Plowed Pt. 04


This story continues Plowed: Pt. 03.

Disclaimer: The story depicts scenes of reluctance and at times non-consensual sexual contact. All characters and places in this story are fictional. Any similarity herein to real persons or places is entirely coincidental.

“Sh, sh, shhh.” Jayden gripped under Brad’s hairy, athletic thighs and pushed them higher in the air. Brad’s feet rose over their heads, and his buns peeled off the sweaty leather of the driver’s seat. “Just gotta get your pussy hole good ‘n’ wet.”

“Fuck.” Brad gave his nipples an assuring squeeze. He looked at his hairy toes dangling above his head and imagined how he must look…

… ass naked…

… legs up…

… feet in the air…

… thighs shivering…

… pinching his own nipples…

… while his flaccid penis twitched and leaked precum…

… from an orgasm unlike any he’d ever had…

… with a black dude…

… a dude!

He thought of his wife, his family, his father–what the FUCK am I doing?

He had no time to answer. Jayden’s moist, warm tongue, which had so recently plowed his mouth, started to plow down his taint and into his ass cheeks.

Brad shrieked. Lightening relayed between his taint and cock root. Nervy explosions, like glimmering fireworks, streaked into his thighs and up to his nipples. Brad yanked on his pointy peaks with a squeal. He threw his legs up into a V-for-victory, and his toes and feet wriggled like a toppled ballerina’s.

“OH! OH! J-J-JAY–!”

Jayden yanked out his tongue with a spluttering laugh and spanked the white man’s butt.

“That’s PAPA Jayden, girl!” SPANK! SPANK!

“Oo-oo!” Brad squeaked. The spanks made the glimmering sparks sizzle and his nipples rage. “P-p-p-paaagh!” He couldn’t say it, but he had to say something.

Jayden just smirk

“OO! Ooo!” Brad yelped and squirmed, scissoring his legs. “P-p-p-paggghhh! God!”

His stubbly, square face stretched between shock and pleasure. Fat, wet lips were slobbering his butt crack, and warm flesh smooshed hard on his hole. Images of Jessie’s pussy, wet from his own lips, flashed across his mind; he barely saw them. The feeling in his ass didn’t only make his eyes roll; they made his mind roll.

Jayden’s black and rough beard, misty with sweat and now slicked with spit, started scrunching deeper into Brad’s crack. He squirmed more and couldn’t help but moan with pleasure. It felt like wet sand massaging his buns while a warm piece of meat massaged his hole. Brad rubbed his nipples frantically, as if trying to rub the pleasure right out of them, and then–suddenly–his eyes turned glassy and his mouth fell open wide.

Jayden’s tongue had pierced his hole.

“UHN!” Brad snorted several times in a row. “UHN! UHN!”

It was all he said now, desperate grunts as he panted, pinched, and wiggled his hairy, size-12 feet in the air. Jayden kept plowing his hole, harder, wetter, and deeper. The hair on Brad’s taint prickled; his nuts drew up even more tightly into his trunk; and the hot hum in his anus swirled up and swelled like a tidal wave. It filled every space in his ass and pressed into every fiber of muscle until it mounted his skin like water behind a dam.


SMACK! A swift spank stung his buttcheeks. Brad’s cock jerked and shuddered.

“Papa Jayden, baby girl!” Jayden growled.

“PAPA!” Brad squealed. “PAPA JAYDEN!” He went to grab his quivering, desperate dick, only to have his hands smacked away. He whinnied and pounded the back of the cab with his fist. He’d never felt so–no orgasm–ever–he needed it to spill–cummmm!–

“C-C-CUMMMMM!” Brad croaked, almost too breathless to squeal.

As if on command, Jayden pulled his tongue free of Brad’s wet hole. Brad tried to catch his breath and sit up, but Jayden simply licked up his own ebony thumb and stuck it in Brad’s ass. Brad squealed, bucked, fell back, and started snorting an ugly mixture of grunts, howls, and (music to Jayden’s ears) giggles.

“Like that, baby girl?”

Brad couldn’t respond, but gasped for ears between yelps and giggles.

Jayden sat back on his haunches, laughing. He watched calmly and happily as he kept his thumb in the hole and slipped his hand onto the white man’s fuzzy taint. With even, tireless

effort, he massaged the taint and pumped his thumb back and forth. Brad’s body jiggled in time, his muscled pecs vibrating with tit-like beauty, his penis flopping forward and backward, and his feet and legs fluttering back and forth bursa sınırsız escort in the air. At long last, the swollen wave pressing at the dam of his skin crested its limits–

–Brad wailed–

–and rushed like a flood of fire into his groin, snapping his penis into a rock-hard boner in a three-second flash.

