Just One of the Guys

Big Dicks

(Note to readers: This is a lesbian crossdressing romance. A simple story as corny and predictable as a made-for-TV movie. It contains explicit sex only towards the end. If you are a guy looking for hardcore lesbian porn to get your rocks off, this story would be a waste of your time. But if you are a woman who is into romance as well as sex, I very much hope you will read and like this story. It is in part based upon some of my college experiences.)


The ad read: “Help wanted – Male”.

“That’s illegal,” Christine said to herself. But what was she going to do, sue the sorority house for only hiring male kitchen staff and waiters? Or should she do whatever it took to get the job she so desperately needed? She was new at the university and needed a part time job to help pay tuition.

Pose as a guy? Why not? She was a graduate student studying theatre, and a wonderful actress with a talent for voices who was terrific at using makeup. Although quite pretty and feminine looking in every respect, she also was tall, slim and angular. She might be able to pass.

In fact, Christine reflected that this could turn into her big break. If she could pass as a guy for a year, the publicity might help launch her acting career. “Undercover for a year at a sorority house” was a racy story that would make the newspapers! “Theatre Major Fools Her Department” could be her ticket to the big time!

A “method actress”, Christine decided to get into her new role and to stay in it 24/7. She repeated to herself in a low voice, “I am a man, I am a man” endlessly. In this way “Chris” was born.

While she repeated this phrase Chris trimmed her hair so its style looked androgynous. She wrapped an ace bandage around her chest to flatten her breasts and hide her nipples, put on double layers of loose clothing, trimmed her fingernails, applied makeup and … it worked. She looked like a guy.

Looking in a mirror Chris reflected that she made a really handsome guy. Maybe a bit too handsome. She could either be the somewhat androgynous type of guy that many women swooned over, or a gay guy. But so what if people thought she was a gay man? Nothing wrong with that. So long as she passed for male and got the job.

Chris decided she would make sure she was in “guy role” by, first thing every morning, saying to herself, “I am a man” over and over. She also decided to buy and wear loose male clothing – even clunky looking male underpants. She was going to go all the way. Chris reflected that she would have to break role when she went to the bathroom. But she decided that after every bathroom break, as she pulled up her silly looking male underwear, she would psych herself back into guy mode by telling herself that the male underwear was magic and had transformed her into a man. “I now have the penis and the balls to be a man” said the method actress to herself following each bathroom break. Christine – now Chris – practiced for a couple of days, interviewed, and got the job.

Chris quickly discovered that she liked being a waiter. All the other kitchen help – all guys – were nice, as were the girls in the sorority house. She especially liked seeing what life was like from the other side. Chris enjoyed being with the guys in the kitchen and bonding with guys as friends for the first time in her life, without any sexual tensions. She was between boyfriends anyway, and did not mind taking a break from dating.

The guys in the kitchen were typical college guys, and often made slightly crude and sometimes obscene jokes, comments and remarks about the girls in the sorority house. Not as bad as Chris had imagined, and occasionally even clever. Soon Chris found herself getting caught up in it, laughing and awarding “points” to the guys for good jokes, comments, and double-entendres – the more points for the sexier wisecracks. She also used the other kitchen staff as male role models – imitating aspects of their dress, speech, interests, and mannerisms. Chris gradually fit in with them and was on her way to becoming “one of the guys”.

Naturally, these guys’ main pastime was to try to date the girls in the sorority house. The flirting was almost non-stop, and dates with the sorority girls were the status symbol that mattered most in the kitchen. The guys endlessly compared notes, not only on each of the girls, but on how well each guy was doing in his individual quests with the sorority girls.

Chris was, however, left out of this game. Sadly, this meant that she could never truly attain her goal of becoming “one of the guys.” At best she would be thought of as falling into the lowest rank of their unofficial hierarchy. Chris was not sure whether the other guys thought she was a gay guy, or a looser who couldn’t get a date. Regardless, she decided to start playing the flirting game. After all, it was great acting practice. Surely it would lead to stories she could tell later about how brazenly she had fooled the Beylikdüzü Escort girls in the sorority.

