Laura’s Education Ch. 02


Laura had to pull on the handle with both hands to fully shut the door on her way out of the landlord’s office. As the door finally oozed into place, Laura could see the girls in the office watching her and giggling. She sighed, and prayed that if her own apartment door ever fell into such disrepair, the on-site management wouldn’t be so nonchalant about getting it repaired.

With her new mailbox key in hand, Laura walked from the landlord’s office to the nondescript row of metal cubbyholes that served as a minimalist unloading area for the unremarkable wages of her fellow students and tenants: the mailbox. Fortunately, the tiny metal doors on these boxes opened without any problem, and inside her own such chamber, no bills awaited her. Instead, there were a number of coupons for Omaha Steaks addressed to Willy Thornton, two catalogs for companies that sold personalized checks, and an old issue of Modern Bride that almost took up the entire mailbox. She managed to wedge the magazine out of the mailbox eventually, almost destroying it in the process, and took the mail up to her apartment.

Closing the door behind her, Laura set the old mail in a sofa chair, and reached up to turn on the light in the kitchen. It was just that time of the morning when her apartment was completely lit: a light on in the kitchen, and sunlight through the window flooding the living room, making everything warm and cheery. It was a perfect time to be productive.

With that, Laura picked up a notepad and a pen, and began looking around the kitchen, writing down what she intended to buy at the grocery store. Fresh vegetables, for one… she would need potatoes, and a head of Romaine lettuce… hmm, mashed potatoes would be good for dinner; how about meatloaf? Ground chuck, ketchup, margarine, tomatoes for a salad… With her kitchen bare, she needed a little of everything. Fortunately, she had plenty of time to shop today, with little to do until classes began the next week.

She chewed thoughtfully on the cap of her pen. It would be nice to do some shopping for clothes today, too; she wouldn’t mind getting a few new outfits for the start of her first term at Hiller. Instead of shopping for groceries, why not make it a day out? She’d spend some time at the local mall, which she hadn’t yet visited; maybe she’d even dine out for lunch. It sounded like fun– especially if her friend Janice was available.

Laura grinned and went to find her phone. She hadn’t heard from Janice in a couple days, ever since they went to meet Ms. Dorman. That had been a remarkable experience… After Laura and Janice had made love for that first time, after Janice had held her as she slept that afternoon, after Laura had awoken that evening still wrapped in her friend’s embrace, it seemed to her that their friendship was stronger than it had ever been, and she had been very much looking forward to spending more time with Janice here at Hiller. But for two days now Laura hadn’t heard from her at all, despite the cheery message Laura had left on her machine the day after.

Unfortunately, Laura’s luck didn’t appear to be turning around anytime soon. Laura had reached the residence of Janice McCann, who was not home right now; if she were to leave a message at the tone, her call would be returned as soon as possible, and if she was a telemarketer then Janice wanted her to stop calling this residence, and to have a nice day, thank you, beep. Laura left a message.


“Hey, Jan; it’s me, Laura… um, hey, I’m going shopping today for some clothes, and some groceries, and other things I need. Wanna go? I’d love it if you could come, but if you’re busy, that’s fine. Call me when you get this, OK? I love ya– bye!” Click.

Janice couldn’t bring herself to pick up the phone. That made three times now in the past two days. Whenever Laura’s name showed up on the caller ID display, she became so nervous that she couldn’t even reach for the receiver without shaking. A week ago, she would have bear-hugged Laura with reckless abandon; now, she couldn’t even call her. Everything had changed when they had made love.

She was so jealous of Laura. Janice knew her better than anyone; she knew that for Laura, everything stemmed from love, and all love was the same. To Laura, who wasn’t even a lesbian, sex was just a way two female friends showed their affection for each other. But for Janice, who was bisexual, friendship and sex were completely different things. She couldn’t take Laura as a lover and expect everything to be the same as it always was, only with some sex whenever Janice wanted it. But Janice knew that was exactly how Laura saw it, and it had surprised her how frustrating that was.

“I love ya– bye!”, she had said. Laura could say that to anybody, and mean it. There wasn’t a shred of pretense or dishonesty about the girl; she genuinely liked everyone, and she genuinely loved her friends. Janice had always loved her for that, and yet now, she wanted more– no, she needed it. The thought of having anything less than Laura’s greatest love and devotion Avcılar Escort after what they had shared the other day was unbearable. It was the single greatest danger that had ever faced their friendship… and Janice couldn’t even pick up the phone.

