Jaffo the Asshole

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Jaffo the asshole

Jarod Ford – or Jaffo to his… oh wait, no, he didn’t have any friends.

He had acquaintances, people who put up with him, because it was easier than constantly brushing him off like an angry little mosquito

Consequently, he was a twisted and bitter little man, who took out all of his frustrations on anyone he perceived to be lower on the pecking order than him. This wasn’t many people since he was a low paid peon in a low paid job. He did, however, moderate a chat room on a forum, and he often took out his prissy little tempers on the members of the forum, grossly abusing his power whenever he could.

At thirty four, he still lived at home with his mother, and worked as a low level IT technician in a finance office. His job was to answer the telephone, go and collect defective peripherals and take out new ones. He had tried to get into second level support – where he would have actually had to do something with the computers, rather than just swap out hardware, but he didn’t have the technical aptitude for it, and so after less than half a day on the desk, he’d been busted back down to gopher. The only reason that he was still employed at all is that the company chairman, was banging his sister, who was his PA. He’d agreed to keep Jaffo on as long as she kept providing her services.

His time was running out though, because Jaffo’s sister was becoming a little ‘worn out’ and the chairman was starting to get a bit of a wandering eye. Melissa, his sister, was having to do increasingly perverted things to keep him interested. Jaffo knew that once Melissa was sent back to the ‘typing pool’ his days in the company were over.

The phone rang in Jaffo’s cubicle. He picked up and answered.

“IT, have you tried turning it of and back on again?” he said with a grin. He loved the IT crowd comedy show and thought it made him sound cool to hit that catchphrase every time he answered the phone. He even tried putting on the accent, but he sounded more like he was from Pakistan than Ireland.

“For fucks sake Jaffo,” said his boss Mary, “How many times have I told you. You answer the phone IT can I help you. Stop with that IT crowd bullshit.”

The grin left Jaffo’s face and his head dropped. He looked at the ground, even though Mary couldn’t see him.

“Sorry,” he mumbled.

“Grab a keyboard set and get upto the chairman’s office,” she said. “His is not working. Go now. and don’t fuck this up.”

Jaffo went to the store cupboard and got one of the deluxe cordless keyboard and mouse sets, and headed out. Had this just been for a peon they would have been cheap corded ones, but the C-Suite got the best tech.

He almost forgot to take of his ballcap. He’d got it at a rally he had been to. He’d actually tried to get to work on the election campaign for his hero, Donald, but his multiple applications had got him nowhere. His final one had been returned with a polite note asking him to stop sending them in. In the parcel was a Trump campaign pin and a MAGA ballcap, which was his prized possession. He was not allowed to wear it at work though, but he wore it at his desk down in the basement, where nobody ever came.

Jaffo’s cubicle was in the basement, and so it took him some time to get to the C suite which was a number of floors above him. As ‘support’ he was not allowed to use the express, public elevators, and had to use the antiquated freight elevator at the back of the building. Consequently it was almost twenty minutes before he knocked on the chairman’s door to deliver the keyboard.

“Enter,” came a voice from within. Jaffo opened the door and sidled inside.

“IT,” he said waving his keyboard around. “I have your new keyboard.”

“About time,” the chaiman said. “Ok Come in.”

Jaffo thought he heard a squeak coming from the direction of the chairman but he didn’t think that was the kind of noise that a chairman would make, so he put it down to maybe furniture or his own imagination. He walked bursa escort over to the desk, and saw the problem with the old keyboard immediately.

It was covered in a thick white viscous substance. Jaffo swallowed hard. He recognized that substance, although not in quite those quantities. It was spunk.

Tentatively, and trying not to touch any of the liquid, Jaffo moved the old keyboard and mouse, unboxing the new one, and placing it on the desk in the stead of the old one.

The chairman moved slightly and there was a slurping noise came from under his desk. Jaffo tried to make out that he hadn’t heard it.

He put batteries in the new keyboard set, and delicately, still trying to make sure he didn’t get any of the chairmans jizz on his hands, placed the old set into the box for disposal. All that was left to do was to swap out the USB receiver into the tower, and it was job done. The problem was that the tower, was under the chairman’s desk. There was no access from this side as the back of the desk went all the way to the floor. Jaffo would have to go around, and crawl under the desk. He gulped.

“I need to plug in this USB adaptor,” he said to the chairman.

“So?” asked the chairman, “What are you waiting for.”

Jaffo went around the desk and saw what he was trying to avoid seeing. The chairman had his trousers open, and his cock out. From what he could see of it the chairman’s cock was quite large and thick, but most of it was hidden, in the mouth of Jaffo’s sister, who was kneeling under the desk, topless and sucking on the chairman’s cock.

