Breakfast for Three


We went out for breakfast every Sunday my wife and I. I loved breakfast and my wife did not so I had breakfast and she had lunch. While at breakfast I flirted, as I always did, with the young waitress’. It’s something I had always done. I remember, in the past, my friend telling me, that waitress is into you. My reply, “That girl works for tips,” I said. “It’s in her interest to be nice to me.” So, I satisfied myself with flirting. When I was young and single I actually asked for and got a few phone numbers. They never answered my call after that, so I moved on.

My wife knew I’d never get anywhere with these girls, so she put up with my flirting and laughed along with me. I think my wife paid more attention to them then I did. I told the same jokes each time, “You’re the best waitress I’ve had…,” I would say. When she asked if I had everything I needed my reply was, “I don’t have everything, where would I put it?”

Today’s victim was Emily. I always loved that name. College student, 21, local girl, nice figure hidden under her “good girl” clothes. We chit chatted in between her customers and discovered she was an art student. Her difficult class this year was a graphics class. Coincidentally I’d been teaching an adult ed. graphics class. How convenient is that!? So, with my wife’s encouragement I gave her my card.

As was my habit my last waitress was also the subject of my fantasies for the week. President Jimmy Carter said in an interview if he ever lusted for another woman rather than his wife of 60+ years. His honest response was, “I lust in my heart.”

Before I left the restaurant, I imagined Emily leaning over the table without a bra while some guy did her from behind. Monday morning as I showered for work Emily, soaking wet, encouraged me to do her from behind. Tuesday, in the shower after coming home from the gym she slid in behind me and reached her hands around me slowly stroking me off while she slipped her soapy fingers in my ass. By Wednesday Emily started to fade from my memory and my last thought was her in my wife’s lap facing me while I cupped her tits in my hands.

By Friday I had almost forgotten all about her. I came home from the gym late Friday afternoon and headed for the shower. My wife murmured from the 2nd bedroom she used as a dressing room and I assumed she was on the phone with her sister. I took my time in the shower as I was not in a hurry and finished alanya escort toweling off. As I brushed my hair out, I heard what I thought was moaning in the next room.

I had caught my wife masturbating once so I slowly made my way to the slightly opened door. I hadn’t told her I had caught her before, but it was really exciting and I stroked myself off for weeks after that. This time I intended to finish her off but wait a minute. Who else is in there? Through the crack in the door I could see my wife, on her back, head partially off the bed 69ing with a woman I did not recognize. The bath towel I had climbed out of the shower with fell to the ground.

I had intended to intervene in her masturbating session and fuck her until she couldn’t walk but now I froze in my tracks. I did not know what to do. The other person was pushing her pussy onto my wife’s face and moaning a little more each time. My wife and I had fantasied about other women with me and we even lightly experimented with another couple once or twice, but this was a full blown lesbian session.

I watched with fascination as the two of them pleasured each other. My erection feeling like it was three feet long. I could see the other girl now. It was a young girl. Suddenly in between moans she started to talk, “Mrs. Richardson please don’t stop. Oh, Mrs. Richardson,” she said. Holy crap it was Emily. I didn’t recognize her with her hair down. The subject of my weeklong fantasy was naked and fucking my wife. Hold on this is my fantasy! How did she end up with my wife? As I thought about this, I leaned on the door a little which made a small squeak. My wife, not missing a beat, looked back at me. At this point I expected the whole thing to come crashing down. I figured I’d been spotted and the whole thing would end now.

Instead she took one hand off Emily’s ass and with one finger beckoned me over. I hesitated for a moment and then thought this is never going to happen again and made my way softly across the floor. Emily was just getting wound up and moaning louder and louder each time calling out, very formally, my wife’s name, “Mrs. Richardson,” she said.

My wife grabbed me by what felt like a tree truck dick and inserted it into Emily’s pussy without stopping her thrusting tongue. Emily lost it. Her entire body shuddered beneath me. I’m not sure she knew I was even there. She kept crying aksu escort out, “Mrs. Richardson! Mrs. Richardson!” This set off my wife’s orgasm and she did not shudder often but squirted across the bed pulling herself into a fetal position as her body climaxed.

