My BFF is a Lesbian Ep. 04


The girls had made love after the dinner with Mary’s parents. Gabby was delighted to have her best friend as now her lover too. Mary was still coming to terms with this new relationship. She did enjoy the things they did, but she knew she still wanted to have sex with a boy. Nevertheless they spent the afternoon teasing one another while dressing for their 70s Party. The change in their relationship had also come to the attention of Mrs Quinn. She was uncertain how to react to it. But it prompted her to think and feel things she had ignored for a long time.

On Saturday morning the girls were still naked from their lovemaking. Gabby woke first and laid admiring Mary’s sleeping body. She looked beautiful and Gabby slowly examined her recalling the sexy fun they had the night before.

Gabby couldn’t help allowing her fingers to find her pussy. She started to play with herself. She hoped Mary would feel as turned on as she was. But when she woke she seemed to have cooled again.

“Stop that. I’m starving let’s get breakfast,” Mary chided.

They dressed in the PJs they hadn’t slept in and dressing gowns and headed down to the kitchen. The house was quiet. It was still early.

“Your mum and dad are still in bed?” Gabby asked the unnecessary question.

“Probably, they’ll have been shagging half the night,” Mary offered grumpily.

“Your dad’s a lucky man,” Gabby stated brightly.

“Fuck sake, you perving after my mum now?” Mary snipped, “She’s not a fucking lesbo, you know. In case you haven’t noticed she likes dick!” she ranted.

Gabby was a little hurt but let this pass and they prepared their cereal and orange juice. They sat at the breakfast bar eating in silence. Mary finished first and took her bowl to the dishwasher.

“You done?” she indicated Gabby’s bowl.

“Thanks,” Gabby acknowledged.

As Mary reached around to take the bowl she hugged Gabby leaning against her back. As she released her embrace Gabby swivelled round to face her. They looked into each other’s eyes and Mary leaned in to kiss her. The kiss was passionate and recalled the night before.

As she pulled back she whispered, “Sorry Babe, you know I’m a grumpy bitch in the Morning.”

“I know,” Gabby smiled, watching her dispose of the breakfast things.

Moving back to Gabby Mary continued, “I do love you. It’s just confusing. I know I’m not a lesbian like you,” then she grinned, “but you do give really amazing orgasms.” Both girls giggled, their foreheads touching.

“So do you.”

At this they kissed again, their tongues finding each other and savouring the contact.

“Let’s go upstairs again,” Mary urged her.

Holding hands they turned to leave the kitchen just as Mrs Quinn entered.

“Morning girls,” she called, “What’s the rush?” as they sped past her.

“Sorry Mum, got things to do.”

They held hands all the way up to Mary’s room. Closing the door behind them they flew to the bed and stripped off their dressing gowns as they went.

“You think your mum saw us kissing?” Gabby asked breathily as they clambered onto the bed.

“No. Don’t care if she did. Get your clothes off.” This Mary was a complete contrast to the one who had worried about her mum seeing them hugging. But Gabby didn’t care, she liked this new Mary.

Naked now they writhed together on the bed, kissing and running their hands all over one another. Mary rolled on top of Gabby and straddled her thigh. She was rubbing her pussy on Gabby’s leg. It felt good. She wanted to cum again. She wanted her beautiful lesbian friend to make her orgasm like she had the night before.

They kissed hard and Mary rode Gabby’s leg. It was lovely. But it wasn’t enough. She needed more. “Will you lick me and finger me, Babe, please? No wait, will you use the brush again please.” Mary’s brow creased, “I need it, please.”

Gabby didn’t hesitate to obey, she was just too happy to do what Mary asked. She ran off to find the hairbrush that was now their sex toy. It was still on the floor by the sofa where it had been put to this use the night before. She thoughtfully ran to the bathroom to rinse it clean. As she returned with it Mary rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide. She was playing with her pussy and looking at gabby, “Please Babe.”

Gabby knelt between Mary’s spread legs and her mouth found Mary’s pussy. For the next several minutes she licked and fingered Mary who laid back gasping and writhing.

Mary was in ecstasy, she had moved past thinking of this as weird. She just loved that she was having sex. The fact that it was her best friend making her feel this way was almost irrelevant. She had always known that she was a sexual person. Ever since she was aware of sex as something she would experience as she grew-up she was enthralled by it. She read about it, she even had the odd sneaky peak at porn, but it scared her in case her parents somehow knew she was doing that. So she never looked for long.

