Marital Sex


Marital sex isn’t as bad as people say…


“Not again!” Frankie cried, throwing the remote control across the room.

This was the third time in less than a week that the TV had frozen. Frankie was at her wits end.

“I swear, Gretchen! One more time and I’m throwing it outta the window!”

I smiled at her as I picked up the remote.

Frankie had always been a hot head. Short, stocky, muscular, she’s the epitome of butch. Just how I like her.

“You throw my TV out the window, Francesca, and you’re replacing it!” I muse, placing the remote on the coffee table.

“Babe, I’ve been telling you for weeks that we need a new set! This thing’s had it. And you know how I feel about you calling me Francesca!” Frankie griped, grabbing a magazine from the rack before slumping back down on to the sofa.

Of course, a broken TV meant we had more time for each other.

“What ‘cha reading?” I inquire cheekily, edging closer to the sofa where my gorgeous wife lies.

“Hm? Oh, just an XBOX review. ‘Ti’s quite good, being fair.”

“Oh really? As good as this?” I ask, pulling my t-shirt over my head to reveal the new, lacy bra I bought earlier.

Frankie looks up from her magazine and eyes me up and down.

“Nice… New bra?” She asks, smiling wide.

“Yep. Matching thong, too…” I smirk, hooking my thumbs in to the waistband of my jeans.

“Oh, well, don’t keep a woman waiting, will ya?”

Pulling me by my jeans, she pulls me on top of her.

I squeal as my wife bites my neck playfully. She always loves making me squirm.

“God, you’re beautiful!” She coos, flipping herself on top of me.

“How did I get so lucky?” She asks, checking out my body.

I smile shyly at her as she undoes my jeans and slowly pulls them off.

“My, my! You really have matched! This thong looks good on you… Although, it’ll look much better on the floor…” Without another word, she lifts my back up gently before removing the sheer thong with her teeth, flinging it to the floor.

“Oh yeah, so much better!” She sighs, spreading my legs apart to get a better view.

“You’re almost perfect!” She says teasingly. I’m about to retort when she pops my bra cups down, uncovering my breasts.

“There. escort bursa Perfect!” She breathes, blowing on my nipple to make it hard.

It feels so good that I groan softly and raise my breast to meet her mouth. She takes the hint and sucks my now erect nipple gently.

I feel her laughing at me as I begin to squirm around. I pout.

“N… Not funny…” I breathe, trying to maintain composure.

“It is. You’re cute when you squirm.” Frankie replies, giving my nipple a tug with her teeth.

A moan escapes my mouth as the pressure on my nipple registers. I can feel myself getting wet as my wife continues to wonderfully torture my breasts.

“Oh baby, look how wet you’re getting… Makes my clit throb just lookin’ at ya!”

I feel Frankie’s fingers exploring the edge of my outer labia. Teasing me. She’s the Queen of teasing.

I moan as she slips her fingers inside the folds, allowing them to feel the slick moisture within.

“Oh Gretch’! I love you, baby. Look a’ how wet your pussy’s getting!” Frankie exclaims, pulling her fingers out of my pussy to show me the glistening juice dripping down them.

I can’t speak with how horny I’m getting, so I just groan in need.

Frankie understands.

I feel her fingers tenderly exploring my folds again. She always has to tease me!

Gingerly she moves, like a cat preparing to catch a mouse. Circling the outside of my pussy until I’m drenched and wanton.

Just when I think I can’t take any more, she plunges her fingers in to my soaking, clenching vagina.

I cry out in bliss as my wife finger fucks my cunt. Soft and gentle at first, then faster as she gains confidence. She knows how to fuck me. We’ve fucked enough times to know.

She’s so good. My pussy’s on fire. I can feel the pressure building inside of me. The need to cum getting stronger and stronger by the second.

“Not just yet, baby!” I hear Frankie say. The fucking slows down, and I feel my body begin to relax a little, on the edge of orgasm.

“F…Ran…Kie… P…P… Ple…ase…” I beg, so close I can smell it.

“Soon babe, soon. I want to taste you first.” She replies, maneuvering herself between my thighs.