“UNGHH!” Brad snorted and jerked his head up. The sharp and sudden snap of his penis from soft to hard had almost hurt. Lightening raged up the shaft like a geyser, and–


Brad’s eyes stretched in awe, maybe even terror, as he watched a thick stream of milky white jizz shoot out of his penis.

An audible squirt sound filled the cab.

Thick droplets arced in the air.

“UNGH! GOD!” Brad hollered.

Jayden laughed and pumped his thumb harder.

For a split second, the droplet-rich cum flood seemed to hang there, and then down it all came, splattering onto Brad’s square jaw, hairy chest, and the cab’s dashboard.

He wailed and writhed, his penis electric with pleasure. A tortured laugh gurgled up from his throat, and then he choked, falling back against the cab door.

“That’s it, bitch!” Jayden laughed and spanked his white baby’s butt. “Now SQUEEZE that pussy!”

Brad didn’t even filter the command. He squeezed, grinding his ass hard onto Jayden’s thumb and clenching his asshole tight.


Another thick shot of cum surged out of Brad’s just-hardened dick and splattered on Brad’s abs, chest, and chin. Another soon followed. The plow’s controls were getting slick.

Jayden watched with pleasure, rubbing some sweat off his forehead with his free hand. He continued to work the hole with this thumb and tenderly massaged Brad’s taint with his fingers.

“My sweet baby bitch,” he whispered.

The white country boy’s shrieks were now fully unintelligible. He howled, choked on giggles, and groaned in protest. He pulled his knees up closer to his ears, only to let his legs fall aside, feet banging onto the windshield and back of the cab. His arms and hands dangled at his sides.

SQUIRT! One more audible cum shot came splattering down.

“Uhnnnnn….” Brad’s face stretched into a dazed look of wonder. He moaned freely. Cum ran down his face and trickled into the corners of his mouth. His body hair was damp with it. He licked at the cum on his face without thinking or even really tasting it. “Uhnnnn…ha, ha, ha!” He laughed lazily and lightly, like a lunatic.

For a few moments, Jayden slowed the pace of his thumb thrusts and worked Brad’s hole and taint even more gently, swirling his thumb in slow, uneven circles and pressing on his nut gland with genuine desire to please it. Brad writhed with obvious pleasure, letting his hands stay slack at his sides, luxuriating in the feeling of his first anal orgasm. His hard cock was trembling and twitching, a touch of cum still oozing from its spout. Finally, Jayden pulled his thumb out of Brad’s hole and spanked his butt.

“Turn over, girl.”

Brad turned his dazed eyes on the man who’d just anally fucked him with a thumb alone. “Uhnnn..?”

“”Yeah, c’mon, baby.” Jayden patted a hairy white hip, damp with trickles of cum. “Let Papa see that pretty pussy up high and ready.”

Brad snorted several giggles, his eyes confused. “Pussy,” he blurted, almost as if not hearing himself. He shook his ass. His cock had started softening as soon as Jayden pulled out his thumb, and now it boing-boinged around on its root and tingled. “Ohhh,” he panted. He closed his eyes and squirmed happily. Though his penis was quickly softening, the pleasure of a hard cum still hummed through his loins. Every time he squeezed his asshole hard, he could feel it zing a little more sharply–

“C’mon, BITCH!” SPANK! “Papa say turn OVER!”

Jayden gripped Brad’s nipples and jerked hard. Brad shrieked and sat up, his eyes rolling from the pleasure radiating from his nips. Jayden grabbed his shoulders and started turning him over. Brad scrambled to comply.

“Are we–are we doing m-more?” Brad’s eyelids fluttered as he gave his buzzing nipples a quick rub before trying to perch his knees and palms awkwardly on the driver’s seat. Jayden gripped his hips to steady him.

“There, that’s it, pretty baby. Mm-hm! Always more with Papa Jayden.” Jayden’s black hands first steadied Brad and then slowly caressed his lightly hirsute, pale buns. “Damn, Braddy-boo, you got a nice ass.” He leaned down and kissed each bun.

Brad barely heard. The touch of Jayden’s bursa escort bayan hands on his hairy buns, followed by the gentle scruff of his beard, made his asshole clench and his penis twitch. He giggled, and giggled some more. The hum in his skin felt like something alive. His nipples almost tickled, and his flaccid penis kept wiggling. He continually clenched and flexed his asshole. It was like a pump, pushing tingles up his ass and taint and into his gonads and nipples and right to his fingertips. He bit his lower lip, whimpering and squirming so much on the driver’s seat that his butt wiggled, too.