She had always imagined taksim escort sex with boys and men when she masturbated. She loved the feeling of being penetrated. Discovering that her hairbrush could do duty as an imaginary penis was a breakthrough. She can hardly remember what inspired her to do that. But it changed her routine. She would slowly insert the smooth handle into her pussy as she played with her clit. It always worked a treat to make her orgasm. Of course she had shared this little secret with Gabby soon after her discovery. Gabby had giggled with her at how naughty it was. She never dreamed that she would get to manipulate the plastic phallus for her friend. But here she was, the brush in her hand again, making deep thrusts and urging her towards orgasm with the combination of licks and penetration. Christ Mary thought, ‘I love this.’ Out loud and between breaths she softly encouraged, “Fuck, yes… oh shit Babe… yes… yes.”

Gabby felt the heat rising in her friend’s pussy and suddenly she gasped and curled up pushing Gabby away as her orgasm surged through her body. The brush slid slowly from her quivering pussy. She laid trembling and breathing hard for a few minutes and Gabby just wrapped herself around her and drew her into and foetal hug.

Gabby was now really turned on. She squeezed her thighs together and rocked gently. Mary realised her friend needed to cum too.

Partly she wanted to sleep, but she turned around to kiss gabby and murmured, “Thank you, that was lovely. You need to cum now too?”

“Yes please,” Gabby grinned.

“What would you like me to do?” Mary’s question through her dreamy state was a little half hearted.

Gabby read the signals and suggested, “Maybe your fingers, or your mouth please?”

“My fingers, Babe. OK?” Mary was clearly not feeling as adventurous as she had been the night before.

But Gabby would take whatever she was offered, “Yes please,” Gabby smiled. She rolled onto her back and Mary turned around to cuddle her.

As they kissed Mary played her fingers through Gabby’s bushy pubes and found her clit. She started making slow circles and Gabby encouraged her with gasps and soft moans. Mary soon found her pace and made firm circular movements of Gabby’s clit while pressing down with her middle three fingers.

Their kisses were deep and urgent on Gabby’s part. Her right hand came up to hold the back of Mary’s head. The flat of her tongue met Mary’s and it seemed like she wanted to pull her into her mouth, to consume her totally.

Mary could sense the raw lust of her friend. The kisses had a new intensity. It excited Mary to be so utterly desired. She could feel Gabby’s hips moving in concert with her fingers. She was clearly desperate to orgasm.

“You really want this don’t you,” Mary broke the kisses to tease her, just to inflame Gabby further.

In answer Gabby’s hand pressed Mary’s mouth back down onto hers. The aim was slightly off and the result was a slightly misplaced kiss in which their mouths and tongues met off centre.

“Mmm yesss,” Gabby was almost incoherent but guided Mary’s head so her mouth circled hers. Mary got the idea that Gabby liked the messy kissing and proceeded to treat her to more lapping kisses with a broad flat tongue. She tracked around her mouth and chin, then around her jaw and neck. Occasionally sucking the sensitive skin into her mouth before releasing it and licking to the next spot. Gabby loved this and rolled her face this way and that as if directing Mary to each new spot. Throughout this Mary kept up her swirling fingers on Gabby’s hot and increasingly slick pussy.

It didn’t take long for the orgasm to arrive and Gabby gave in to a hot rush of pleasure. Her insides shuddered and surged to each wave of her climax. Her throat and face blushed pink, partly from the heat of her orgasm and partly from the intense assault of Mary’s kisses. It was wonderfully satisfying. They embraced and kissed softly this time and murmured declarations of love as they both drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile in the kitchen

Mrs Quinn had watched the girls rush past. A few moments earlier she had entered the kitchen but instantly drew back. She was sure they were kissing. Was she seeing things? She wasn’t certain what she saw. After all, the girls are always hugging and kissing. But this seemed… she didn’t know, but seemed different. She shook her head to rid it of the confused thoughts. “Emily Quinn,” she scolded herself. “Stop imagining nonsense. The girls are just having fun. It’s just how they are.”

Over an hour later Mr Quinn had left to play golf. Mrs Quinn was showered and dressed and she noticed the girls were silent. She knew they had plans for the day and so decided to check on them. She knocked quietly but opened the door without waiting for a reply. She saw them lying on the bed. They were naked and in each other’s arms. Quickly she retreated and closed the door again as softly as she could. beşiktaş escort

‘Maybe they were…,’ she thought. But didn’t know what to think. She found herself making excuses for them, such as they were tired, they needed another sleep. It’s hot in the house. But the sight of the naked girls embracing on the bed combined with the near certainty that they had been kissing when she entered the kitchen made her think there was more to this. But surely not? They talked about boys and they seemed so ‘normal.’ No, that wasn’t the right word. Girls these days are different. So bold and brave. Not like when she was their age.

