My High School Reunion


I walked into the old high school gym for my 10-year high school reunion. I took a look around and didn’t see anyone I wanted to talk to, I walked to the bar, grabbed a drink and found a table in the corner. I sat and watched my former school mates pass by. Some gave me a once over glance but not a one of them remembered me. Then I saw her. Christy Lang was still beautiful; she was wearing a simple violet shift. I watched as she walked to the bar, got a drink and searched the room for a seat. Seeing a free seat at my table she walked over and smiled and asked…

“Would you mind if I sat with you?”

“No, not at all, have a seat.”

She smiled as she sat down and I noticed she was scanning the crowd, but she had her head down just a bit as if she was hoping not to be recognized. Although I knew who she was I couldn’t think of a good way to break the ice so I simply asked her…

“Your Christy right?”

She turned to me and did a double take and then responded…

“Yea…That’s right…”

Smiling at her I told her…

“I know you’re trying to figure out who I am. Am I right?”

“Just a bit…There’s somethin’ bout you but I just can’t put my finger on it…”

I smiled as I watched her try to figure out who I was. Finally I asked her…

” So do you want to guess who I am or should I just go ahead and tell you.”

“Was it Home Economics? Or maybe Gym…”

“Home Economics, Gym and English.”

“Oh please tell me so I can feel the idiot…”

“Tell you what, why don’t I give you a hint…”

She was still trying to figure it out as she said…

“English too?? Hmmmmm.”

Then it dawned on her…

“Jessie? You sat in front of me…”

I smiled and said…”Yes it’s me, I sat in front of you in English, had a locker next to yours jr. year.”

“Oh my goodness… how are you? God you look damn good…” She exclaimed.

” I’m good and thank you.”

“I dropped my history book on your foot…”

“Yea my toe was swollen for a week.”

“You as you always did look great.”

“Thanks but I didn’t think so… You really want to be here or would you like to go outside and talk a bit? This music is wreaking havoc on my senses…”

“Yea I know what you mean, I wasn’t too fond of this music back then and now it’s just irritating.”

I said as I rolled my eyes. I stood up and adjusted the green blouse and black skirt I was wearing. She smiled as she watched me get up; she finished off her drink, stood and adjusted her dress. She said…

“It’s beautiful outside this night…”

“Yes it is.”

I stood to the side and waited for Christy to take the lead. Smiling she walked outside turning to look over her shoulder every now and then to make sure I was behind her. As we walked out she called to me…

“Come on Jessie come look at the moon.”

I walked behind her watching her sexy ass sway. Before I knew what I was saying the words fell out of my mouth.

“Oh I’m looking at the moon and it is very nice.”

She laughed and turned to look at me and said…

“Aye that is a very expensive moon too…If you’d rather just go I can get my driver to come around…”

I smiled and blushed a bit before responding…

“Sorry, ummm no we don’t need your driver, lets just talk a bit.”

She laughed again and said…

“Its okay Jessie… I wasn’t gonna do anything… I hate these gatherings… There are tables over here…”

Christy sat down and looked out over the moon. I sat down next to her and said…

“I don’t even know why I bothered to come back … I should have just stayed gone.”

“Jessie… no.. Don’t ever say that. You were smart… you were going places. My looks are what got me out of here…”

“Yea I got out cause I got a scholarship, I have been gone from this town for 10 yrs and I get an invite to come back and here I am…back in high school.”

She kinda hung her head and said…

“I won’t even say how I got out… I’m not proud of it… You were always smart and pretty and I was such a mean person and I am sorry…Look at you… What degree did you get? Where did you go? Did you get married? Kids?”

“Christy you were one of the few “popular kids” that actually spoke to me and was kind of nice.”

“Not from what I remember…”

“I have a degree in creative writing and photography.”

Sighing she leaned against the wall and began talking.

“I don’t get to do stuff like this… not since high school… I’ve not had a night to myself… for myself in so long I Can’t remember… Creative writing ’tis good and photography I’m picking that up…”

“Really? I love photography. I did get married but it only lasted 2 yrs, no kids. What about you? Did you get married any kids?”

“I’m into photography because of my job… You didn’t hear about that whole Orlando Bloom thing… no, no kiddos though I want one badly…”

I was a bit confused…

“No what Orlando Bloom thing?”