When she saw Jaffo, her eyes rolled and she grimaced. She was about to pull back off the cock impaling her face, when the chairman put his hand on the back of her head and pressed her down onto him.

“Keep going,” he growled, and then at Jaffo, “What are you waiting for?”

“I cant get…”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” said the chairman. “There’s plenty of room. Get on with it. Or should I call the head of IT and ask why one of their employees cant even swap out a keyboard?”

“No no,” said Jaffo. “I’ll get it done.”

He crawled under the desk trying hard not to look at his sisters bare breasts, or catch her eye as the chairman continued to plow his cock in and out of her mouth. She made wet slurping sounds and coughed and gagged on the engorged meat thrusting into her throat.

“Damn woman,” said the chairman, “Is that the best you can do? I’ve had 90-year-olds do better. In fact I’ll bet that your brother here could do better.”

Jaffo had made it to the tower now, and had swapped out the USB adaptor. He was trying to back out from under the desk, but there was something blocking him. He couldn’t turn around because of the confined space, and he couldnt see what it was.

“You know,” said the chairman, “Your brother has a better looking ass than you,” he said it in a conversational voice but the words sent chills up and down Jaffo’s spine.

There was a sting, in his ass cheek as the chairman slapped him. Jaffo yelped.

“Toned too,” said the chairman. “I’ll bet its a damn sight tigher than that worn out old shitter that you’re carrying around.”

Jaffo’s sister whimpered a little in shame, but continued what she was doing.

“For fucks sake,” said the chairman, “Stop already. You’re making my balls ache.”

She pulled off his cock with a pop. And sat back on her haunches, Jaffo was still jammed in beside her unable to move either forward or back.

“Fuck,” said the chairman, “Now I’ve got blueballs. What you going to do about that?” he asked Melissa. She looked up at him, not sure how to respond. The chairman leaned forward and slapped Jaffo’s ass again.

“Well,” he said. “If one sibling can’t get me off, perhaps the other might.”

Jaffo’s eyes widened in panic and he yelped again at another slap.

“What about it boy,” said the chairman – who was in his early sixties. “You going to help your sister altıparmak escort out? Or am I firing both of you?”

“Fire them both?” thought Jaffa. They couldn’t get fired. He only just earned enough to keep their house. Jaffo’s pay was just enough to supplement his mothers disability check – and pay the rent. Melissa kicked in money for food for her mother. They were barely scraping by. If they both got fired. They would lose everything.

The chairman slapped his ass again, this time giving it a long grope. Jaffa jumped, but for some reason a tingle of pleasure ran up his spine. He found that his tiny cock was actually getting hard.

“I..” he said, his voice muffled under the desk.

“What?” said the chairman. “I can’t hear you.”

“I’ll help,” mumbled Jaffo his face scarlet. He couldn’t look his sister in the eye.

“Pardon?” asked the chairman but then. “Never fucking mind.” He reached for his phone. And started dialling.

“Is that HR?” he said.

“ILL HELP!!” screamed Jaffo, terrified he was about to be fired. He’d tried so many times to get other jobs, he knew he wouldn’t be able to get another one if he lost this one, such as it was.

The chairman replaced the phone.

“Well,” he said.

Jaffo tried to crawl backwards from under the desk, but again h e was blocked. He had thought he might get away with giving the chairman a hand job – or perhaps at worst a blowjob, but no such luck.

“You’re fine where you are,” said the chairman. “Bitch, help him out.”

Melissa looked up at the chairman, for a second not understanding what he meant but the chairman slapped Jaffa’s ass once more, groped and then tugged meaningfully at his pants.

“oh” she said.

“No,” moaned Jaffa, but too low to be heard by anyone but him.

Melissa reached underneath Jaffo and undid his trousers. She then pulled them down easing them over his hips, bringing his grubby white y-fronts down with them.

His pale skinny ass was exposed, a couple of pink hand marks evident from the slaps.

The chairman slapped him again, and once more lingered with his hand on Jaffo’s ass.

“A bit skinny,” he said. “but at least it’s not lardy like his sister.” He hawked and spat, delivering a gob of slimy goo with remarkable accuracy just to the top of the crack of Jaffo’s ass.

“Work that in,” he ordered Melissa. Obediently she used her fingers to move the gob down the crack of his ass and began to rub it around Jaffo’s asshole. He trembled. Nobody else had ever touched him there, although he did use his fingers and sometimes his hairbrush on himself as he masturbated his micro penis. The feeling of his sisters fingers circling his anus had made his tiny cock hard and it was throbbing. He wanted to touch it, but was too embarrassed to do so.

The chairman hawked and spat again, once more with remarkable accuracy, landing the gob directly on his asshole. He jumped as the warm sticky fluid landed on him. Then he felt the chairman move.

