Judge Ordered Slavery Ch. 02

Big Dicks

Cooking for Master wasn’t hard. The freezer was full of TV dinners. I thought about how I would prevent a slave from poisoning me, and yeah, I understood the TV dinners. I did as I was told and presented the fried chicken dinner to him after it had cooked in the oven for 45 minutes. I was instructed to sit at his feet. The foot smelled wonderful.

All I had been given to eat in the last 24 hours was a thick load of Master’s cum, after he fucked my throat for 8 minutes. I listened to him eat as he sat in the living room watching a popular comedy show with high nerds as the main characters. I loved the show, but could not bring myself to laugh or even smile, as even the wittiest jokes were executed. Master laughed, and that sound was making me agitated.

“I am dead. All of my things are gone, my parents are all the way across the country, and nobody will come looking for me for at least a couple years.” I thought. I sniffed. My stomach rumbled. I was very thirsty, and quite hungry. I had to ask.

“Uh, Master Sir?”

“What is it pig?”

“May I have some water? Perhaps some food?” I asked with a shaking voice.

“The pig will be watered very soon, and fed as well.” He said, annoyed.

I waited. I served him beer after beer late into the night. After his shows were over I was told to get under his computer desk and suck his cock as he chatted to friends on a website. Some were on voice. He had their voices on the speaker, so I could hear them.

“Nice slave Danger Dom! Wow, he took it all on the first try! Mine always gag.” Said a male voice.

“I didn’t give him the chance to gag, Twink Stabber,” Master said then typed quickly to someone. His cock wasn’t getting very hard, which is what I think he wanted. Every time I’d get him hard he’d pull away for a minute.

“Hey Danger you send this video to everyone?” Said a different voice.

“Oh yeah, including it’s parents. Notice the six inch hard-on the pig has while I was fucking it’s mouth? His parents will love that. They are very conservative. He’s mine for life. Got the paperwork to keep him legally too!”. Master said.

It was the final blow. It was at that very moment I gave up.

A few minutes later when Master tapped my head and asked if I was thirsty, I nodded with a mouthful of cock.

“Good, drink quickly, if any spills, it’s a long beating and the basement for you.” He said with a chuckle. I heard many voices laughing over the speakers. I saw him move a webcam to face me as I felt the first taste of my water.

He was a little merciful, he stopped the flow from time to time, but I drank his entire bladder. Now I knew why he didn’t want a hard on. It would be difficult to piss with one.

Eight beers for him, and three bladders for me, later I needed to piss badly. I made it known. He handed me an empty beer bottle.

“Fill it and drink it pig.”

His piss was clear and somewhat sweet tasting.. I figured it had to be all of the beer. Mine was yellow, thick and acrid. I guessed I was dehydrated. Or had been till about now.

“Live show in 30 minutes Gents, and Dommes. I’m going to take the pig’s virginity!” Master got a chorus of approving cheers.

“Danger, why do you call your boy a pig?” A Master asked.

“It’s a pig until it learns it’s place. When it is trained it will eat real food, and drink tap water. Till it learns it’s place it will eat cum, and drink piss. Like a pig, right now, it will eat anything.” Master said with a smile in his voice. He chatted with a few others for about 15 minutes.

“Come pig, it’s time for you to be a star. Your friends and parents are going to love this video postcard.” I followed him up the stairs to his bedroom. My stomach was very full and I had to pee again. I knew I would be beaten if I pissed all over his bed, so I dared to speak for a third time that evening.

“Master, the pig needs to piss.” I said, head down, knelt at the foot of his bed.

“You will sit to piss on the toilet, lift up the seat, you sit on the bowl.” He ordered. I quickly crawled to the master bathroom.

As I sat on the cold bowl, feeling pleasure upon releasing my stressed bladder I heard Master talking to people still. When I crawled out of the bathroom I saw the laptop. He had web-cams all over the room. I wondered if they had been there earlier when he had taken my throat.

I assumed they were.

I had to send some sort of signal to my family to let them know I was in peril when this next thing happened. I focused on it, I knew some sign language, as did my sister. If she saw what was to happen, she’d know I was being held against my will.

I was ordered onto the bed on my hands and knees. I faced the foot of the bed and was told to open my mouth. I did as ordered, and was given his cock. He was not quite hard yet, I suckled on it, trying to get him there. The sooner he took my ass, and was deep into the act, the sooner I could signal any of my family with sign language.

