I Seduced Her Then Her Husband


This story is a follow up to “Just a pregnant pause”, after an erotic coupling with a younger pregnant coworker, I seduced her husband. After the trip with Ally I knew intimate secrets about her sex life with her husband. I knew Ally and I would probably never have sex again, but I also knew her very straight, rather conventional hunky husband had only the pleasure of mr. hand for a few months.

I knew I wanted him as much as I wanted her and began a plan. An office party was coming up and that would be my opportunity. Ally had not delivered yet so I knew they hadn’t had sex in months. When I arrived I made the rounds and said my hellos. I brought a date but she was a lesbian friend I knew from a bar. I knew she’d find someone to hookup with and take home. What was in it for me taking her was that she would flirt with Michael for awhile to get him all hot and bothered to set him up for me.

I knew he wouldn’t cheat on Ally with another woman but most men love the flirtatious attention. I introduced Jane to Michael and Ally and while i pulled Ally aside for a quick work chat Jane and Michael headed to the bar to get us drinks. Jane grabbed Michael’s arm and led him away. I peered out of the corner of my eye and she was clinging to him like a cheap suit her ample breasts pressed against him waiting for the drinks. On the way back I saw her pinch his ass. The four of us sat at a table to chat and as I tried to distract Ally, Jane rubbed her leg up against Michael. After about fifteen minutes of this we parted to mingle, but before we did I whispered to Michael about what a hot piece of ass Jane was and something crude about getting some tonight. He blushed three shades Erenköy escort of red as we went in different directions.

Later that evening we met again and jane resumed her flirting with Michael who by that time was very drunk. Ally started to get pissed but I told her it was just Jane’s demeanor and that she was actually lesbian. She looked questioningly at me when I pointed out Jane across the room clinging to one the secretaries kissing. Ally laughed and said something to the fact about Micheal getting what he deserved and having to take care of it himself.

About this time I saw him headed off to the men’s room. I excused myself and followed him in. I walked to the urinal beside him and began a conversation when I noticed him fumbling with his zipper. He was so damn drunk that he couldn’t get his zipper down. At that point I walked over to the door and locked it. He looked at me quizzically when I returned mentioning that it looked like he needed help. I reached over and began unzipping him while he stared blankly at me. After I unzipped him he just stood there still staring at me. I told him to go ahead and piss before he wetted himself. He was frozen so i pulled it out for him. Still staring blankly him began to piss. while I held his cock which was beginning to harden. He was big and thick. I started to shake his cock to finish his piss then slowly started stroking him hard. He didn’t know what to do or say he just looked at me dumbly. Slowly he got harder and started to tense up. I bent down took him in my mouth and started sucking his beautiful piece of meat. After just a minute or two he blasted a big load down my throat. I cleaned him içerenköy escort bayan off, put him away and walked out.

It took him a minute or two to come out of the bathroom. When he did he looked dazed and confused. He found Ally and she seemed rather upset about something. She walked over towards me and told me she was angry Michael got so drunk and that he was babbling incoherently. She said that she was going to take a cab to her sister’s house for the night and wondered if I’d give Michael a ride home? I smiled and nodded.

A few minutes later I had him in my car. I told him I needed to stop by my place first for a minute before getting him home. I helped him into my apartment and told him I’d be back in a minute. When I got back he was lying on the couch babbling about no sex and what’s a man suppose to do. I reached down placed my hand on his crotch and started to rub him hard. Again he looked confused like earlier in the night as i pulled out his cock and started stroking him. i had him right where i wanted him and wasn’t letting this opportunity escape. I bent over and started kissing him. He slowly responded. I pulled him up and towards my bedroom. I threw him on the bed and started undressing him. I told him that he should relax and enjoy that it wasn’t cheating on Ally if it was another man.

I knew he was sobering up a bit and had to close the deal. Once we were both naked I slid up to kiss him our hard cocks grinding against each other. I started working my way down biting his nipples as I did his cock jumped.

I started to give him a blowjob, gagging on his huge cock. Slowly he started thrusting into my mouth. Escort Tuzla I knew I had him. I reached over to the night stand grabbed some lube applying it to his cock and my hole. Slowly i mounted him and slid him inside as I started to ride him he began to thrust upwards.

After about five minutes or so I asked him if he was enjoying it. He just nodded. I told him that if he really wanted to cum that he was going to have to take control and fuck me so it wasn’t me just taking advantage of him. I dismounted him, lay beside him stroking him and sucking his nipples until he made up his mind.

Finally he flipped me on my back. I lifted my legs up over his shoulders as he re-entered me and began fucking me. I love looking in a man’s eyes as he fucks me. He began to pick up the pace grunting and sweating all over me. I told him to bend down and kiss me, which he did. I squeezed his cock with my ass as he began slamming into me harder and harder finally growling and shooting a big load inside me.

I knew like most straight men he would probably immediately begin experiencing regret, so as he lay back down I lowered my mouth suckling and cleaning him. I then started to lightly caress his whole body while talking to him about how this would relieve the sexual tension between him and Ally until she delivered and how it was good for their relationship. Michael fucked me three more times that night and very passionately the last time. In the morning I took him home and we talked it out reassuring him he was very straight. We continued fucking until she delivered. Guilt did get to him so we talked to Ally together. Amazingly, she was ok with it. She became pregnant two more times and each time Michael and I became lovers for eight or so months. Ally and I never had sex again but I felt Michael’s beautiful cock in me too many times to count. He became a great lover and gave me many orgasms and I loved knowing he always left his cum inside me!

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