Dornoch Castle


My best friend and I went to

Dornoch Castle

what a farce it turned out to be.

We had been up since five in the morning last night was also a late night 23rd birthday celebration in the pub for William (Will) Clegg, although that wasn’t his actual birthday it was a week before on the 1st April. My 23rd birthday wasn’t for another two months.

We were now traveling north on a bus from Glasgow to Inverness, Will who is my lifelong friend was asleep with his head on the bus window as we trundled up the A9 passing Perth. I started to think how we ended up being Ushers at his uncle’s wedding.

It all started three weeks earlier when Will’s Uncle Alexander who Will looks like, both being tall, dark haired and having muscular builds, gave us a free five day holiday. A client had asked him to evaluate his hotel business in Barcelona after he arranged its refinancing; a freebie.

Alexander was 52 a part time University lecturer in Business Management working on his doctorate, an astute investor in partnership with Cyrus Strombact 52 who was a wealthy Ukrainian businessman. Who wasn’t what you would call the stereotype gruff Ukrainian, the very opposite lightly built, soft politely spoken, you would never pick him out of a crowd.

What they had in common was they were both astute businessmen and well respected by their many financial investors who queued up to invest their money in their projects, some who’s pedigree was questionable, and that they were both gay and lived openly together.

When we arrived at the hotel in Barcelona three weeks ago we were shown to a very plush ground floor suite with a private exit onto the hotel patio and pool area. But, we were to share and it only had one double bed which couldn’t be split. Neither of us wanted to make an issue or draw attention to it so said nothing.

We hadn’t worked out what we would do for sleeping arrangements, but the sun was up it was hot unlike back home where it was raining and cold when we left. We donned shorts, trainers and shoulder bags, the beach and its promenade was just down the road.

First priority was to get a beer and explore, we walked along enjoying the sun on our bare backs, the beach was crowded so we kept walking towards a quieter beach we could see further round the bay. As we approached the quiet beach a picture sign warned this was a naturalist beach, Will was excited about the prospect of going naked I was not entheaustic, but ok about it.

We had done that before on a mini back packing holiday in the South of France, we stripped off, shorts stuffed into our bags with only trainers on we walked along the sand passing a few naked bathers and sun worshipers. A beach volley ball game was being played ahead of us so we walked towards it, two young guys a bit older than us were playing. On seeing us they invited us to join them in their game, which we did and got absolutely tanked. They were Dutch called Henk and Eric.

Game over and out as we stood there vocally sharing the highlights of the game, we were joined by their three naturalist friends who had been watching and photographing us from a distance as we played. I was a bit uncomfortable about the photographing but it was a public beach, we ended up with a group photograph and with each other which was copied to all our phones.

Henk invited Will and I to joint their group tonight at a night club called ‘Night Barcelona’ never heard of it but was near the University, we accepted. We all dressed before heading back along the promenade to our respective hotels.

Back at our hotel, red skinned all over we met the owners who invited us to join them at a complimentary inaugural hotel barbecue tomorrow night and we could invite guests. Will suggested our five new Dutch friends which was acceptable.

After a meal we headed into town and found the night club which double checked our age a Spanish thing.

It was a bit boisterous but not overly so, as we walked in Henk and Eric were standing near the door, with large 2 pint steins of Spanish beers in hand waiting on us. Not to be left out we purchased steins of Spanish beer too, we all sat around a large table talking, after two or three of these large beers we were all very relaxed and talkative.

The subject of our naked beach volley ball game came up, Eric said he had a copy of a video of it from Utube and I looked really great in it “did I want to see it?” What could I say but “yes” before I knew what was happening Eric had taken it over to the bar and bluetoothed it’s link to the large multi-screen television above the bar.

There I was, naked, wearing only bright red trainers which looked like fiery beacons on my feet as I cavorting about, as I jumped up to give a high drop shot it slowed down. Their I was on screen in slow motion as I cannoned the ball down into the sand with the club punters cheering on my antics.

It was then that I noticed that they were mainly guys, generally a bit older than Will and Escort Pendik I, in the bar dressed in colourful tight fitting shorts and cropped tops; it was a gay bar, Will’s reassurance to me was.

