Involuntary Pleasure


Hi all, it’s been a long time. I shouldn’t even talk as though I’d been around that long, because I haven’t really written that many stories. But! I’m going to do it anyway, so bear with me. I’ve got a new story for you that is a continuation of the Alison stories, although this one is slightly (but not that much) different in terms of context. I hope you all enjoy, and as always, post some comments so that my stories get better! It’s all to your own benefit 😉

Also, I’m thinking of including more story along with the sex. Let me know what you think.


Alison was sitting in class, trying to pay attention to the calculus that Mr. Gorden was meticulously laying out for his students at the chalkboard. The x’s and y’s swirled against each other, dancing around the equal sign like a pair of lovers crossing paths each time he made them unite, or come apart, or double and triple. Algebraic equations twisted and touched as the chalk in his hand swirled in elaborate writing, the numbers and expressions falling on top of one another until it was almost an unrecognizable blur. At the very end, the equations always ended with y at the left, and x at the right, separated by the divide that seemed so innocuous at the beginning of each mathematical lesson.

To some, this may have been poetic, but to all of this, Alison was oblivious. She tried to concentrate, she really did. But her mind was elsewhere, her head propped against her hand. Her heart beat in her chest as she tried to forget what had happened earlier in the day, even as her body responded in the exact opposite way which only made her feel even more guilty, ashamed. She clenched her thighs together, her lovely legs crossed under her desk, her panties nowhere near their owner. They were a prize, kept by the girl that had stolen them.

The worst part was that she didn’t even know who it was. Each time she thought about her nudity, in such a public place, when all it took was for someone to peak under her desk to see that she had no underwear on underneath her white skirt, she felt a surge of panic course through her body. Ever so slightly, she trembled at the thought, from both fear and excitement and her own vulnerability. The only reason she stayed in class was so that she wouldn’t look suspicious, but all she could think about was the wetness of her skirt. It wouldn’t take much for someone to notice the damp patch of fabric just under her butt. If only she hadn’t worn white today, or a skirt. She covered her pretty face with a layer of brown hair, hiding from the world behind the curtain. She almost felt safe.

And what would Katie think when she found out? She had betrayed her girlfriend in a moment of weakness. The fact that she enjoyed it tore at her chest. And her body betrayed her once more as she squeezed her thighs again involuntarily, savouring the sensations. The way those hands caressed and massaged her, in every place, including her most private ones. She was afraid of looking around the classroom, for fear of being discovered by the mystery girl, or discovering her for herself. Did she watch Alison as she sat in this very classroom? She didn’t know. Futilely, she tried to focus on the calculus.


Alison had gotten up at the usual pre-dawn hour whenever there was a practice. She’d been on the swim team for a number of years now, and had never missed practice once. The only time she’d come close was during that week of sickness just after she and Katie had become… very good friends. Alison still couldn’t quite bring herself to defining her relationship with Katie just yet, even though they had been going out for over a month now. Alison shook her head and started dressing, reprimanding herself gently for dawdling. She would never make it on time if she kept on daydreaming like that.

With her arms loaded with her schoolbag and her changes of clothes, she hustled out of her house before her mind wandered again. It was a cool morning, the sun not up yet in the dark hours of dawn. Her breathe frosted on the windshield of her car as she pulled it out of her driveway and made her way towards school. Alison only had to restart her car once this morning, as the engine put-putted gingerly to a stop in the middle of the road. She kept meaning to get it looked at, but never seemed to have time to take it to the mechanic now that her spare time had been cut down even more with her blossoming relationship.

She Escort Ataşehir met up with the rest of her teammates at the pool just outside the athletics centre at 6 am sharp. It’d been quick practices all month and today was no exception, as they were not in competition season just yet. It was a bonus that only herself and two other showed up today, which made it that much shorter. Coach Mackenzie had given them a short regiment to follow, and it ended quickly with a race between her fellow teammates.

Although Alison had been on the swim team for a number of years, it was only recently that she’d taken a keener interest in her fellow teammates. She’d never really fit in with the rest of the crew, even though they didn’t seem to have anything against her. Jackie was the captain of the team, and easily the fastest and strongest. Her long limbs and powerful legs propelled her like a rocket down the lanes. She wasn’t a butch girl, even though all the boys at her school were of that opinion. Jackie usually wore clothes befitting a “female jock”, baggy shirt, baggy pants, baggy everything. Her dark hair was tied back into a short pony tail today, which accentuated her high cheekbones and elegant facial structure. Alison thought that the boys didn’t know what they were missing, as her eyes appraised the well-toned muscles and buttocks that had just come out of the water. Alison’s new-found appreciation for the feminine form approved very much of what Jackie had on display.