“Awww, ha, ha! That’s my girl!”

SPANK! Squeal!

“Now get them knees and hands close together,” Jayden commanded, still rubbing and kissing each of Brad’s buns. Brad complied, his back arching and his ass poking up higher. “Yeah, baby, that’s it, get this here pussy up high.” Jayden patted Brad’s ass lovingly.

Brad’s face was a tortured mess of cum, nervous giggles, and a wrinkled brow. “Wha-what we–what we doing now? I don’t–there’s sh-sh-shit I don’t wanna do.”

Perched on the driver’s seat, knees and palms squeezed into its leathery hollow, he knelt on all fours, ass high, pointy pecs thrust forward, on display like a prized, purebred pup. He craned his head to look back at the man now in charge of his pussy.

“Shh, shh, shhh.” Jayden spoke low and lustily. “Don’t chatter, babe.”

Brad squeezed his hole open and closed and shook his ass. It felt… empty. He wanted that thumb back.

BUT WHY do I want that?

He whimpered more. “Maybe–could ya–” Brad paused and shook his head. He wasn’t asking this, was he?. But he had to ask this.

Jayden waited patiently, rubbing Brad’s ass, kissing along its crack, and smirking. Finally Brad spoke.

“Could ya–fuck–could ya, p-please, put yer–put yer thumb back in?” he rasped, his eyes plaintive and anxious.

Jayden had already started running his thumb through a drizzle of cum on the plow’s dashboard. He nodded silently, smiled at his boy, and started working the cum-thumb into

Brad’s hole. Brad shuddered and almost collapsed on his knees. He giggled and pushed himself back up.

“A-right,” Jayden said approvingly. “It’s time, baby.”

Brad bit his lip. He didn’t want to ask this, either. But you have to, something old and familiar told him.

“T-time for what?” His voice shook.

Jayden straightened up with an assuring pat on Brad’s ass. “Time for what you was born for, sweet baby,” he whispered.

The ebony stud, a film of perspiration on his skin, looked luminescent in the plow cab’s light. Brad stared at him with eyes full of awe and fear. Jayden started to shove his pants down to hook them under his balls, a tight, black bush peeking over his undershorts. A massive bulge strained at the cloth. Brad’s knees started to tremble.

“Uhh, Jay–er, I mean–Papa,” he whispered, “I’m not sure–“

“Oh, SHIT!”

Jayden’s expletive startled Brad into silence. Jayden let go of Brad’s ass and let his pants pop back up.

Brad sighed with relief. “Yeah, I’m not really–but ya could take yer thumb again and–“

“No, baby. Shut up and look.”

Brad followed Jayden’s gaze out the plow’s windshield and froze in horror. “OH!”

Clearly, at some point, Brad’s text message had sent.

Not 100 feet from the plow, a truck from Moe’s Tow and Hauling sat idling, its lights low. Moe sat behind the steering wheel, and one of his young helpers sat next to him, staring towards the plow. Jayden’s car was already attached and hooked up behind it.

Seeing the tow truck seemed to tear something, a hazy veil, off Brad’s mind. He gagged, then screamed, and almost fell off the driver’s seat, panicked.

“AGH! OH MY FUCK! OH MY GOD!” he shouted.

Jayden rubbed his chin thoughtfully, a bemused grin on his face. “Uh, yeah. Shit. When they get here?”

He cast regretful eyes on Brad as the husband and father, now whimpering and huffing, started yanking his clothes from around the cab.

“Oh my god! OH MY GOD! Oh my FUCK! WHEN DID THEY GET HERE?” Brad started to yank on his long underwear, but it was damp from sweat–and perhaps cum–and kept sticking on his feet and calves. He tossed it aside and just yanked on his coveralls instead.

“WHAT DID THEY SEE? OH MY GOD!” he wailed.

“Aw, chill, man. We didn’t actually–well, they probably didn’t–I mean, maybe they didn’t–I mean, the windows are like wet ‘n’ shit, so–aw, fuck it.” Jayden chuckled nilüfer escort softly to himself.

“OUT! OUT! GET OUT!” Brad yanked up the zipper on his coveralls. It snagged on his balls. He shrieked in pain. “OWWW! OW-OW-OW! OH GOD! MY NUTS! MY NUTS!”