She pulled out a wedding picture and said…

“It was a freak thing and aksaray escort it lasted five years… ONLY cause he was off on his movies I was off on mine…”

“Oh that’s right you are in movies now, I think I saw one of your movies.”

She nodded and said…

“Afraid so…I’m afraid to ask which one…”

“You were in ‘secrets of the heart ‘ or something like that right?”

Christy started laughing hard and said…

“The Ewan Macgregor one… Yeah.”

Laughing with her…

“Yea my roommate rented that one night…she has a HUGE crush on you. It was actually a pretty good movie.”

“I’ll take that as a complement… as I do really prefer the ladies… Pretty Good? Gods I hate that one… though Ewan is pretty hot and a damn good actor…”

“Well i’m not much on love stories, now I love a good murder mystery. Or anything that Sandra Bullock does.”

Christy chuckled and said…” Sandra… yeah.”

“But I don’t get much time to watch movies with my job. Too busy running around trying to get the right pic of the right person for the story.”

“That’s understandable… What is your job?”

“Ohhh I’m a reporter/photographer for Country Weekly.”

She smiled and said…”good press…I know that one… same here… I am to the point I hate movies… ”

“Yea they pay good, I get to meet lots of celebrities. And it gives me a slight inside track to my goal.”

“Which is?”

“To be a singer songwriter.”

“I know people…”

“Oh I know a few ppl…and when I get back to TN i’m scheduled to make a demo for some big wigs.”

Christy stood up quickly and silently moved a little bit further down the walk and gazed out over the canyon. She was silent a few moments before she spoke again.

“It is always so pretty up here… I’ve forgotten… Or maybe I didn’t have time to look before.”

She pulled her hair over her shoulder she closed her eyes and basked in the moonlight, listening to the waterfall down the waterfall. Then she said in almost a whisper…

“So very pretty…”

I walked up beside her and said…

“Yea I used to come up here all the time when I was sad or upset.”

“I would have liked that luxury I wasn’t allowed to be sad, or depressed, or to frown. I wasn’t allowed to be anything except what I was told. You know I wanted to be a nurse…”

“No really? My parents wanted me to be a doctor, they wanted me to follow in my dads footsteps.”

Nodding she turned to look at me…

“Aye… a nurse… could you imagine…but a doctor that would have been something.”

“You would have made a good nurse. Yea well they freaked when I told them I wasn’t interested in medicine. So why didn’t you become a nurse?”

“This called to me and it was fast money…fast money for a dirty habit…”

“I always thought acting would be great, glamours even.”

“Yeah… if you can find a good way to stay awake and full of energy.”

“Yea I imagine it does take a lot out of you.”

Watching me she grew quiet again. I turned to her and asked her if she would like to go get some coffee somewhere.

“Sure…if you want.”

I started walking towards the parking lot; Christy just followed me silently, mumbling to herself. I looked over my shoulder at her and called out laughingly…

“Hey you! Quit staring at my ass and come on.”

Blushing at being caught staring she hurried to catch up with me.

Christy looked at me and said…

“You are a sweet heart and a minx now take me to this place… before I change my mind and get my car…”

I opened the passenger door for her and went around and got in. She smiled and said thank you as she got in.

“Do you know if Gordy’s is still open?”

She shrugged and said…

“I was sleeping when teddy drove through town.”

“Ok, I guess we’ll find out.”

“I’m sorry Jessie… I just didn’t bother to look I didn’t think I’d meet anyone.”

“No big deal. I think I still know the way…after all it is only 3 miles from where I used to live.”

Christy laughed and said…

“Bet you don’t know where I lived.”

I turned to look at her and smiled as I said…

“Bet I do.”

Shaking her head she said…

“I told people one place but it was a lie…”

I looked at her seriously and said…

“You lived exactly 5 houses down from where I lived. The house was blue with black shutters.”

She quirked a ‘raven brow’ at me, and said…

“You win… pick your prize.”

“I worked in the office at school and I gave your lil sister a ride home one day.”

“Hmmm do I get anything I want?”

“Anything you want and that’s cool. Amanda never said you brought her home the brat.”

“Yea I kinda asked her not to tell you.”

I pretended to think about what I wanted. Then as we pulled into the parking lot of ‘Gordy’s’ I told her what I wanted.

“Hmmm I think I’ll take…an autograph.”

