Lady Love!


In the late winter/spring I went to a mall shopping one Saturday afternoon, it was the shittiest day of the year. The temperature had been below freezing, it was very windy and damp then as the day wore on the snow turned to freezing rain and as I usually did on a Saturday afternoon went shopping. I took a bus to this mall and getting off stumbled through the puddles, slush and too lazy to walk around the footpath, climbed over frozen snowbanks taking shortcuts only stupid teenagers take. On the way to the entrance I slipped and slid down the snowbank. Soaking my Jeans on one hip where I fell, so once inside went into a restaurant for a coffee. The place was quite crowded, with lots of other shoppers spending more time there than normal because of the bad weather and I finally found a stool at the counter next to a blond woman.

“Hello, I’m Joan,” she said, “I’m in real estate.” “Hi,” I replied, returning her greeting, “I’m Grace and we shook hands.” This, I was to find out was a normal ploy for people in that business, just like insurance agents always hoping for a contact. Anyway I liked her as she seemed nice, was cheerful and chatty accepting the weather as a fact of life which we all do who live in this climate. Like me, she had her coat undone and I saw she was wearing a dress and high heels, something I though was Esenyurt Escort dumb considering the weather but when she told what her profession was, (like insurance sales people) they always try to “look professional”. I guessed she was in her mid to late thirties, had a pretty face and blond hair to the nape of her neck, her throat adorned with a single strand of pearls with matching ear rings. Joan asked me about my schooling and whether I had plans to go to college etc. I told her I was just finishing High School and how mother wanted me to go on to college, and was hoping to find a summer job to help save some money for it. We must have spent well over an hour chatting as we dried out over I don’t know how many cups of coffee, then as we finally got up to leave and say our good byes, she gave me her business card and told me to call her when School was over for the year after the final exams.

After school was out, I phoned Joan’s office and through her managed to get a summer job working in their Real Estate Office. My duties was to do some research on properties for fire regulations, moneys loaned, zoning etc. as well as general typing duties. The office was modern, bright and cheerful, with large windows and the sun would light it up at times.

I admired Joan for some reason, definitely İstanbul Escort I grew attracted to her, silly I know but I had a ‘crush’ on her, she was always well dressed, the nature of her business, and normally wore dresses, or business suits. At times she would be away from her desk and her phone would ring and sometimes she would lean over to answer it, and I would admire the way her dress would drape over her hips, falling between her legs to outline her buttocks. She had lovely legs and at times she would look out the window, and in the sunlight I could enjoy the silhouette of her legs through her dress, I found this to be very provocative. As I’ve said she was nice to me, and I found her attractive, and worked hard to please her. I didn’t realise it at the time, but she was to tell me much later she was aware of my, ‘interest in her’ movements, and would sometimes ‘pose’ for me to see my reaction. She was to attend a meeting on the sale of a shopping mall in another town and invited me along to be her assistant, someone to be on hand for running errands and typing etc. I was instructed to dress well and bring a change of clothes as these things often drag on so we might have to stay overnight. These were important clients and obviously she was out to impress them.

We left early in the morning Beylikdüzü Escort and she drove us there, and we attended the meeting. The agenda wasn’t completed that day as Joan suspected, so she booked us into a Hotel for the night in rooms that were next to each other, and arranged to meet in the dining room for dinner. We were shown to a booth by the Maitre d’, and sat down and a waiter filled our water glasses and left menu’s on the table and left us to decide what we wanted to eat. I was nervous as it was so seldom I got the opportunity to dine in a fancy restaurant like this, and looking at the prices picked something close to the lower end of the price ranges. During the meal, Joan asked me about my family, and I told her I hardly knew my dad as he’d left when I was very young, and mother managed to raise my two older brothers and me by herself in our old farmhouse, working during the day and also a part time job with a Catering Service some evenings. Joan made me feel comfortable too, telling me a bit about her upbringing and how she ended up in real estate. Joan had a habit of talking ‘to’ me rather than talking ‘down’ to me, as happens so often between employers and employee’s, which helped me relax and enjoy our conversation.

After we ate we sat sipping coffee and chatted about trivial things mostly about our families friends etc.. We were sitting side by side in a booth and I was aware of her thigh against mine. I admit to being aroused by her closeness so when we went back upstairs and she invited me into her room, I followed her in to what was to become my introduction to same sex love.

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