The Babysitter Pt. 07


Ash pulled up outside of his house and found Stefan’s car parked behind his brother’s in the driveway. Pulling into his usual spot, he sat in his car wondering if he should go in.

He wasn’t supposed to be home tonight. He’d made plans to hit a couple bars with some friends and then crash at his friend Nik’s house, but Nik had tested positive for COVID. He could have still gone, but since he wasn’t crashing at Nik’s, he couldn’t have really enjoyed himself since he would’ve had to drive home. It hadn’t been worth the hassle.

However, now Ash was left wondering what he should do. He could drive around for a bit. The night was cool but clear, and he did have about forty-five minutes left in the audiobook he was listening to, but that, of course, didn’t guarantee Stefan would be gone by the time he returned home.

They still hadn’t had a conversation about what it was exactly that they were doing. Ash didn’t feel wholly comfortable approaching the topic because he didn’t want Stefan to feel as if he was being pressured into making a decision about labeling them or even himself, but it made situations like these vague and uncertain. He didn’t want to overwhelm him or catch him off guard, but… maybe this could be a bit of a trial run of sorts.

Unlocking the front door with his phone, he grabbed his bag from the passenger seat and headed inside. He toed off his shoes at the door and could hear Adrian’s voice booming from the kitchen. If Ash hadn’t known it was Stefan’s car outside, his brother’s tone voice would’ve given away that whoever was visiting was a friend; he wasn’t using his professional, self-important tone. He was saying something about kayaking trip gone wrong.

He cleared his throat so as not to startle them. “I’m home!” he said, padding into the kitchen.

Stefan was leaning up against the counter wearing grey joggers and a fitted white t-shirt, beer in hand and feet crossed at his ankles. His eyes were bright, laughing at his brother’s story, but they flashed with hunger when their eyes met. If Stefan was a shark, Ash was blood in the water.

Adrian’s back was turned to them, manning three different pots on the stove. Whatever he was cooking smelled hearty and rich.

“Ash!” his brother greeted him without looking over his shoulder. “I thought you were out for the night?”

His eyes never left Stefan’s. “I thought I was too but change of plans. Hi, Stefan. Where’s Luc?”

“Asleep in the guest bedroom. He didn’t take a nap at daycare today, so he went down early.”

“Gotcha. Are y’all just staying for dinner?”

“We were, but since Luca is already asleep, Adrian invited us to stay the night.” With a raise of his eyebrows, Stefan asked Is that okay?

“I hope you don’t mind,” his brother said. “I’m making plenty of food, so if you’d like to join us…” Ash tuned him out.

His eyes softened. Of course. Nodding toward the back of the house, he asked Should I disappear?

Stefan shook his head and mouthed, “Don’t go.”

And so, he stayed.


The rest of the night passed by agonizingly slow–or maybe it just felt long because of the agony Ash felt. Now that he was acquainted with the taste of Stefan’s lips and his skin, being in the same room as him but unable to touch him was pure torture. If given the chance, he wasn’t going to stick his tongue down his throat (no matter how much he wanted to) in front of his brother, but his fingers had itched to simply brush a stray curl off his forehead, to kiss his flushed cheeks. But, he kept his distance.

Distance didn’t really help, though, when Stefan was over there looking so damn good. Every time he ran his fingers through his hair, his biceps would flex, and Ash wanted to die.

He tried not to make it too obvious that he was looking, but he was pretty sure he could see the outline of his dick through his sweats. The thought of having that big meaty cock in his mouth again had him salivating.

And during dinner, Stefan had accidentally spilled sauce on his shirt. Adrian had told him to take it off immediately so he could treat the stain before it set in. The sight of his bare chest paired with the memory of how his skin felt like against his fingers and tasted on his tongue had Ash racing to finish his food so he could excuse himself to his room for some much-needed alone time with his hand and a box of tissues, but Adrian had insisted he stay and hang out.

He’d spent the next hour singing nursery rhymes in his head before he’d been able to make a break for it.