Jayden swallowed a chuckle, then sighed with a resigned smile. He opened the door and climbed out. Brad cursed the cold and blowing snowflakes as he delicately unzipped his coveralls and stuffed his spent cock and tingling balls all safely inside, zipping up to his neck.

“Shit, shit, shit!” he whimpered. He watched Jayden walk towards Moe. “What is he DOING? FUCK!”

Even as he shrieked and worried, his butt wiggled against the coveralls. His skin goosebumped. It was still there: the tingles, the deep-wave hummmm of… something…

“Oh, shit, shit, shit, stop!” My ass! his mind wailed. What did he do to it? He quickly yanked on his boots and scrambled out of the plow.

“What do I say, what do I say?” he muttered to himself, his face frantic. He reached back without thinking and rubbed his butt, as if to rub away the pleasurable tingles still assaulting his hole. He hopped briefly and shook a leg.

Go away! he screamed at the lingering orgasm.

Jayden was already leaning in the window, talking to Moe. Brad could see his young helper’s face in the ambient glow of the dashboard, one eye on Jayden, one eye on Brad as he approached.

“… so just loosened up his Charlie horse. But he okay now,” Jayden was saying.

“Hi!” Brad almost screamed the greeting, his face stretched wide in an anxious smile. “Hey! Hey there, Moe!”

Moe and his helper gave Brad a long look. “Hey, Ollingers,” Moe finally said.

Brad felt his face blaze. “Hey!” he hollered again. He laughed, for no particular reason.

Jayden reached out and patted Brad’s shoulder. “So thanks again, man, and glad I could loosen up your legs for y’all.” He gave Brad a wink.

“Ha!” Brad hollered a fake laugh. “Ha-ha-ha! Yah! Yah, sure!” He sent a mental note to his penis to stop twitching. He could feel Moe and the helper watching Jayden and him closely.

“So, yeah, bab–er, brotha, I’ma hopping in with these cool cats.” Jayden jerked his head towards Moe, “and head some place called Badger Falls.”

“Great, great, glad it’s working out.” Brad bobbed his head, continually glancing at Moe and the helper, trying to decide what they had seen, what they thought, and what he might have to do about it. How the hell has this all happened?

Jayden started walking around to the passenger side of the truck. As he passed Brad, he leaned in to his ear.

“See ya, baby,” he murmured, and he gave Brad’s ass a swift spank.

Brad gasped and jumped. Once again, his penis twitched, and his nipples burned. “Fuck!” he blurted, grabbing his chest with both hands.

Moe and the helper stared at him. Brad dropped his hands quickly, straightened his shoulders, put on a brave smile, and leaned into Moe’s window.

“Crazy night out here, huh?” he grinned.

Jayden was already climbing in next to the helper, who scooted to the middle.

“Yeah,” Moe said thoughtfully. “For sure. You, uh–you okay, Ollingers?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m–I’m great. Great! This guy–just glad we could get this dude some help.” Brad nodded at Jayden, who was leaning over and changing the music on Moe’s radio.

Moe shifted the truck in gear. “Yeah. Sounds like he helped you, too, huh?”

“Uh, yeah. My, uh–“

“Your legs, man,” Jayden interjected. He smiled at the young man between him and Moe. “You sit in here all night, man, you get cramped, amirite?” He rubbed the young man’s knee. The young man frowned and pulled his knee away.

“Fuck,” Brad breathed.

Moe frowned. “What?”

“Uh–N-nothing.” Brad stepped back to let the truck go.

Moe gave him one more suspicious look.

“Well, glad your legs are better,” he said.

Brad swallowed hard. “Yup.”

“Tell Jessie ‘hey’ for me.”

Brad nodded. “Will do. Uh, same to, uh, to Patty.”

“Yeah!” Jayden suddenly leaned across the young man, one hand on his thigh. The young man leaned back and looked annoyed, wrinkling his nose.

Can he smell me on him? Brad thought worriedly.

“Tell your wife, Jessie, or whoever she is, I ‘preciate how good her husband is,” Jayden hollered. He winked again.

Brad paled, then blushed. “Heh!” was all he could think to say.

And with that, Moe gave Brad his hallmark salute, rolled up his window, and started easing back into the storm.

Brad watched Moe’s taillights recede into the snow. He rubbed his face, his own cum freeze-dried and crackling on his temples and cheeks. Deep in his groin, a low, pleasant buzz still teased his hole, his cock root, and his thighs.

“Fuck,” he whispered. “What the fuck?”


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