My New Neighbor Ch. 02


I woke up with my hand wrapped around my throbbing dick. I guess I was having a good dream. My eyes blinked a few times adjusting to the morning light coming in. I rolled over to the table and reached for my phone. There were no new messages but I again opened the photos from last night. James’ bulge in his white briefs was substantial and if I’m being honest, intimidating. Swiping to the next photo, my mouth began to salivate. That thick pole pointed straight at me with a large puddle of thick cum below it. I felt proud that I had caused him to create such an impressive load.

Leaning up onto my elbows, I glanced out to see James’ driveway was empty. We didn’t have garages here so I knew he was out. My aching dick throbbed below the sheets, spilling precum onto them by the second. I wanted so badly to throw the covers aside and jerk myself off to completion right then and there. But I had another way of release on my mind. I wanted to save it for James and if I’m lucky that would involve us actually touching each other. I marveled at my own sense of control and thought that this man certainly had a strong influence over me already.

I decided to go for a long run to clear my head. It didn’t hurt that it would also relieve my horniness temporarily without the need for an orgasm. Climbing out of bed and stretching like I did each morning, my cock stood straight out in front of me with my head glistening in the sunlight. I almost abandoned my plan to forgo masturbating but quickly threw on running shorts and went downstairs before I could change my mind. These shorts had a brief-style liner inside so I didn’t need to wear underwear normally. However, in my current state of arousal, you could make out every vein on the shaft through the thin shorts. I slipped on my shoes and socks and grabbed my headphones from the table by the front door.

I figured my blood would start to flow to my muscles as I ran which would deflate my cock so I just started running with a clear semi in the small shorts. No one was typically out and about at this time on Sunday mornings so I wasn’t too worried. I had just rounded the turn out of the neighborhood when I noticed a large black pick-up headed towards me. I recognized it instantly.

As it approached, I clearly saw James behind the wheel and my cock throbbed slightly even though I was full-on running at this point. He slowed to turn into the neighborhood and I could see him lift his sunglasses and check me out. He actually started laughing as his gaze traveled down and he saw my now throbbing erection on display for everyone to see. I thought I saw a wink before he disappeared behind my view and I continued my run. Eventually, my erection subsided and about 4 miles later I was coming back up the street towards home.

James was out in front of his, shirtless, mowing the lawn. He had sweat dripping down his body and he wore tight, short gray shorts. From the view of his back that I had I could clearly see he was wearing briefs. The sweat must have started soaking through the shorts because I could have sworn that I could see his briefs were blue. As he turned to move back across the lawn, he faced me and smiled. He quickly waved and put his index finger in the air then returned to mowing. I assumed he wanted me to wait before going inside.

I watched him finish the front part of the lawn. It was several minutes that I stood there watching him push the mower back and forth. His strong calves and muscular ass powered him along. The view was breathtaking. Every time he’d turn and face me the mower blocked most of my view of his lower body so I concentrated on his abs, chest, and face. He would smile each time as I disregarded common etiquette in public and ate this guy up with my eyes. He was clearly enjoying it.

Finally, he turned off the motor of the mower and it finally fell very quiet. He walked over to his truck and opened the passenger side door. He reached in and grabbed a box about the size of a shoe box. Then he started walking over towards me. Without the mower blocking my view, I had an excellent view of his lower body from the front as he made his way over. His strong thighs flexed with each step under the sweat-soaked gray shorts. My initial suspicion was correct in that he was clearly wearing blue briefs underneath. His package was hefty, to say the least, and I know I started to chub up. This guy was basically just in briefs, if you glanced quickly enough, in front of the neighborhood on a Sunday morning. He had balls, I’d give him that.

“Hey Parker, how are you today? Did you sleep well?” he said as he stopped a few feet in front of me. I had a hard time keeping my eyes above his waistline.

“Yeah…Uhm…I’m good,” I said having trouble finding words at all. “I slept well, thanks.”

“Good. That’s good. I thought you might after that impressive release you had,” he said. I was a little embarrassed as we were outside having a very private conversation but no one was around.

