What if…


You could say I was extremely naïve regarding everything sexual when i was younger. I was in graduate school when I discovered there was an adult bookstore just north of town. Man, that was an eyeopener for me. Every so often I would sneak away and go there to buy porn.

After a few visits, I noticed guys going into a back room. After watching for several minutes, I went through the door to see what was back there. It was a dark room with doors all the way around the perimeter. You could hear film projectors (yes, this was before video) and light shone around some of the doors. I screwed up my courage and looked inside one of the small rooms.

Each room (later I’d learn they’re called booths) had two projectors with coin slots under each projector. If you put in a quarter, the projector would turn on for a little while, showing a real porn film. This was the first porn flick I’d ever seen. The films were short; it only took a few quarters to see the whole film. After finishing one film, I tried the other projector – it showed a gay flick. I had never seen two men having sex, and hadn’t really even imagined how it would work. I was both stunned and fascinated, and the men were gorgeous.

Since the films were short, it was common for guys to move from booth to booth to see different films. I did the same, and to my surprise I discovered that some of the booths had holes in the walls – big six-inch holes at waist level. I was shocked by those holes, realizing that people could watch what you were doing inside the booth (and having no idea how the holes were actually used!) I had never dared to take out my cock while I watched the porn flicks, and I was so glad that I hadn’t; I did not want to be observed watching porn. I quickly returned to a booth without a hole, and made sure to avoid those holes like the plague.

A few visits later, I realized that I had already seen the films in my usual booth, and moved to another section of the room to find some fresh porn. I was watching two guys going at it – from the earliest days I leaned towards the gay films. After a few minutes I noticed movement off to my right and leaned in to see better in the dim light. My booth had a hole in the wall that I wasn’t aware of, and there was a cock and balls sticking through the hole!

And it was not a small cock, even partially hard. The long shaft was sort of piled up on top of his balls.

What actually happened…

I freaked out, yanked open the booth door and fled the building, driving straight back to my apartment. It was probably a decade before I ever went back to another adult store or even saw another cock (in part because I moved to a new state and there was no adult store nearby.) It would be more than two decades before I ever sucked a cock.

What if…

What if I hadn’t fled that day? What might have happened? How might my life have changed? This story is about that what might have been.

I was startled by the cock sticking through the hole. First, I hadn’t known that this booth had a hole in the wall, and second, I had assumed the holes were for looking through – I never dreamed that guys would stick their cocks through the holes. That seemed incredibly risky, who knew what the guy on the other side would do to it?

But I was also kind of impressed with what had been shoved through that hole. The pile of cock and balls was substantial, bigger than my own, and really intriguing. And, apparently, the owner of that cock expected me to touch it.

I had seen cocks in gym locker rooms, but never so close, and never with the understanding that touching was not only possible, but expected. I tentatively reached out and stroked a finger over the top of the dick. It felt warm and smooth, and soft. I gently grabbed the cock with the tips of two fingers and lifted it from the balls, studying the head, the piss slit, and the ridge at the base of the head. I thought about what I would want a guy to do with my cock, and I wrapped my fingers around it and slowly started stroking it. It started getting harder in my hand.

It wasn’t small even when it was still soft. I could hold it in my hand with it hanging out both sides. When I started stroking it, I could use a full hand and still slide back and forth. And as I stroked, it got bigger, both longer and thicker, as well as harder.

Now I was really curious just how big it would get, so I continued stroking. It started firming up into a long, straight cock that lifted off his balls and pointed right at me. I had never held any man’s erection except my own and I was mesmerized. It was

at least two inches longer than my own cock, but about the same thickness. It felt wonderful in my hand, hard görükle escort bayan and soft at the same time, and so warm.

At some point I lifted the guy’s balls with my other hand. They were bigger than mine too, and hung loose in his wrinkled scrotum. It felt wonderful to move them around in my hand as I stroked his cock.

