Letting It All Hang Out Ch. 02


A new turn in my life.

One of the things I love about younger guys, is even after shooting their loads, their cocks still stay somewhat hard. Jack’s cock in my ass, stayed nice and hard so he started to slowly move his hips forcing his cock to push his cum out of my ass.

Bob said, “don’t waste it.” Jack stopped, reached over, grabbed a towel and as his cock slipped out of my ass he replaced it with the towel. I climbed out of the jacuzzi, Bob stood up and followed me into my bedroom. I climbed onto my bed on my hands and knees wiggling my ass in the air.

Bob knelt down on the floor right next to the bed, grabbed my ass cheeks as I let the towel fall. He smashed his face into my ass shoving his tongue up my ass sucking Jack’s cum out.

Jack came walking into the room, I thought I heard him talking to someone but wasn’t sure as Bob was so good at sucking ass.

When Bob was satisfied, he stopped and asked Jack who he was talking to. Jack grinned, looked at me and said “You’re gonna love this.”

I looked at them with a puzzled look, then asked “who did you invite?”

Jack said “You know who.”

I told him “I hope it’s not Kelly as I don’t like skinny tramps.”

Bob smiled and then said, “just wait until she gets here, if you like Jack’s cock, you should see what she has.”

Just Fikirtepe escort then, I heard the door open and Kelly’s voice, Bob told her to “cum down the hall for your surprise.”

Kelly walked into the bedroom wearing a tiny white tube top, bright green mini skirt, and white 6″ stilettoes carrying a small duffel bag.

My cock was semi hard but when she walked into the room it sprang back to life.

She looked at me naked on the bed with Bob sitting next to me and Jack was standing next to the bed also naked.

She licked her lips, then said “I asked you to wait for me.”

Jack smirked, then said “we didn’t want to wait” as he walked over to her grabbing her tube top and yanked it down exposing her perky little tits with huge nipples poking out.

Bob stood up, walked over behind her, sandwiching her between them. Bob’s cock was poking her at the top of her skirt. He reached up, grabbed her skirt and yanked it down exposing white lace panties with a smallish bulge in front.

Jack stepped back and said “let him get a good view of you.”

Kelly looked at Jack, then at me while hooking the straps to her thong under her thumbs. She smiled at me as she eased down her thong exposing a 4″ soft cock.

My heart jumped in my throat and my cock got Sancaktepe escort bayan painfully harder.

Bob said “I told you he would appreciate you if he knew the truth.”

Kelly walked over to where I was sitting on the bed while slowly stroking her cock. She then asked “so, do you like me now?”

I stood up, reaching down, my right hand went to the small of her back while my left hand replaced hers on her cock. I looked her in the eyes as I started to stroke her cock, feeling it getting harder by the second.

She looked up at me, smiled and closed her eyes while her mouth parted. My mouth found hers, our tongues joined in her mouth. Her hands came up to my chest and then up and over my shoulders.

My right hand went down to her ass cheeks pulling her up and placing her on top of my cock. My cock slid all the way in to the base.

Kelly moaned into my mouth.

I sat down on the edge of the bed while we continued kissing. Kelly pushed me flat on my back and began to ride my cock.

I felt other bodies on the bed with us, looking over I saw Jack on all fours with Bob lining his cock up to Jack’s hole. They both looked at me as Bob slowly slid into Jack’s ass.

Kelly continued to ride me while I was stroking her cock. I felt my load swelling in my Escort üsküdar balls and told her I was going to cum. She told me she wanted to taste me as she climbed off my cock, went into the bathroom and came back quickly with a wet washcloth.

She layed down alongside of me, cleaning my cock with the washcloth. She threw it on the floor and took all of my 8″ down her throat in one gulp. She stayed like that for a minute or two while twirling her tongue around the base.

Her cock was near my head so I moved until I could get it into my mouth. I started with licking and sucking just the head. She had grown to 7.5″ long, moderately thick. Soon, her whole cock was in my mouth. Slowly my head bobbed up and down while hers did the same thing.

Kelly’s hand moved to the base and started to stroke up and down while I did the same thing to hers. We were both moaning in ecstasy and I could feel my balls tingling again. She must have sensed it as she sped up her movements as I did the same thing with hers.

Pretty soon I could taste her precum starting to ooze out of her. My balls felt like they were going to explode when she unloaded down my throat. At almost the same time, my balls exploded with a huge load down her throat.

We both milked every last drop from each other. Satisfied we got it all, we both stopped at about the same time. Kelly looked up at me, smiled and said “I knew I could get you to like me.”

I looked back and said “baby, I LOVED it and am looking forward to doing even more” as my hands moved to her ass cheeks and then to her crack, slowly moving to her hole.

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