“Yeah,” Yakacık escort bayan I said laughing somewhat nervously. “Always puts me right to sleep.” I wanted to say it wasn’t as impressive as his and that I’d be willing to take it anywhere he wanted but I couldn’t find the guts at that moment. Here he was standing at least 4-5 inches taller than my 5’9″ frame and much more built. Not to mention he was covered in sweat, his muscles were bulging, and his framed junk was cupped nicely by his tight clothes. I was simply lost for words.

“I’m the same way, kid,” he said chuckling. “I picked something up for you but you can’t open it until I tell you. Do you understand?” His tone became slightly more serious with that last part. It was how I’d pictured him telling me to show off my ass through the window last night. My heart started beating faster. He extended his arm towards me holding the box out in front of him.

I reached for the box and said, “Yes, sir.”

I don’t where it came from but it just slipped out. It felt right. It felt natural. This was an alpha male, clearly more dominant than I was. I started to get embarrassed until I saw how much it pleased him. He smiled an almost wicked smile when he heard my response. It made me want to amuse him and please him more. He knew the sexual prowess he carried over me. I was weak-kneed and nearly speechless in his presence and he could tell.

“I’ll let you know when you can open it. And don’t even think about taking care of that before then,” he said as he pointed downwards. I followed his pointed finger to the rock-hard boner in my shorts. I instinctively put the box I was holding in front of my crotch to cover it as he just chuckled and walked away without waiting for a verbal response from me. I stood there stunned for a moment as I watched James unlock the mower and push it into the backyard. I was so horny I thought I might pass out. He disappeared behind the fence and I finally collected myself and walked towards my front door.

I stepped inside, walked through the living room to the kitchen, and placed the box down on the counter. I stared at it for several minutes thinking of what it might be. I tried gently shaking it but whatever was in there was secured and didn’t give away any obvious signs. I painstakingly pulled my attention from the box and went upstairs.

I peered out my bedroom window to watch James mowing his backyard. I began to lick my lips watching his strong, sweaty body but quickly realized I was only torturing myself as my balls screamed for release. As I leaned up against the window I caught a whiff under my arm. I needed a shower bad after the long run and nervous-sweating in front of James. I left the curtains pulled open while I showered but knew James was still in the backyard.


The day came and went and the warm glow of the sunset began to seep through the windows. I made myself dinner and was watching TV when my phone pinged. I had received notifications throughout the day and each time it happened my cock twitched slightly until I realized it wasn’t James. This time when I picked up the phone I wasn’t disappointed. On the screen read a message from James.

“Read the following instructions carefully and do only as I say. Bring the box with you upstairs to your bedroom. Pull your desk chair in front of the window, strip naked, and sit down. Await further instructions.”

My cock was completely hard before I even finished the message. I had been anticipating this all day and could not wait to see what was going to happen. I noticed that he only provided me with instructions. Yesterday he had initially asked if I was willing to do certain things. I guess that he had sensed my submissiveness. I had also addressed him as ‘sir’ earlier that day which ultimately sealed the deal on the roles in this relationship.

I got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen. With the box and my phone in hand, I walked up the stairs to my room. The sun had set completely by this point so I knew that James could already see into my room with the glow of the streetlights. My heart was pounding in my chest but I couldn’t have been more excited. I slid the desk chair over and centered it in front of the window just as he’d told me to do.

I set the box and my phone down on the chair and pulled my shirt up over my head. I threw my shirt onto my bed and didn’t waste any more time. I slipped my thumbs under the waistband of my underwear and shorts and pulled everything down at once. My hard dick slapped my abdomen with a splatter of precum. I threw the rest of my clothes onto the bed, picked up the box and my phone, and sat down on the chair facing the window.

My parted legs allowed a slight draft to flow across my balls, causing me to shiver slightly. I sat there with the box in my lap for several minutes. My dick leaned against one side of the box. I somehow resisted the urge to gently thrust my sensitive head against Escort Atalar it. But I was not confident in my ability to hold out much longer. Finally, my phone pinged, and the message that appeared simply read, “Turn on the desk lamp.”