Soon Bakırköy travesti the moment arrived. He grabbed a tube of lube from his nightstand and then put it back. His cold fingers began to probe my virgin hole. First one finger, then two. The second one actually hurt briefly, but I slowly got used to the intrusion.

Now three. I inhaled sharply. This was very uncomfortable.

He pushed my head down at the foot of the bed and I felt his hand leave my ass. The head of his monster began the voyage to a place untouched. I cringed in pain as he pushed so hard into me. It seemed to take a year for the head to finally get inside. Once it was there he paused. I caught my breath and relaxed.

I tried to focus on what the single hand spelling of the words “help” and “rape” would be. I forgot all about it as Master pushed into me. I felt my whole body being stretched and filled. The pain was intense and consuming. I could focus on nothing else. I could feel him inching deeper into me. I was paralyzed. I wanted to crawl away but couldn’t move a single muscle.

He retreated the monster just a bit, and then plunged it deeper into my guts. I began to pant, hyperventilate. The pain, oh my god.

He retracted an inch or two, enough for my body to go limp from relief, only to push even harder, and deeper. Six cycles of this slow torture finally ended with his walnuts kissing my pistachios.

I was no longer hungry, I felt very, very full. He was in my guts, so deep my stomach felt it.

“Hope you are ready pig. This is going to change everything.” Master said. Inside my mind I scoffed. Outside I could only pant from pain.

He pulled almost all the way out and then plunged back in with one motion. I screamed. He repeated it, this time I yelled. In less then three minutes I was moaning. Master was hitting a spot in me that made my cock hard as a rock, and I needed to cum. I began to moan louder.

“You may become a slave boy yet!” Master said. He pumped my round ass a bit harder.

I forgot sign language. I wanted more. I began to push against his motions, fucking him back.

The tears in my eyes now were from pleasure. I had never felt this level of bliss ever before. I heard my own voice moan like a cat in heat. Master’s speed picked up, it was throwing me over the edge. I could feel cum oozing from my cock with each thrust into my innards. I felt complete somehow, fulfilled, content with a massive cock deep inside of me.

“Fuck me Master, fuck your pig!” I whimpered.

That was the last straw for Master, I felt him push, then pause deep inside of me, his load belting out of the end of his cock, filling my passages with his lava hot gift. Jet after jet caressed my inner walls. I must have been tight around his cock as some began to push back and drip from my newly broken flower. He fell out of me, and I collapsed face down. My heart was racing, and everything I ever knew was backwards and wrong.

“Get up. Squat over this cup.” Master ordered. I crawled off the bed and knelt over a Japanese teacup he had set on the floor. This was going to take great aim.

“When the cup is half full, you may eat your dinner. Wave to mom and dad and tell them you can’t wait to eat the cum I put in your ass!” He pointed to a camera hanging off of the side of the dresser.

“I’m so hungry for my Masters meal he’s given to me. I can’t wait to eat his gift!” I waved with a smile on my face. Fueled by hunger, I pushed at my worn bowels trying to get my meal out. It came out drip by drip, glob by glob. Finally I looked down and saw almost 2 ounces of thick cloudy liquid in the cup.

“Master? May the pig eat?” I actually wanted it. It would be the only food I was going to get.

“Yes, but show your mom and dad how much you like it. Show it to them on your tongue before you swallow it!” He said with merriment.

“Yes Master!” I said diligently. I grabbed the small teacup now half full with cum, ass juice, and lube. I poured it into my mouth, stalling the thick mass on my tongue and sticking the oral muscle out to show the camera. I then swallowed my meal. It was foul. I realized a bit later, that it the lube was what made it foul. I’d not want lube, as soon as I could handle going without it.

Master bent over and began to whisper in my ear, ordering me to say what he was telling me.

“Mom, Dad, and Brandi. This is my new life. I have wanted this for years. I am a pig cum slut. I love cock, cum, and piss” I paused.

“Please don’t try to help me. I don’t need help. I am in love with my boyfriend.” The last sentence burned across my voice box. He whispered again.

“Don’t look for me. In fact leave me to be the gay son you never wanted. Forget I was born!” The last part I grumbled, as Master was getting on my nerves. The red lights on the camera’s turned off.

I was shackled by my ankle to the heavy steel lower half of the bed frame. A heavy chain, and pad locks kept Beylikdüzü travesti me in place on Master’s bedroom floor. I was allowed two blankets. The first I made padding to sleep on, the second I wrapped around myself as I fell asleep.