“Suck it,” I heard from the other side of the wall. This shocked me, I had never even

considered sucking a man’s cock, although by this time I had seen it in the gay porn flicks. I continued stroking his hard cock while I thought about the situation. Could I suck his cock? Did I want to suck his cock? Did I dare?

I looked closely at the head, inspecting it. There was nothing special about it and certainly nothing wrong with it. It was a nice, pointy cock head. There was no liquid evident, so I wasn’t likely to taste piss. He wanted me to suck his cock, so I could if I wanted to. Did I want to?

I never thought I would suck another man’s cock, but I hadn’t planned to be stroking another man’s cock today either. And he wanted me to suck it. Honestly, I thought I might never have a chance like this again, no one would ever know, and I decided I wanted to know what it felt like to suck a guy’s cock. I got on my knees.

Very slowly (this guy was incredibly patient) I leaned forward and very lightly licked the side of the head of his cock. It felt like kind of rough skin, but there was no taste at all. I opened my lips and took the entire head into my mouth. It was bigger than I expected, and I backed off quickly, but I opened a little wider and took it back in my mouth, using my tongue to lick around the head. It didn’t taste bad, it didn’t really taste at all, but the thought of having a guy’s hard cock in my mouth was both shocking and exciting. I opened again and took more of his cock into my mouth. Now, I could only use my tongue on the underside of the big cock, but I knew that was the most sensitive region anyway, so I tried to lick just behind the head.

As I took more of his cock in my mouth I started to taste something, a little salty, maybe, but something more. It certainly wasn’t a bad taste, in fact I liked it. As my nose got closer to his pubes I could smell something too. It wasn’t strong, but I really liked that smell. I wanted my nose in his pubes to get more of that amazing aroma, and went deeper on his cock. The tip of his cock hit the back of my mouth and I pulled back, not wanting to gag. I repeated the motion of going deep and pulling back, then realized that I had seen guys doing that in the porn films. I was sucking this guy’s cock!

I was exploring the various sensations associated with sucking this cock, feeling the big shaft fill my mouth, the slide over my tongue and lips as I moved back and forth, the feel of the ridge around the head as it hit my lips. I was lost in the feelings I was experiencing.

Eventually, it got repetitive and I wondered if I was supposed to do something else? I didn’t recall seeing the guys on the films doing any thing more. I just kept sucking, but I started thinking about what was likely to happen eventually. Would he ejaculate? I was pretty sure I didn’t want his cock in my mouth when that happened.

Right about then he filled my mouth with a big spurt of cum, and kept coming fast. I got my mouth off his cock pretty quick, but probably took at least three spurts before I pulled off. I spit it out, then jerked his cock and watched the rest of his cum squirt out of his cock. I was mesmerized. Being so up close and personal was amazing, watching that cum spurting from a hard cock. I knew I wanted to see it again, a lot.

He pulled his cock and balls back through the hole, and I watched as he pulled up his pants, stuffed his equipment inside, then zipped up. This was the first time I’d actually seen him; he was probably in his 30s and a decent looking guy, nothing really special. He leaned down to the hole and said “Thanks.” I grinned, shocked and surprised when he spoke to me. I watched as he left his booth.

I sat back on my bench to think about what I had just done. I had sucked a guy’s cock and he had come in my mouth! I could still taste his cum, it wasn’t nearly as salty as I’d expected. I spit it out as a reflex action, but it didn’t really taste bad.

I sat watching the film, using up the last quarter, deciding what to do next. I figured I would go home and think about what I had done, and the cock that I had sucked – the man that I had sucked off. Then I heard the door close on the booth next door – another guy had come in.

I waited a bit to see what would happen, not at all certain that I was willing bursa otele gelen escort to suck another man’s cock. I didn’t have to wait long, within a minute another cock was pushed through the hole. I’ve since learned that this is not the norm, most guys will wait until they are invited to put their cocks through. I later learned that the first guy had talked to the second guy, and he came into the booth intending to use the cocksucker’s mouth behind the hole.