He climbed out of his chair and knelt on the floor behind Jaffo.

“You better get me wet,” he said to Melissa. Without pause she once again engulfed his cock with her mouth, this time slathering it in her saliva. She knew that this wasn’t going to be easy for Jaffa, given the size of the chairman’s cock.

“Enough” said the chairman. “I’ve waited long enough already.”

He pushed Melissa to the side and then lined himself up, pressing the head of his cock directly on Jaffo’s asshole. He began to push forward, not brutally fast, but not exactly slowly either.

Jaffo whined as he felt the cock pressing against him. He initially tried clenching his ass, but the chairman slapped him again and he yelped one more time.

“Push out,” said the chairman. “Or I’ll rip you a new one” he laughed at his own joke but didn’t stop.

Jaffo, for fear of being split in two – did as he was told. The practice with the hairbrush paid off. Even though görükle escort it was nowhere near as thick as the chairmans’ cock – it had at least gotten him used to having something up his ass.

His sphincter unfurled, and with a sigh of pleasure the chairman sunk the first inch of his cock into Jaffo’s ass.

“Nice” he said. “Nice and tight. I knew you would be. You know, I might make you my regular morning fuck – at least until you get sloppy like your sister. What do you say boy? You want to carry on working here?”

Jaffo was struggling to breathe. The chairman had about half his cock up his ass now, and the pain of being so stretched out was intense. The problem was, he was finding that the pain, made his little cock even harder. It was throbbing with an intensity that he had never experience before. He actually thought he might cum. His face burned with the shame of it.

“I can’t hear you,” said the chairman delivering another stinging slap to Jaffos ass while pushing even further into him.

“Y-yes,” Jaffo mumbled.

“What?” repeated the chairman

“YES” yelled Jaffo as the chairman thrust forward and buried the final two inches of his cock in Jaffo’s guts.

“Yes what?” growled the chairman.

“Yes….Sir?” asked Jaffo uncertain but guessing correctly.

“Better, boy,”replied the chairman beginning to pull back ready for the next thrust. Despite what he’d told Melissa – he had been closing in on his second orgasm of the session (having dumped his first load on his keyboard by accident) Now his cock was in a hot tight asshole, his climax was rising again. He didn’t think he would last too long.

He thrust forward again. And Jaffo gritted his teeth. There was more pain, feelings of stretching and fullness, but also pleasure shot up his spine and down into his balls. His cock throbbed.

The chairman, approaching his own orgasm pulled back and then began to hammer into Jaffo. Ramming his cock into the younger man’s asshole over and over again. Jaffo began to whimper with need and pleasure and just at the chairman grunted and shot a thick sticky load up Jaffo’s ass – he too whined and a thin watery stream of cum dribbled out of his cock onto his pants that were bunched up under his knees.

The chairman held still for a few moments, his cock buried hilt deep in Jaffo’s ass as it twitched and pulsed, emptying the last of his seed into him, then pulled out. A river of cum drooled from Jaffo’s now gaping asshole once again staining the pants bunched up under his knees.

The chairman turned and thrust his softening cock at Melissa. “Clean it up,” he said. Once more without complaint she took the sour tasting cock in her mouth, licking it clean of the remnants of the chairmans cum and Jaffo’s ass juices.

The chairman stood and walked toward his private bathroom.

“Right,” he said. “Now fuck off. I’ll call you when I want you again. And you better not take so long to fucking get her next time. Ok?”

Jaffo, managed to crawl backwards out from under the desk, quiet farting sounds issued from his ass as more cum bubbled out. And fell onto the floor.

“For fucks sake,” the chairman said seeing this. “Clean that up. The only fucking useful piece of you is your asshole. So from now on, that’s your name as far as I’m concerned. Asshole. If I shout Asshole you shout yes sir understand?”

“Yes,” stammered Jaffo.

“Yes what, asshole?”

“Yes Sir,” said Jaffo. Another thrill of inexplicable pleasure running up his spine.

He pulled his pants up and staggered to his feet. There was a huge cum stain over the back of the legs, but he didn’t even notice it.

“Clean that up then fuck off” said the chairman indicating the puddle of cum on the floor. “I’m going for a shit.”

Jaffo did as he was told, cleaning the floor with some paper towels, and then made himself scarce, remembering to pick up the old keyboard, he went back down to his cubicle.

He initially thought to dump the keyboard in the waste, but then remembered. He smiled to himself as he sat at his desk, and opened the box, the scent of the cum that had spattered the keyboard assaulting his nose.

Jaffo the asshole inhaled deeply and then leaned forward, pushing out his tongue toward the mess still gumming up the keys.

The end.

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