A Day in the Life


Many thanks to Penny Jones for her able editing!


Mama always said you can love a rich man as easy as you can love a poor man. She also said I was sitting on a gold mine, and it took some years to figure that one out but I eventually did. A lot of miners have dug around in my mine but no one has hit the mother-load yet.

My name is Sarah England and I’m a single woman and a nymphomaniac. Variety is the spice of life and I like my life very spicy. This is how I had the best hour of my life so far.

I was sitting at my desk typing and in he walked. Six foot four inches of burning love with dark brown, bedroom eyes, muscles bulging and an ass to die for. I wish mine was half as firm. It was one of those pinch-able asses that make you just want to reach out and grab a handful. You know the sort I’m talking about?

I work for a big construction firm called Beasley Construction. We build paper mills all over the country. Turning wood chips into paper is a complex process, and requiring various machines and storage facilities. Beasley Construction constructs those facilities and gets these mills up and going.

I am the project manager’s secretary. Bill Hagar is his name and he’s an occasional miner in my gold mine. This has been going on since I was a fresh new addition to the secretarial pool.

I like to think I am getting older and wiser. I am thirty now and you would think a girl would learn something about men in all those years since I left home. Not me, never let it be said about me!

My job description says I’m an executive secretary. This basically means that I handle whatever comes through the door and whatever my boss doesn’t get around to. That might mean entertaining the owner of the company or flying out to hand deliver a bid on a job.

That day Alex came through the door and boy oh boy I wanted to handle him. Once I reeled my tongue back in my mouth and gathered my wits about me I asked, “can I help you?”

Alex walked over and leaned on my desk with a grin. “I’m here to see Bill Hagar. I’m the new iron worker foreman. I just arrived here to start setting up the lay down yard. Personnel told me to check in with him before I start working on a set of plans and getting an order in for the iron.”

I couldn’t help noticing that Alex had no wedding ring on his finger. I flashed a megawatt smile at Alex and asked him to take a seat in the waiting area. His eyes traveled down the top of my dress to my cleavage and stayed there for a minute before meeting my gaze again. Grinning at me again he said, “sure” and took a seat across the room from me.

I pretended to be busy as Alex sat there looking at me. I could tell he was interested. A girl just knows these things. I make sure of it by dressing as slutty as the company dress code allows. Low cut blouses, short skirts, and fuck me heels.

I offered him some coffee or a soda as an excuse to spend more time talking to him and because, well, that’s just part of what I do. I wanted to see that nice ass just once more so I told him to help himself to whatever was in the office refrigerator. He smiled again and said, “I would rather have your phone number.”

Wow! He was a fast worker. That’s another thing I like about a man, confidence. Alex had it in spades.

Our company has a fraternization policy. No dating among coworkers. Far be it for me to break the rules. Heck who am I fooling? He would have my number before the day was out. I am never one to let grass taksim escort grow under my feet.

I have a tried and true way of getting my phone number in the hands of any man who catches my eye. Remember I am the executive secretary after all. That means I have contact with local area people who help with rental properties and things of that nature for the workers who transfer in to work for the company. I facilitate contact between those workers and area services, and if I just happen to facilitate contact between myself and them, so much the better.

I opened my desk drawer and took out the company phone directory. I went over to the copy machine and made a copy for Alex. I also took a highlighter and highlighted my office and personal phone numbers.

I walked over to where Alex was leaning back in a chair and, bending over so that he could see lots of cleavage, I passed him the copy. Leaning down in front of him I pointed out the highlights on the page and told him if he needed anything at all to be sure to get in touch with me. I could feel my nipples getting hard as he stared down my blouse. It always gets my excited knowing a man is interested and I could tell he was by the nice package I could see in the front of his jeans. I took just a moment to check it out and then, licking my lips, lifted my eyes back to his. He just smiled at me and said, “I will, no worries.”

I walked back to my desk, hips swinging, my panties sopping wet. I love it when a man looks at me like he wants to just grab me, toss my skirt up and fuck the hell out of me. What girl doesn’t?

I had notified Bill that Alex was waiting and he came out, shook hands with him and they went into his office. After about twenty minutes Bill walked out and asked me to order some lunch. As he started back towards his office he turned and said, “Oh get some for yourself also, put the ‘out to lunch’ sign up, lock up and join us.”

This usually is a signal that Bill wants to fuck me. I was a little puzzled since this was the first time he had asked me to join him and another man for lunch. He is usually very discrete. I have been his personal secretary and taking care of his voracious sexual appetite for three years now. I would slip into his office when the urge struck him and give him a quick blow job or hand job depending on the time we had available. We had sex often in a variety of places and in all sorts of ways. I got a tidy bonus every three months for doing a good job of keeping Bill happy and satisfied when we were away from home on business. I considered it one of the perks of my job.

I called up a local restaurant and placed a delivery order for three lunches. It would take about fifteen minutes for it to arrive and I used that time to freshen up in the restroom. I learned long ago that personal hygiene is of the utmost importance. I kept on hand items needed to protect myself from sexually transmitted diseases and from getting knocked up. When you are a nymphomaniac you just never know who will catch your eye or when a chance for some really great sex will happen. ‘Be prepared’ is my motto.

Lunch arrived a short time later and I paid for it out of petty cash. The delivery guy was sort of cute and I was tempted to pass him my number, but with my boss and Alex waiting I decided against it. After he left, I locked the door and put the sign up, grabbed the box with the lunches in it and headed to Bill’s office.

I could tell when I walked in that beşiktaş escort this would be an interesting lunch hour since both of them paused to look me up and down. I walked over to the big conference table where we have weekly meetings with all the various department heads and sat the lunch box down.