My wife’s fingers were soaked now from fingering Emily and she took one cum coated finger and thrust it in my ass while I continued thrusting into Emily hovering over my wife. Two more pumps were all I needed. I quietly, still not wanting Emily to know I was there, came inside of her. This caused another shudder after which she fell into the pillow and proceeded to fall asleep, breathing heavily. I started to say something and my wife shushed me gently laying me on the bed and the three of us crashed out within minutes.

A few hours later I heard some movement and Emily’s soft voice walking out the door saying, “Good night Mrs. Richardson,” She said. And then to me, “Good night Mr. Richardson,” obviously answering the question about whether she knew if I was there or not.

About ten minutes later I found my wife’s mouth clamped to my soft dick. As soon as it got hard she was mounting me like a cowgirl bucking up and down and spraying her cum all over me.

Another short nap and I finally woke up. Turning to my wife I said, “What just happened?”

She said, “Emily came looking for you.”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Well you weren’t home,” She said. “I forgot you went to the gym,” My wife said.

“Yeah,” I said again.

“You said you’d help her,” she said.

“Is that right,” I said.

“Well I was bored and she was so cute,” my wife said.

Then she proceeded to tell the story. She’d gotten home early and took a shower and was in a cover up when the doorbell rang. Emily was at the door looking a little sad. She proceeded to tell my wife her boyfriend had broken up with her a few weeks before and she thought she would get him back by sleeping with Mr. Richardson. Then when she had gotten to the door and she felt guilty because Mr. Richardson was married and here she is telling Mrs. Richardson her whole plan.

“I felt bad for her, ” my wife said. “We chatted some more and then something came over me,” she said.

“Something came over you,” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “Something came over me and I said if you really want to get back at your boyfriend do it with akseki escort a girl and then tell him what he was missing.” Then my wife said, “I stood up, clamped my lips on her mouth, and started rubbing her twentysomething boobs right there in the kitchen.” Now she had my interest. I didn’t want to interrupt for fear of losing any details.

“Then what,” I asked.

“Well,” she said. “I had that skimpy robe I always wear after a shower and that little old thing just came undone,” she explained. Telling me that Emily was sitting down on one of the kitchen chairs while my wife stood over her lip locked. Without missing a beat Emily slipped a finger inside of my wife’s very wet pussy as if she did this all the time. This caused my wife to let out a long moan that she swore came from someone else.

With her other hand Emily swept aside the robe and started licking her exposed breast. My wife started wondering who was seducing who. Humping Emily’s leg while Emily fingered her and continued to bite down on her very erect nipples the two of them thrust up and down. Emily was making some progress and my wife’s chest started turning redder and redder until she let out a little squirt and came all over Emily. Emily let out a long breath while my wife struggled to keep her balance.

“Oh, Mrs. Richardson that was very exciting,” Emily said.

Back on her feet again my wife stretched out a hand to Emily and took her hand and headed for the stairs. “Let’s continue this upstairs,” she said.

“Is that when I came in.” I asked.

“No, I needed some time to recover and we undressed and she let me play with those gorgeous tits for a while but before I knew it I somehow ended up on my back with Emily’s tongue thrusting in and out of my pussy,” She explained.

“What were you doing,” I asked.

“I was enjoying the taste of her young pussy,” my wife said. “God, she was so exciting and excited,” she explained. ” I think she came once or twice before you even got here,” She said.

By this time in the story I was hard again and I flipped my wife face down on the bed and started slowly doing her from behind. In very little time she let out a soft moan as I came inside of her. We slept the entire night and got up a little late. As the bustle of the morning took over our erotic adventure slowly faded away. The world was calling and we had to move on with life. We would talk about it occasionally but the excitement would never be the same.

From then on about once a quarter my wife and I would go out to breakfast and find some twenty something to seduce…….In my dreams!! In reality we never saw Emily again. But I heard she passed her graphics class. I would have given her an ‘A’.

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