed whenever she was the target of these comments but she was nonetheless flattered. But a lot of Bill’s attention seemed focused on James. He would listen intently to everything James said, laugh at all his jokes, and give him little compliments about how he looked and Escort bursa how he was dressed. James seemed to enjoy the attention. He was acting in a way Jess had never really seen before. He was a bit flirty, but in a reserved way. Like he was playing hard to get. Jess found this interesting. James wasn’t a particularly manly person, but he usually stuck to a more masculine mode of behavior. But now he seemed to be enjoying himself playing the more submissive role.

For her part, Kasey was very friendly and talkative and Jess found it easy to chat with her, which really wasn’t often the case with her. She would be a bit flirty with Jess now and then but always seemed to keep it low key, like she was waiting for a signal of approval from Jess. Jess very much appreciated this. The wine helped quite a bit of course, but her nervousness still lingered. In fact she was probably drinking a little too fast and it wasn’t very long before she’d finished the whole glass, even though everyone else still had a good amount in left in their own. She was listening to Bill describe his job at a publishing house when she felt Kasey tap her on the shoulder. Turning, she found her holding the wine bottle. “Need a refill?” she asked.

Jess accepted and as she poured Kasey told her that she had really gone through that quickly.

“You don’t need to feel pressured tonight,” she whispered, reassuringly, “we can go at whatever pace you want.” Jess returned the smile and whispered “thank you” back. She noticed that in doing this Kasey had slid closer to her on the couch and stayed there. But she didn’t really mind now. She was able to drink this second glass more slowly.

She was about halfway through it when it started. James was telling some funny story that had happened to him recently, and laughing uproariously about it. Bill was laughing too, more gently, but earnestly. He was sitting right next to James at this point. When James started to calm down from his laughing fit he slowly turned his head toward Bill and made eye contact with him and smiled. That was when Bill moved in. He swiftly brought his head right to James’s and kissed him, light at first and then deeper as he was reciprocated. Jess had been about to drink when it happened and almost spilled some of the wine when she started at it. She had known James was bi since they’d first started dating, but she’d never seen him kiss a man or anyone other than herself before. It was interesting seeing it. He wasn’t taking the lead like he did with her. He was the one being kissed rather than the kisser. It was more than a little arousing. “Wow,” she said to herself, almost automatically.

“Pretty hot, huh?” came a breathy voice in her ear, and she turned to see that Kasey had sidled up right next to her, and was giving her a devious look.

Jess blushed and looked down into her wine glass. “Yeah, it is.” As she looked up to watch the guys some more she felt Kasey drape an arm over her shoulder.

“I love watching Bill with other men,” Kasey whispered huskily into Jess’s ear. “And I know he enjoys it so much too. Which just makes it better.” Jess’s heart started to quicken as she felt Kasey’s lips brush against her neck. Jess closed her eyes and leaned her head back, giving Kasey better access. Kasey promptly began planting little kisses all over Jess’s neck, and clavicle. “I’m gonna unbutton your shirt, okay?”

Jess opened her eyes. “Um, okay,” she replied. She marveled a little at how okay she felt about that. Maybe the wine was doing its work. Or maybe she really wanted Kasey to take off her shirt. She felt the buttons on her blouse start to come off from the top down and as they did Kasey’s kisses went further south to her shoulders and upper chest, stopping just above her breasts.

“Oh, I like this bra!” Kasey said, when she’d finished undoing the buttons, leaving Jess’s blouse drooping off her shoulders. She had on a lacy black one. “Where’d you get it?”

“Oh… it’s just from Victoria’s Secret…”

Suddenly Kasey brought her face up to Jess’s eye level. “You’re still nervous aren’t you?” Jess just nodded. “That’s okay,” Kasey said, running a hand through Jess’s hair, “we can slow it down. Why don’t we just watch the boys a bit?”

Jess agreed and the two women turned their attention to Bill and James on the other couch. The two of them were making out more aggressively now and their hands were roving. Bill took James’s hand off his chest and brought it down to his crotch, where a telltale bulge shown in his jeans. James started groping it eagerly and Jess could hear little moans coming from him. After a moment of this Bill pulled his mouth from James and looked down at him. “You feel that? You like it?”

James responded breathily. “I want it in my mouth.”