“Don’t worry about it nobody will remember your face only your erotic antics and swinging bits.”

Henk added; “Eric pulled that down from Utube today after we got back to our hotel, don’t know who posted it but I will get him to send you the link for it”.

The bar replayed it every half hour or so to the boisterous encouragement of the clubbers. I pinged the link so far 2.3k views.

We had a few more beers somewhere in-between my memories vanished until the next morning when I woke with a thumping head, palpitating stomach and a painful thirst in bed naked with Will warmly curled up behind me with his arm round my waist. I was asking myself.

“What the fuck! happened last night.”

With difficulty I separated myself from Will’s hot grasp and headed unsteadily into the bathroom before any mishaps happened, I reverted to having a warm shower after about twenty minutes I dried myself off, still fragile but recovering. I walked out with a damp towel wrapped around me, Will was now wide awake lying naked on the bed, he look at me and said all knowingly.

“You are a dark horse I never thought you were that way inclined. If only I had known!”

I retorted “known what? Ok what am I supposed to have done”.

His reassuring reply was.

“Look at your phone, I filmed it for you.”

My head was still pulsating as I looked at my phone, battery dead. Had to rummage through my suitcase to find my charger and plugged it in. Will had now disappeared into the shower, if silent thoughts could kill he would be in deep shit. Fifteen minutes passed before he came out of the shower just as I finished watching what was on my phone. All I could say was.

“Why did you let me do that?”

“We tried to stop you, but you wanted to do it.”

We spent the rest of the day on the hotel patio or in the pool. By the time the barbeque started and Eric, Henk and friends had arrived we had fully recovered. Henk came over to me when I was alone and said.

“You are a dark horse, I am gay and I would never have had the courage to do that in front of so many alcohol infused gay men.”

I drank very little that night I think Will drank for the two of us. It was after two in the morning and the ‘cloggies’ accepting the invitation of the hotel owners to doss down wherever they could. The following morning when I awoke there were four in our crowded bed all naked and hugging each other.

Their three other friends had bunked in with other hotel guests. Say no more as it was an exclusive gay hotel, part of Alexander’s and Cyrus’s restructuring and refinancing plan.

After a complimentary breakfast for a memorable reopening barbeque, Henk and Eric headed back to their hotel, their friends found new friends and hadn’t left by time Will and I headed down to the beach. This time we went to the crowded beach, every time someone looked in my direction I thought ‘did they recognise me from the Utube video’. I eventually looked at the video 6.4k views in less than 24 hours.

As we sat on the beach sunning ourselves a message came in on Will’s phone from his Uncle Alexander telling us that he and Cyrus were going to get married for EU work permit and tax purposes and he would like some of his family to attend. Will’s mother and father had declined as they did not approve of gays or gay weddings.

He then invited us to their wedding which would be in a castle outside Dornoch in a couple of weeks’ time, would we both be willing to attend and be Ushers for them. As it would be a big affair in formal Highland dress which he would arrange.

As both Alexander and Cyrus had been very good to us in the past giving us over-paid summer jobs during our university summer breaks, all we could say was “yes.” We had already worn kilts in the Scouts and had walked and camped the West Highland Way wearing only a kilt, boots and socks so no issues.

Looking back, these jobs were made up jobs for us, two summers ago I drove Cyrus and Alexander when they were up in Scotland wheeling and dealing. They were investing in pubs, night clubs and saunas. I think some may have been gay establishments as they sometimes left me sitting in their rented limo for several hours at a time when they went into meetings. At £20 an hour for a 60 hour week I had no issues with sitting in a limo listing to music or reading a book and it gave me enough money for a mini back packing holiday with Will in France.

Will went down to Manchester to work in one of his pubs or clubs, I only went down one weekend to see him, so I didn’t know much about the pubs and clubs he worked in. He also put Will up in a small shared staff apartment and from what Will said he was also earning over the odds, that’s what families do.

