Vermillion 01: Safehaven

Non Nude

In the kingdom of Vermillion, lived an immortal king who sat upon a cold throne in a desolate castle. His stone palace sat on the side of a cliff above the small city below, a bustling horde of people and the wooden and brick structures that sat in straight lines. Despite rarely leaving his home, the king did watch and view his subjects from afar.

He made it a daily task to know, especially when hunger stirred. He could see the bartender who’d work late hours to get tips to pay for her brother’s surgery. He could hear the wild rantings of the small-time beat cop arguing with his lover, a gullible bank clerk. But what he loved most was smelling their blood, feeling them walk around like bags of plasma, he could practically taste it.

Even though he had power, infinite reign, something that his subjects knew of, some who feared it, it was never publicly questioned, challenged. The world was full of dangerous and unseen creatures, some more menacing than most. A vampire ran cities and towns that stretched across the country.

Despite him never really leaving his fine estate he ran the kingdom well, superbly. Sure were requested to visited the castle, donate blood here and there, but it wasn’t a daily thing, not even a weekly request. The men felt some sort of way having a twenty looking man, over a thousand years old, giving them bite marks. It seemed kinky.

And for the women of Vermillion it was, young girls, those wanting to know the touch and feel of an undead creature would venture up the hill, through the thicket of trees, and invite themselves inside the castle. The king was too a man, and on occasion he submitted to the desires of his more loving citizens, they always left satisfied.

Day after day cycles repeated, requests, summons, celebrations, all of which came first to him through his personal servant, Dom. Dom was a lean man of twenty two (with spiky rust colored hair, olive eyes, long narrow nose, as well as thin lips), whom the king had found two hundred years ago begging at his castle doors, battered and bruised Dom cried for the king to save him. And he complied, giving the boy eternal life, but not by turning him.

Dom was never bitten, but fed the king’s blood until he was full and gagging. The blood tasted of suffering and pain, when he finally at rest Dom felt a part of him be taken away. The innocent parts of him started to tug away, and because of this Dom barely emoted, all the twisted up hurt cleansed him of such emotions. He was reborn and loyally served the king as was his vow, forever without thought.

In the dark cloudy master bedroom of the castle was a large king’s bed with soft wool (dyed navy) covers, white linen sheeting underneath, two both sides of the bed were two end tables with half melted candles sitting in bronze holders, an old flag with a faded insignia in gray hung behind the bed, a metallic chest where clothes were kept in front of the bed, a wardrobe where secrets were kept in the lower right corner, one opened window in the upper left hand corner, and a wide-set door across from the chest.

Morning had come again, the king could tell, rays of light were hitting his face. Annoyingly the rays were hitting his eyes, shifting in the bed he sat himself up groaning rather than yawning at the small discomfort. Despite the beaming sun, something else was bothering him.

Two days ago an unknown visitor could be sensed coming into the city, a non-human presence. That bothered him, others of the paranormal variety could be wily and unpredictable. His people after all did come first, and he definitely did not want a supernatural disturbance causing havoc throughout the streets. Anyone of such a nature were to greet the king first, it was actually a law in this kingdom. On the second day of this visitor’s arrival an invite was sent for a morning meeting in the great hall.

Two knocks came at the door “My count, you have been keeping our guest waiting for over ten minutes. Are you ill?” That would be Dom, his voice today was a bit testy rather than flat. Dom may have become his servant, but he took the occupation seriously, to the point that he could be the only one to scowl the king for his rudeness.

“Lord Nicholas-

Nick rubbed his face calling out “Tell our guest that I apologize, I’ll be only a minute more. Thank you, Dominic.”

Nick waited to listen, Dom started walking away from the door, down the hallway and down the staircase, step by step, slowly. Dom was purposely doing so to get under Nick’s skin, knowing he’d listen in.

Nick scratched his head, his dark waves were bunched a bit on his head. He’d have to be quick, so he sped next door to the bathroom, washing and scrubbing himself clean. He toweled off, combed and brushed his hair, before (as a naked blur) running into his room dressing in a pewter suit.

After making sure he was sharp and held his kingly heir in appearance he went down the empty hallway down the stone steps into the great hall where there was a single chair, his throne, like most of istanbul escort the castle it was too stone, a bit malformed from the ages, with several windows, but not shining light into his eyes.

