Married and Gay Ch. 02


As the days followed after my initial encounter with Larry, my desire to be with him again grew stronger and stronger. I felt this inner need to express a kinky side of myself that I hoped he would like. I often enjoyed wearing pantyhose as a way of getting off during my many jack-off sessions.

I called him several times after our first time to see if we could meet again. After about 2 weeks, he finally agreed and we met in the afternoon at his home. When I arrived, he let me in and proceeded to give a very passionate kiss and groped at my groin. His hands moved lightly over the bulge in my pants and over my ass. My cock grew hard and throbbed as it strained through the fabric of my briefs. I reached out to grab his crotch and felt the bulge in his pants grow harder and harder. Our kiss grew intensely as our lips explored each other’s mouths. He asked me if I wanted a drink, but I was more hungry to feed on his cock.

He led me upstairs into a guest room and we both undressed. He ran in to shower as I slipped on my white pantyhose. The nylon fabric felt good on my bulging cock and balls as it lightly tickled them as I moved around in the bed. I had always fantasized about wearing them in bed with a man and now Sakarya escort was my chance. I knew my orgasm wearing them would be so intense and exhilarating. Larry finished in the shower and laid down beside me. We wrapped our arms and legs together in a heated embrace. Our bodies and legs were entwined as one and our passion for each other heightened. I ran my hand all over his ass and dipped my index finger into my mouth to moisten it and slowly inserted it into his asshole. He bucked his ass towards my finger and thus began a slow finger fuck. His lips were soft and his moustache tickled me and heightened my arousal

I worked my way down his chest licking and sucking each nipple. He ran his hands through my hair as he moaned. He spread his legs apart as I moved closer down his torso. As I neared his cock, I reached up to tweak both his nipples and pinched ever so lightly. I worked his cock over my lips and inhaled his musky pubic hair. My nostrils flared with the pleasurable smell. So manly , so sexy, and ever so hot. My cock grew harder and harder the more I inhaled. He draped his legs over my back and began to slowly massage me with his feet as I continued my up and down assault of his 6″ uncut cock. Side escort bayan I ran my tongue into the foreskin and savored the manly salty taste. It was so damn delicious I could barely contain myself. I moved down to lightly run my lips and tongue over his hairy balls. I took them one by one into my mouth and savored the wonderful taste and feeling. I could feel his balls start to churn in my mouth and his hard cock was swaying from side to side. He begged me to put it back in my mouth , but I was content on teasing him by sucking more on his balls and playing with his man hole. After 5 minutes of sucking his balls , I decided that I needed some attention.

I positioned my body back towards him. He peeled my pantyhose down to expose my hairy ass and he slowly probed a finger into my virgin ass. He then put two fingers in and the pleasure was too much for me that I too pushed my ass toward his fingers. The feeling of his fingers in my ass touching my prostate was an experience I had never felt before. A feeling no woman would ever do for me. I just maintained my focus on his cock as the lust in me grew and grew. I lifted my legs apart so he could place his fingers deeper and deeper into my ass. Here Escort izmir I am sucking his cock and he is finger fucking me!! I was in heaven!!

I rolled over so that we were in a 69. I continued sucking him faster and faster. He pried open my ass cheeks and I felt the wetness of his tongue lightly fluttering around the outside of my anus. I was going nuts with lust and desire to eat his load. Finally it happened. He rammed his tongue deep into my ass and swirled it around. It almost felt like he was trying to crawl inside me. I bucked my ass up and down frantically on his face in hopes he could go deeper. My cock was dripping precum like crazy by now. I felt his balls tighten and I could sense he was ready to shoot. I felt 3 or 4 shots of cum hit the back of my throat. I tried to swallow as much of it as I could. When I turned over, his beard and chest were coated with my hot load.

I moved up to his face and licked off my cum off his face and kissed him hard on the lips. I could taste my cum in his mouth and savored it. It tasted so tangy , so manly , and so damn delicious. So much better than any pussy I had ever had. We cleaned ourselves up and got dressed. We agreed to do it again , but sadly we lost contact and I never had the chance to see if our relationship could have been more . Thanks to Larry, I realized right then and there is nothing better then sex with a man. There is no woman in the world, not even my wife, that gives me greater sexual pleasure than a man.

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