We received a group message from Henk asking if we would like to join them at a Molly Club, Beykoz escort saying it was a Spartans and Goddesses fancy dress night. We hadn’t a clue what it was but said yes. That night we were in for an eye opener, when we arrived the guys were to dress as soldiers of Sparta with swords and short white skirt uniforms, girls in short white toga type dresses, no bras or pants all very sexy and evocative.

Turned out it was a swinger’s party night the goddesses, who were all older than me and Will, outnumbered us Spartans and were allowed to select who they wanted to be with or have.

I was the first of our group to be selected she had long blond hair, about five foot tall and light build, maybe German, came over grabbed my hand and said ‘come!’ before I could say anything I was being led, dragged away into a cabin.

Curtains shut she dropped her dress, was naked, undid my sword and belt dropped them and slid off my outfit which had quick release tags. Before I could say anything she was rubbing up against me, after that rules of lust took over, I don’t know who was banging who, I could feel she had an orgasm but I wasn’t quite there and kept going then we climaxed together. By now she was quite noisy in appreciation.

Then she said “danka” pulled on her dress and left.

As I stood there naked someone maybe forty plus came in, without introduction dropped her dress and came up against me and started to body rub and kiss me. My tank was still refueling and I was stalling for time so kept up the foreplay, my back was now against a wall when her hand went down and I arose to the occasion. Not as dynamic as before, just as well, she climaxed twice before I could. This time in a strong Scouse accent before leaving said.

“Ta sonny best fuck all day.”

I didn’t hesitate got dressed and discreetly left, went around the cabin into the lounge area to find Eric sitting there, sweating, with his broken sword lying at his feet. A barman came over with complimentary two bottles of beers, smiled and left saying Thursday nights are like that, turned round left a jar of peanuts on the table as he walked away said you will need the protein it’s a busy night.

We drank our beers slowly watching, resting and then there was Will being led or dragged by the hand by a six foot forty something broad shouldered Amazon Goddess into a cabin. Eric said.

“That’s their third time tonight the boy’s got a lot of stamina.”

Our moment of complacency was short lived when a matching set of Asian Goddesses about my age came over to us and said in a very mock oriental accent.

“White men like fucky, fucky” turned out they were from the east end of London.

Eric went to one cabin I went into the adjacent one, as I stood there she dropped her dress, I froze in fear all I could see was a Twink with a hard cock looking straight up at me. Before I could react he was on his knees had his head up my Spartan skirt and started to give me a blow job.

I never had a blow job before and stood there like a tailors dummy with my hands on my skirt draped over his head with a hard-on of epic proportions getting harder as his teeth ratcheted up and down my shaft, I became harder and harder, then I could feel I was starting to cum and couldn’t hold it back. I blasted him, and I could see a large wet mark forming from blowback on my skirt. With his muffled east end accent I could hear him saying ‘tasty’.

A head appeared from under my skirt looked up saying.

“Although it’s not really my thing do you want to bang me?”

Breathlessly I replied “no it’s not my thing either.”

He dressed and left, Eric was still in the next cabin from the noise I think he accepted the

‘do you want to bang me option.”

I left and discreetly returned to the table with our beers still on it, I ordered two more beers, not complimentary this time €10 each. But well worth it the barman left two jars of peanuts this time.

Eric came out, he didn’t look very steady on his feet, took the beer and a handful of nuts and sat down and looked at me. I pointed out to him that he had his skirt opening back to front, he smiled at me and said “no I just turned it round”.

We sat there watching the coming and goings, Will came out of the cabin then turned around and went back in. Eric looked at me, smiled and said.

“I think he will need to take a taxi home tonight.”

As we sat there two Goddesses came over to our table wearing unwrinkled or stained dresses, after a few hours you notice these things, they were mid to late twenties, English, both alcohol enthused and impaired slurring their words. The taller of the two said.

“We are Lesbians and never had sex with a guy before, can you fuck us stupid?”

Eric and I stood up together with Eric offering.

“Ja, Ja we can, can.”

We headed to the cabin’s, the shorter of the two came with me into a cabin, this time I stripped off without help or encouragement and helped whatever her name was to undress.

This time Cevizli escort bayan I let her lean against the wall as we warmed up gently kissing, tongue wrestling and prodding. Before long I could feel she was wet and ready we started, for someone who had never been with a guy before was very athletic, we rotated round taking turns on the wall. It was a marathon, then again it was a Greek themed night.

