The Apprentice Pt. 03


The Apprentice Pt 03

Nathan and I had been hanging out together for several months, drinking beer, watching the AFL, and sucking cock in public places. He shared a house with two other people and did not want to play at home. I lived alone, but Nathan was reluctant to come to my place, preferring a park or a discrete alley.

While anal sex was on the menu, it was seldom available. Nathan had no interest in giving it and took anal only when he was sufficiently lubricated with sufficient alcohol, which was rare. On the handful of times, he gave up his arse, I came with violent passion, filling him with white-hot seed.

Buggering his dirty hole gave Nathan explosive orgasms, and he enjoyed the sensation of jism leaking from behind. Given our mutual enjoyment of the act, I was at a loss as to why Nathan was reluctant to engage in it more.

However, I was not one to badger him into anal sex and was quite content with mutual oral on a semi-regular basis which brought us much pleasure. We usually caught up several times a week, but those meetings did not always lead to sexual fun. We were friends first and fuck buddies second, and I did not have a problem with such a casual arrangement.

One evening, we caught up at the Racecourse Hotel, which is 50 metres from my place. The pub was one of several venues that we patronised. Being my local, it was my preferred drinking hole because it resembled a traditional bar rather than a tacky casino that the others tried to mimic.

After several hours of sinking cold beers, we decided to call it a night, at least as far as drinking was concerned. I kept my secret hope for some playtime, not being pushy and preferring Nathan to take the lead with suggestions.

“Holy shit!” As we left the establishment, Nathan exclaimed, “It’s pissing down!”

Indeed, it was, and the nasty turn of weather was unexpected to both of us, and that would pose a challenge for Nathan’s preferred style of play, that is, if he wanted to fool around.

“Bugger!” I replied mutedly.

“Damn, I really wanted to suck some cock.”

“We can try our usual spot,” I offered, “Or….”

“Or what?” Asked Nathan as we stood together underneath an awning.

“Or you could come back to mine,” I said, “It’s just down there.”

In the wan light, I saw genuine indecision and hesitancy on Nathan’s face. I did not understand why since I lived alone, but I think playing outdoors was a real thrill for Nathan, which overpowered his orgasms.

“Okay,” He agreed, after what seemed like an eternity in coming to a decision, “Lead the way.”

In a few moments, I unlocked my front door and invited him in.

“Nice place,” Nathan complimented me after I showed him around my generously appointed townhouse.


“Thank you.”

We sat on the couch in awkward silence, and I felt Nathan’s desire for action drain away.

“I’m sorry,” He said after a while, “I’ve lost my horn.”

“You want to call a cab?”

More hesitation followed.

“You seem disappointed,” He said after looking at me.

“We can play another time,” I said, sounding upbeat, “It doesn’t have to be tonight.”

“I was really looking forward to it,” Confessed Nathan, “I guess the change of scenery has thrown me off my game.”

“You’re uncomfortable here?”

“Of course not,” Nathan reassured me, “I had our usual spot in mind, which gets me off.”

“So şişli escort I’ve noticed,” I chuckled, and Nathan finally smiled, a sign that he was relaxing.

“You got any porn we could watch together?” He asked apologetically, “That’ll get me back in the mood.”

Always one to watch porn to get in the mood, I grabbed an external hard drive and plugged it into the television.

“What would you like to watch?” I asked after opening the porn folder.

“You have quite the selection,” Nathan chuckled as he began browsing my library of visual erotica.

“Oh, you have some Videorama,” He wondered, “And Max Hardcore. He’s pure filth!”

Hard to argue with such as assessment. Max’s work deteriorated from the early nineties to his incarceration in the late noughties. Watching skinny twenty-somethings puking on each other did not lend itself to getting in the mood for real-life action.

“Let’s watch him,” Nathan decided.

I decided to select a selection of Max’s movies from the late nineties and early two-thousands, scenes that I regularly masturbate to when I am home alone.

As the credits rolled, we eagerly devoured porn’s most heinous pervert in action, commenting on scenes with equal admiration and disgust.