From that moment on Chris smiled her biggest smiles at the sorority girls and acted as charmingly as possible. She laughed at their jokes and became a great listener and (being a girl herself) was genuinely interested in the girls’ interests. Since she was a girl she had an edge over the guys in the kitchen in terms of her knowledge of things that would be of interest to the sorority girls. And she even started to become a little bit naughty at times in her conversation with them – just like the “other” guys. She cracked jokes with the girls and soon developed the patter and body language of a guy on the make. It was great acting practice!

Until one day her flirtatious banter worked too well. One of the girls asked her out! Karen, who Chris had bonded with the most, who Chris considered far and away the nicest, sweetest girl in the sorority house, had asked “him” out following a long conversation in which Chris had a wonderful time talking with Karen about her hopes and dreams.

Chris was stunned. But some of the other waiters were nearby, and would hear if she turned down a date with this beautiful woman. And, a turn down would be so humiliating for Karen – Chris knew how hard it was for a girl to ask a guy out. So she said “yes”, figuring that their “date” would just be like all the times she had gone out to eat or to watch a movie with her girlfriends in the old days. It would just be two friends going out together. Not a big deal at all.

Chris was not surprised that she had a great time on her “date” with Karen because they got along so well. However, she felt guilty because she was going out with her under false pretenses. But it was only a movie. How had she really harmed Karen? And Karen clearly was also having a good time. In fact, a really wonderful time.

Afterwards Chris walked Karen back to the sorority house and lingered at the door, talking with her. Karen moved closer, as if she wanted Chris to kiss her good night. But Chris had never kissed another girl and did not want to, so she tried to figure out how to get out of it. But just then Chris saw a group of her fellow waiters looking at them, and several of the sorority girls as well. The group stared at them, waiting and watching silently. If Chris backed down from trying to kiss such a beautiful woman she would never hear the end of it from the guys in the kitchen. And Karen would be humiliated in front of her sorority sisters. But if “he” kissed Karen goodnight, “his” stock in the eyes of the kitchen guys would rise significantly. Kissing a sexy girl like Karen would remove the looser label from Chris. And, Chris told “himself”, it also would save Karen from being humiliated.

Chris decided to compromise on a very light kiss. Their lips would barely touch. Just a peck. Almost the same as she did with her BFF girlfriends all the time. Not a big deal at all.

Despite what Chris was telling herself, her heart pounded and her hands started to shake. Her breathing became short and fast, as she trembled, hesitatingly moving closer to Karen. Karen noticed Chris’s uneasiness, smiled knowingly, and whispered, “It’s sweet that you’re so shy. Haven’t you ever kissed a girl before? Chris truthfully shook her head, “Not like this”. Chris finally mustered the courage to touch Karen’s lips with her own, but Karen returned the kiss vigorously, kissing Chris hard while wrapping her arms around her for a very long minute.

Chris’s head was spinning so much and her heart was beating so fast she thought she would pass out. She didn’t quite fall down, however, and the kiss finally ended. But what was left of Chris was like a rag doll, sweating and shaking. Karen looked her over and whispered sexily: “Chris, that was wonderful. You are the best kisser ever, better than any boy I have ever kissed. But you’re shaking! Such a great kisser even though you haven’t ever kissed a girl before! That means our kiss was really special.” Chris said nothing, and Karen added, “That’s so sweet I could almost cry.” Then Karen kissed her again and went inside.

Chris was even more stunned at the second kiss because she hadn’t been expecting it. Fortunately Karen’s eyes had been closed and she didn’t see the shock on Chris’s face. Paralyzed, Chris did not move for several minutes after Karen left, until her head and heart calmed down.

Christine (but not Chris because she could not stay in male character) lay awake in bed most of the night. What did it mean? Were all of her emotions in play because she had engaged in naughty behavior? She knew she wasn’t gay because she had made love to guys in the past and regularly had cum with them. So it must be that she was an actress playing a role really, really well. She decided that she was getting into the male role so much – “method acting” – that she was just doing what most guys naturally Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan do, and nothing more. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it was further proof of her great acting ability. She would embrace this aspect of her role and encourage it. After all, it was only acting. And only simple kisses.

