My New Daddy Ch. 01


I’m 21 years old and I attend college but I still live at home for financial reasons. I’ve always been fem and young-looking for my age. I like to cross dress, but I don’t usually dress fem in public. I’ve just found that it can be difficult for some straight folks to take a young male who likes to be a sissy slut. So you can imagine my surprise when I was riding my bike past a neighbor’s house and an attractive older man on the porch waved me over with a smile. He looked to be in his forties. I don’t know why I responded. Maybe it was his smile or the fact that I’ve always lusted after older men, but I rode my bike up his walkway to his porch.

“Hello, son,” he said. “I’ve seen you around the neighborhood. How old are you?”

“Twenty-one,” I said softly.

“You always ride a girl’s bike?” He smiled at me.

I hadn’t realized it at the time, but I’d jumped on my sister’s bike. It was almost exactly like my own, except for the fact that… “Yes, sir. I ride a girl’s bike,” I said outright. Why was I lying?

“And those little shoes and tight jeans. You dress like a girl, don’t you?”

“I felt the blood rush to my face as I said, “Yes, sir.”

“Are you a sissy?” he asked, still smiling.

I blushed. “Yes, sir. I guess I am,” I said for the first time ever. My little cock throbbed in the panties I was wearing under my jeans.

“Good,” said the man. “Then say it out loud for me. Tell me what you are.”

Oh god. “I’m a sweet sissy.”

“Say it louder, son. I want to hear it.”

I cleared my throat. “I’m a sweet sissy!” I said proudly.

“Good girl. I love sissies. They make good fucktoys.”

I nearly fell down when I heard him say that word. Fucktoy. I so wanted to be a real man’s fucktoy. I dreamed of such things. I nearly came in my panties just hearing him say that.

“You like being a sissy, don’t you sweetie?” he asked.

I nodded. “Yes sir. I do.”

“My name’s Ted, but you can call me Daddy.”

I nodded. “Yes sir, Daddy.” It made my little cock so hard to say it out loud and I knew that Ted noticed.

“Turn around and let me look at you,” he said as he stepped down off his porch. I could see his muscled arms flexing in his tight tee shirt. He was a hairy man with a bit of a belly, but very sexy. I felt dizzy just thinking about what might happen next. Would my slut fantasies finally come true?

“Did you hear me? Turn. Around. Show me your sissy body.”

“Oh, yes sir. Sorry.” I ditched my bike and stood in Ted’s front yard, turning in place so he could decide if I was fuckable or not. I was so fucking horny.

“Mmmmm. Nice little ass, honey.”

I love “honey” better than “son”.

“You’d better come inside.” And with that, Ted turned and marched inside his house. I stood there, torn about what to do next. I was of age. I could have sex with anyone legally, but should I let this man fuck me? He obviously wanted me and that turned me on, but…

“Get your ass in the house, sweetie, or get the fuck off my property,” shouted Ted.

“Yes, Daddy!” I cried as I grabbed my hard cock through my jeans and ran inside.

It was cool and dark inside the house. Ted motioned me over as he sat on the couch with a beer in his hand. “Undress for me,” he said as if he was ordering lunch.

“What? Here?” I stammered.

“Sure. Why not?” He picked up a small remote and some thumping electronica started. “Maybe that’ll help,” he added.

It actually did. I started dancing a Bursa escort bayan bit, watching Ted’s eyes devour my body. I loved how much he wanted me. I loved how much he needed to fuck me. I knew at that moment that I was going to lose my anal virginity that day. I felt my asspussy pucker in anticipation as I bent over to show Ted my ass.

“Good,” said Ted as he rubbed his boner in his pants. It looked big but not too big. If it had been a porn boner, I don’t know that I could have taken it in my asscunt. “Remove your shoes and socks. Slowly.”

I licked my lips and slowly untied my converse and removed them. Then the socks came off.

“Come sit on the coffee table” commanded Ted.

I did as I was told and he lifted my soft little feet to his face and began licking them. He sucked each toe and licked every inch before reaching for my belt. He unfastened my jeans and unzipped them then he slowly peeled them off my body. I sat on this man’s coffee table in my little white panties and a tight t-shirt, breathing so hard I thought I might pass out.

Ted smiled. and leaned over to kiss me. His rough face abraded my soft cheeks as opened my mouth and sucked in his long, girthy tongue. He ran his huge hands up and down my legs, feeling how smooth I was. He cupped my ass and pulled me toward him.

