Prison Island Ch. 28


Prison Island


He was aware of getting a bit reckless in his encounters with Karl, but he couldn’t help it. Just as his mind was craving a way to save Mouse by getting the fucker where he needed him to be, his body was craving Karl so much that it wasn’t even funny. There had to be something fucked up and broken inside him if he wanted that kind of thing so badly. Karl seldom spared tender loving when they were together, and Francesco just had to be happy that his body could take it.

He wasn’t surprised when he was caught from behind by strong hands. Karl snuck them both under his t-shirt and began pulling at his nipples. “Hey, watch it, fucker, they’re not detachable,” he whispered and leaned back into that rough embrace.

“I love seeing them poking through your shirt. Do you think the others didn’t notice?”

“Notice what? That my nipples are showing? We already spend more time naked around each other than dressed, so I don’t think they care.”

Karl teased his nipples viciously. Even if it stung, the pain was mixed with a sort of perverted pleasure. He enjoyed having them pulled like that, and he knew that they must have grown thicker and longer since Karl was playing with them.

“Suck on them,” he pleaded.

“Want me to suck your tits?” Karl removed his t-shirt and undressed Francesco, too.

He was on his back, with Karl on top, and the other was taking his nipples in his mouth, sucking hard on them and driving him crazy. He bit from time to time, making him hiss and gasp, but even that felt good.

“You must have wrecked me,” he said softly. “I like it when you’re rough.”

Karl stopped biting and resumed to licking and sucking, going slower on purpose. Francesco bit the back of his hand to stop the noises forming in his throat. Then Karl moved away, and soon he was straddled and there was a big fat cock in his face. He stuck out his tongue to lick it, but Karl had other intentions. He used his cock to leave wet trails on Francesco’s cheeks, then on his neck and chest. “You’ll stink of me so badly.” He snickered and pushed his cock against one of the teased nipples. Even if the head was soft and smooth, Francesco gasped as his nipples were beyond sensitive now.

“You fucker,” he said through his teeth, “how would you like me to twist your nipples until you cry?”

Karl had perfect pec definition, and his nipples were hard, too, although a lot smaller than Francesco’s. “I’m not a bitch. I don’t like my nipples teased.”

“Oh, yeah?” Francesco reached for the guy’s bursa sınırsız escort pecs and grabbed the nipples.

Karl laughed and moved away, but this time, Francesco was in no mood to let him off the hook. He got to his feet and ran after him. Karl could leave him eating dust easily, but it looked like he enjoyed fooling around.

They fell on the grass, with Francesco on top. Grinning, Francesco grabbed Karl’s chest and began kneading his pecs, not forgetting to tease the nipples as much as he could. Karl was watching him with half-hooded eyes, and he was unnaturally quiet.

“What?” Francesco asked and moved his hands slowly.

“I’m freaking in love with you,” Karl said in one go, his eyes open wide, his breathing slow and harsh.

He opened his mouth to say something, when both of them heard a branch snapping not far from them.

“It’s just us,” Ollie said as he and Leon emerged from behind a copse of thick trees.

“Fuck,” Francesco said under his breath.

“It’s all right. We won’t tell Mouse,” Ollie said.

“Why are you hiding from him?” Leon was direct.

It took Francesco a bit of time to realize that both guys were completely naked. He averted his eyes, although he had seen them too many times before to count.

“Cesco doesn’t want his slutty wife to get jealous,” Karl replied.

Ollie crouched by their side. Francesco had a clear view of the boy’s ball sack and soft cock, hanging between his legs. “It looks like you’re having fun.”

“Yeah, we did until you came,” Karl said sourly.

“Chill, Karl, we don’t intend to spoil your fun,” Ollie said.

It still amused Francesco to see Karl getting all shy when Ollie was close. Even now, he was looking away, even as Francesco was staring openly at the guy’s nuts.

Ollie opened his legs wider and began rubbing his cock. “What do you say about a bit of fun together?”

“Not interested,” Karl said, still keeping his head turned from Ollie. “What, you want me to watch your bull of a boyfriend wreck my Cesco again?”

Ollie laughed. “You don’t have to watch if you don’t want.”

Francesco had to hold Karl as the guy tensed.

“But I was thinking how it would feel to get fucked by you,” Ollie continued and brushed his finger against Karl’s nose playfully. “I saw you fuck Francesco a couple of times, and man, you guys should be doing porn.”

Ollie’s words seemed to have surprised Karl enough to make him look at the other boy with incredulous eyes. bursa escort bayan “No way. You’re yanking my chain. There’s no way Leon would let me get close to your ass.”

Francesco noticed how Karl’s nostrils flared and how he licked his lips. It was clear that he was eyeing Ollie with a different kind of interest now.

