Harry and Ted

Big Tits

When I was a lad, I knew something was different about me, but had no clue what. When I reached puberty, I begin to discover things about myself. By the time I reach eighteen I knew I was gay.

I held these feelings strictly to myself. My family and friends were totally unaware. I was considered shy and a little backward, but nothing was ever said.

I masturbated quite a bit, which was normal for most guys my age. I think my mom may have found evidence of my masturbation, but again, nothing was ever said.

I graduated high school with honors and would attend our State University on half academic and half athletic scholarships. I was the Juniors Golf Champion at our Country Club. I was going to play for the State University golf Team.

It would be the first time I spent any time away from home other than short visits with my one of my Grannies.

I would live in a dormitory and share a room with another guy. The day I met him, I fell in love for the first time.

I was introduced to Harry Vardon who would be my roommate, and fellow member of the State University Golf Team, for the next four years. Harry was introduced to me, Ted Ray.

Harry always had a big grin on his face, while I was more on the shy side. His hearty hello and firm handshake sent cold chills through me.

“I’m sure we bursa escort will get along just fine,” said Harry.

A bit tongue tied, I quietly responded, “I think so too.”

Harry was loud and outgoing while I was quiet and shy. Opposites do attract science says.

I found Harry like to parade around the dorm room nude with his big cock and balls swinging between his legs. It was all I could do to keep from salivating.

Harry was over six feet tall weighing a solid 185 pounds. His flaccid thick cut cock was well over six inches. I would later learn it would grow to over nine inches. To say he was well endowed would be an understatement.

Me, on the other hand, was about four inches soft, and just under six inches when fully hard.

The only place I ever bested Harry was on the golf course. I was a scratch handicap and Harry was a 2. Harry used to joke, if he ever bested me, I would have to suck his cock. Little did he know, I would suck him for nothing.

Harry was super competitive and the fact, I maintained a lower golf handicap was a challenge to him. Harry was more athletic than me, but I had something he did not. I had a superior short game that helped me overcome his obvious advantages in length and distance. An old axiom in golf is: You drive for show, altıparmak escort but putt for dough.

Without my knowledge Harry hired a renown short game coach. By our sophomore year Harry had overcome his short game deficiencies and supplanted me as number one on the golf team.

It was not a big deal to me, but was a very big deal to Harry. In the dorm room, Harry jokingly said I owed him a blow job.

At first, I said, I had never agreed to such a deal. He feigned a big disappointment that I was not going to suck him. Would you believe, he still had no idea I’m gay. We had shared a dorm room for over a year and he had not detected I was gay. He was so full of himself, he just did not notice

That night I lay in bed listening to Harry masturbating, like so many times before. Harry was a serial masturbator but had always waited until he thought I was sleeping. I gave him no indication that I knew he masturbated almost every night.

This night would be different. I had finally screwed up the courage to take the initiative. Harry was so consumed with masturbating, he was not aware I had gotten out of bed, and was getting into his bed.

“Here let me take care of that,” I said.

Harry was tongue tied, and could not speak, as I took his cock in görükle escort hand, and put the head in my mouth. Harry could only moan as I engulfed his big cock.

When his cock reached the entrance to my throat, I relaxed my throat muscles and let his cock slide down my throat. I was deep throating the man I adored. Harry, overcoming his initial shock, began fucking my throat like a tight pussy, moaning and groaning as he did.

I was utilizing all the cock sucking skills I had acquired during the past year, as a closeted cocksucker. There was an underground of gay and bi people on campus.

While Harry was improving his short game golfing skills, I was learning to suck cock. My skills had greatly improved with much practice.

I loved sucking cock and eating cum, but this was my pinnacle I was finally sucking off Harry.

“Damn Ted, you’re a fantastic cocksucker, and you are going to make me cum” Harry yelled.

Harry delivered the first of what would become many loads of cum directly to my belly. He screamed so loud I was worried he would wake guys in other dorm rooms

From that time on, I sucked Harry almost daily. I would have him pull his cock from my throat and cum in my mouth so I could savor his cum before swallowing it.

Harry rationalized he did not have to be gay or bi to let me suck him off. You had to gay or bi to suck cock.

I tried to convince Harry to fuck me, but he figured you had to be gay to fuck a guy.

Overtime I convinced him you did not have to gay or bi to fuck a guy, you had to be gay or bi to let a guy fuck you.

Wanna hear about the first time he fucked me?

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