Mike the Bartender


About this story:

The beginning of this story is true to the best of my memory. There is a distinct turning point which, not for an uninvolved third party, would have resulted in an amazing night, and perhaps many more.

If the real Mike happens to read this, he knows how much this missed romance was a regret I carried for a long time. And, to some extent, still do.


It was two days after John’s 18th birthday. As promised he had just been promoted from busser to waiter. He hurried into the restaurant nervously for his first training shift and was introduced to Mike, the trainer and future head bartender.

Mike was a tall well built man in his late twenties. He was the type to always be the center of attention, always be ready with a joke, always cutting up and taking life as lightly as possible. His confidence shook young John as the introductions were made, but by the end of the night John knew he had a trusted friend.

Not only did John and Mike grow close, but like often happens at this time in your life, that restaurant became like family. There was rarely a night that John didn’t find himself heading out for drinks or throwing a party, sometimes more wild than intended, but he was young. These quickly became his people.

After a few months working together Mike began flirting more intensely with John. Whether it was a soft touch or an offhanded comment, there was always a pleasant play in their interactions.

Unknown to Mike at the time, John had been fantasizing about just such things since an early age. Unfortunately, being 18 and inexperienced, he also lacked the confidence to believe it could be more than innocent flirting.

This went on until one night, after having a bit to drink with the gang, John got up the courage to slide his hand under the table onto Mike’s leg. The favor was quickly returned and this sent blood rushing to John’s loins.

It wasn’t long after that the crowd rose and dispersed. John gave a longer than normal hug goodbye to Mike, and left to give his friend Clinton a ride home.

As they pulled into Clinton’s driveway, John was distraught that the night had ended so quickly especially with the events with Mike. He tried his best to convince Clinton to come back with him to party longer and almost succeeded, but Clinton’s better judgement prevailed and he chose to stay in and bursa escort get some rest before his morning shift.

So, John drove home alone, already fantasizing about Mike’s touch, picturing his large cock, and wishing desperately he could feel it in each intimate place. He didn’t have any idea though just what he was in store for.

As John made the turn onto his street, his heart caught in his chest as he saw parked in the shadows by his house Mike’s shiny little red truck. The excitement and desire and nervous energy was almost too much to bare as he pulled in and made his way over to the passenger door. He pulled it open and quickly stepped in.

Inside, Mike held a mischievous grin and simply said a drawn out “so”. John smiled and started to say “so”, but was cut off guard when Mike leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. Mike leaned back to judge the reaction, but was too quickly consumed by John’s wet lips and tongue. This moment seemed to last much longer than it likely really did, but John was lost in a dream turned reality.

Once they came up for air, Mike asked if John would like to return to his apartment. Perhaps too eagerly, he agreed.

As they made their way, passions and hopes only intensified with roaming hands and a lusty kiss at every light.

As soon as the apartment door open Mike was kissing and directing John backwards through a hallway to be flung backward onto the bed. There Mike immediately stripped John of his pants releasing a bouncing hard cock.

“You’re cock is beautiful,” Mike said, “I bet the high school girls loved it.” Before John could comment, Mike drew all 8 inches into his mouth. It was the most amazing feeling, John’s back instantly arching.

It couldn’t have been more than two minutes before John was trying to pry Mike off, fearing he would cum too soon. Mike wouldn’t release him though, and John exploded in waves of pleasure like never before. Mike swallowed all of his cum as John’s throbbing cock spewed more and more. Afterward John lay in a euphoric state of slowly ebbing pleasure, while Mike lightly ran his fingers across his skin.

Mike was both tender and strong, caressing and kissing John’s body, introducing him to passion and desire he never knew. But, Mike was never without humor. A bit before John was ready he was jolted from his tingling haze by Mike’s words that görükle escort carried the perfect blend of sarcastic bite and flirtatious wit. “Well, that was fast. That’s what happens when a gay boy spends all his youth playing straight”

Though John had wrestled with that term to himself before, he had never spoken of it to anyone and absolutely never heard someone say it about him. He was surprised though by what he felt. It wasn’t fear or apprehension, it was knowing. It was like this was the first place he felt fully himself, fully free.