Ida was a different story. Short and diminutive, she was the opposite of Jackie. Although she didn’t have the same raw strength as her counterpart, she had the speed and agility to even out the odds. At short distance stretches, no one was a match. Alison always wondered how Ida managed to go so fast with such small hands and feet flashing in and out of the water, churning the water white. She was especially in awe of Ida’s cute, perpetually pink finger and toenails, which matched very nicely with the short sandy-blonde hair that framed her face. Everything was so cute about Ida, she looked like a pretty blonde pixie whenever she came splashing out of the water.

Alison hopped out of the water, her arms shaking from the exertion as she pulled herself out. Both Jackie and Ida were already out and towelling off. She might have felt embarrassed any other time at being last, but all she could think about was the expressions on her teammates’ faces that she caught for a split second. Their eyes had glowed with a ravenous appetite, and had she been more observant prior to her experiences with Katie, Alison might have noticed that this wasn’t the first time. Both of them looked away quickly as she came over to get her own towel and when she got closer, their faces were carefully neutral. Maybe I was just imagining things, Alison thought. As they walked away to the showers, she glimpsed Ida’s cute little bottom and Jackie’s long legs out of the corner of her eyes. She only caught Ida turning back once, and as they made eye contact, she thought she saw a wink.

When she got into the showers herself, she saw that they’d both left. Alison was a bit disappointed since the showers in the girls’ locker room were old fashioned, open ones with a line of shower heads overtop an enclosed area. Nudity was a necessity there, and she liked to watch the other girls rinse themselves off and think about how their hands would feel on her own body. Then she’d think about Katie, and usually they managed to sneak away in the afternoon on a break to satisfy her needs. Today would only be a quick shower alone, but perhaps, Alison thought eagerly, the afternoon parts could still be there.

Alison finished up, went to her bag and pulled out her attire today. She brought a little white skirt today, and a pair of matching white panties to go along with it. Katie always complimented her on the skirt, and she didn’t want to disappoint her. With it, she had a dark blue tank top that showed off what she thought were her small, but shapely, breasts with a white bra. All of it would inevitably get torn off her body, but that was the effect that she was seeking, so it was fine by her. As long as she didn’t lose any more underwear, which could become troublesome since that’s happened multiple times in the past month. She wasn’t sure if Katie had been stealing it, or maybe she was just forgetful. Probably a combination Ümraniye escort of both. Her mother might start wondering why she was going through her panties so fast. Oh the boys, not the boys and her princess!

As Alison fantasized about later today, she realized that the locker room was completely devoid of people. Coach Mackenzie normally peeked into the locker room to check on the girls before she went off for the day, but it seemed like there was no one here. She listened to the tick-tick of the water coming of the shower heads, and the occasional rushing of the water pipes in the walls. The fluorescent lights in the wall cast a flickering glow against the pitch black of the sky outside. Now that she thought about it, it was actually a bit creepy being here alone by herself, and she hastened to put her clothes on. She noticed the dilapidated walls were peeling chunks of dirty coloured paint, the years of water damage from the showers and pool wearing away at it steadily. Alison froze when she thought she heard a noise that sounded like a door shutting in the distance, but when nothing came of it, she relaxed. She didn’t even realize she’d been holding her breathe the whole time, and she let it out with a sigh. There’s no need to get worked up, she thought.

She danced on one foot as she pulled on her skirt and panties trying not to fall (sitting on the bench would have made too much sense), and just as she got them on, all the lights went out. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and panic started pulling at her. Okay, now it’s getting really creepy. Alison found that she couldn’t see a thing, so she felt along the benches until she reached the wall.

After groping for some time, she eventually found the light switch, which did nothing when she flicked it up and down. That’s not what usually happens, she pondered pointlessly.

The doors had all been shut when she came in, so that not even the light from the pool filtered in. She tried to grope her way back to her stuff, and as she did so she stepped on something sharp. Alison yelped, clutching her foot. She felt so helpless and alone, and couldn’t help herself as she started to tear up when she felt a pair of warm hands grab her by the elbow. Her heart leapt into her throat even as the voice in the dark said, “Need help?” Alison let out a small sob, and the voice, clearly female, said soothingly, “There there, don’t worry, I’ve got you.” She let herself be lead in the dark, the warmth of the mystery hands calming her a bit. The hand moved up gently along her arm until it reached her bare shoulder, the fingers moving lightly like feathers along her back. Before she realized what was going on, she was in an embrace with the stranger, her head against the soft fabric of her saviour’s shirt. Alison knew that she was ruining her shirt with her tears, but she didn’t really care at this point. The arms of the stranger folded her up, and now she found herself curled up on the bench, her arms latched on to the girl’s neck.