I complied and quickly sat back down. The glow of the light bathed my naked body. I wasn’t able to see into his window at all and it was killing me. I wondered if he was in his underwear or if he was naked. Was he hard? Was he jerking off? My mind was racing when suddenly my phone rang. I looked down to see it was James. My hand trembled as I picked up the phone and held it to my ear.

“Hello Parker,” he said, his voice deep and sexy.

“Hello, Jame- Uhm I mean sir. Hello, sir,” I said stumbling over my words.

I could actually hear him smile before saying, “You are not required to call me sir. I like it and I’m glad you said it but it is not required. Your obedience, however, is required. Do you think you can obey me?”

The box luckily blocked his view of my cock because it was twitching uncontrollably just then, struggling for release. I was so incredibly horny that my mind became fogged to anything other than one thing. One task. Obeying James. I knew this could be a slippery slope and I had no idea how it would end but I decided to throw caution to the wind and I accepted my fate, whatever that may be.

“Yes, sir,” I responded with obedience.

“Excellent,” he said on the other line. “Put me on speaker and set your phone down on the window sill.”

I did what I was told and placed my phone down on the wide windowsill. It was almost like a ledge that you could sit on. I replaced my hands on the box in my lap and sat there awaiting his next instructions.

“You may now open the box,” he said. Having him on speaker made it feel like he was actually in the room. It was strange knowing he could see me so clearly and I was unable to see him at all. It was exhilarating.

I wasted no time following his directions. I quickly opened the box and nearly came hands-free when I saw what was inside. There was a large, flesh-colored dildo with a suction cup base. It was surrounded by several bottles of lubricant that wedged it in tightly which explained why I wasn’t able to discern anything from shaking the box earlier. I sat utterly speechless staring at this dildo in my lap. I estimated it was at least 7 inches long and a little thicker than my own cock which was leaking copious amounts of precum. My mind wandered to using it and what it would feel like to have it inside of me. Suddenly, James’ voice started through the phone and I was again reminded that I was not alone.

“I see the way you’ve looked at me since we met. You have a hunger in your eyes. I imagine you’ve thought about us being together. Touching, kissing…fucking,” he paused allowing that word to linger. I was so hot and struggling to keep my hands off my dick.

“I imagine you’ve had thoughts of what it would be like to feel my body, from my muscular arms and chest down to my washboard abs. I bet you’ve thought about wrapping your hands around my thick dick, sliding the foreskin up and down over the large head,” he continued.

A moan, or rather a sigh, involuntarily escaped my lips and I gripped the edges of the box tighter as my body screamed for release.

“Restrain yourself. You’re not cumming yet,” he said sensing my urgency. “Breath in and out slowly.”

I did as he said and felt a little more relaxed but no less horny. The silence was deafening and I moved to the edge of my seat anticipating his next words.

“I imagine you’ve had thoughts about sucking me off. About what it would be like to be filled with this thick meat,” he said while a slapping sound came over the phone that I recognized as the sound of a hard dick slapping against a muscle-hardened abdomen. It sounded slightly wet, sticky.

“And I also assume you’ve had thoughts, no wishes, of me fucking you?” he asked bluntly.

“Yes, sir,” I said, my hole quivering slightly as I formed the words.

“Good. I expect that if we are to take this relationship forward,” he continued. “Before you is a dildo I purchased for you. It is a starting point. When you are finally ready to take me inside of you, you need to be ready. Prepared.”

My head spun thinking about getting drilled by this guy. I think if I had tapped a finger on the frenulum of my penis, you know the super-sensitive part just below the head, I would have ejaculated instantly.

“Now, we will start with this one and work our way up until you are ready for the real thing,” he said, again slapping his dick up near the phone’s mic. “Place the dildo onto the windowsill using the suction cup to secure it.”

I reached for the dildo and held it in my hand for the first time. It felt heavy and thick, honestly bigger than anything I’d ever had in my ass before. I wasn’t a very experienced bottom. Most guys saw my tight, muscular body and 6.5″ dick and assumed Kadıköy escort I would top. They weren’t wrong and I loved topping. There was something so satisfying that came from watching your dick move in and out of someone all while causing them to moan in pleasure. I was once able to get a guy off without either of us touching his cock but that’s another story. Something about my hot neighbor, and this incredibly erotic situation, made me want to abandon my old ways and be a hole for his use.