It was quickly evident, however, that Nathan was getting horny as he frequently squeezed his bulge. I was rock hard beneath my jeans, and waiting for Nathan to make the first move was interminably frustrating, but I knew my patience would eventually be rewarded.

“I love it when he pisses on those dumb bitches,” Nathan said several times, “The girl-on-girl action is better, though.”

“Do you think they like it?” I replied, “Or that they tolerate it because they’re paid to do it?”

“Probably a bit of both,” Nathan said, “A previous girlfriend of mine was into it.”


“Yeah, we experimented with it while we were together,” Nathan answered, casually as if such as act was commonplace between consenting adults, “She’d done it before.”

“Wow,” I faked wonderment because I had engaged in such filthy acts with women before, “Did you enjoy it?”

“I did, actually,” Nathan smiled at me, “Have you done it?”

“Yes,” I replied, “In WA years ago.”

“Oh, do tell.”

“I met this woman online, and she liked to have me piss on her boobs while she pissed on my cock and balls.”

She was one of four women that enjoyed the act of water sports, but my example was intense because it usually happened after I had sodomised (to purloin a Max Hardcore term) her to seventh heaven.

“That’s so hot,” Gushed Nathan.

“You ready to play yet?” I asked, my patience finally exhausted.

“Fuck yes!” He agreed, “About ten minutes ago.”

“Then follow me,” I smiled, relieved because I was ready to blow up.

We climbed the stairs and fell on the bed, kissing furiously and squeezing each other’s bulges.

“Let’s get undressed,” breathed Nathan.

Capital idea! We rushed to undress quickly before laying back on the bed. After more kissing and touching, I suggested a sixty-nine, something we had not done before.

After agreeing, I shuffled down a bed a touch as Nathan swung his leg across my shoulder and lowered his quivering cock to my mouth as he positioned himself between my legs.

Sucking cock and getting your cock sucked simultaneously was a sublime experience. Nathan’s cock was salty with precum kagithane escort and diamond-hard, and I took as much of his pulsating length in my mouth as I could.

My cock was getting a generous saliva coating, but I enjoyed being throated while Nathan’s fingernails scraped across my rapidly tightening ball sack.

At some point, I smeared some spittle across my fingers and pointed them towards Nathan’s spasming anus. There was no resistance, so I gently probed his wrinkled hole while continuing to suck on his beautiful cock.

My fingers gently massaged Nathan’s rosette, prying an opening. Again no resistance, but as my digits inched inside, I felt his hips gyrate as Nathan began fucking my mouth, a sure sign that we were building to a climax.

Re-lubing my fingers, I pressed harder against his anus. With much resistance and reluctance, I prised open Nathan’s O-ring. He released an audible gasp, arched his back and disengaged his mouth.

“Fuck, that feels good,” He groaned, gently stroking my shaft, “Whatever it is you are doing.”

“Fingering your hole,” I managed to say with a length of meat in my mouth.

“Keep going,” Came a muffled response before Nathan resumed smoking my pole.

Repeated fingering rewarded me with a more open bung, and I tried to insert a second finger. Fuck, Nathan was tight! However, slowly but surely, Nathan’s anus yielded to the unremitting intrusion.

Suddenly, I detected fingers moving underneath my balls. Was Nathan going to do to me what I was doing to him? If so, I wanted to encourage this action.

Upon touching my stinker, I spread my legs as wide as possible to signal my approval of what Nathan was doing.

Within several minutes, I had two fingers gently but firmly fucking Nathan’s beautiful pucker while he had clumsily managed to insert one digit inside my greedy hole.

We were sucking cock and finger-banging arseholes, moaning in pleasure, and writing ecstatically.

By now, Nathan was firmly fucking my mouth in sync with my fingers exploring his hot box. I felt the tension in his muscles increase and figured he was approaching the pleasure abyss. Sure enough, I announced his intention to orgasm.

“Can I come on your arsehole?” I begged.

No begging was needed because I readily assented, and we quickly disengaged, allowing me to scoot onto all fours and present my butt to Nathan, who knelt behind me and began beating his meat. I grabbed both cheeks and pulled them apart to reveal my twitching pucker.