This cock wasn’t as impressive as the first, maybe four inches and still soft. But I was being given another chance to suck a cock. Turns out I couldn’t pass that up, and got back on my knees. I looked over the cock and couldn’t see anything wrong with it, so I took the head in my mouth. This one had a taste, but nothing strong or bad. I took the cock in my mouth and started sucking. It started growing. It was soon hard and probably five inches long. I could almost take the whole thing in my mouth. When my nose got into his pubes, I just smelled soap. I missed the manly aroma I had smelled on the first guy.

This cock got hard quickly, and I sucked and licked on it like I had the first guy’s. It was just a little thicker, so I tried to be careful to keep my teeth off his cock, especially the head. I took his cock out of my mouth and jerked it a bit so I could take a close look at this hard cock. Honestly, it was a lot like mine. But it was still exciting to realize that I was playing with yet another man’s penis, and I had gotten him hard.

After jerking his cock for a bit I noticed a drop of clear liquid showing at his slit. I tried to shake it off but it didn’t move. I decided it probably wasn’t piss. I used a fingertip to wipe it off his cock, and it felt slippery. “So this is precum,” I thought. I tasted my finger, and liked it. Who knew precum was really tasty? At least, this guy’s was. Does the taste change with different guys? By now there was another drop on the tip of his cock, so I licked it off and his cock jerked. The precum had the same wonderful taste. I took his cock back into my mouth and resumed sucking. Every so often I would taste that precum again, apparently this guy leaked precum pretty regularly when he was hard. I filed away that bit of trivia about cocks for the future.

I continued sucking and licking, and he soon started shooting cum into my mouth. I decided to let him, holding my mouth on his cock until he stopped shooting. I could feel his cock pulsing, which was really cool, and feel each spurt hit the inside of my mouth. I tasted it immediately, and it wasn’t bad. It was different than the first guy’s, a little stronger, but I still liked it. I held it in my mouth until he pulled out.

Again, I watched through the hole as he tucked his cock in his underwear and zipped his pants. He didn’t say anything, just left the booth – but I saw another guy come in right after him. That shocked me. Were guys lined up to have me suck their cock?

I quietly unlocked the door on my booth and peeked around it. Sure enough, there were two guys standing there. One was rubbing his crotch, the other was the first guy I had sucked; I recognized his plaid shirt. Maybe he wanted to go again?

I closed and locked the door to my booth, and the next cock was already hanging through the hole. This one was already hard. I didn’t think about it, just got on my knees and took the cock in my mouth. I don’t recall much about this cock, except getting another load of cum for my efforts – and this time I swallowed it. That wasn’t the plan, it just sort of happened – but I realized that I didn’t mind swallowing cum. I watched the guy leave, and the first guy come in for another round.

“Where’d all these guys come from?” I asked through the hole.

“They were in the booths. When they came out, I told them you were sucking cocks if they were interested. They all wanted a turn,” he answered. “I hope that was OK.” He was dropping his pants as he said this, so he seemed to be planning to use my mouth again. I sure wasn’t going to stop him.

Again he stuck his cock and balls through the hole. I realized that he was the only guy that put his balls through the hole. I figured this meant that he wanted his balls played with, so I focused on them for a bit before playing with his cock. He had nice big balls, pretty round, in a loose sack. I licked them first, then took one into my mouth and sucked and licked it.

His cock rapidly grew and got hard, which I took as a good sign that he liked what I was doing to his balls. I repeated the sucking and licking on the second one.

I took his now hard cock into my mouth. It was fun to have a second bursa escort bayan chance on a cock I had sucked before, a chance to try different things. Turns out, he had another plan as well. As I sucked his cock, he started moving it back and forth through the hole. He was sliding his cock in and out of my mouth – he was fucking my mouth! I wasn’t sure how I should feel about that, but I went with it. I basically tried to hang on and suck and lick as much as I could while he fucked away. I had to keep him away from my throat to keep from gagging, but he kept up a steady pace, banging the wall pretty loud. I was sure everyone in the place could hear him.