After a bit of a pause while John internally collected himself, he said, “Yeah, I’m gay! But, you know how I know you’re gay? You give the best blow jobs I’ve ever had, by far.” Mike smiled and simply responded, “You’re so cute my little gay stud.” Maybe it was that term again, or maybe because Mike claimed John with “my”. But, that churning arousal came back strongly and Mike took notice. This time though, it was John’s turn.

He dropped to his knees and slowly began sliding Mike’s pants down. As soon as his bikini briefs were revealed John’s want tripled. Though John had watched plenty of gay porn fantasizing about the packages men carry, he had never seen anything like this. John was arrested by a feeling of intense desire with a touch of fear that pulled from his gut and balls and young hole.

He ever so slowly rolled the briefs down revealing at least 9 inches of extremely thick manhood. It was too big to pop out the way John’s had. It rolled first to the side like some prehistoric snake stretching at dawn and then rose slowly revealing a large pink helmet that just ever so slightly turned up. John leaned in to meet the beautiful cock with his lips, at first only gently kissing and licking the head, then looking up into Mike’s adoring eyes sheepishly. John ran his lips up and down the shaft, mostly from the side, because his inexperienced mouth couldn’t get half way without gagging. Mike was a patient lover though and spent the time caressing John’s head and whispering compliments.

After some time, and just a taste of precum, Mike took John’s hands and pulled him up leading him to the edge of the bed. They sat and began kissing, slower now, but with a knowing and intimacy much deeper. Then Mike said, “I want this night to be about you. We can simply lay down and snuggle below the sheets, bursa escort bayan I can see if you can last a little longer with my mouth wrapped around your cock, whatever you want. It’s your night.”

Hesitantly, nearly whispering, John said, “I want to feel you inside me. I want you to fuck me.”

“You want me to fuck you? I would love nothing more, but it could hurt you’re first time.”

Johns reaction was an unexpected grin that held the look of a boy getting caught just before executing a childish prank. John slowly confessed, “Well, you’re right, I’ve never been with a man before, but I’ve been toying since I could masturbate. In fact, the first orgasm I ever had was with the handle of a plunger sticking out of my butt.”

At this they both laughed and Mike pushed John to the bed and looked intently into his eyes. “I promise you, I’m going to blow your mind. Your little toys don’t come close to the real thing.”

With that Mike grabbed a bottle of lube from his nightstand and gingerly applied it to John’s hungry bottom, then wiped a healthy amount over his cock. He lifted Johns legs to his shoulders and slowly began to press his cock against John’s puckered pink hole. It had already pushed an inch in when it penetrated the inner side of his rectum. With this John winced and Mike began to back off, but then he whispered, “please don’t stop.”

Ever so slowly Mike pushed his cock deeper until John felt pressure intensely on all sides, filling his hole completely. The final push in ran pressure along John’s prostate and he cried out in pleasure. With that Mike began building his thrusts, each time getting just a bit faster, just a bit harder until John’s erect cock was flopping a full 180 degrees and every sound from John’s lips were a song of complete fulfillment and pleasure beyond anything he had known yet in life.

After some time Mike’s pace took an immediate step up and John knew he was close. Mike began moaning in pleasure and just as John felt a warm gush inside him his own cock exploded spraying cum back and forth all over both their stomachs.

Without even showering off they rolled beneath the sheets together, arms and legs and still leaking cocks tangled together.


If you happen to come across this, I hope you know how much I always wished that night had gone something like that. You were my first real crush, and I almost had you one night. This may not be true, but I feel almost certain that if it had my life would have been completely different. Oh to be young and openly gay, the world is your playbox. I guess I’ll never know.

Love Always,


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