Basketball With A Prick Pt. 02


The following day I woke up early and felt conflicted. I was 20 and needed to find a job and get a girlfriend. But I loved Rick’s cock. My ass was sore but in a good way, and I wanted more. I also knew any more of that sweet cock from Rick and I may be addicted. I decided to talk with Rick and just be friends. No more cock. No more cock. Fuck I wanted it.

I ate my bowl of cereal and thought about nothing but cock. Rick’s cock. In my ass. Thankfully he had he invited me over when Scott would be there. As much as Rick’s cock was on my mind, I knew nothing would happen with Scott there. Scott was with Beth, the hottest little blonde. Beth was a lifeguard at the centre. An 18 year old 5″0 smokeshow with a tight little ass and perfecf C tits. For 15 seconds I hadnt thought about Rick’s cock.

Scott, I decided, would be my saviour. I would stay close to him and avoid being alone with Rick. If I could get through one day I could rid this cock lust from my brain. I decided to head to the rec center for a quick run. As I grabbed my running shorts I remembered how short they were and wondered if Rick would like them. Fuck, one day – no cock. I repeated it in my head as I drove to the center.

I walked in and Tori was working behind the counter. I stood still for a few minutes and watched her. No longer was I looking at her with desire, but it was now jealousy. Jealous that she was with Rick. Jealous that she had access to the beautiful huge cock. I felt my little clit getting hard and tried to shake the thoughts from my head. I approached the desk expecting her to ignore me as usual but instead she smiled.

“Good morning Chrissy, surprised to see you here,” she said with a knowing look. I wondered just how much she knew. And why she was calling me Chrissy.

“Surprised? Just in for a quick run.”

“Oh I thought you were hanging out with Rick and Scott today. Sounds like they have a fun day planned,” she said with a devilish smirk.

“Yeah I might head over later, just gonna get a run it.” I walked away as I could feel my face turning red. I felt a bit relieved as I thought about her words. A fun day meant some form of activity, which would likely keep the three of us busy. Perfect way to stay away from that big delicious cock. So hard. So wet. Filling my ass. Yummy cum. FUCK. I shook my head and walked to the change room.

I went in the change room to put on my shorts and realized I had made a mistake. In my haste to get out of the house and shake the big cock thoughts in my head, I had forgotten to bring a change of underwear. I didn’t know whether to run in my shorts and underwear and wear just my pants to Rick’s, or to run without underwear. I came to the conclusion that seeing Rick would probably send my little cock clitty into full mass so I decided underwear might help hide it. If Rick knew he was turning me on he might have another trick up his sleeve to get some of my tight ass. I reached back and rubbed my ass where his big balls had slapped it. Fuck his big balls were sexy. I didn’t see anybody else in the room… hmm.. I reached into my pants and started tapping my asshole Yakacık escort with my finger. Fuck. A noise from the shower startled me and I quickly removed my hand.

I stripped out of my pants and underwear and put on my running shorts. My blue New Balance shorts were low cut and would have been risky if not for my small package. Although I had no muscle mass in my arms, I liked to run with in sleeveless shirts, way less hot. I had left my Ipod on the table at home so no music. Idiot I thought to myself as I knew the cock thoughts weren’t going anywhere.

I jumped on a treadmill and was only jogging for 15 minutes when I saw Tori approaching. I was a bit embarrassed as I felt pretty sweaty but decided there was nothing I could really do. My sleeveless shirt displayed my girly arms and I felt tiny.

“Hey Chrissy, nice shorts, how’s the run?”

“Feeling good, just getting into it.” I said as I slowed the treadmill so I could talk with her.

“I just talked with Rick and he wants you over now. He said something about a tee time and not wanting to be late.”

“Yes,” I exclaimed. A tee time meant hours of golfing. In a public place. With people around. My chances of being alone with that beautiful cock seemed to be fading. Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard.

“A little excited?” asked Tori.

“Oh.. ah.. I just like golf.”

“Well have fun golfing.” There was something about the way she replied. Maybe she hated golf.

“Ok, tell him I’ll just shower and be right over.”

Tori laughed, “Don’t shower silly, you’ll be late. You can probably just shower at our place if there’s time. Just get there quickly.”

I jumped off the treadmill and grabbed my bag out of the change room. I decided not to put my underwear on as I was sweaty and would change after showering at Rick’s.

With some pep in my step I walked to my car, almost jogging. I got in and quickly drove toward Rick’s house. A million thoughts were running through my mind but the one I kept thinking about was Tori not mentioning Scott. Maybe he wasn’t there yet? Maybe I should try to postpone until I knew Scott would be there.

As I pulled up to Rick’s, all my worries were eased. I recognized Scott’s truck in the driveway. I guess it’d be a day of golf, phew, no stress about cock. That big cock. I wondered what it would feel like erupting in my ass. For some reason, I felt disappointed. Not only was I disappointed, but so was my asshole. I could feel it almost frowning. One day. Just get through one day.

I walked up to the door and knocked. Rick answered and opened the door. I figured he must have been getting ready for golf because he was only wearing a robe. The robe was tied and I wondered if his luscious cock was just a string pull away.

“Hey Chrissy, come on in. Scott’s just in the livingroom.” Rick smiled as he held the door and I walked past.

“I love these booty shorts,” said Rick as he gave me a light smack on my ass. I could feel my face turning red and my heart began to race. Just get to Scott I figured.

I walked into the livingroom hoping to find Scott ready Atalar escort bayan for golf.

Instead, Scott was sitting on the couch. Naked. My jaw nearly hit the floor.

