My First Bathhouse Experience

Big Ass

This is my 3rd submission of my true experiences. My first since 2002 so I am sorry for the delay.

My story begins after having anal sex through a gloryhole. That experience opened a door that I jumped through wanting more. I decided to go back online and I found out about bathhouses and that there were a couple in downtown Houston. After checking out a website for one of the places and reading stories about them I decided to go.

After a couple of weeks talking myself out of going I decided to try another approach. I used a vacation day and went early in the morning. My thinking was the place would be dead, I can explore in peace and maybe get lucky. Well my plan was brilliant because everything I thought would happen did. My heart started to pound as soon as I entered. The man behind the counter was friendly and explained a little about the place for me. I paid for a room, was given a towel and a key and was on my way to my next adventure.

The place had three levels, the bottom level was dark with neon lights. It had private rooms and a maze that was very dark. Certain walls had gloryholes which was exciting Escort bursa and you never knew if you were going to bump into anyone or not. The second level was the street level and there was an exercise area and it the back it had showers, a dry and wet sauna and the restrooms. It also had a small TV room where porn was showing. The top level had more rooms and an open deck that had a warm pool and a hot tub.

I had a room on the third level. The room was small well lit and had a bed. After undressing I put on the towel and went exploring. Starting with the bottom floor and explored the maze which was pretty cool. You could have sex in there and feel comfortable doing so. Moving to the second level I enjoyed the wet and dry sauna then took a shower. As I had suspected the place was almost empty so taking my time in each area without being bothered was nice. Satisfied about the first two levels I went straight to the pool. I swam for 10 minutes then enjoyed sunning myself in the nude.

It was so quiet and relaxing I hated the distraction of the two men walking out on deck to go swimming. A third guy Antalya escort came out and went to the hot tub. I started to watch the guys in the pool. They were very close to each other and I could tell the were jacking each other off while kissing. Enjoying the show I decided to go back to my room. The guy in the hot tub got out quick and dried off. As I walked in and headed to my room I could tell the guy was following me. As I walked into my room I turned to see if the hot tub man moved on, well let’s just say I was taken back at what I saw. He was naked, leaning against a wall looking at me while masturbating. That fact that he came on so strong pissed me off so I shut the door. But the whole reason for coming here was to experience this moment so I opened the door back up and told him he could come in.

He was in his late 40’s salt and pepper hair with a mustache. He was tall about 6’3″, skinny and the best part was his dick. His penis was a little thick about 6 or 7″ and uncut. I always wanted to play with an uncut dick and here it was. As soon as he was in the room the towels were off and we were kissing. Manavgat escort bayan I can say this, I am not a fan of kissing another male. I have done it but it does not feel natural to me. Funny, I can suck another mans dick but hate kissing him on the lips.

We kissed and french each other while our hands played with each other dicks. Finally he went down and started to give me a blowjob and it was a great blowjob. For some reason I thought I was going to cum quick but I was in control and he sucked me for a while. I finally went down and before I sucked him I examined every inch of his cock. My first uncut cock and I wanted to make sure I had a good look before I went on. I pulled his skin back and sucked only the head of his dick. I went to lick the shaft of his cock down to his balls. Very gently I put his balls in my mouth and softly sucked him. I went back to and finally put as much of his dick in my mouth and sucked him. We ended up on the bed into the 69 position and continued to suck each other until we both came. He came all over my chest and I came in his mouth.

We talked for about 10 minutes before he left the room. After I showered off I decided it was time for me to go but I knew I would be back. The bathhouse was a great place and clean. I do not know if I would have had a good time if I came on a busy night but I wanted to try…but that is another story.

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