She needed to talk this out with Laura. She owed it to Laura to tell her what she was feeling. She knew that Laura would understand, and would listen to her.

Janice slumped against the wall, cursing her own cowardice.


After taking a shower and slipping into a light green dress for the day, Laura sat and waited, occupying herself with cartoons on TV. Half an hour went by before she decided that Janice was not going to call. Disappointed, Laura turned off the TV and headed out to complete her shopping.

Later that afternoon, the apartment door swung open again, and Laura entered with plastic grocery bags looped around each arm and a renewed purpose. Setting down her belongings, she trotted back down to her car to get the rest, contemplating her plan to cook a delicious meal for herself and Janice that evening. If she had to she’d go to Janice’s apartment and cook it there; it didn’t matter, as long as she could do something nice for her friend.

She laid down the last of the groceries on the table, and picked up the phone.


The phone was ringing. It was Laura, again. Janice’s heart skipped, and again she felt the familiar wave of near-panic– but it was time to stop acting foolish. She picked up the phone.

“Hello?” she said.

A brief silence. “…Oh, you’re home! Where have you been?; I’ve been trying to call you–“

“Oh, uh,” Janice said, “I’ve been… looking for a job. I got your messages… sorry I haven’t called back.”

“Oh, that’s OK. I’m just glad you’re home! I was gonna invite you over for dinner. I’m making meatloaf…”

Oh, God, she wants to cook dinner for me, Jan thought. It was such an incredibly sweet thing for Laura to do, but then, it was just like her. Already, Janice’s spirits began to lift as she considered the idea: spending time with Laura, alone, a romantic evening over dinner, candlelit lovemaking afterward–

“I can’t,” Janice said.

Another brief silence. “Oh… Oh, uh, that’s fine. You must be busy… ” Laura laughed, but she sounded really disappointed. Janice felt terrible.

“Laura, we need to talk,” Janice said suddenly. She steeled herself as best she could. It was now or never.

“…Talk?” Laura said. Something about Jan’s tone worried her. “Is everything OK?”

“Yeah, it’s just…” Jan’s voice trailed off for a moment. “You remember the other day, at Diane’s place?”

Laura smiled. “I remember.”

“That… meant a lot to me,” Jan said. Laura could hear a tightness in her voice, as if she was forcing herself to say something as quickly as she could. So Laura listened.

“I know… it meant a lot to you too, and I know that you love me, and I love you too but the… the way you love me isn’t what I need.”


“…I mean, you always loved me, ’cause I’m your friend, and I know that for you, love is just part of being a friend, and even sex is just part of being a friend, so…” Jan’s voice was growing more and more tight as she spoke. “…but I can’t do that, and I can’t ask you to change, and just being your friend with benefits isn’t going to be enough for me because I really, really do love you with all my heart… and that’s why I can’t be friends with you anymore.”

Laura barely heard Jan’s shuddering intake of breath. Not… friends anymore? What was Jan saying?

“What… did I do?” Laura asked, trying to keep her voice steady. “Everything was so perfect the other day… you and me, and Diane–“

“Diane?” Jan broke in, suddenly angry. “That’s exactly what I’m talking about, Laura; you tell me you love me, you kiss me, then a few minutes later you’re her bucking bronco? What the hell is that?”

Laura was stunned. “But I don’t–“

“You know, you talk a nice little game, Laura, about how you love everyone so much, about how everything’s just affection to you, but the truth is that you’re nothing but a– a– a SLUT!”

Dimly Laura heard the sound of the other phone slamming down as the connection ended. Some part of her was conscious of her arm, phone in hand, falling to her side. Her knees quivered and she nearly fell over, but she didn’t notice. Nothing that was happening was making any sense to her.

Then her knees did buckle and she sat down hard into a kitchen chair. Loneliness circled in and quickly devoured the last remnants of the hope and happiness that had filled her just minutes ago. Jan hated her and she didn’t understand why. Jan had called her a slut. Maybe she really was a slut. Maybe all the love she had always felt for her friends was just part of some subconscious scheme. It didn’t make any sense to her. She wondered if Jan would love her again if she called back and said it was all true and that she was sorry. But she couidn’t lie. She didn’t Beylikdüzü Escort even understand what was going on.

Diane would know. Somehow, Diane would know. Teachers, elders, women like Diane, they always knew what to do. The image of Diane came into Laura’s mind and she had to fight the urge to call her immediately. She’d call Diane, but not now.