For the rest of the day she couldn’t get the sight of the girls out of her mind. She thought about talking to them, but decided against it. After all they were 18, it was their life, whatever they choose to do.

These thoughts made Emily Quinn think of something she hadn’t thought of for a long time. Actually it made her think of someone. While at Queen’ she had shared rooms with Eimear Kelly. Eimear was brilliant a gorgeous, curvaceous, redhead, full of fun and vitality. They had long since lost touch but Emily and Eimear had been really close. Almost as close as Mary and Gabrielle. Emily had adored her. Now she wondered if she should have been brave and bold too.

Going out

Later that afternoon the girls prepared for their evening out. They had planned the most outrageous outfits for the 70s Night. All their friends from school would be there. It was going to be so good and they wanted to look amazing.

They had searched on-line and found colourful floral blouses, pleated skirts, knee length platform boots and other colourful accessories. They had also planned 70s big hair and they had researched disco era make-up. They were determined to make an impact.

As was often their habit they were having a few drinks as they got ready. They had snuck a small bottle of vodka to Mary’s room and had mixed it with their favourite still lemonade. They were taking little shots of this as they made their preparations. The drink was actually very dilute but the alcohol was still having an effect and making them giggly and excitable.

They had taken turns in the shower and now Mary was standing at the bathroom counter doing her hair. She was wrapped in her towel. As Gabby stepped out of the shower she reached for her towel and started to dry her body. Mary was looking at Gabby in the mirror. Once more she admired her womanly shape, her beautiful boobs, figure and her sexy legs. Mary was a little envious of Gabby’s womanly curves and thought she was boyish in comparison.

“God Babe, you are really gorgeous you know that,” Mary offered the generous compliment.

Gabby was delighted by this and did a little spin on the spot for Mary to get a full view. “Seriously, though Babe, you could be a model or something.”

“So could you,” Gabby stepped to Mary’s side, “You are like a real model. I’m like a fat heifer,” to make the joke she lifted her boobs and jiggled them and made a “mooo!” They both squealed with laughter at this.

Mary then dropped her towel and cupped her smaller breasts and copied Gabby, but to make the joke about her smaller size she made a high-pitched, “moooo!”

This caused another explosion of laughter. Gabby hugged her and as the laughing subsided she said, “I love your boobs.”

“Well give them a little kiss then.”

Gabby bent to Mary’s breasts and planted little kisses all around them. Mary’s nipples stiffened and she closed her eyes and savoured the sensual touch. Gabby kissed her way up Mary’s neck and found her mouth and they fell into a passionate kiss, sucking ever so gently on each other’s tongues.

Mary was feeling amorous. She felt that she needed to reassure Gabby, “Gabby, Babe, sorry I didn’t lick you this morning. I just didn’t…” she didn’t know how to describe her feelings.

Gabby knew and wanted to reassure her, “It’s OK. I just love everything we do.”

“But you would like me to lick you more, wouldn’t you? And I will, I promise. Just need a little more time.”

“I know,” they kissed deeply again then Gabby added, “Of course, I’d love it. But only when you really want to do it. You are so beautiful I’m just happy to be around you.”

“Perfect, so let’s just go back to being friends and forget this lezzy shit,” Mary teased grinning at Gabby.

“No way… you’re my precious now,” Gabby made a pathetic attempt at a Gollum voice, They both giggled but kept kissing and Gabby’s hand moved down across Mary’s tummy and soon her fingers threaded through her dark bushy pubes. At the first touch of Gabby’s fingers on her pussy Mary trembled as her knees gave way slightly. As Gabby’s tongue played with Mary’s, her fingers played with her labia and clit.

Mary gave a shudder and gently pushed Gabby back, “Stop it Babe,” immediately registering Gabby’s look of disappointment, “We can play with each other tonight. It’s just etiler escort that if you start now I won’t be able to resist you and we’ll never be ready.”

This promise satisfied Gabby for now and they resumed their preparations. They remained naked as they stood side by side. Given their intimacy, there was little motivation for either to cover-up.

