Catherine and Jamie Ch. 04


The Catherine and Jamie series is a collaboration between Lovin69 and Bubbles_40. These are the fantasies we share on line as we play. We have never met in person. This is the fouth in this series.

“Rest up baby, and I’ll take you to Nirvana.” Those were the words Monica whispered into Catherine’s ears as she laid down on the other side of her. Catherine had just been through an intense fuck session with Monica’s lover, Marc. Catherine and I had met Marc, Monica and another couple on the hotel elevator as we were going to our room for a fuck session of our own. Monica invited us to a party in her room, so we came up after we had consummated our evening. We were pretty sure there would be a lot of sex, but we had no idea it would be so outrageous.

Earlier, Catherine had guided me through a cock sucking session with Marc while Monica watched and stroked. I had my first taste of another man’s cum and shared it with Catherine. Then Monica and Catherine used their oral expertise to bring Marc back to life. Marc has one of the biggest cock I have ever seen, and Catherine definitely wanted to ride it. Monica loves to watch, so she and I stroked and played with each other while we watched Catherine bounce up and down on Marc’s humongous erection.

After Marc and Catherine reached orgasmic bliss, I went over and took Catherine into my arms and held her. That is when Monica came over. She laid down on the other side and the two of us held Catherine for quite some time. The three of us laid there, arms intertwined with each other resting and relaxing. Catherine seemed to need it after what she had just been through. As we laid there with our bodies pressed together as one, Catherine began to sigh and move her body against Monica and me. She kissed me hard on the lips then turned to tenderly kiss Monica. Up to that point, Monica had been the one to initiate kisses between the two of them.

When their lips parted, Monica asked Catherine, “Are you ready for more? Are you ready to be ravished?”

Catherine looked to me, not knowing what to say. I smiled and said nothing. I wanted it to be her decision. I wanted what had begun as our night to become her night. I wanted her to experience the ultimate pleasure. Catherine looked back to Monica, smiled and nodded her head. Very quietly she said, “Yes, I’m ready for more.”

Monica rose and took our hands. She led us to the other room. There was the mat we saw full of bodies, where the woman was being ravished, when we first came in. With all that had happened I forgot there were others in the apartment too. The mat was full of naked bodies. Licking. Sucking. Fucking. Monica went to the group and whispered to two of the participants. It was like watching the Red Sea part. A spot opened up right in the middle. Monica nodded to Catherine as she looked at me. I nodded. Catherine turned to the mat and the people laying there. A hand patted the open space and she walked over and laid down.

As soon as she was on the mat, hands began touching her. Three men and three women had knelt down and were stroking her gently. Stroking her entire body. Her arms, her breasts, her buttocks, everywhere. Light strokes covering her body from head to toe. Catherine sighed.

As hands roamed her awakening body, her senses on overload, two women began fondling her breasts. They kissed them, fondled them and began to suck on them. Squeezing, sucking, licking. Her nipples were hard and wanting. Their mouths were all over her breasts, their hands all over her body.

A couple moved down and gently spread Catherine’s legs open. She lifted her head to see what was happening and watched as the man began to lick her pussy. The woman looked lovingly at Catherine and stroked her thighs. Catherine laid back to enjoy the sensations running through her body. Tongue fucking her pussy. Mouths sucking her tits. Hands roaming her body. She looked over at me and sighed and moaned. This continued for quite some time until the woman stroking her thighs nudged the man and he removed his mouth from Catherine’s pussy. Catherine let out a moan of disapproval. The man and woman kissed, sharing Catherine’s juices.

The woman then lowered herself and began to lick Catherine’s pussy. Catherine gasped. She had never had a woman eat her pussy before, but she quickly relaxed. Many times I have read on Literotica that nobody can eat pussy like another woman. Based on the look on Catherine’s face, I understood what they meant. While the man ate Catherine with gusto and literally fucked her with his mouth and tongue, the woman was tenderly and gently making love to her. I heard Catherine whisper, “Oh God. Oh God, she’s wonderful.”

The woman pulled away from Catherine’s hot zone. Catherine whimpered. She wanted vip escort her to stay forever. The woman and her partner kissed again, sharing her juices. The man returned to her pussy and Catherine began to feel the difference. He licked and sucked her cunt with vigor, almost frantic in his loving. Unlike his partner’s sensual loving, his was much more intense. He had her pussy worked into a frenzy in no time. “Oh God, God.”