Bill and Alex watched me and continued to talk about the start up of the project we were working on as I laid out napkins and placed packages of condiments and forks by the lunches. When I finished I interrupted to tell them lunch was ready and they came to the table to eat. Alex held my chair when I sat down and I knew he was looking down my blouse again. This had more tingles traveling south to my panties. While we ate Bill and Alex continued to talk about the project but I was seated between them and both of them were horny. I could tell by the way they kept brushing their legs against mine.

Alex finished eating and asked, “do you have dessert for me?” I hadn’t thought to order any dessert since Bill and I usually eat a quick bite and then eat each other for dessert. While asking me that Alex had stood up and walked behind my chair, making me glance up and back to see him when I answered. I opened my mouth to say that we usually didn’t order dessert and before I could get a word out Alex reached down inside my blouse and began fondling my breast.

I was already aroused from the looks out by my desk. I moaned and leaned back to give him better access to me. There is nothing more exciting that being grabbed from behind by a man when you’re not expecting it. I glanced at Bill to see how he was reacting to what Alex was doing to me and he was smiling and rubbing his crotch. I knew this would be a lunch hour I wouldn’t soon forget.

Alex pulled his hands out of my blouse and slid my chair out from the table. Bill got down on his knees between my legs and, spreading them wide, he began to massage my clitoris. I was moaning and leaning back as far as I could to allow Alex to reach for my breast again when he pulled my blouse over my head and quickly reached between my breasts and unhooked my bra. My breasts are very large and very sensitive. I love to have them touched, sucked, and fucked. I can have an orgasm just by having my breast touched.

Alex took my nipples between his fingers and began to tug on and twist them. I was so turned on I couldn’t get my legs wide enough for Bill. Alex gave me a nudge and I stood up so he could unzip my skirt. I let it drop to the floor and Bill tossed it on top of the table. I slid my arms out of my bra and threw it on the table with my skirt. This left me wearing a pair of thong panties which didn’t stop Bill at all. Hooking his fingers in the side of them he ripped them off me and stuffed them in his pocket. There I stood, naked and horny as hell, my pussy dripping wet and my nipples aching to be sucked.

Alex lifted me, laid me across the table and walked to the other side. Bill pulled my chair around and spread my legs as wide as he could, beginning to suck and lick my pussy. I was thrashing around and lifting my hips to help him. Alex leaned over me and began to suck and lick my nipples. I could see he had a hard on in those jeans and I wanted it bad. I raised my arms, unzipped his jeans and a huge cock sprang out right in my face. I grabbed hold with both hands and began to lick it from one end to the other, stopping now and then to suck the head.

Alex guided me to the edge of the etiler escort table where he could get his big cock in my mouth and he started sliding it in and out. I love to give a man head. I love the taste of spunk. I opened my throat wide and let him cram his meat as far into my throat as I could.

Bill stood across the table where my pussy hung and slapped his cock against my opening. He began to talk to me as he did this. “You want this cock, don’t you baby? You want to ride my big cock, don’t you?” Usually Bill and I are very verbal during sex but I couldn’t answer with Alex’s cock crammed down my throat. Alex pulled out and I began to suck on his balls. Men love to have their balls sucked as long as you’re gentle. I sucked and slurped his cock and balls and talked dirty with Bill in between.

“Give me that big cock baby,” I said to Bill. “Fuck me hard. I need it!” Bill rammed his hard cock into me. I loved it and sucked Alex that much harder.

“Damn fuck that bitch hard Bill,” Alex said. “She is sucking me so good when you do.”

Bill continued to drive his cock into me hard and fast just like I liked it. “Pull her hair while you’re fucking that hot mouth. She likes it that way,” he told Alex.

Alex grabbed my hair and continued to ram his cock in and out of my mouth. After about five minutes of sucking cock and getting fucked hard Bill tapped me on my thigh and told me to turn over. Once I turned over he began to smack me on the ass hard. Alex grabbed my hair again and rammed his cock in and out of my mouth.

“Suck me baby,” Alex said. Leaning back some, he crammed his cock deep into my throat and moaned.

Bill continued to spank me hard but pulled his cock out and began to lick me on the ass. He knew this was something else I really got off on. He would slap my ass then french it. I was lifting it up and pushing back against his tongue every time. He reamed me good with his tongue then, after pausing to put a condom on, shoved it up my ass. I love anal sex! He pulled all the way out and shoved back in again and again. Alex pulled out of my mouth and said, “I need to fuck that pussy.” He walked around the table and they turned me up on my side, each holding a leg to support me.

Bill was still in my ass and ramming away. He stopped,they pulled me up and Alex got onto the table, his cock sticking up and his feet on the floor. “Climb on!” he told me and Bill helped me step from a chair onto the table where I sank down on Alex’s cock.

Bill pulled me towards the edge of the table until he could fit his cock in my ass again and they began to move one at a time. I was stuffed with cock, ramming in and out of me again and again. They seem to be having a contest to see who could fuck me the hardest. I was in heaven.

Alex was pulling and tugging my nipples while Bill continued to slam into me and slap my ass.

Finally I came and, as I did, Alex and Bill both drove into me hard and shot off in me. I was soaking with spunk and my own juices. I was feeling loose, limber and relaxed. I dressed and went to the restroom to freshen up again. I didn’t bother with panties. Why would I? Bill and Alex had fastened their pants and straightened the office while I was fixing myself up a little.

I was sitting at my desk like a prim and proper secretary when Alex finally walked out of Bill’s office. He stopped by my desk grabbed the back of my head and gave me a hot french kiss. “I’ll be in town about six months,” he told me. “I’ll be in touch. I like the way you serve dessert.”

Now I have lunch with Bill a couple of days a week but I take a couple of lunch hours each week with Alex also. I haven’t managed to get them both in one place again since that day but believe me, if I get the chance, I won’t hesitate.

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