But escort bursa now that he was showered and relaxed and in nothing but his briefs, he could finally relieve some of his pent-up frustration. He was just pulling up his favorite erotica site when his phone buzzed.

It was a text from Stefan. You up?

Even better, he thought. Settling back into his pillows, he replied: Only if you’re asking because you’re planning to sneak into my room and steal my virtue. If not, then no; consider me asleep.

Consider it stolen😏

A few minutes later, Stefan slipped into his room, quietly shutting the door behind him. He crossed the room in a few short steps and immediately took Ash’s face in his hands, kissing him thoroughly.

“Hi,” Stefan said, gently brushing their noses together.

“Hi.” Ash smiled up at him, buzzing.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all night.”

Bumping his nose, Ash said, “Feel free to continue.”

Stefan smiled. Wasting no time, he yanked his shirt over his head, threw it on the floor; his sweats followed right over. He slid onto the bed, covering Ash’s body with his own. Ash spread his legs to accommodate his size and laced his fingers through Stefan’s hair to draw his mouth back to him. He loved Stefan’s solid weight on top of him; it made him feel safe and secure.

They kissed unhurriedly, simply enjoying the sensation. Stefan hadn’t shaved in a few days, and his stubble sent satisfying shivers through Ash’s body as their tongues tangled and their lips moved in perfect harmony.

He grabbed two large handfuls of Stefan’s butt and rocked into him, his dick hardening further at the feel of the older man’s already stiff cock. He ran his fingers through the seam of his ass, pressing a finger into that tight little pucker. Stefan rutted against him.

Ash would’ve been content staying right there, just like that, chest to chest, dick to dick, wrapped in the arms of the man he loved, but Stefan had other ideas. Breaking their kiss, Stefan’s mouth moved to his neck, his lips just barely brushing his skin before moving lower. His movements were steady and deliberate. Using his hand as a guide, he kissed down Ash’s chest, nipping and licking along the way.

When he reached his destination–Ash was leaking and twitching in his shorts–there was no hesitation; like a lifeguard on a rescue mission, he fine dove right in, licking and kissing his dick and sucking his balls through the soft material, leaving wet spots on the fabric. He pulled at the waistband just a little. The tip of Ash’s dick peeked out, and he licked it like a lollipop, swirling his tongue around the head, slowly edging more and more of the material down, revealing and ravishing each new inch of skin exposed.

“Fucking tease.”

Stefan looked up and winked. “Learned from the best.”

Pulling Ash’s briefs the rest of the way off, he gently caressed and kissed his thighs, running his nose along the side of his shaft. “Mmm, you smell wonderful.”

“I taste even better,” Ash quipped.

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Stefan said, lapping at his cock. He sunk lower and sucked his balls, one and then the other, into his mouth before licking a line all the way up and taking the tip into his mouth.

“You’re getting so good at this.” Ash ran a hand through Stefan’s hair and down the back of his neck. “Juuuust like that,” he encouraged as he jacked the base of his dick with one hand and continued to bob up and down on Ash’s cockhead, taking a little more every time he dropped. What he lacked in technique, he made up in enthusiasm.

And even though he was thoroughly enjoying the eager demonstration, Ash wanted to do more than just sit back and receive.

“Stefan.” He squeezed his shoulder. “Come up here.”

He looked up, confused.

“I want you to sit on my face.”

“Oh.” The surprise that crossed his face quickly turned into anticipation.

“Have you ever had your ass eaten before?” Ash asked, watching Stefan shuffle out of his boxes.

“No.” Stefan shook his head. “But… I’ve wondered what it’s like.”

“Well, let me be the first to show you,” he said, giving him a kiss on the lips.

Shifting positions, Ash lay flat on his back, propping a few pillows behind his head, and instructed Stefan to get into a 69 position. He straddled Ash’s face and bent forward so he could access Ash’s dick again.

Ash wrapped his hands around Stefan’s strong thighs to hold him bursa yabancı escort in place. “If at any time you wanna stop, just say the word.”

“Okay,” Stefan said, nuzzling his nose against Ash’s shaft.

