The Long Weekend


It was Memorial Day and I had the entire 3 day weekend off. I rented a lakeside cabin on a secluded lake. It was just what I wanted, a quiet long weekend getaway.

I arrived on Friday evening and soon had everything unloaded. I was sitting on the deck enjoying the peace and quiet while having a few beers to help me relax.

I could see small fires all around the lake shore and hear people starting to party it up. After my third beer I decided to go to bed as it had been a long drive and I was pretty beat.

When I got up in the morning everything was so peaceful. The birds were signing and the sun was shining bright. I decided to sit on the dock and enjoy my morning coffee.

This is when I noticed a camper and several people around a camp fire not too far away. We waved at each other and one of the women, dressed in a barely there bikini came over.

She told me her name was Carol and that she and her two girlfriends were there for the long weekend. I told her to bring her friends by later in the day and I would BBQ some steaks for us.

Around noon I could hear them splashing in the lake and laughing a lot. I went back out to the dock and when Carol saw me she and her friends came over. She introduced them to me.

One was Rhonda and the other was Dominique. They all looked very hot in their bikinis. I had brought a cooler with me and offered them some beers which they happily accepted.

As we chatted they told me how they had all decided to rent the motor home and were just having a girls get away before starting their summer jobs. They were going back to college in August.

After a couple of beers we decided to do our own thing until 7 when I told them I would have the steaks on the grill.

I decided to take a nap and hadn’t been asleep long when I heard Carol calling me at the cabin door. She came in and told me that she was lonely as her friends took the car and went into town to get some things to go along with my steaks.

It bursa anal yapan escort wasn’t long before we were making out on the couch and her tits were out and in my hands. I was sucking on them as she began stroking my now hard cock.

Pretty soon she had my cock in her mouth and was giving me one of the best blow jobs I have ever experienced. I tried to get her to stop so we could fuck but she wouldn’t do it.

She told me we could fuck later but right now she wanted me to cum down her throat, which I did. When she had swallowed it all she moved up and kissed me with a lot of tongue. I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue as she did this.

She then put her top back on and told me to get some rest because she was sure they would all be wanting to have a sample of what she just got from me and left. I was totally relaxed now and slept until 5 o: clock.

As I was sitting on the porch drinking a beer Rhonda came over carrying a bag of groceries. I told her to just put them in the refrigerator and I would start the grill about 7. She came back out and had a beer with me.

She asked me if I enjoyed Carol’s earlier visit. I told I did indeed enjoy it very much. She got down between my legs and started rubbing my now hardening cock asking me if I wanted to compare her technique to Carols?

Before I could say anything she had my cock in her mouth and was sucking on it hard. Pretty soon she had me on the edge and I was softly moaning. This went on for several minutes when she suddenly shoved a finger into my asshole. I instantly shot my second load of the day down her throat.

After she swallowed it all she got up and left, telling me she would be back later.

It was almost 7 and I was starting to get the grill fired up when Dominque came over. She asked me if there was anything she could do to help. I told her to do whatever she needed to do with what Rhonda had dropped off earlier.

I bursa eskort had the charcoal going good and went in for a cold beer. She told me she had everything ready to go whenever the grill was ready.

I told her it would be about 15 minutes and she told me take a seat. When I was sitting she walked up and took her top off. She had the best looking chocolate colored breasts I have ever seen.

She soon had them smothering my face and was pulling out my once again hard cock. She then got on her knees and started sucking it. As she was sucking my hard cock she moved her hands up my chest and was pinching my nipples hard.

Now I was once again ready to let loose another load and she took it all in her mouth, but didn’t swallow it. Instead she got up, bent over me and passed it into my mouth. Then she said she would go get the others while I put everything on the grill.

We all enjoyed our meals and then sat around drinking some beers before calling it a night. They told me to get plenty of rest tonight because it would be my turn tomorrow to give them all some pleasure as they did for me today.

Sunday found me doing some fishing and just relaxing. Around 2 the three girls came over and told me that it was now time for me to take care of them. I readily agreed and we all went inside.

As soon as we were inside they had their tops off but kept the bottoms on. I had stripped to nothing as soon as I was inside as well. They put me on the bed and blindfolded me. Then I had a nipple in my mouth and someone’s mouth on my cock.

They kept changing places until I was ready to cum. This is when they stopped and told me to get ready for the main menu. I heard them giggling as they removed their bottoms.

Soon one of them was straddling my chest while the other 2 were on each side of my head. Then they took the blindfold off and I was immediately shocked to see 3 very large and hard cocks.

I started bursa escort kızlar to struggle to get up but they had me right where they wanted me. They told me that it was now my turn to give them the same pleasure they had given to me the day before.

As I started to protest one of them pushed her hard cock into my mouth. The other 2 started to play with my cock as well as my ass. I soon felt my hole being lubed and a finger being pushed into it.

Soon my legs were pushed up to my shoulders and the tip of a hard cock began pushing into it. As she pushed it all the way in the cock in my mouth exploded.

When she pulled her cock away from me the second cock pushed past my lips. I barely swallowed all the cum before I had another mouthful of cock.

It didn’t take long before I felt the cock in my ass start pulsing as it emptied its load deep inside me. Then it was quickly replaced with the one that was fucking my mouth.

This cock was bigger than the first one to fuck me and it hurt when she shoved it in with one hard shove. I felt her balls slapping my ass as she began pounding me. As this was happening I could see the other girls kissing each other.

This cock fucking me now began to swell up and she pushed in harder and as deep as she could go. Then I felt the firs spurt of her cum. She shot at least 6 big spurts before pulling out.

We all then just lay there holding each other catching our breath. They asked me how I liked it and I told them that after the initial shock of it all I loved it and wanted more. We all laughed and they told me that I would be getting plenty more because they were in no way through with me.

They all fucked me multiple times that night and again the first thing in the morning.

None of us got dressed the following day as they decided that I would be their sex slave for the last day. Whenever one of them decided they were horny she would give my ass a swat and I would get on my knees as she fed me her cock.

I even got spit roasted several times and they didn’t care if we were inside or outside. I was to service them however they wanted when ever and where ever it might be.

When we were finally packing up to leave we shared phone numbers and they told me that they would be calling their sex slave soon for some servicing.

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