Monica and I were sitting on the sofa, watching. Monica had my cock in her fist, stroking my shaft up and down. My fingers were buried in her cunt, fucking her in and out. Fast. Slow. Loving her pussy. Catherine looked over to us and smiled, her eyes filled with lust. I wanted to throw Catherine a kiss, but I was lost in the incredible hand job Monica was giving me.

While Monica and I were masturbating each other, the other two men went toward Catherine with hard cocks in hand. They knelt down on either side of her and stuck their cocks in her face. Catherine grabbed one in each hand and started stroking them. She turned towards one and sucked on it for a few minutes while stroking the other. Then she switched to the other cock.

From our on line fuck sessions, I knew Catherine must be in heaven. She had fantasized to me about this sort of encounter numerous times. God, it was hot. Two people between her legs loving her pussy. Two women loving her breasts. Fondling, kissing, licking and sucking; their hands all over her body. Two hard cocks at her mouth. Catherine was whithering, moaning, sucking. She thrust her hips up toward the two at her pussy. Moans filled the air.

Monica stood, straddled my legs with her back to me, took hold of my cock and lowered herself. She was so wet, it slid in with ease. We just sat there for a few minutes, not moving. Watching. My hands were on her breasts, her nipples between my fingers. Her hands were stroking my thighs. She slowly began to grind her hips on my cock. I let her set the pace. Up and down. In and out Her hands went to her breasts, squeezing, pulling, tugging. She laid her head back on me as she loved her breasts. My hands went to her hips as she rode my cock. I looked at Catherine and saw her looking at us. Lustful sounds filled the room.

As Catherine watched us, her body began to tense. The two mouths at her pussy and the two cocks at her mouth must have been too much. Her pussy exploded into orgasms, one right after the other. Her head was moving from side to side. There was no screaming this time. No cursing. Only, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaa, Aaaaaaaaaaaaa.” She seemed to be one huge nerve ending. Sensing. Feeling. Orgasmic bliss. Monica was going wild on my cock. Bouncing up and down, pulling at her nipples. With Monica wildly riding my cock , I so wanted to cum, but held off because I wanted to save it for Catherine.

As we were fucking, Marc came over to us and leaned down to kiss Monica. They shared a very passionate kiss while Monica rode up and down my cock. Monica broke away and said, “Look baby. Isn’t she so fucking hot?” Marc looked and grinned. He began to rub his huge erection along Monica’s clit. As he did so, his cock would rub against mine. His balls were in constant contact with my cock. I was on overload and had to slow down to keep myself from cumming. I wanted to cum in Catherine’s body. I wanted her to feel me explode.

Then I heard Monica whisper to Marc, “Lick my clit and pussy baby.” Marc knelt down and began to lick her. When his tongue moved to her pussy, it would also lick my cock. I didn’t know if it was intentional or accidental until he moved down and licked my balls. He started taking long licks from my balls, along my shaft to Monica’s pussy and clit. My God, I’d never felt anything like it before. Then he moved down and took one of my balls into his mouth, and I felt his finger probe my ass. I moved down to allow him access. When his finger entered my ass, I let out a moan louder than any other in the room. My hips were moving faster and faster. I was getting closer. Too close. “Please, Marc. Don’t make me cum. Not yet. Please.”

He stopped. Monica pulled off. I wanted her to stay. I wanted both of them to stay but knew if they did, I would lose it. Marc moved to an empty chair across the room and began to stroke his massive erection. Monica went to the mat and whispered to the couple between Catherine’s legs. They pulled back. Then everybody else moved back. Catherine whimpered, “No, don’t stop.”

The woman who was making love to Catherine’s pussy took her partner by the hand and laid him on the mat next to Catherine. Monica and I moved to Catherine, took her by the hands and lifted her. I kissed her long, hard and passionately. I wanted to taste the two cocks that had been şirinevler escort in her mouth. As Catherine and I gazed at each other, Monica and I helped her straddle the man’s hips and I helped guide his cock into her depths. Catherine immediately began to move her hips, pumping his cock, up and down, in and out. The expression on her face said it all. She needed to be fucked. The man’s partner straddled his face and lowered herself to his eager mouth. He started licking and sucking. I could hear the juices on his cock. I could see the juices on his face. I could hardly believe what I was watching. Catherine was fucking his manhood while the woman was fucking his face. With one hand on his chest, the woman used the other to hold Catherine’s head. She leaned in and kissed her. She kissed Catherine’s lips just as wonderfully as she had kissed and sucked her pussy. I could see Catherine’s tongue enter the woman’s mouth. She wanted her. She wanted to taste herself. She wanted to kiss this vixen while they shared fucking her man.