“Leon doesn’t have to fuck Francesco,” Ollie said with a small shrug. “It’s your guys’ call. But I’d so like to get spit roasted. And suck Francesco’s cock a little, too.”

Karl threw Francesco an unsure look. “He’s bluffing, right? He’s just playing. Leon will have my balls the moment I dare to touch a hair on his head.” He kept pointing at Ollie.

Leon crouched by their side, too. Francesco’s mouth went all dry while watching the guy’s huge hairy coconuts. “I won’t. Anything Ollie wants, I’m game.”

Francesco tried to read the gentle giant’s face for any signs of jealousy, but he found none. In Leon’s universe, Ollie could do no wrong, it seemed, even if he wanted to get fucked by someone else.

It was like Ollie could read his mind. He wrapped one arm around Leon’s shoulders. “Leon knows I love him and only him. This is just fun. If you guys want.”

Francesco watched Karl in silence. He could tell the blond was having a hard time wrapping his head around what was happening. So he took the reins. “Yeah, we do.”

“We do?” Karl asked.

Francesco grabbed his cheeks and kissed him. “I bet his ass is something else,” he whispered and kissed Karl some more.

Anything could be used to make Karl crazy about him, even being open-minded about letting him fuck others.

“But won’t you be, like, jealous?” Karl whispered.

That was a trick question. He couldn’t be honest. “A little, yes. But there are no mirrors around here, and I want to look at you while you fuck.” He bit his lips and let out a small moan.

Karl answered with a grunt of his own. By how hard his cock was getting, it was clear he wanted it. “But Leon can’t fuck you,” he said petulantly.

“Okay,” Francesco agreed. “Can Ollie suck my cock?”

It took a moment for Karl to decide. “Yeah,” came the reluctant reply.

“We’re game, guys,” Francesco said and pushed himself up.

They walked together toward the river. Leon took Francesco by the shoulders, while Ollie knelt in front of them and began stuffing his mouth with both their cocks. The difference was laughable. Francesco couldn’t pull his eyes away. And Ollie’s mouth felt so good. nilüfer escort Maybe not as good as Mouse felt, but still there was a naughty tongue wrapping around his cock over and over, and lips that knew how and where to touch.

He looked at Karl as he appeared to be unsteady on his legs as he knelt behind Ollie. The boy knew what to do, hiking his ass up.

Francesco turned toward Leon to warn him about Karl’s doubtful manners when it came to proper preparation.

“Don’t worry,” Leon said. “We took care of everything.”

Ollie wiggled his ass. “C’mon, Karl, why so shy? Fuck me like you fuck Francesco.”

But there was nothing like that in how hesitantly Karl moved to grab Ollie’s ass. He even went slowly inside, grunting every step of the way.

Ollie snickered. “I thought you were a tough guy, Karl. C’mon, give it to me.”

Francesco gasped when Leon grabbed his chest and then kissed him. There was a small strangled sound coming from Karl, and then the well-known slapping of a body against another. It looked like the incentive worked.

“Leon,” Karl warned through clenched teeth.

Francesco was in a daze when Leon let him go. Karl had his jaw set hard and he was hammering Ollie hard, making the other boy fill the air with shameless moans. The dude was fucking someone else, and still, he was the jealous one. Francesco moved away from Leon and came by Karl’s side. He moved behind him and grabbed his chest. “How’s Ollie’s ass?” he asked as he began pulling at Karl’s nipples.

There was no answer.

“I wonder how it can swallow your gun,” he whispered and began to kiss Karl’s neck slowly. He let his hands wander lower, caressing Karl’s washboard abs. Then, he grabbed the guy’s pubic hair hard. “Yeah, it’s making me jealous, seeing you fuck him.”

Karl began moving his hips faster. He turned his head. “You mean it, Cesco?”

“Yeah,” he said.

“Then why?” Karl could barely breathe as he struggled to talk while fucking Ollie into a shouting quivering mess.

“Because I want you to feel good,” Francesco said and gave Karl a deep kiss, meant to make him lose all consciousness. “I want you to have everything you want.” He held Karl close.

“I want you,” Karl said desperately while he continued to slam inside Ollie’s body.

Francesco smiled. “You got me.”

That seemed to be enough for Karl to go over. Francesco had to plant his feet firmly on the ground and hold him as he came inside Ollie’s ass.

With a small smirk, Francesco knelt behind Ollie and began to lick Karl’s cum slowly as it was coming out. He forced his head at an impossible angle so that he could see Karl’s eyes. He showed him his coated tongue and swallowed.

“Fucking slut,” Karl murmured, but there was no bite left in his words.

Francesco closed his eyes. Good thing he was enjoying it. But when will it be enough?


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