“Not until… I’m done crying,” Laura said to herself, the only other person she had left to tell, as she gave in to her unexpected grief.


The phone was ringing. Diane set down her Edward Rutherford novel, and picked up the handset.

“Dorman residence. … Laura, good to hear from you! How is everything? … Well, how sweet! Sure, I’d love to. … Meatloaf sounds delicious, actually. Where do you live? … Right, I know where that is. I’ll be over in a few minutes, OK? … See you then. ‘Bye.”

Diane set the handset down, smiling. What a sweet and unexpected call to receive; she hadn’t heard from Laura since they had made love, and dinner with her would be a much better way to spend the evening than reading another book about London. Come to think of it… Laura lived alone, didn’t she?

Her dark blue shoulder bag would be a better choice than her purse for the evening. It was casual, stylish, and zippered; if it happened that she had no need of what she packed, only she would be the wiser. With that in mind, Diane packed a comfortable pair of pajamas, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a strap-on dildo. A sly grin made its way onto her face; this was looking to be a very interesting evening indeed.


When Laura opened the door, Diane was surprised. Laura wore a light green dress, somewhat conservative but nevertheless beautiful on her; her hair was carefully prepared, and glinted slightly in the light from the kitchen; and though she had chosen not to wear much makeup, her features were smooth and beautiful, her lips adorned with a light touch of gloss. But her smile, and her eyes, belied all the beauty she had worked to achieve.

Diane walked into the apartment, and set her handbag down on top of a stack of mail in Laura’s sofa chair. When the door closed, she turned to Laura and asked plainly, “What happened?”

And, as they sat together on the sofa, Laura told her– about Janice’s silence, about shopping earlier, about the incident over the phone just two hours ago. Laura tried to keep her voice calm and steady, and did a remarkable job; once she had finished, Diane considered for a moment before responding.

“If I had to guess,” Diane said, “I’d say that Janice probably feels very guilty about what she said to you. She probably didn’t mean to call you a slut. I don’t see how anyone could think you were a slut, Laura.”

Laura was listening closely, her eyes wide and focused on Diane. She was incredibly beautiful. Diane smiled at her, and Laura smiled back, albeit weakly. Diane reached out and took Laura in her arms, and the girl came willingly; as Diane’s arms circled around her, Laura eased her head against the older woman’s breasts. Diane reached up and began to stroke Laura’s hair, fingertips gently gliding through the chestnut strands, lightly stroking her scalp.

“You’re a beautiful woman,” Diane continued, “and you have a beautiful heart. That you love your friends so much is one of your best characteristics, Laura; it doesn’t make you a slut. If you were sleeping with everyone you knew because you liked the pleasure for its own sake, if you always put sex before love, then you might be, but that’s not what you’re like.”

Laura looked up at her. “What am I like?”

Diane held her eyes, and smiled. It felt wonderful to hold this girl, to look down into her eyes, to stroke her hair, her neck… Lifting a finger, Diane began to gently caress Laura’s lips, a single fingertip softly tracing the outline of her mouth. Laura closed her eyes, and softly exhaled around Diane’s touch.

“You only know love, not sex,” Diane replied. Her arm circled more snugly around Laura’s shoulders, and Laura’s body pressed in closer. “You had sex with Janice because you wanted to please her, not because you wanted the sex. Giving your friends pleasure is part of what it means to you to love a person.”

Laura kissed Diane’s fingertip, lingering for a moment, her lips warm and soft against the skin. Her eyes still closed, she whispered, “I love Janice… and I love you, too.”

Diane smiled. “I know you do. And I love you. And there’s nothing wrong with you loving both of us. Janice loves you, too, and if you give her time, she’ll be able to understand your feelings, and she’ll accept the person that you are. You just have to be patient.”

This seemed to soothe Laura like nothing else Diane had said, and after a moment the girl snuggled up against her. Diane lay back on the couch, and Laura lay atop her; her fingers gently stroked between Laura’s shoulders, and the girl sighed happily. Soon Diane felt Laura’s soft, warm lips on her own, and opened her mouth to accept the kiss.

The Bahçeşehir Escort heat, the taste, of the younger woman’s mouth was exhilirating, and Diane found herself moving in to draw Laura’s tongue into her own mouth. Laura’s breath was warm and sweet, and she made no move to resist as Diane suckled gently on her tongue; instead, Diane felt her fingers against her cheek, lovingly caressing her. This was a kiss of love and gratitude, Diane knew, but it was stirring her own passion like nothing she’d felt in years.