Nick took a seat before looking up, he’d barely gotten enough sleep and didn’t notice much in the morning after. Dom stood in the darkest corner imaginable, wearing burgundy clothing, he really loved red…

Dom walked from the corner and went into the entrance way to receive their guest, when he returned Nick secretly rolled his eyes. There was a young woman with long violet hair, yellow eyes, and pale skin with a hint of a blue hue. Her outfit consisted of a short black dress, sleeveless, floral tights, and black boots. The dress went up to her inner thighs, and her tights seemed as if they were painted on her body. She wore pink lipstick and blush eyeshadow.

She smiled lightly before giving a curt bow “Your majesty.”

“Why are you here?” Nick asked.

“Oh so we’re cutting to the chase?” The woman asked teasingly “May I say that you have lovely eyes, a very nice shade of myrtle, wouldn’t you say?” She was asking Dom who looked at her and then back at Nick.

“You are aware of the law here in this kingdom, correct?”

The woman shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly “Vaguely, but I come in peace. Cross my heart.”

“It isn’t your heart that concerns, but your intentions. And if they affect my people.”

“Majesty.” The woman spoke sweetly with grace “I only came to do what you’ve already done.”

“Excuse me?” Nick tapped his fingers against the arms of the chairs, growing angry silently waiting for the true reason to pass from her lips.

“I’m here to stay for awhile.”

“What is it that you intend to do during your stay?”


“Feed?” Nick narrowed his eyes, she was certainly not a vampire, that he could tell, she smelled of perfume and…possibly a pastry (coated with cinnamon). She seemed comfortable in her appearance, being sexual and yet conservative. “How do you feed?”

“I drink the essences of men.” She answered. A succubus, a demon who pleased humans, stealing their semen and consuming it to sate their hunger, all done mostly in very vivid dreams. “I’ve never killed anyone, so may I have a pardon?”

“I’m supposed to give you a pardon, because you’ve told me you haven’t killed? Young lady, I don’t fall for batting eyelashes, you are a stranger to this land. To me.”

The woman rubbed her hands together “Then may I ask how to receive one?”

Nick found this as odd, most succubi or incubi acted on their own, they never asked permission, but did what they felt was natural and took. Though they were demons, Nick had an encounter with an incubus once, and despite it’s viciousness the creature could not best him in the slightest. With age came wisdom, for a vampire with age came power as well, strength.

“I don’t understand, you could go into another country and feed as you pl-

“I heard you once granted protection to a werewolf once, he had a past of bodies a mile high, but when he proved true allegiance, honesty, to not harm anyone else you took him into the fold. He’s now a lord of Romus, a city that was casted in a dark l-

Nick held his hand up sighing “He did more than one act to prove himself. I’d need to see progress, and I’m not inclined to keep you. You knew to visit me on your arrival and dared not to-

“I can explain that, I-

“Do not cut me off!” Nick’s eyes slowly became enflamed in a sea of crimson “It is law.”

“Um, my count.” Dom raised his hand up as if answering a question.


“Today when I went to retrieve her I heard a few men discussing their dreams.” Dom cleared his throated for the next part “Apparently a raven haired beauty appeared giving them…very happy endings.”

Nick rubbed his forehead “Feeding without permission-

“I was starving…your majesty.” The woman looked down for a second “I hadn’t fed in over three days. I apologize for doing so without seeing you first.”

Nick leered down at her “So are you full?”

“I swallowed their essence, for now, yes I am full.”

“Don’t succubi drink…essence in other parts of their body?” Dom asked.

“Yes, what of it? I feed my way.”

Dom rolled his eyes and looked back at Nick for a response.

“What is your name, girl?” Nick sighed, despite the circumstance, he didn’t feel bad intentions from her, just a bit of anxiety.


“Luna would you like to share with me on why a full blooded succubus would be starving?”

Luna directed her eyes back up at Nick giving a wry smile “An incubus and some greedy humans.”

“I need a bit more than that before I allow you a pardon.”

“Well can you have your creepy butler go hide somewhere? Him staring is weird.”

Dom scoffed in disbelief “I’m weird? Didn’t you just jump off a boat and blow three guys to live, now you’re at my master’s front door asking for a pardon. I’m weird?”