Christy raised the other eyebrow to meet the already raised one. Smirking at me she asked… escort bayan

“An autograph? Where would you like it?”

I wanted to see how far she would go so I unbuttoned the first 3 buttons on my blouse and pointing towards my cleavage and said…

“How about right here.”

“Lots of places there.”

She pulled a sharpie marker pen from her purse.

I smiled and asked her what she was waiting for. She smiled and cupped my right breast and held it firmly as she scrawled…’Christy Bloom…For my first fan.’ Then she asked…

“How’s that?”

I looked down.

“I can’t believe you just signed my tit… Laura is never going to believe this. She didn’t believe me when I told her I went to school with you.”

Christy started laughing really hard and then she said…

“I…I… I’m sorry…”

I gave her a quizzical look and asked what she was sorry about. She responded that she was sorry for her fit of laughter. As I was buttoning up my blouse I said.

“Ahhh don’t worry bout it. Now how about that cup of coffee?”

“Coffee would be good before I make an utter ass of myself…”

“As long as it looks as good the rest of you I don’t see what the problem would be.” I said giving her a wink.

We walked into the diner and grabbed a both in the back. She smiled and said it was a nice booth.

“This is possibly the only thing I miss about this town”

It’s a beautiful place… I like it. Didn’t even know it was here.

She pulled the sharpie back out and pulled a napkin from the dispenser. I watched as she scribbled her name and number on the napkin.

“Give me a call anytime… I’ll come see you.”

I took the napkin and tucked it into my cleavage and told her I would. She laughed lightly and then said…

“You truly are beautiful. So tell me about where you live now.”

“Well I live downtown Nashville in a 2 bedroom apartment.”

“Very nice.”

“I share the apartment with a girl I met when I first moved to Tennessee.”

“Nice… She a good girl?”

“Yea she’s a sweetie.”

“I’m happy for you… I live with three cats.”

“I think one of the biggest reasons she and I get along is cause i’m hardly ever home. And that’s also the reason we aren’t lovers anymore…go figure.”

I laughed and said…”when she sees this napkin she’s gonna freak.”

She just sat there staring at me for a few minutes, before she said…

“Too much… I’m always impressed by my fans.”


” Never mind… How they react… are they screamers… pullers… gropers… groupies… Its all good…”

I leaned across the table took her hands in mine and simply said…

“If you want to know something about me just ask. I’m an open book.”

“I wouldn’t know where to start.”

She said as she rubbed the sides of my hands with her thumbs. I stared into her eyes.

“Start anywhere. Anything you want to know.”

“Well are you happy where you are?”

“Yea I like my job I like my roommate. The apartment and the neighborhood leaves a lil to be desired but it’s all good.”

“Then that is all I need to know… honestly you are happy.”

“Yes I’m happy…are you?”

“Well anytime you wanna visit LA come on out.”

“Actually i’m going to be in LA next week.”



“Then stay in my house… I have plenty of room you won’t have to rent anything.”

“I’m covering the premier of the new Reba McEntire movie.”

“Then I am close.”

“Really? Are you going to be at the premiere by chance?”

“Yes really… I always mean what I say. Yeah… Orlando and I had all ready planned for it and can’t pull out now… Unless you would like to go with him.”

“No that’s quite alright, besides I’m going to be working. I’m finally going to get to meet my long time idol.”

“Which is? Reba I’m guessing.”

“Yea, over the years i’ve taken dozens of pics of her.”

“Then come with me and Orlando… we are having dinner with her afterward.”


“Aye… his sister Sam is just as infatuated with her.”

“Great! So what about you miss thing…when am I going to hear about you doing a big movie premiere of your own?”

“A movie premiere… When hell freezes over and the feud between me and nummy is over I’m sure they will give me a good flick with an awesome premier.”

“Well as soon as that happens…you let me know and I’ll be there.”

“All right.”

I looked at her for a few moments before I got the nerve to tell her what I’ve been trying to tell her all night.

“I want to tell you something, something that i’m sure you had no idea about. But you have to promise not to laugh at me.”

“Go on. Laugh? I don’t laugh at anyone.”

“In high school I had a major crush on you. I used to fantasize about being with you.”

“Really?” She asked blushing slightly.

Blushing as well I said…”yea, the whole 4 years.”

“That’s awesome.” She said with a big smile.