“Fuck yeah!” Panted Nathan as he jerked his pole.

“Cream my arsehole, mate!” I encouraged, waiting for his hot seed to impact my waiting hole.

To speed up Nathan’s climax, I inserted two fingers in my arse and pulled them apart to force a gaging void, a bullseye to aim at, and maybe catch some cream.

“Oh, shit!” I hissed Nathan as he unleashed rope after rope of hot come across my distended hole.

“Come for me, buddy!”

Sperm went everywhere, coating my fleshy globes, fingers, hole, and ball sack. Nathan’s orgasm lasted for ages, and his salty fluid flew violently in all directions, leaving my bottom a sticky mess.

“Oh, yeah,” I cooed, relishing the experience.

Nathan quickly collapsed on the bed, his heaving body coated in sweat, chest rising and falling with dangerous rapidity.

I turned around and suckled on Nathan’s rod as it deflated in my mouth. He besiktas escort spasmed in secondary pleasure as I nuzzled his spent pipe. I probed his arsehole again, was pleased it was still relaxed, and accepted the intrusion.

“Okay, mate,” I said after a minute or two, “Time to clean me up.”

I positioned my spunky bottom over Nathan sweaty face, and without hesitation, his tongue wiped my arsehole and balls clean. By this point, I felt the need to explode but was able to keep control.

Grabbing Nathan by the shoulders, I pulled him towards the edge of the bed so that his head dropped back against the mattress. He knew what I wanted and eagerly opened his mouth as I slid my suffering rod down his throat.

I placed both hands against his temples and used his mouth like it was a cunt or arsehole and pumped away, fully intending to orgasm in his mouth.

“I want you to fuck my arse,” Coughed Nathan and spitting my meat from his mouth.

“Be my pleasure.”

Nathan rolled over and quickly got into the doggy position. I reached into the bedside table to grab a bottle of lubricant. This was another first for us. Previous anal sessions relied on saliva to lubricate the butt hole. Not tonight, though; I wanted a good experience.

I squeezed a small dollop of grease onto my fingers and inserted them into Nathan’s waiting anus. He groaned with delight. Once his entrance was fully oiled, I added a bit extra to my throbbing cock.

“You ready?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Fuck yeah!” Groaned Nathan, his head between the pillows, “Give it to me.”

I positioned my bell end against his pucker and gently eased in as slowly as I could without popping my cock. Despite being fingered and greased, Nathan’s hole was plenty tight.

“How does it feel?” I asked as I continued to feed Nathan my meat.

“It feels terrific,” He replied, “Nice and slippery.”

Once I was balls deep, I waited a moment for Nathan to adjust to the intrusion before he signalled me to begin. I proceeded slowly at first, but I was at that point where I could not ignore the need to orgasm.

Nathan was as responsive as always and began talking dirty to encourage me to cream pie his shitter. I had no intention of withdrawing for my orgasm and was entirely determined to drain my balls inside his volcanic and willing hole.

It began in my legs and slowly electrified the nerves as the sensation converged on my groin.

“Fuck, I’m coming!” I yelled as I continued ploughing Nathan’s oily hole, sweat pouring down my brow.

In response, Nathan flexed his pucker, which pushed me over the edge. My whole system went haywire as my balls pumped ropes of boiling man seed deep inside Nathan’s cavernous rectum.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” He encouraged me as I slammed my hips onto his, gripping him tightly as my cock quivered uncontrollably.

I stayed jammed inside Nathan’s anus until I flaccidly plopped out, his O-ring massaging my deflating cock.

“That was the best fucking I have ever had!” Sentiments that I shared entirely.

By the time I exited from Nathan’s creamy hole, there were no secondary pleasure darts to experience, but I offered to return the cleaning favour, but he declined.

“I want to feel your come ooze from my arsehole on the way home.”

After that initial experience at my place, Nathan became comfortable playing inside, and anal sex became a staple part of our play routine as the indoors provided more scope for intimate exploration and experimentation.

As the cab pulled up in the pouring rain, Nathan’s last words to me before he disappeared into the night stunned.

“I’ve got some women I’d happily share with you!”

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