Nick did think Dom istanbul escort bayan was weird, even before he became his servant. He was a weird child when Nick ran through his memories, staring in dark corners was the lesser of his oddness. “Dominic, can you please check the town once more…in case of anymore pop up visitors.”

Dominic looked at Luna groaning softly, he nodded, gave a deep bow, then departed through the front door without word.

“Please explain why you’ve come here, are you seeking asylum?”

“In a way…you ask a lot of questions for an ancient.” Luna smirked.

“Yes, well you’re in this ancient’s home. And if you wish to stay then you must explain.”

Luna breathed out “Alright…”

Luna launched into how she lived in a small town that was full of humans to prey on. Only a few knew what she was, but the few who knew wanted her to give them more than the occasional blowjob, Luna didn’t comply. When she didn’t comply they came for her, unlike her kind Luna didn’t have the desire to murder and kill, even when starving.

She left and went to another town where she ran into an incubus whom she was to be mated with per her mother’s request, they desired powerful bloodlines to keep flowing on until the end of time. Luna never gave into her mother, but her betrothed didn’t like rejection and tracked her down, leaving a trail of bodies behind which he blamed on her.

Luna came from power and so did he, he wanted more, but being as she had refused to take him into her, he went on a revenge mission. He was conniving and clever enough knowing Luna wouldn’t kill innocent people, backing her into a corner. Submit or let yourself be killed, neither suited her so she went to the only place she knew she could be safe, Vermillion.

Nick had absorbed the story all while listening to her heart, her veins, watching her eyes, any micro expression, what she was exhuming now was stress.

“I see. Why don’t you kill?” Nick asked “It’s not only in your nature, but mine.”

“I’ve come close a couple of times. But I knew if I started I wouldn’t be able to stop.” Luna said “I don’t see a real need to, I can put people to sleep, temporarily if my strength is weakened.”

“This is what I will do, Luna. I will let you stay here in the castle with me, and during that time I or Dominic will monitor you.”

Luna bowed again “Thank you your majesty, I-

“How old are you?”

Luna tilted her head to the side, that question paled in comparison to others “Ninety.”

“Ah, you really are quite young, especially for a succubus.”

Luna furrowed her eyes “I don’t understand your meaning, majesty.”

“Never mind that, I have a final question before I call Dominic back here.”


“During the story, you’ve told me that you’ve only accept men…orally. Is that, because elsewhere you still hold virtue?” Nick almost smiled due to how laughable that was, a virgin succubus, how on earth did such a thing exist?

Luna squinted “And?”

“So you are, that is strange.”

“It doesn’t matter, does it?” Luna crossed her arm a bit annoyed with the king.

Nick gave a small chuckle “Forgive me, it does not. Wait here, I’ll send for Dominic to prepare you a room…and maybe buy better fitting clothes.”


“Excuse me.” Nick walked outside and busted out in laughter, when he finally sobered he sent a mental wave to Dominic on what he was to do in the city and what he was to do upon returning home.

The room was at the at the very end of the hall to the left, it had once been home to a princess, a roaming traveler, and a family of three who only needed a few days to squat before disappearing in the night. The entire room had been revamped several times, but being as there hadn’t been any visitors as of late all furniture and décor was placed in storage. It was now an empty room with a single arched window.

“It’s empty.” Luna stated looking through the door and back at a weary Dom, he had several bags in his arms that he setting down onto the floor of the hallway. “Did you need help?” The succubus gave a coy grin.

“I need to understand why my master keeps inviting strangers to stay.” Dom searched the bags before pulling out a small crystal orb, inside was a single flame. “Got it.”

“Did you visit the local witch mart to get that?”

“Move please.” Dom walked past her into the room and placed the orb on the floor “And to answer your question we do have a local witch run store.”

Luna “It’s an illusion orb, I step on it, visualize what I want-

“It will still feel real and look real. At least until you move on.” Dom crossed his arms “So are we going to waste time by standing here or are you going to step on it?”

“Relax butler boy.” Dom sighed quietly under his breath as Luna stomped down onto the orb.

Smoke enveloped the entire room, when cleared there was a nice canopy bed with a verdant and cream comforter made of Egyptian cotton, a full wardrobe near the window made escort istanbul of cedar, a vanity by the right center wall, an end table with a single basic lamp, a mini bookshelf hung on the left side of the wall, a single gray laptop sat on the bed while the walls remained empty.