The girl ran her hand up and down Alison’s back, the fingers teasing her skin lightly. Slowly but surely, she found herself becoming aroused despite her fear. She pressed her body tightly against the stranger, the skin on her cheeks now being lightly pecked by a pair of soft, slightly sticky lips. She could smell the fragrance of cherry lip gloss, feeling a wet trail move from her cheek down to her exposed neck. Once there, she could feel the teeth nip at the delicate skin on her neck, then the tip of a tongue tracing the path of her inflamed flesh, soothing it. The short hair of the girl tickled her shoulder as she did this, while her hand wandered innocently up her exposed belly. It reached her breasts, again tracing a winding path first around her nipple, then a gentle flick that sent a pulse of pleasure down to her sex. The other hand flipped her skirt up and squeezed her buttcheeks, playing lightly against the fabric of her panties. Alison felt the tip of the girl’s finger reach the damp spot that had been building up on her underwear. A fingernail ran the length of her vulva so lightly that it tickled, slowly, gently.

Now, with the soft breathing of the girl in her ear, she felt her lips catch her earlobe. One hand was now kneading her breast, and the other had gone under her panties, fingers finding the sensitive folds of her vagina. Alison found herself sitting on the girls’ Bostancı escort bayan thighs, facing her so that her half-naked body was completely exposed to the manipulations of the unknown stranger. Those soft lips found their way down her body until she reached her nipple, and now shocks of pleasure rattled Alison’s body as the girl held her nipple in her teeth, tongue lapping generously at the pinched skin. She found herself moaning into the girls’ hair, which smelled of cinnamon. The hand that had been teasing her nether regions changed to a more desperate stroking, reaching far enough to massage her clit between two finger tips. The stranger let go of her nipple briefly, and Alison felt a sense of loss until she realized that a now wet finger was pushing insistently against her bum hole. The combined pleasure of the mouth on her nipple, the finger in her bum, and her clit caught between two fingers, was almost enough to drive Alison mad with desire. Sweat clung like beads of dew on her back as she rode the pleasure higher and higher. The girl held back though, seeming to know that Alison was on the edge. Nonetheless, Alison rocked her body to a fro, trying to finish, but the girl let go of her clit, and now the sensation in her ass and her nipple only helped to fuel the frustration building up in her pussy. “Please, just a little more,” she whimpered, desperately holding on to the little sanity she had left.

Alison felt herself being pushed off onto the bench, and found a pair of hands tugging at her now soiled panties. She helped by kicking them off, and there was a shuffling and unzipping noise as she heard the girl undress. The girl flipped her around so that she was now on top, soft thighs on either side of her head as the girl laid on her back underneath her. The stroking of the unseen hand was all the prompting she needed as she returned the favour in kind. Those soft, warm lips once again found their target, and now kissed their way up Alison’s thigh until they reached her pussy. A strong tongue licked the folds of her pussy, again teasing her tender flesh, around and around. A finger flicked her love button, speeding up and slowing down, up and down. She felt her skirt being flicked up once again, and that wet finger slipping into her bottom, the delicate skin there responding.

On and on this went, but Alison could find no relief. The girl seemed to know exactly the right spots to touch, so that there was no way for her to climax. Her pussy was on fire, coated with a mixture of saliva and her own sweat and juices. Alison had been working on the girls’ pussy with her hands, and now she used her mouth to suck on the little clit that had become exposed. She tasted earthy and sweet, and like the cinnamon of her hair, the scent made Alison’s mouth water. It was a different flavour than Katie’s but just as enticing and delicious, if not more so. She drank the nectar that flowed freely, using her fingers to milk as much of it as possible out of the secret spot. That was the moment she remembered that this girl wasn’t Katie, and her heart suddenly clenched with guilt. What the hell was she doing? Was she actually cheating on Katie?

It was at this moment that the mystery girl decided to intensify her efforts, so that Alison’s mind went blank with ecstasy. With one finger in her butt, two in her pussy, she felt her clit being sucked into the girl’s mouth, and just like her nipple, was held hostage between her teeth as her tongue worked furiously at her love button. Never before had she felt such an intense sensation, and she did the same to the mystery girl. They moaned into each other’s pussies as they came to a thundering climax, sweaty and exhausted bodies rocking against the furious tidal-waves of orgasm. Alison’s body shook for a good five minutes before she was able to gather her wits about her. The girl still lay beneath Alison, as though she was passed out.

Alison realized that at this point, she had to make a decision. Was she going to find out who this girl was, and expose herself to the truth of what just happened? Or could she get dressed and walk out right now, not knowing who she was and pretending it never happened? It was an easy decision for her.

With her mind made up, Alison groped in the darkness for her clothes, dressed quickly and left the locker room. She came to a stop at the door, and, resisting the almost unbearable temptation to look back, walked away. Had she turned around, she would have found one of her teammates lying naked on the bench, a girl that had been, like Katie, in love with her for a long time.

It wasn’t until well into her morning classes that she realized she didn’t have her panties on.

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