He started moaning and picked up the pace. Seconds later his second load was pouring into my mouth. I recognized the flavor, and enjoyed it. This time I swallowed it, but only after moving it around in my mouth, enjoying the feeling of the gooey mass. I could tell I wanted more experience with cum.

He quickly dressed and left, letting in the next guy. This guy was closer to my own age, probably also a student at the college. He looked at the hole but didn’t take out his cock. Instead, he got down and peered through the hole, said “Hi,” and asked if I wanted to suck his cock. I replied with a quick “Yes, I sure do!”

He smiled and opened his pants, taking out a nice semi-hard cock and putting it through the hole. I grabbed his cock and lifted it, enjoying the heft and feeling it hardening in my hand.

Again, he felt soft and hard at the same time, and so warm. I took his cock into my mouth and began sucking on it. It grew a bit more, getting hard quickly. His cock was probably seven inches long and a little thinker than my own. It had a nice big head that was wider than the shaft. There was no way I could get it all in my mouth, but it really filled my mouth when I took what I could. I started sliding it in and out of my mouth, and licking the underside as it moved.

He pressed hard against the wall, I could hear the boards creak and bend. I knew he wanted this and tried my best to do a good job for him. It didn’t take long until he gave me a really big load. The taste was similar to the other guys’, but had it’s own unique flavor. I swallowed it all. He pulled up his pants and I expected him to leave when he bent over and asked, “Can I join you?” I was stunned, but he seemed like a nice guy, and he was really cute, so I whispered “I’ll let you in.”

I unlocked the door and he quickly stepped inside and relocked it. I’m fairly sure I gave him a questioning look, but he smiled and said, “Hi, I’m Jeff. I wanted to say thank you, and see if I could return the favor.” I gave a clumsy response, something like “Oh, wow, um…” He cut me off by kissing me – and he was a really good kisser. I melted into his lips and only vaguely felt him undoing my belt. Next thing I knew he was on his knees pulling my pants to my ankles. My cock popped out, fully hard, and he stroked it. He tipped his head towards the hole and said, “Maybe we should take care of him first.”

I looked at the hole and saw an older guy looking through, watching us. Jeff reached through the hole and dragged his fingers along the lower edge. The guy stood up and pushed his cock through the hole. I got on my knees and took his soft cock in my mouth. Jeff managed to take my erection in his mouth, and I was astounded by the pleasure that flooded my body as he sucked me.

The older guy’s cock quickly got hard and I sucked it in earnest. But all my attention was focused on the feelings coming from my cock in Jeff’s mouth. I never wanted him to stop, but I didn’t think I could last very long either.

I pulled Jeff off my cock and had him suck the older guy for a bit while I undid his pants and took out his cock. He was already hard by the time I got his cock in my mouth. I cupped his balls and played with them as I sucked his cock.

Eventually we decided to share the cock coming through the wall. He was hard and leaking, and we sucked on opposite sides of his cock as we tried to kiss across the thickness of his cock. The kissing was a fail, but the sucking worked and he shot cum across the booth. We grinned as we watched his cock spurt, he was quite a shooter.

The older guy dressed and left, and no one came in after him, apparently we had cleared the queue. Jeff started sucking my cock again, but I pulled him up and kissed him. “How about we go have dinner, and then go back to my place?” He agreed, and we left the store, getting a toothy grin from the cashier.

Turns out Jeff was a student at the same college I was attending. This was hardly a surprise since it was a really large college in a small town; odds were anyone our age was from the college. I took him home that night and he finished sucking me off – he had me seeing stars!

That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. I delayed my graduation by a semester to spend more time with him, and he showed me new worlds, helping me move past my naivety and into my life as a gay man – but that’s another story.

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