The next day Chris went to work at the sorority house and on her way in saw Karen. Chris automatically smiled her brightest smile and went over to say “hello”. Karen surprised her by kissing her hello, and Chris kissed back instinctively. “I had a great time”, said Karen. “So did I – a fantastic time”, said Chris truthfully. “Do you want to go out again?” replied Karen? Chris nodded, and then Karen kissed her again. And again.

Finally Chris said she had to go, paused long enough for her heart to get back to normal, and entered the kitchen. As soon as Chris entered the catcalls started. “How was Karen? How far did you get with her last night? Did she invite you up?”

Chris paused and then addressed the yapping guys as a whole. As they turned to look at her she said in a loud voice:”A gentleman never tells.” And then, to their silence, after a pause, “But why would you presume I’m a gentleman?” As the guys laughed uproariously she left the kitchen carrying a tray of food into the dining room. Chris told herself she had succeeded perfectly in her acting quest. She had arrived. With a doubt she was now one of them. Just one of the guys.

Chris and Karen’s second and third dates were much like their first. But more relaxed, with the type of intimate conversation that usually only occurs between a couple that has known each other for years. The dates also ended with simple goodnight kisses, with Karen again initiating them.

Their fourth and fifth dates were similar, except that Chris initiated the kisses. After their fifth date, as Karen walked into her sorority house, Chris reflected how close she was feeling to Karen, how much she enjoyed their time together and how much she had been looking forward to their time together. Their dates were far and away the highlights of her week.

Their next several dates went even better. After each they sat together on a bench outside the sorority house, talking endlessly, and cuddling. After discussing almost everything, from hopes and fears, to parents and careers, to likes and dislikes, Karen changed the subject: “I’ve never asked a guy this question before. Please don’t think it silly or take it the wrong way. But I feel so amazingly close to you, in my heart. We talk and laugh so much. We really are two of a kind. Do you want to be… to be… my Best Friend, Forever?” Chris was taken aback. “Do you mean that you only want us to be friends? No different from your girlfriends?”

Karen looked horrified: “No! That’s not what I meant. It was just that I was afraid to ask you to go steady with me, so it was my clumsy way of telling you that I feel really intimate with you, the way I sometimes have been so close to some of my girlfriends before. But much closer than I have ever, ever, felt to any guy. I have never felt this emotionally close to a guy before, and – until you – I could always talk so much better with another woman. But I can be honest and open with you. Do you know how many times I have laid awake at night wishing I could find a guy I could be as close to as I am with other women? Wishing I could find a guy I could confide in and be the real me with? A guy who would open up with me, emotionally, like you do?”

“I didn’t know what else to call it, but I sure don’t just want to be your friend. Really! Here – I’ll prove it by doing something I would never do with one of my girlfriends.” Karen then kissed Chris passionately, giving her a deep, soulful French kiss. They alternated kissing and looking into each others eyes as time seemed to stop. They kissed and cuddled until finally Karen reminded Chris that she had to be back in the house by 2:00 am, the sorority’s curfew. As they parted, Chris whispered, “Goodnight BFF” and they kissed again.

After their next date Karen invited Chris back to her room. As they snuggled Chris noticed she could feel Karen’s bra on her back, under her shirt. She traced it back and forth while they kissed and told each other how special the other was. Chris reflected that is was really naughty to feel another girl’s bra. How forbidden! How it was even more forbidden because she was herself a girl, who usually wore her own bra, but Karen didn’t know this. Instead of wearing her own bra she was (in her own mind anyway) a man who had enough balls to fool around with the bra belonging to this really beautiful sorority girl. How wicked was that!

Chris’s hand absentmindedly traced Karen’s bra from the back to the side and then towards the front when Karen grabbed it and pressed it firmly against her breasts. At that point Chris’s hand trembled, but the rest of her body became paralyzed. Esenyurt Escort Karen smiled and asked whether Chris had ever felt a girl’s breast before. Chris truthfully replied: “Not like this, no.” Karen smiled even wider and whispered sexily, “Please touch my breasts.”