Taking that as his cue, Ash spread Stefan’s cheeks and licked a stripe from his balls all the way up the crease of his ass. He felt Stefan’s thighs tremble, and he couldn’t help but smile, knowing the pleasure he was about to deliver. Focusing on his rosebud, Ash kissed and licked and swirled his tongue around the pink pucker, backing off just enough to spit into his hole. He used the excess saliva to help relax his tight hole.

Letting go of one his legs, Ash pulled Stefan’s dick back toward him, straining his neck to work the engorged head with his lips.

Stefan’s whine echoed around the room. He’d started but had quickly given up trying to suck Ash’s dick; his head rested against Ash’s leg, panting against his skin.

“Baby,” Ash said, kissing his thigh. “You have to stay quiet.”

“It feels so gooood.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, but you gotta remember, we’re not alone in this house; you have to keep it down.”

“If you keep that up, I don’t know if I can.”

“Here.” He raised Stefan’s leg and rolled out from underneath him. Handing Stefan a pillow, he said, “Scoot to the foot of the bed and put your face in that… Perfect.” Kneeling behind him, Ash ran his hands over the smooth skin of Stefan’s thighs, kneading his butt, up his back and down again. He smacked a cheek, watching the skin darken from pink to red.

Never in his wildest dreams did he think he’d have Stefan Santoro, star of his wet dreams, face down, ass up in his bed. Now that he did, there was no way he was going to waste the opportunity.

Picking up where he left off, Ash spread Stefan’s cheeks again and continued his ministrations, licking and lapping and dragging his tongue all along his lover’s crack, getting him all wet and loose before sliding his tongue into his asshole. Stefan’s muffled groans urged Ash forward.

Jacking his dick slowly, Ash asked, “How do you feel about getting acquainted with your prostate?”

He moaned in response, but Ash couldn’t make out what he’d said.

“What was that?”

Turning his face, he said, “Yes,” his voice a little hoarse. “Have your way with me.”

Ash kissed the small of his back and reached for the bottle of lube he kept in the nightstand.

“Lay on your stomach.” He flattened without complaint.

Ash dribbled some of the cool liquid onto his hand, rubbing it between his fingers attempting to warm it up a little. Sliding his fingers between Stefan’s ass cheeks, he massaged slowly, getting him used to the sensation. He dribbled a little more lube over his hand and Stefan’s hole to make sure he was nice and slick before he pushed the blunt tip of index finger into his hole.

Stefan clenched, and Ash stopped his forward motion.

“You okay?” he asked. He would stop if he said anything other than yes.

He relaxed and held out a thumbs up.

Ash started again, working his finger slowly toward their prize. Though the reward would be all Stefan’s, Ash couldn’t wait to reap the benefits of his reaction.

“OH FUUUUCK.” The pillow did nothing to contain Stefan’s pleasure when Ash finally reached that special spot.

He really hoped his brother was asleep.

“Babe, I’m gonna have to stop if you can’t stay quiet.”

His legs were shaking. His toes curled toward the ceiling, and his biceps strained as his fingers gripped the edges of the pillow like it was a lifesaver.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” he gritted out.

Smiling, he continued his tantalizing teasing, sliding his finger along the bundle of nerves over and over again. Stefan’s back flushed pink, the color spreading along his shoulders and creeping down his spine. His hips began to shift; his ass flexed as he humped the bed, and Ash was a little bummed that he hadn’t thought to have Stefan lay on his back so he could have his huge dick thrusting into his mouth instead of against his sheets, but the proof of his pleasure was enough to make him momentarily forget his misjudgment.

“Ash…” he moaned, bearing down on his finger.

Ash was so turned on by Stefan’s arousal. He loved when his name slipped from his lips without abandon, like Ash was the only thought on his mind.

His own dick was still rock hard and begging to be touched or sucked or given any attention at all, but bursa escort that could wait until he finished pleasing his man.

Pushing back to his knees, never dislodging Ash’s finger, Stefan spit in his hand and reached underneath himself. He rocked back and forth to an unrhythmic beat, shuttling his hand up and down his thick length.