I brought my focus back to the task in front of me. I set the box aside and leaned forward to place the dildo on the windowsill as directed.

“I see that you’ve been leaking,” James said. I looked down and saw that I had turned the box around when I set it on the windowsill so there was a large wet spot facing James’ bedroom. I lowered my head slightly, feeling a little ashamed that I couldn’t control my leaking member.

“Do not feel embarrassed,” he said recognizing my slump in posture. “I love how turned on you are. I am too.” I longed to see the masterpiece of a penis he was referring to and expected him to start slapping it again but there was just silence.

“Cover the dildo in lube. Be generous with it. If we are going to get you ready to take me we don’t want any injuries slowing down our progress,” he said.

I popped open a bottle of lube and poured it directly over the dildo then used my hands to spread it around. Eventually, my hands fell into a natural rhythm of stroking it like it was a real dick.

“That’s it. Stroke it nice and slow,” he said as I continued for a few moments.

“Good, now stand up, face the chair and bend over it,” he instructed. “Lube up your hole and spread it nice and wide for me.”

For some reason, this is the moment that it hit me fully what I was doing. I was butt-ass naked, hard as a rock, stroking a dildo in front of an open window. Luckily, there were large trees around the street that appeared to block other units from being able to view into the window. If someone happened to be walking up the path to James’ front door or if they were in between our units, they would be getting quite the show.

My hesitation lasted only a second and I stood up, turned around, and squirted a healthy amount of lube onto the fingers of my right hand. I reached back with my left hand to spread my cheeks apart and give him a good view of my pink pucker. I then used my right hand to spread the cool lube around. I slowly circled my sensitive hole with my fingers, moaning quietly as the nerve endings lit up my body. The silence on the phone was suddenly filled with the unmistakable sound of James stroking his dick. It was slow at first.

“That’s good. Get that hole warmed up,” he said seductively through the phone. I looked over my shoulder, trying fruitlessly to see into that room across the way that held the man of my dreams, stroking himself while watching me play with my ass.

“You’re doing great, Parker. Now, I want you to put a finger inside,” he said gently.

I pressed my index finger against my hole and slowly increased the pressure. It gently opened my hole until suddenly it popped in. I moaned unabashedly at that point, loving the internal pressure even if it was only one finger.

“Good man. That’s so hot,” James said filling me with pride knowing he was enjoying this. “Slide that finger in and out. That’s it. Nice and slow like that. Let that hole get used to it. You like that?” he asked.

“Oh yes sir,” I said, surrendering to his control over me.

“Slip another finger in alongside that one. Get that hole stretched and ready,” he said.

I slowly slipped my middle finger in and continued the in and out motion I had going. The increased pressure created more pleasure and I began moaning audibly with each thrust of my fingers. The sensation was overwhelming and I was, for a moment, caught in the feelings. My left hand absentmindedly drifted towards my aching cock that was releasing a continuous stream of precum.

James noticed and intervened before I was able to touch myself. “Did I say that you could touch your dick?” he said.

“No, sir,” I said as I moved my left hand back to my ass cheek to spread it apart. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out and the intermittent pressure on my prostate from my fingertips was dangerously close to pushing me over. I was riding the edge slowly, almost painfully, but also completely full of ecstasy.

“Good boy,” he said. “I think you’re ready. Make sure the dildo is still wet, add more lube again if you need to, and lower yourself onto it. I want you facing the chair and spreading that ass for me.”

I was very happy to comply with these instructions as my hole was aching for more. I allowed some more lube to drip down over the dildo then set the bottle aside. I squared my feet in front of the window, leaned forward slightly, and reached back to spread my bubble butt in preparation for what was to come next. I slowly lowered myself down until I felt the tip contact my quivering hole.

“There you go, buddy. Show me that beautiful ass,” he said. “Now, slowly allow it to enter you. Make sure you push out while going down. You want your hole to be relaxed and inviting.”

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