Shortly Mary admitted, “Between the shots and you interfering with me I’m really fucking horny now,” she grinned at Gabby in the mirror, did a little hip-swaying dance and squeezed her thighs together to emphasise the epicentre of her problem.

Through her giggles Gabby responded,” Well you know I’m game.”

Mary immediately slipped into a mocking impersonation of their PE teacher’s strong Irish accent,” Ah aren’t you just the game girl Gabrielle Dwyer, ” continuing the mimicry, “well now, how game are you? Are you game enough to just drop down here and give me 20? Go’an now, I want to see 20 sit-ups. Right here, right now!”

Gabby played along and got down and started doing sit-ups, but after just two this non-sporty girl was running out of steam and fell back laughing.

Mary continued her impression, “That’s no good at all Miss Dwyer, I want more. Give me more or I’ll sit on yea, great lump.”

Laughing she dropped down with her knees either side of Gabby’s body and leant over to kiss her friend, “Is that all you can give me,” the impression tailed off as she leaned to kiss Gabby, “You know you’re not really a ‘great lump’. You’re so sexy. I can’t resist you and I’m not even a lezzy!”

“I think you are just a wee bit of a lezzy.” They shared another kiss.

“What! How dare you,” Mary mocked, “I am not. At least I wasn’t until you corrupted me.”

“I can’t wait until I can ‘corrupt’ you some more tonight,” Gabby pulled her in for a deep kiss.

Making an innocent face Mary encouraged, “Maayybee,” drawing out the word, “we can just have a quick little play for a minute?” Mary’s request was soft and earnest.

“Yes please,” Gabby’s face lit-up, she couldn’t believe that Mary was being so forward. But then she surprised her even more.

“Let’s sixty-nine then,” Mary suggested brightly. Gabby exhaled a sharp laugh of delight, but she lay back enthralled as Mary rapidly rearranged herself over Gabby.

Mary presented her pussy to Gabby who eagerly started to softly lick, “Oh Babe,” was all Mary could say.

Gabby raised her knees and opened her legs. Mary looked down at the radiant auburn bush in between. Fuelled by the shots and her arousal Mary bent to place her head between Gabby’s thighs and licked the silky folds of her pussy. She was still adamant that she wasn’t a lesbian. But these experiences were just too good to pass up. She thought about the bossy athletic girls at school who think they are all that. But she thought that she was already more experienced than any of them.

Gabby was in heaven. Mary was sitting on her face and had her head between her legs. They were licking each other. Gabby loved giving pleasure to Mary and she was thrilled that Mary seemed so into their new relationship. She could have happily stayed in that position until they both came. But suddenly Mary gave her thigh a gentle bite and declared an end.

“Oh come on Babe, we’ll never be ready at this rate,” Spinning round she bent down to kiss Gabby. Their lips tasted of one another, which only added to their lust. But Mary was insistent, “Come on Babe, you can shag me tonight.”

This made them both laugh and as Gabby slowly rose to her feet she corrected, “I’m not sure what we do is really shagging,” getting up she continued, “But I like it whatever we call it,” Gabby didn’t really need to confirm this.

Mary picked up on this, “Really, glad you mentioned that. I couldn’t tell from the way you keep accosting me!”

They gathered themselves up and returned to their preparations. They finished doing their hair and started on the make-up. Gabby made a joke by applying a heavy coating of bright pillar-box red lipstick and taunting Mary, “Give us a kiss,” she pouted at her.

“Kiss my ass,” Mary retorted swinging to present her bare bum to Gabby who bent to plant a kiss on her right cheek, leaving a perfect imprint of red lips.

“Wow, Babygirl you should get a tattoo like that, it looks amazing.”

Mary swivelled to admire her bum ‘tattoo’ in the mirror, “I’m leaving that there so you can think about it all evening and imagine kissing my ass tonight,” she gave Gabby a kiss on the lips then deliberately smeared the lipstick across her face with the palm of her hand.

This caused an explosion of laughter as they battled to smear each other’s faces with lipstick. After a few moments, Gabby who is stronger had managed to rub her mouth over Mary’s face. Still laughing, they admired themselves in the mirror, and agreed that they looked like ‘extras’ from a Batman/Joker movie.

“Shit Babe we really need to get ready now, it’s nearly five o’clock,” Mary was a little serious.

They cleaned themselves up and started again to do their make-up. This time they finished the job. They both looked brilliant. Like disco queens. They helped each other with final touches around their eyes and some clever blending. The finished products looked very professional.

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