Chris obeyed, first touching them over Karen’s clothing, and then inside her bra. Karen started to pant, and kissed Chris while she felt her up. But after Chris rubbed on Karen’s breasts for a few minutes, gently getting to know her nipples, Chris decided she wanted to slow down. She remembered the non-verbal signals she had in the past given guys when she wanted things to cool down, and she then put off similar vibes to Karen. Soon things did cool down, and nipple rubbing deescalated into cuddling, and soon they kissed goodnight tenderly and lovingly.

Their next date followed their pattern by getting even more intimate. Each had the time of their lives, and talked as if they had been BFFs for years. They walked throughout the campus holding hands for hours, staring into each others’ eyes for long periods, and kissing kisses that – impossibly! – were even more tender than they had been during their previous date.

They ended the evening in Karen’s room. The kisses were longer and more romantic now and, as before they led to close embracing and then to heavy petting, and then to Chris feeling up Karen’s breasts. But this time Chris removed Karen’s top and bra completely. And then Karen slowly pulled Chris’s head towards her breasts.

Chris has been expecting this and only trembled slightly before she kissed Karen’s nipples very lightly, one after the other. And then more firmly, with passion. Chris reflected that she had kissed her boyfriends’ nipples many times, but they were (obviously!) nothing like Karen’s. Guy nipples and breasts were nothing, from a purely physical point of view, compared to Karen’s. Hers were so soft and tender, so responsive, so much nicer than guy nipples. Kissing and sucking her boyfriends’ nipples had been something she did because they asked her to. But this was turning Chris on immensely! Chris mentally broke her role-play for a minute and reflected that for the first time in her life she wished she were a guy for real so she could kiss and suck this perfection often and “for real”, not just while she was acting. As she licked and kissed up and down Karen’s chest and stomach Chris reflected that, even though Karen’s back was arched and her head was thrown back in ecstasy, Chris might well be enjoying this even more.

After what seemed like forever, Karen gently took Chris’s hand and placed it on the crotch of her pants. Chris froze, but only for a second, and gradually started to move her hand back and forth. After a few minutes Karen’s moans got louder and louder, so Chris put one finger into Karen’s panties. And then another. Finding Karen’s clit, and knowing how she liked her own clit treated, Chris decided to show off her knowledge of what makes a woman happy. Chris told herself that she was now a guy who – since she had been a girl up until she had put on the “magic” male underwear – could make love to a girl better than any other guy could. Chris was determined to be a better lover than any of Karen’s previous boyfriends.

Karen responded just as Chris had hoped. Chris’s gentle nibbling and caressing of Karen’s nipples at the same time she rubbed on Karen’s clit slowly turned Karen’s moans turned into cries, and Karen arched her back even more and grabbed her pillow to muffle her screams that got louder and louder as she came, and came, and came.

Afterwards Karen kissed Chris passionately and said the magic words: “I love you.” Reflexively, Chris gave the magic response: “Karen, I love you too.” Hearing this Karen kissed her again, longer and more deeply than ever. Chris’s fingers were still in Karen’s panties, so Chris decided to keep rubbing on Karen’s clit, all the while feeling wicked at the idea of “being a guy” and having her hands in another girl’s panties while she was herself wearing guys’ underwear.

Chris gently rubbed Karen’s clit, back and forth, and put her fingers in and out of Karen, alternating between’s kissing her lips and her nipples. In the meantime Chris also rubbed her own crotch against Karen’s upper leg. As Karen built to her second climax, Chris started to come as well! Even though Chris was fully clothed, she came from rubbing herself against Karen, her own girlish cries (Chris had temporarily lost control of her voice) fortunately muffled by one of Karen’s large breasts, and drowned out by Karen’s screams.

Karen noticed that Chris had cum. She looked down at Chris’s pants crotch, which showed wetness that had seeped through Chris’s underwear to the outside of her pants. Of course, Karen had no idea that the wetness was from girl cum, not guy cum. “That was the best time for me, ever.” Chris said truthfully. Karen replied: “For me too. That must have been the sweetest, most tender lovemaking in the history of the world. And I promise it’ll be even better for you next time, when you cum inside me.” Their next kiss and caress went on and on. Chris repeated the 3 magic words while they cuddled, again and again, and Karen responded with them as well.

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