I was dreaming all night. Not of the usual work scenarios from back at the restaurant. Instead I had the stage play of the mind, the reaction of my parents to the video played over and over in my head. I kept waking up. Sweat covered my forehead. The dreams changed replaying what had happened. The immense pleasure. Cumming without touching my penis.

“I feel so empty now.” I thought. Eventually, the dreams stopped and I slept as best I could with the chain clinking over itself waking me whenever I moved.

I woke to Master kneeling over me, his knees on either side of my arms and chest. His hard cock was staring me in the face. I blinked a few times to clear my vision. With that action he knew I was awake.

“Open!” He said simply. I did and was instantly rewarded with him taking my throat again. This time the angle was opposite, so his large, upward curved cock was rubbing the back of my throat viciously as he pushed past my gag reflex. The man had no mercy at all this morning.

“Time for your breakfast.” He said cheerfully. He pushed deep into my throat, sawing in and out, his pubes tickling my nose on each deep downward thrust. I timed my breathing each time he left my already raw throat. Master worked himself down my gullet for a long time this time. If I had not worked out the breathing intervals, I have been dead.

I reached up and cupped his ball sack, trying to do anything I could to get him to cum. This wasn’t enough. I suddenly realized what he wanted. He wanted me to ask for this. I did the very first thing that came to mind. I grabbed his smooth, hard ass cheeks and pushed his hips forward. He moaned in approval.

I used my tongue to caress the underside of his cock, licking and tracing each of the veins within reach, and then massaging his massive urethra. His pace began to quicken, his smooth globes began to produce sweat as I gripped them, becoming a little slippery. The tongue work did the trick. I felt the pulses travel down his urethra and deep into my throat. It wasn’t an all you could eat buffet, but his load was large enough that I felt it move into my stomach mere minutes after he fed me. The quiet belch I endured let me taste his load.

He unlocked my ankle from the chain, leaving the shackle on.

“Now slave it’s time to work. Today you will weed the garden, mow the lawn, if there is time, trim the hedges, and then make lunch. After lunch you will shower, scrub the kitchen floor, and polish all of the hard wood. You will then take the training for your paying job.” He stood over me stern faced.

I felt overwhelmed just at the idea of mowing the lawn. It would take two days to do that alone. The estate was massive. I followed him down the stairs and out of the house. He showed me the equipment I would be using once we reached the shed. Now I wanted to cry. The garden was almost a half acre in size. THAT alone would take a whole day. The mower I was to use was a weak gas powered push mower. Two days easy. The hedge trimmer? A pair of large shears. Three or four day job.

“Master, with this equipment there is no way I can get even two of these jobs done in the time allotted!” I spoke without permission. I cringed as soon as I realized my error, waiting to be hit. The backhand didn’t come. I peeked up at him from my knees on the concrete shed floor. He was smiling.

“Roberto!” He yelled. “You see, this is just the stuff YOU will be using, the landscaping crew will be enjoying the show of you toiling along side of them. They like working my property, not just because I pay well, but the added bonuses I give them. Oh, and they like feeding my property.” He smiled “that” smile.

“Yes Senor Dan?” Roberto appeared at the doorway, I hadn’t noticed anyone in the yard on the way to the shed, and I suddenly felt my nakedness.

“This is ‘pig’, he is to help get the list done by lunch. If you are done by 11am, your crew can feed the pig with your cocks, comprende?” Master asked the 50ish Mexican man. He was short with salt and pepper hair. His beer belly showed a bit at his pants line.

“Si, mi amigo’s will be happy to hear this Senor Dan. We will have the yard in top shape!” He paused and looked at me.

“Let’s go, time to work! Go and weed the garden pig!” I looked at Master.

“Call him ‘Dominus’, it’s Latin for ‘Master’, and he owns you till lunch.” Master said.

“Yes Master. Yes Dominus.” I said, and followed the landscaper out to the garden.

I was a bit shocked to find out that I wouldn’t be doing much yard work. As soon as Master went into the house I was pulled to a place in the shade by my collar where I couldn’t be seen from the windows of the house and made to kneel. Roberto let go of my collar and explained.

“You Bomonti travesti see, Senor Dan wants his boys to work hard yeah? But we found that the boys would rather suck cock then do yard work. So we do all the work and you suck all my guys, okay?” Roberto asked.