“Pretty.” Dom yawned “I had to buy a bunch of food-

Luna’s eyes lit up “Aww has the king made you my little snack monkey?”

“No. But on my count’s wishes, I’ll assist in any way that I can. If you need help call upon me. Now I will stocking the shelves and fridge in case you desire something other than…essence.” Dom bowed before closing the door behind him.

Luna yawned, it was very enjoyable when feeding, but she barely got any rest. So she shoved off her boots and jumped onto the comforter, rolled onto her side, and fell asleep.

Luna woke up around two in the afternoon, rubbing her eyes she dragged herself to the window seeing the greenery below her flow in the wind, a peaceful view. But now she wanted to explore, she slid her books back on and left the room only to collide with the king himself. Her chest pressed against his and bounced back again.

“My bad..” Luna said stepping back, Nick dusted himself off.

“It’s fine, is the room to your liking?”

“It’s great, thanks.”

Nick’s gaze bore into her eyes, almost as if demanding something from her.


“You’ve told me only part of your story.” Nick smiled at her “I understand that you may be frightened, distrustful of me being as I too am a stranger to you as you are to me.”

“You have the powers to go into other worlds, dimensions, you could have charmed you way to any place in the world.”

Luna rubbed her arms before finally giving in “Okay, I’m weaker.”

“Excuse me?”

“You know how my powers work, the only sex act that I’ve performed is oral. A small act in comparison to vaginal or anal penetration.”

Nick blinked, he wasn’t expecting her to be so blunt. “You’re very brazen-

Luna groaned “You know what I mean, your majesty. Succubi aren’t virginal creatures, we get energy from the essence of men or women which enhance our powers. I am a virgin, okay?”

Nick scratched the back of his head “I’m aware of what you are, but could you at least say it with some tact?”

“I explained, I don’t know what you expect from me.”

“Nothing.” Nick frowned “You’re a guest of mine, I just wanted the whole truth.”

Luna pouted “It’s always hard to believe, I have big breasts, small waist, round-

“I’m aware that you have a figure, Luna, but what exactly is the point of telling me this?” Nick may have been this age old vampire king, but he was still a man. A man who was not blind. When he first saw her he took her whole visage in: long lustrous hair, bright eyes, soft lips, plump breasts that pressed against the top of her dress making impressions, thin waist, round thick buttocks, and…Nick was forgetting where he was at the moment and what they were speaking of.

“Because people know what I am and wonder why I haven’t slept with anyone. I have desires and strong temptations, but it’s so tedious.”

“What is?”

“Having sex with any person I come across to survive. I’d also have to be attracted to the person or people I sleep with.”

“So the one you were arranged with wasn’t attractive?” Nick asked.

“He was very pretty.” Luna giggled “But he had nothing else beyond.”

“You want love.”

“I’m substance as well as beauty and every man that I’ve come across is lacking one or the other. I’m sorry, I forgot to ask, what’s your name? Do I have to keep calling you majesty?”

Nick gave a throaty laugh “No, my name is Nicholas, and as you are a guest you may call me Nicholas or just Nick. Where are you heading to in such a hurry?”

“Well Nick, I was sort of bored so I wanted to stretch my legs. Walk around a little, I wanted to get acquainted with the city.”

“Oh, I can have Dominic watch the castle so I can give you a tour.”

Luna bit her lip happily “You’re almost too courteous. But since I’ll be staying awhile, it would be nice…especially for when the times come for my next feeding.”

“Right, right. We must discuss that. Lets go to my study.”

Nick held out a hand which Luna took, this time they went to the right down the hallway, at the end was the study. Inside were shelves that reached the ceiling all filled with books, a large desk with a half opened book and letters sprawled out across it, a chair in behind and two in front of it, underneath the desk was a large oriental rug, on the walls were large paintings, one of a grim looking man who was frowning, the other was a woman who was poised gracefully like a figurine holding no facial expression.

“Who are they?” Luna pointed at the paintings, they stood together beside the bookshelves. “Your parents?”

“My father, yes.” Nick started to clean the clutter on his desk before he sat down. “The other is my elder sister.”

Luna held her hands together behind her back, seeing the details in the scowl. “You have his eyes. He alive?”

“No, he was killed in a war before I was born. He was a born vampire as well, I never met him. According to my sister he was very crude in nature, my mother was from a small clan of vampires arranged to marry him.”

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