And Laura knew it. She slid her tongue smoothly through Diane’s lips, back and forth in long, slow motions; stroking the roof of her mouth with the tip. Laura reached down and calmly slid her hands beneath the waistline of Diane’s long skirt, eliciting a surprised gasp from the woman, but the kiss continued. Her fingers moved beneath the older woman’s silk panties, warm to the touch, and found her already moist. When she began to slide a single fingertip down through Diane’s folds, swirling around the swollen labia at the base, she was surprised at how quickly the moist folds became slick and wet. Laura opened her eyes, and in doing so, broke the kiss for a moment, smiling slyly down at Diane.

Diane blinked, wishing her desire wasn’t so obvious. She looked into Laura’s eyes and knew that it showed on her face, as well. Though she felt almost ashamed, it was clear that Laura didn’t seem to mind; instead, the girl was holding Diane’s eyes steady with her own, still wearing that calm smile, as her hands worked on something below Diane’s vision. Then, she felt Laura’s hands on her skirt. Before long, Laura had slid Diane’s skirt and panties onto the floor, and as Diane tensed with need and anticipation, Laura lowered her own soft, warm lap onto Diane’s.

The younger woman’s labia were also slightly slick, more so as they slid against Diane’s own. The sensation of Laura’s slick folds, of her soft hair, massaging her made her gasp, and groan audibly despite herself; but still Laura held her gaze, still she held that little grin. After a moment, she closed her eyes, and as Diane watched, Laura’s lips parted slightly, and she let out a ragged breath, arching her hips forward with each movement now. Diane felt Laura’s clitoral hood stroking her own; the feeling was so erotic, the pleasure so intense, that she clenched her teeth to keep from crying out.

Panting now, desperately fighting release, Diane circled her arms around Laura’s waist and held on while the girl pleasured her, nails digging in to her shirt. Her thighs began to twitch, and though she tried to control the almost desperate rising of her hips, Laura noticed. She made a soft sound of intrigue, and straddled Diane, her thighs on either side of the woman’s waist; and, spreading her folds to envelop Diane’s hot delta, Laura moved in to kiss her throat, her arms circling to the small of Diane’s back and lifting her closer. It was too much. Diane was so aroused already that her climax began to overtake her; she fought it as best she could, barely conscious of her own writhing, of her own soft cries of desperation. But Laura was determined, and soon enough she had earned Diane’s complete surrender.

As she held Diane against her, she felt it all: her breasts, arched in a captive breath; her back, tight and tense; her hot essence, pulsing within Laura’s own feminine core, bathing her inside. The sensation was far more erotic than she had expected, and nearly pushed her over the edge as she held Diane’s body to her. When the woman’s orgasm began to ebb, and her body began to relax, Laura fought the urge to resume her movements, and instead held Diane, resting together with her.

The two lay together for some time, Laura stroking Diane’s hair, and Diane savoring the delicious sensation of being held and loved by such a beautiful young woman. Soon, though, Laura became curious about the shoulder bag on the adjoining sofa chair, and pulled it over to her. After asking Diane’s permission, Laura began to look through the bag, quickly finding the strap-on, and giggling.

“Did you bring this for me?” she whispered, leaning down to nearly touch Diane’s lips with her own. Diane nodded.

Laura grinned, and sat up onto her knees, circling the strap-on around her waist and fastening it together. She noticed that it was a bit loose, and adjusted it using a strap at her side, tightening it snugly around her. It was still slightly loose… Instinctively, she lifted her leg, and shifted so that the strap would tighten between her buttocks. It was not uncomfortable, which gratified her.

Diane was smiling, watching curiously. The strap-on looked good on her, Diane had to admit. But as Laura knelt above her, giggling about how she had never used one of these before, blushing slightly, Diane felt herself becoming aroused at the thoughts of what this girl might do with her. All she needed was a little encouragement.

Sliding out from under Laura, Diane caught her gaze, and held it, flashing a smile as she stood and walked towards Laura’s bedroom. As she walked through the doorway, she lifted her shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor, leaving her bra on for the time being. Laura’s gentle footsteps were audible behind her, and when Diane reached the bedside, she felt the girl’s arms encircling her waist, stroking her belly.

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