As surprised as I was to see him naked, what was really jaw dropping was Scott’s cock. It was a monster. He sat there stroking his hard 10″ inch thick cock. The big mushroom cap was a deep purple as it begged for attention, for relief. A thick vein ran from the tip down the shaft like an arrow to his balls. His hairy balls were like softballs and had a perfect shape to them. Scott looked at me as I stared and he kept slowly stroking.

My little cock clit was rock hard. My mouth was salivating.

I walked towards Scott and no force in this world could have stopped me.

“Hi Scott,” I said in a high pitch squeal as I kneeled between his legs.

Stroking, up and down, big cock, so sexy.

I leaned in and Scott grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into his balls. They smelled manly and I licked away at them. Fuck they were impressive. I stuck my tongue out as Scott gripped his sac and rubbed them all over my face. Scott then pushed my head away and leaned back, lifting his ass of the couch. His asshole was exposed and he looked at me. He didn’t have to say a word, I knew just what he wanted.

I began licking his asshole and fucking his hole with my tongue. His moans were loud and encouraged me to go faster. I wanted so badly to please him.

“Fuck your ass is so good,” I said as I ate his hole.

“Shut up you fucking slut,” Scott replied. Hearing him call me a slut almost made me cum in my shorts.

I heard footsteps and used my peripheral to see Rick walking up behind me. He was naked and his impressive cock was hard and pulsing. Rick bent door and ripped my shorts in the centre, exposing my asshole.

“Is Chrissy ready to get fucked?” he asked.

I nodded as I continued to lick Scott’s ass.

“Say it. Tell daddy what you want.” Rick said as he rubbed his mushroom cap around my hole.

“Please daddy, fuck my boy pussy. Fill it with your cum daddy.”

Rick spit on my hole. Between the spit, sweat, his precum and my excitement, my hole was ready. Rick pushed and pushed until his big head finally broke into my hole. Fuck it felt great. Rick held still and I began sliding back and forth on his cock.

Smack. Slap. Smack. Slap. His balls were banging against my ass as he fucked me deep.

Scott stood up and fed me his cock. Just an hour earlier I was confident I’d be cock free for the day and now here I was getting spit roasted by two huge cocks.

Glug, glurp, glug, glug. Scott fucked my mouth. He took his cock out and lines of spit and saliva hung from his cock. I eagerly slurped it up and licked the puddle of precum from the tip before taking his cock back in my throat.

“My turn.” Scott picked me up and placed both his arms under my legs. He lifted me off the ground and I reached down and aimed his cock at my ass. Scott brought me up and down and up and down and up ipand down. My legs dangled in the air as this magnificent cock filled my ass. Escort Kadıköy Thwack, thwack, thwack. His balls bounced off my ass.

Rick brought over a chair and stood on it beside Scott fucking me. He grabbed his big cock and began tapping my nipples with his huge head. My nipples were so fucking hard and his cock tapping felt so fucking good.

“Fuck daddy smack my nipples with that big cock.”

“Yeah baby I knew you’d like that.”

Hearing him call me baby sent me over the edge and I exploded in my shorts.

Rick noticed the cum settling into my shorts and reached down and ripped the front off. Rick held my shorts up and I saw the huge pile of white cream in the shorts. I began lapping away at the shorts, licking all the cum from them.

Rick tossed the shorts and pulled me from Scott.

“I’m so close let me fill this ass with cum.” Rick lifted my legs and placed them over gis shoulders. His cock slid in and he began fucking me fast and hard.

“You want daddy’s cum in your ass?”

“Yes daddy please. Fill my boy pussy with your cum. I’ll be your fuck toy whenever you want just please fill my pussy.”

Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Grrrrruuunnnnnntttt. Rick’s pace increased and I knew he was close. Scott stood next to him waiting for sloppy seconds.

“Fuck baby you’re so tight. Here comes daddy’s cum.” Rick grunted and I felt his cock explode. Pump – pump – pump – pump. His cum splashed my insides. It was so warm and gooey and heavenly. At that moment, I had never felt anything so fucking good. My cock pulsed and I came again.

Rick slowly pulled out and Scott took his place.

“Be a good girl and make our friend Scotty cum. Will you do that baby?” At that moment I woyld have done anything for Rick.

“Yes daddy. I want all your friends to fuck my boy pussy.”

“Fuck this whore’s ass is so tight,” said Scott as he hammered away.

I wanted to make him happy so I reached down and began scooping up my cum and licking it off my fingers.

“Your cock is sooooo good Scott. I wonder what your cum tastes like?” I asked as I licked my cum from my fingers.

Scott pumped a few more times and pulled out. He jumped up on the couch and stroked his cock – erupting all over my face and body. I leaned forward and licked his cock clean. Fuck was it tasty. His cum and my ass was the most delicious combo.

Rick walked over and used his cock to wipe the cum from my face and body and feed it to me. I slurped it up happily as I was thrilled to have pleased both men.

Afterwards, I got my clothes from my bag and got dressed. I wasn’t sure what the rest of the day was to hold.

Rick tossed his robe back on. I watched as his beautiful cock disappeared and wondered when, not if, I’d see it again.

“Thanks Chrissy. Scott and I are gonna hit the links so we gotta take off.”

“Oh no problem. Seroously. Anytime.” I didn’t mean to sound like a slut but in truth I was. I knew he could call me whenever he wanted and I would satisfy whatever desire he had.

I went to walk out and Rick held the door open.

“Hey, Tori’s off tomorrow and she makes great pancakes. Why don’t you come over for breakfast.”

“See you bright and early,” I replied. Rick swatted my ass as I exited.

Breakfast with Tori. What did Rick have planned now?

I knew one thing,my cock free life wasn’t starting tomorrow.

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