“You’re a delicious little sissy slut for sure. Have you ever seen a real man’s cock?”

“No, daddy.”

This seemed to make him even harder. “Oooooo. What’s your girl name?”

“What’s that, daddy?”

“When you come to my house, you will always be a sissy girl, and sissy girls have special sissy names. I know you’ve thought about it. What’s yours?”

I blushed. It was my deepest secret that I wanted to be a girl named Lauren. If I were a porn star, I’d call myself Lauren Lust, but I had a hard time telling this man my desire. I’d hardly even admitted it to myself.

Ted grabbed my head and slid his tongue deep into my mouth again while fingering my asshole lightly. I moaned and he said, “Tell me your name, slut.”

“Lauren Lust,” I said without hesitating.

Ted smiled and lifted me to stand before him. “Good girl. Turn around for me, Lauren,” he said.

I did, showing off my tight, round ass. I knew that men sometimes looked at me from behind thinking I was a young girl. I knew Ted wanted my ass from the first time he’d seen me.

He leaned over and rubbed his entire face in my asscrack. Oh god, I nearly passed out. He grabbed my panties and yanked them down to my knees before grabbing my hips and pulling me back to meet his eager wet mouth. He slid his tongue deep into my asscunt, licking and sucking on it until I began to dro precum onto his pants leg. He smiled and forced my ceeks apart with his thumbs as he continued to open me up. I never knew that my little hole could feel such lusty pleasure. I reached down and stroked my cock as this hungry man went to work on my hole, stretching me wide and lubing my pussy with his drooling tongue.

I was breathing hard, moaning and groaning, when I happened to catch a glance between my legs. Ted was unzipping his pants and pulling out the most gorgeous cock I’d ever imagined. It was super thick, cut, and veiny. The head was the size of a small apple and it swelled when Ted finally kicked his pants off.

“Turn around, Lauren,” said Ted.

“Yes, daddyyyyyy.” I was cock trance. I was so overcome with lust and desire that I couldn’t see straight. I just knew I Escort Antalya had to please this man’s big cock. I turned and got on my knees between his legs as he removed his shirt. His nipples were large and hard in the fur on his chest. His belly was solid and furry too. That thick, dark hair continued in his crotch where that magnificent cock sprung forth like he fountain of youth. I needed that beautiful rod in all my holes. Oh god, I needed it so bad.

Ted stroked his cock and I drooled as I watched it throb for me. “Do you want this cock, slut?”

“Oh god yes, daddy. I need your fat cock in all my little holes,” I moaned.

Ted smiled. “Good girl. If you do everything daddy tells you to, we’ll both have a lot of fun. But first you must answer one question.” He reached between my legs and fingered my greasy pussy. “Whose cunt it this?”

I didn’t hesitate. “It’s your cunt, daddy.”

Ted took his ass-lubed fingers and shoved them into my drooling mouth. “And whose mouthpussy is this?”

“Yours, daddy. My slut body is yours inside and out. I live to make you cummmmm!”

Ted smiled and leaned in to kiss me hard and deep, his hard cock throbbing against my arm. Then he leaned back and watched as I gasped for air, totally subservient to his desires. “If you’re going to be a good little whore for daddy, I have to train you to suck my cock, don’t I?”

I nodded vigorously. “Yes, daddy. Please. Please let me suck your beautiful cock.” I’d never tasted a cock but I imagined it to taste like heaven.

“Good girl,” said Ted. He held his cock by the base, making the already fat head even fatter. “Start by licking the slit and tasting my precum.”

I nodded and leaned in close to his gorgeous dick. I could feel the heat coming off of it on my cheek as I looked up at my new daddy and slid my tongue up his dripping piss slit. I licked his precum all over my lips making them shiny as I kissed his perfect cock head.

Ted moaned and took my face in his hands. “Now, lick slowly up the shaft from the base to the tip while you look me in the eye. Show me how much you need daddy dick.”

I knew how much I needed daddy dick. Could I show him?I nuzzled his balls with my nose and slid my tongue slowly up his sac, his shaft and his perfect purple cock head. I inhaled deeply as I stared at him. I didn’t know it then, but I’d very nearly made himum already. He grabbed me and shoved his cock right into my eager, drooling mouthpussy!