Bill placed his hand on the back of James’s head and lowered him down to his crotch, where James quickly moved to unzip Bill’s jeans. Bill lifted himself slightly so he could pull Antalya escort them down all the way, leaving him in just his shirt and black boxer briefs. The outline of his cock bulged obscenely through them. James wasted no time reaching through the front Bill’s underwear to fish out what he was looking for. When he got it out it was lovely. Bill’s dick was just above average size, circumcised and not too thick. James pumped it slowly with his hand, admiring it. He was practically drooling. At last he started laying kisses on the base of it and then all up and down the shaft, till finally he gave it a great lollipop lick running from his balls up to the head, which he promptly took in his mouth, holding it there for a few seconds before taking it off. A little trail of spit hung between his lips and the head. He smiled up at Bill. “I’m really gonna enjoy this,” he moaned.

“Not as much I am,” Bill returned, and with his hand guided James back to his shaft. James opened his mouth wide and took James’s cock into his mouth. He bobbed up and down on it a few times, occasionally holding his mouth over the head for a moment before going back down. With his hand he started pumping the shaft in time to his head’s movements. He did this for a couple minutes before he drew his head all the way to the head, held it for a moment. Then he dove down and Bill’s entire cock all the way in his mouth, his lips fixed to the base. He held it like that for a moment before he suddenly pulled off, gasping for air. He only held off for a moment though before diving back in, returning to bobbing up and down.

“Your boyfriend is a good cocksucker,” Kasey said. There was a hint of admiration in her voice. Jess just stared, transfixed. She spent quite a bit of time imagining what it might be like to watch James suck another man’s cock. How would she feel about it? Jealous? Embarrassed? Grossed out? But never in her wildest dreams had she imagined exactly how turned on she’d be by it. She could feel her pussy growing damp beneath her panties. And when she felt Kasey’s hands glide over he breasts she didn’t even jump. She was grateful for the attention.

“Here, why don’t get this off,” Kasey said, finally taking Jess’s blouse from her shoulders and laying it to the side. “And why not this too?” She slipped the straps of Jess’s bra from her shoulders and then reached behind her back to get the clasp, but the position she was in made it too awkward. Wordlessly, Jess leaned forward and unclasped it herself. Her she lifted the bra from her breasts and let it fall to the floor. Her pert a-cups were now on full display. “Oh you have lovely breasts Jess,” Kasey said, taking the right one into her hand gently.

Jess thanked her. She had always kinda wished she had bigger breasts. James said he they were perfectly beautiful but she had always wondered if maybe that was just him. It was really gratifying to hear it from Kasey too. Her fingers grazed softly over Jess’s nipples, rubbing them gently. Jess began to whimper slightly under Kasey’s touch. “You like me playing with your nipples?” she asked. Jess just nodded. She felt Kasey’s other hand drift down south across her belly, where she began teasing the top of Jess’s skirt. “I’ll only go further if you want me to,” she whispered.

Jess only hesitated for a second. “Yes,” she said and as she said it she felt Kasey’s hand slide under her skirt where she briefly ran it over the her panties. Then she pulled it up again and went under the panties too, where ran it through the light bush of pubic hair which Jess had just trimmed that morning. She stayed there running through the soft down before going further, teasing just at the edge of Jess’s aching clit, running two fingers to the side of it but avoiding direct touch. The whole time she did this she had resumed laying kisses over Jess’s neck and shoulders and her breasts now too, as much as she could leaning over her while she continued her ministrations on Jess’s crotch.

As Jess enjoyed the attention she was receiving her own attention fixed on her boyfriend and Bill on the opposite couch. The two of them had returned to making out, and somewhere along the line James’s shirt had come off, revealing his lithe body. Bill’s shirt was off as well. He was kissing James all over his neck and chest and rubbing at James’s crotch. He unzipped James’s jeans and slid them off, and was delighted to see the tight blue briefs that James was wearing underneath, which barely hid the bulge of his erection. “Ohhh, these are sexy,” he said, groping at James’s crotch. James had a large smile on his face and it only seemed to get bigger when Bill pulled his cock out in took it in his mouth, bobbing up and down on it in much the same way James had bobbed on his earlier. With one hand he pumped James’s shaft and with the other he reached around to James’s ass and groped it. James moaned and grunted under Bill’s efforts as Bill reached through one of the leg holes of James’s Manavgat escort bayan briefs. Jess could guess what he was trying to do. The moan James gave a moment later confirmed it. Bill had a finger in his ass.