Just as we were about to unload she put her arms round my neck and while we were still fully engaged swung her legs up and around me onto the wall, I collapsed back onto the wall until she climaxed, then I did. We stood awkwardly defying gravity until its warmth slowly drained off. Disengaging was less athletic more gravity assisted, we stood there holding each other until we felt confident we could each stand unassisted.

We dressed and left she kept my sword as a trophy, which I had to pay €20 for. We all met up at the table for one last beer, the cloggies were going home tomorrow. Will was unsteady on his feet but he wouldn’t tell us if it was alcohol or exhaustion induced. We all got changed back into our outdoor clothes, settled our bills and taxied back to our hotels.

The following morning Will and I woke up naked in bed together, we were now used to this, as we lay on our backs looking up at the ceiling I asked Will how was it with the Amazon Goddess.

“She was a ‘he!’ and we fucked each other five times. How was your Twink Goddess?”

“You knew and didn’t warn me! He gave me my first blow job; ok I liked it.”

He laughed at my painful revelation and said.

“You want a second blow job?”

Before I could answer he clambered over my legs leaned down and started to bring me back to life, honestly the blond Twink with his ratcheting teeth was much better but I was still enjoying it then I popped off over the both of us.

Will rolled off and lay there with a hard-on, no way was I giving him a blow job so I gave him a hand job until he popped.

We went into the bathroom to clean up but ended up sharing a bath together which we had done before, only getting caught once, in Cyrus’s penthouse apartment. No drama no nothing he just left us to it saying “whenever you’re finished your breakfast is ready.” The preceding night we had shared a double bed rather than one of us sleep on the couch. I think since then Alexander and Cyrus thought that we were both gay and banging each other.

It was about ten when we went out onto the patio wearing only speedos to a help yourself late breakfast, we sat alone at the end of a long table. Two other late arrivals John and Alan came out of the kitchen area with their breakfast on a tray asking if they could join us.

Each had one of those birthday cup cakes with a single candle, explaining that it was their seventieth birthday today and that they had met forty years ago today at a bowling club and now live together.

Will asked. “Are you both gay?” John’s answer was.

“No we are not we just live together for company, sometimes we visit sex clubs like the Molly Club you visited yesterday or a bowling club, which are not as innocent as you may think, or gay sauna’s which are much more interesting than straight sauna’s. We have also been known to have a bit of fun together too, but no, we are not gay.

We are what are called in gay circles, ‘Nomads’ we go anywhere we want to, do what we want to whenever we want to, we are neither straight nor gay or any shades in-between. What about you Steven and you Will are either of you gay or is just one of you straight? You know inclusiveness is quite common these days much more open than when we were your age.”

Will replied; “I am the gayer one but Steven and I have had our moments together, he had his first blow job last night and his second from me this morning. Before that all we ever had since our university days was to give each other hand jobs.”

Alan kicked in “since it’s our birthdays today how about you boys let us give you a blow job.”

Will looked at me, what could I say we walked straight into it so I just smiled, Will replied.

“Ok let’s do that.”

Will went with John to our room and I followed Alan to their room, by the time we got there I had a visible bulge in my speedo’s. I stood like a tailor’s dummy with my butt resting on the back of a big arm chair as Alan reached over and slid my speedos slowly down.

He knelt down and started to give me my third blow job in less than 24 hours, gently ever so gently, it wasn’t long before I started to react and respond to his overtures. I had my hands on his white hair my fingers touching a bald patch, I was so engrossed looking down at him that I involuntary climaxed. He looked up at me and said “ever been fisted son.”

I had no idea what that was and said “no.”

He had me turn round and put my hands on the back of the arm chair, I could feel him rub something on and in my butt, then I felt his long fingers ease-in, it was uncomfortable. He said “relax I am almost there” then it eased, it was the strangest and most exhilarating erotic experience I ever had, I was deep breathing as he massaged me, I starting to cum-up. He kept up the massaging by now I was starting to fatigue with the start of a climax, then, out it came in squirts.

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