“You think me having a crush on you escort in school is awesome?”

“Darlin… I’ve always been saying a little bit after women.” She said with a nod.

“So if I had had the nerve to tell you when we were in school what would you have said?”

“I probably would have dated you no problem.”

“Yea right!”

“You don’t believe me?”

“No I don’t.”

“I don’t know. I mean face it Christy you barely even knew who I was in school.”

“There has to be something… I did know who you were… who else in that damned room remembered your name let alone any classes they took with you. Jessica… I knew who you were… what perfume your preferred and I loved that tank top dress you used to wear.”

I stared at her with my mouth open.

“I- I never knew. I mean I was such a geek.”

“I had no intention of telling anyone. I thought I Was alone… look it how small this town was is. You were a very pretty geek… you have natural beauty. I looked forward to gym just so I could see you.”

I leaned back and told her thanks.

“Your welcome.”

“God I wish I would have known, you were the only reason I bothered with gym or dressing out. Only one person the entire time I was in school ever paid me any attention.”

She quirked that raven brow at me again, and asked…

“Who was it?”

“Ohhh you don’t want to know.”

“Sure I do.”

I lowered my head and mumbled…

“Your sister.”

“Amanda? Really?”

She turned her face away from me and took a few minutes to collect her thoughts. Then said…

“I’m glad you had someone… That’s good.”

“Yea she and I were allot alike.”

“I’m happy for you though.”

“God do you know she wanted to tell you? I told her you would freak out.”

“Then I would have been happy for her too… You weren’t mine. I had no say.”

“I thought you would freak just from the fact that she was with another girl. Neither of us knew about you.”

“I’ve been this way since I was little… no one did…no one does.”

“I’m the same way. I could never tell my family. Only a few close friends in Tennessee know.”

She nodded. I reached out and took her hand and kissed the back of it.

“Would you like to get out of here and raid the mini bar in my hotel room?”

Laughing she asked…”Trying to get me drunk? I can do that on my own just fine but for you I will grant you anything. I always would have.”

“No i is not trying to get you drunk… or at least not to take advantage of you.”

Shaking her head she said…”that’s not what I meant.”

“No I know…I was just joking with you.”

“All right.”

I stood up and made my way to the register paid the bill and then returned to the table to grab my stuff. Upon returning to the table I asked Christy if she was ready.


We got in the car and I plugged in a tape and we were on our way. Christy stared out the window and remarked on how the place hasn’t changed any. She turned to look at me and said…

“You know you are still very beautiful.”

“Ty…so are you. You know I think your even more beautiful now.”

“I don’t think I am… I’m a glam slut… you are gorgeous… very natural.”

I reached over and took her hand.

“Don’t say that, you are gorgeous…you always were.”

“Thank you.” She said as she entwined her fingers in mine.

We held hands the whole drive back to my hotel. We smiled at each other several times. There were several minutes of silence before I told her…

“I used to love watching you run laps in gym.”

“Why? ME and my big breasts… Me and running never got along.”

“No you always looked so happy when you ran laps, I liked the way your hair bounced.”

“I have always ran from my pain… running gave me comfort.”

“I never liked running, I always avoided running at all costs. I would always just drown my pain in a pint of been and jerry’s.”

Smiling she lifted my hand to her lips and asked…

“Why? You were beautiful hush.”

“No I wasn’t.”

“Fine you weren’t… you were horribly unpleasant… unattractive. IS that what you were after Jessie? Because its not true…”

“Well if it’s not true then how come no one but Amanda ever showed any interest in me what so ever…I mean not even to be my friend.”

“Because mean people suck… Jessie… that was then this is now.”

“Yea now I have the exact opposite problem… when guys see me now all they see is my looks and all they ever want is sex.”

“Welcome to my world.”

” Yea guys suck.”

“I’ll admit it Jessie… I love what I’m seeing now but I loved old Jessie too.”

“I believe you. Really I do.”

“I just want you ever happy.”

As we pulled into the hotel parking lot I turned to look at her.

“I’m happy right now right here with you.”

She smiled and said…

“Then I am all ready happier than ever.”

I leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips. Smiling she cupped my face in her hands, her thumbs stroking my cheeks. I pulled back from the kiss and looked at her.

“That was…was, really nice.”

“I’m sorry… I had no right to kiss you like that.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for. After all I kissed you first.”

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