Jess herself had had fingers in there and had used toys at various times besides. So she knew exactly how much James loved having his ass played with. His moans and whimpers became almost comical in frequency, and he closed his eyes and leaned his head back. Jess could only imagine the ecstasy Bill was putting him in. It was while observing this that Jess finally felt Kasey’s fingers slide further down her pussy, running briefly over her clit before sliding over her labia. A shiver ran through her as she felt Kasey cup her wet pussy, her fingers running over her slit, teasing her entrance but not going in. “Oooo, you’re so wet for me…” Kasey whispered to her, and proceeded to nibble on her ear.

Now it was Jess’s turn to let ecstasy take her over as she gave herself over to Kasey’s touch. Unconsciously she ground her crotch into Kasey’s hand, wanting as much contact as possible. But Kasey seemed fine with just teasing her, running her fingers lightly over her labia, rubbing her entrance and only occasionally touching her clit. “You like it don’t you?” Kasey said, her face right in front of Jess’s, “you like me playing with your pussy?” In response Jess just leaned forward and kissed her right on the mouth, the first time she had ever kissed a woman. It was then that Kasey finally slipped a finger into her, gently massaging the insides of her vagina. Jess moaned into Kasey’s mouth, thrilled to finally be penetrated. She continued bucking her hips against Kasey’s hand, trying to will her deeper and deeper into her canal as she felt a second finger slide into her.

Kasey at last pulled her mouth off of Jess’s and resumed kissing her neck. In between kisses she asked Jess, “y’know what my favorite part of the pics you guys sent us was?” Jess said she had no clue. “It was your fabulous ass, dear.”

Jess chuckled a little. “James always says it’s my best asset.”

“I believe it, I believe it… lemme see.”

Jess smiled. She started to move to pull her skirt down her legs. Kasey pulled her hand away from her crotch, leaving Jess with a feeling of emptiness. She didn’t mind though. It’d be back soon. And anyway, she’d be showing Kasey her little surprise soon enough. Pulling her skirt down she revealed to Kasey the lace thong she’d been wearing to match her bra. She then turned on the couch, propping herself up with her elbows on the armrest as she bent over to show off her ass to Kasey. Kasey herself was very impressed.

“Ohhh,” she said, “it’s gorgeous… but what’s this here… oh you naughty girl!” Jess felt the string of her thong being pulled to the side as Kasey discovered her little secret; a butt plug nestled in her ass, it’s purple jeweled base shining between her perfect cheeks.

Kasey gave Jess’s left cheek a playful smack. “Oh sweetie you are much dirtier than you look! This is quite the surprise.” As she spoke she rubbed Jess’s ass cheek with one hand, the other running over the plug’s jewel and pressing into it, putting more pressure on Jess’s tight hole. Jess moaned in reaction and pushed back against Kasey’s hand. She didn’t love anal as much as James did, but it was certainly enjoyable for her.

She felt Kasey get up and mount over her, wrapping an arm around her body to fondle her breasts and nipples, the other staying to play with the plug, which she began pulling out slightly and putting back in. Jess moaned wildly at the sensation, as the plug came out right to it’s fullest point, stretching her hole to the limit only to be pushed back in. It was heavenly. They continued this for a few minutes when Bill suddenly made an announcement from the other couch. “You two ladies are gonna wanna watch this.”

The two ladies turned and saw a lovely sight, one that set Jess on fire even more than she already way. The two men were both entirely naked now, and James was bent over the couch in much the same way she was. Bill was on his knees behind him, just finishing lubing up his hard cock, which hovered right by her boyfriend’s ass. “This is gonna be the good part. I just wanted to make sure you guys saw this,” he said, as he directed his cock toward James’s hole. Jess shared a quick look with her boyfriend, his hair all unkempt and panting from the pleasure he’d already been through. He smiled at her, and she found herself smiling too. His smile didn’t last long however, as it was quickly replaced by a moan as Bill’s cock entered him, his back arching like a porn star’s as he felt it slide into him. “You good?” Bill asked him.

James nodded vigorously. “Yeah. Yeah keep going.”

And so Bill kept going, slowly at first, taking his time sliding his way into James. He slid his dick in up to the hilt and then holding it there, while gave a long, deep groan of pleasure, saying “ohhhhhhhh, it’s so goooooooddddddd,” biting his lip and pressing his face into the soft armrest. Bill held it there for a few moments, then slowly started pumping in and out of Jame’s ass, taking his time, savoring the feeling of his hard cock sliding in and out of him.

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