“I’ll start weeding Roberto, thanks.” I said. I wasn’t expecting it, a white flash behind my eyelids as his hand connected with my jaw. I fell to the ground, as I got back to my knees, he was fidgeting with his pants.

“It’s ‘Dominus’ to you boy, and you don’t have a choice. I run these grounds, and when you are in my yard you are mine!” He unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out. It was not as long as Masters but was twice as thick.

“Open your mouth, you need to taste some Latino cock so you know what a good cock tastes like.” He pushed his half hard cock to my lips. I opened my mouth and tasted his sweat soaked cock. It filled my mouth easily with it’s thickness. Roberto pushed hard down and into my throat I struggled with the width of the meat. I kept my breath held as best I could as the 7″ lodged in my throat. He pumped it for a solid 10 minutes giving me 5 small breaks to breathe.

“Oh little girl, I’m going to cum!” Roberto grabbed my head and forced his cock into my throat one more time, then pulled out just enough so his cock lay on my tongue. He blasted jet after jet of his gloppy seed on top of my tongue. I swallowed as fast as I could, yet some still escaped my lip lock on his fat cock. He helped by picking up the drips from the corners of my mouth and then feeding the cream onto my tongue.

“Good little pig, now there are 6 more guys you need to eat from. You stay here and take care of them, understand?” Roberto zipped up his fly and buttoned his shorts.

“Si Dominus.” I responded.

It only took minutes before the next worker walked up to me. He didn’t say a word, just pulled his cock out for me to service. The second man’s cock was slightly thicker still, but only about 6″ long. The late summer heat had these guys sweaty, and even this early in the day.

I worked my way through the crew twice. I was full. Roberto rinsed down my meal with a bladder of salty piss. I was thirsty and sucked it down greedily. Much to my dismay, it only made me more thirsty. Thankfully it was lunch time.

I was sent to the house by Roberto. I began cooking Masters lunch and snuck a couple handfuls of water while cleaning up the kitchen. I thought about what I had just done in the yard, and was disgusted by my slutty behavior. I didn’t fight it, I had just accepted it. My hard on betrayed me yet again. Only eating cum was making me weak. Masters food was ready and I pulled the tray from the oven. I delivered it to him in the living room. While he ate I was ordered to suck him.

His cock tasted so clean compared to the workers outside. I enjoyed having his cock back in my mouth. “What the fuck???” I thought. “Why am I enjoying this?” His hand ran over my hair. Then he forcefully pushed his cock into my throat. I was no longer enjoying it. He must have finished eating as both hands were on the back of my head. He pumped my neck relentlessly.

Breath was a luxury once again. His thick mushroom head scraped at my throat pulling out the thick saliva. When he did pull out, my mouth was filled with it. It began dripping down my chin and onto the carpeted floor.

“Time for your lunch pig.” He said with a grunt, as he shoved himself all the way into me. This being the 16th load I had taken since waking, I was glad I didn’t have to taste it. Master’s load was the last I could take, now I was beyond full. I felt dread when He didn’t let me release his cock from my mouth, I knew what was coming next.

“Have a drink piggy.” He said. The piss was almost flavorless, he must have had a lot of water this morning. As I swallowed as fast as I could, a klaxon was going off in my head. “NO MORE” my body said. I finished his bladder, and let out a quiet belch, now tasting his load. I was told to start cleaning.

Polishing the hard wood turned out to be a bit more then the dining room chairs. The entire dining room floor was also hard wood. By the time I finished the task my arms ached and I smelled of oil soap, and spray can polish. The kitchen floor I also did on my hands and knees.

My whole body complained when I finally got my shower. I was told NOT to masturbate.

“That useless thing between your legs is not to be stimulated by touch. If you cum, it will only be a result of you using the two sexual organs you have. That mouth, and that ass!” I wanted the second option soon.

The water was hot, easing my pains a bit. And I was able to drink as much water as I could handle. I pissed before the shower to make room for the additional water I was taking in. My piss looked and smelled unhealthy. I had urgently needed to masturbate, my cock had been hard all morning, and was now a rock with the thought of being fucked.

As I stepped out of the shower I wondered how much longer I would be eating and drinking from the tap alone. I drank more water from the bathroom sink. I needed to be hydrated by something other then piss. My kidneys or liver could get overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure, I just knew it wasn’t healthy.

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