I sucked him in until I couldn’t breathe. I don’t know how, but somehow he’d managed to force his cock into my throat. My nose was in his bushy pubes as he throbbed inside my neck, cutting off my breath. Then, he pulled out of me and I drooled all over myself and his cock. It felt so good!

Ted ripped my shirt off and hungrily sucked and bit my nipples before feeding me another round of cock. My slippery mouth, tongue and throat opened to take it all as my spit ran down his furry ballsack and dripped onto the floor.

I don’t know how long daddy facefucked me, but I could have taken that cock for hours and hours. I loved it. I felt like I was his cock when it was buried inside my throat. I became mancock, throbbing and pulsing in time with his heartbeat as his meat expanded and convulsed inside me. I loved being so under his control.

Without warning, Ted lifted me to my feet and began licking me all over. My little five inch cock was so hard, but he ignored it, instead ending up again licking my Manavgat escort asshole eagerly. I moaned deeply as he plugged my cunt with his long thick tongue. I grabbed his tongue with my hole and imagined it was his cock inside me. I wanted to beg him to fuck me, but it was his decision. If he wanted to eat me out all night, I would never complain! Mmmmmm. I loved being his girl.

“On the floor, slut,” he commanded, and I dropped to my knees. My clitty cock and balls were grazing the floor as I knelt on all fours. Ted grabbed my arms and held them behind y back, pushing my face into the rug beneath me. I nearly came right then – to be manhandled was my greatest fantasy.

I moaned as Ted slowly caressed my asscrack with his spit-covered cock. Mmmmmmm. So slippery and hard. I wanted him to fuck me sooooo bad.

“Lauren, whose pussy is this?” he asked.

“Yours, daddyyyyyyy,” I moaned before adding,”Please fuck fuck fuck me! I need your cock so bad, daddyyyyy!”

Ted held my hands at my hips as he slowly placed his fat cock againtmy dripping pucker. If I could have sucked him inside me then, I would have. I tried to push back onto him, but he held me down, slowly allowing his fat head to push push push inside my little hole.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD! I moaned loudly. That was the last straw. Ted grabbed my hips and slid deeeeep inside me with one hard thrust! He moaned a low, manly, gutteral moan as he took my asshole as his pussy toy. He slowly pulled out, then slammed me full of his cock meat again!

“I lay there, groaning, “thank you daddy thank you thank youuuuu” as he slowly began to push in and out of me. I could feel his thick, veiny meat throbbing inside me and I knew how much he was holding back his cum. It was at that moment that I learned just how much real men needed sissies like me to service them.

“Tell daddy what you need, slut,” said Ted, his breathing now ragged.

“I need your cummmmmmmmmmm dadddddyyyyyyyy!” I screamed as I pushed back onto his cock.

“I’m going to breed you, girl,” he said as he fucked me harder. It only took a few dozen strokes before he was past the point of no return. Heslammed his cock into me, his big manly balls slapping against my little smooth girly nuts as he swelled inside me.

OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!” he yelled as he unleashed rope after rope of thick, gooey man cum deep inside my asscunt. His strokes became more slippery and I actually came a big load myself without even toughing my clitty cock. It was then that I learned that my asscunt was my sex, not my clitty cock.

Daddy continued to pound my ass full of cum as his sweat dripped onto my back. His load was so big that it ran down my balls and mixed with my little load on the rug beneath us. When he was finally spent, daddy fell forward on top of my, his throbbing member still buried inside my blasted cunt.

Daddy Ted fell asleep on top of me, and I smiled knowing I’d pleased his delicious cock. I could feel it inside me as he slept and I tried to make it hard again by squeezing it with my hole. He was only asleep for a few minutes before waking and pulling his semi-hard rod out of me with a slurpy plop.

“Now, clean daddy up, Lauren,” he ordered.

I smiled and knelt between his legs to lick and suck all of his load and my asscum off his cock and balls, then I licked him all over cleaning off his sweat with my saliva.

Daddy Ted pulled his knees up, exposing his asshole. “Don’t forget to clean my sweaty manhole, slut,” he said with smile. I dug in with my tongue, my little cock hard against daddy’s leg.

He pulled me up and kissed my lips. “We’re going to have a lot of fun, Lauren.”

I leaned my head against his hairy chest and sighed. “Yes, daddy. I know we will.”

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