I soon bursa merkez escort feel her hot breath on my pussy. It sends a gorgeous shiver up my spine.

“Oh baby, your pussy looks so good!” She says, before placing her face in to the folds of my pussy and breathing deeply. “Yum, you smell amazing, too.” She adds, embarrassing me.

I feel her nuzzle my mound with her face.

Suddenly, her soft, rough tongue is on my exposed clitoris, lapping like a dog at water.

I moan loudly at the sensation, never wanting it to end but also knowing that I need to cum.

“Fr… Rankie!” I scream as I squirt all over my wife’s face.

The explosion inside my body reverberated the entire couch, saturating it in sweet pussy fluid.

Frankie licked and sucked at my cum-my mess, then lent over me, looking at my flushed face.

She smiled, triumphant. “I like the new underwear.” She announced, giving me a cum-filled kiss on the mouth.


If she thinks she’s getting away with that, she has another thing coming!

I grab a hold of her shirt and tear it off over her head, not bothering to undo the buttons. I want her. Not because I want to cum again, but because I want to give her the same feelings she’s given me.

She smiles and kisses me fervently. I ram my tongue inside her mouth. I can taste myself on her, and I love it. She massages my tongue with hers, and I feel her whole body reacting.

I know what my wife needs, and I’m going to give it to her.

I push her gently off me so I can move.

I unclasp my bra as it’s beginning to annoy me, and throw it to the ground, allowing my breasts to fall freely. Then I remove her jeans and underwear.

Naked, I leap from the sofa and bound across the room. In no time at all, I’m strapped in to my eight inch dildo, Joey.

Frankie’s eyes grow wide with surprise as I pull her on to the floor and mount her.

“Let’s find out how wet you are for me.” I say, sliding my fingers expertly inside my wife’s tight vagina.

As I thought, she’s dripping, obviously horny from the shagging she’d given me.

I smile wickedly at her. Even though she’s drenched, I’m a stickler for Lube.

I make a show of wanking bursa escort Joey for a second, coating him in lubricant from head to base.

My wife watches intently, mesmerized.

“You ready?” I ask, looking straight in to Frankie’s eyes.

She nods hungrily.

I take Joey’s head and place it just on the edge of her vagina. Frankie lets out a sigh as the feeling registers. I push the dildo inside, inch by inch, little by little, until finally, it can go no further.

My wife opens her eyes and looks at me, need evident in her eyes.

I smile lovingly at her as I begin to move. In, out, in, out. My wife’s screams of pleasure fill the house. I know she needs this. She loves it when I fuck her like this.

I feel her tight vagina clamping on the dildo, sending waves of pleasure throughout Frankie’s small body. I pull the dildo out til only the head remains, then pound it in to her as deep as it will go. Again and again, until she’s gurgling incoherently, her vagina squirting all over the floor.

I remove Joey from my wife’s pulsing vagina. He’s covered in her wonderful, white cum. Frankie’s eyes are closed, but I know she wants to cum again.

I open up her folds with my fingers and find her large clitoris. Using my thumb, I draw small circles over the nib, soft at first, then faster and harder. I feel Frankie’s body tense up, preparing to climax.

Her pussy is sodden, and she’s moaning loudly. I look up from my thumb and take in her ravishing body.

Her short, dark hair is messed up, her eyes scrunched tightly shut. Her face is flushed and there are beads of sweat on her forehead. Her one hand is grabbing the edge of the coffee table whilst the other grabs a hold of whatever it can. Two large, pale breasts bounce slightly with the movement of my thumb, her dark nipples protruding. She’s glorious.

I smile and increase my pace.

Within a few minutes, she’s cumming all over the floor. Her vagina gushes liquid as she cums with tremendous force. Her entire body clenches with the effort, and she lets out a howl of ecstasy.

My wife’s body convulses beneath me, and I feel her vagina pulsing, red hot after sex. I lean forward and kiss her brow, heavy with perspiration.

“I love you, baby.” I breathe, nuzzling my wife’s hair.

“I love you too.” She sighs back, contentedly.

I’ll give her a few minutes to come back down… Then we’ll start again… I don’t want to tell her I unplugged the TV!


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! Feedback is warmly welcome!

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