Ash added more lube to his fingers and Stefan’s hole, letting the liquid slide down onto his balls, cupping and rolling them.

The slapping wet sound of Stefan’s hand flying over his dick mixed with the slick suction of Ash’s finger in Stefan’s ass mixed with the litany of curses flowing free from Stefan’s mouth–“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck”–made a raunchy racket, and once again, Ash REALLY hoped his brother was asleep.

Suddenly, Stefan’s ass clamped around Ash’s digit and he grunted long and low, his knees buckling underneath him. His neck strained and his body spasmed, shaking through his release. He continued to twitch slower and slower, like a wind-up toy reaching the end of its rotation, and Ash knew he’d have to wash his sheets in the morning.

When he finally settled, Ash laid down beside Stefan so he could see his bliss-filled face. He matched the lazy strokes along his cock to the rise and fall of Stefan’s back.

Stefan’s eyelids fluttered open, his eyes tired and unfocused. A dopey smiled danced across his lips. Ash knew he was putty, and he loved it; he loved knowing he was the one to bring that out in him.

Stefan’s hand clumsily scrambled for Ash’s face, resting his heavy palm on his cheek.

“That was incredible.”

Kissing the thumb resting against his lip, he said, “I’m glad you liked it. I wanted it to be good for you.”

“I really did.” Stefan’s eyes followed the motion of Ash’s arm. “You didn’t finish.”

“It’s okay. I’ve got more than enough fuel to finish on my own.”

Propping himself up on one elbow, Stefan said, “Show me.”

Settling back against the headboard, Ash cupped his balls and gripped his dick. He met Stefan’s eyes and started stroking slowly.

Biting his lip, he slid a hand over his thighs and his hips, across his abdomen, and up his chest, massaging his pecks and tweaking his nipples. He gathered some of the precum leaking from his slit and used it to stimulate the pert peaks.

“That was so hot.” Stefan’s free hand joined in his body’s exploration, trailing his fingertips along the inside of Ash’s leg and wrapping his hand around the one Ash was using to jack himself off. There was no extra pressure, no particular flick of the wrist; he was just guiding his movements while staring deeply into his eyes. The intensity of his gaze was enough to tip Ash over the edge. Cum splashed his chest and stomach and coated their hands. He bit his shoulder to keep from crying out loud.

“Mmmm.” Stefan licked his fingers clean before pulling Ash’s hand to his mouth, immediately moving to lick his chest clean when he was finished. Ash just sat back and watched, mesmerized. He was so in love with this man.

When every last drop had been consumed, Stefan gently tugged at his hand. “C’mere.”

Scooting down and into his arms, they fell asleep wrapped up in each other.


Ash awoke, too hot and flushed. Sometime during the night, Stefan had moved in behind him, wrapping his arm around Ash’s middle, his long body spooning him from head to toe. He smiled to himself. Waking up like this, wrapped in Stefan’s embrace was all he’d ever wanted, but he needed to cool down.

He rolled over so his back was to the room and snuggled into Stefan’s chest. He kissed his collarbone and twined their legs together, trying to get comfortable enough to fall back to sleep, but his movements must have roused Stefan because the hand on his hip tightened and pulled him closer. But then he froze.

“What time is it?” His voice was raspy with sleep.

Ash fumbled for his phone. Squinting at the bright backlight, he said, “2:24.”

Stefan rolled away from him; the mattress shifted with his weight. “I should get back to my room. I should get back to Luca. Don’t want him waking up alone.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Of course.”

He quickly flicked on the lamp, so Stefan could find his shirt and his sweats. He tried not to watch him as he got dressed.

He had a sheepish expression on his face when he looked back at Ash. Pushing Ash’s hair out of his face, he kissed him slow and said, “Thanks for tonight. It was… enlightening.” With another kiss, he said, “If I don’t see you before we leave in the morning, I’ll talk to you later.” He pressed one more kiss to his lips before quietly opening the door and slipping out.

Ash picked his comforter up off floor where it had gotten kicked to sometime during the night. Flipping off the light, he wrapped the blanket around himself and curled up into a tight, small ball.

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