Monica and I returned to the sofa and watched for a few minutes. God it was hot watching these two beautiful women. Monica turned to me and kissed me with a deep passionate kiss. “Now its your turn baby.” She got up and walked over to a night stand and returned with a bottle of lube. She walked over to the woman fucking her man’s face and kissed her. The woman removed herself from her lover’s face. Catherine bent over to kiss her lover, to taste his lady’s cum, to smell the aroma on him. While she was bent over, Monica poured some lube on her ass. Catherine gasped. She had confessed to having anal sex in the past, but never while she was riding another cock. She knew what was coming. I couldn’t tell from the look on her face whether she was ready or not, but she kept riding her lover’s cock. Monica poured some lube on her finger and began to massage Catherine’s ass, up and down her crack. Then she entered Catherine with her finger to relax her. She began to finger fuck her. “Oh God. Fuck me. Fuck my ass.”

Monica sensed that Catherine was ready. Catherine was really getting into the feeling of both holes being filled. Monica removed her finger and Catherine whimpered. She moved up to her and kissed her hard on lips. “Don’t worry baby. The best is about to cum.” She sauntered over to me and poured some lube on my cock, then very lovingly spread it all over. Catherine looked at us while Monica massaged my glistening cock. Catherine and I had fantasized about this on line, but up to now, that’s all it had been. Fantasy. Now it was going to happen. I was afraid. I had never been in an ass before. Catherine must have sensed my apprehension. She smiled at me and nodded her head.

I went to the mat, gazed into Catherine’s eyes to make sure she was all right and kissed her. It was a long, tender kiss. I moved behind her and began to rub my cock along her crack to let her know what was coming. I moved the head of my cock to her rosebud. Everything stopped. I gently pushed, just enough to enter. We all held still, letting Catherine adjust to the feeling, letting her set the pace. She started rocking back and forth very slowly, easing me in further and further with each pump. When I was all the way in, all movement stopped again.

Catherine started moving again, feeling both cocks inside her. Back and forth. Back and forth. Moving in and out of her together. Very slowly at first. Then she began to move faster, and faster, and faster. The pain was obviously gone. Catherine wanted pleasure. We began to work together. The three of us moved in unison, her pussy and ass taking both cocks in and out at the same time. I had never experienced anything like it before. I could feel his cock against mine, separated only by the thin membrane between her pussy and ass. As we pulled out, our cocks would rub against each other, our two ball sacs in constant contact. By now, Catherine was ranting, “Oh God baby. Don’t stop. It feels so good. Fuck me guys. Fuck me. Fuck my cunt and ass. Oh God………”

Marc had moved over to sit with Monica and watch. They were both stroking furiously. Sometimes themselves. Sometimes each other. Stroking. Probing. Watching. Monica nudged Marc and he came to the mat, knelt down in front of Catherine and held his massive cock to her face. Catherine didn’t hesitate. She took hold of it and sucked it into her mouth. Three cocks. Ravishing her. Her other lover and I pushing her into Marc, shoving his huge cock down her throat.

I looked around. The whole room was fucking. One couple was on the mat with us, him on his back, she riding him while she watched the four of us. Another couple was on the chair where Marc had been, she bouncing up and down elit escort on him while he sucked and fondled her tits. Monica had mounted the woman who had made love to Catherine’s pussy, her legs wrapped around Monica as if she were a man fucking her. Monica was humping her, kissing her, making love to her. Everybody was moaning. I was on overload. The sights. The sounds. The smell of sex everywhere.

Catherine pulled Marc’s cock out of her mouth. “Oh God baby. I’m cumming. Cum with me baby. Cum with me.”

Marc was the first to cum, shooting a string of cum on Catherine’s face, surprising her. She turned and took his cock back into her mouth. Marc continued to explode, filling her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, but some ran out the side. As she pulled off his cock to swallow what he had given her, he let loose another shot on the other side of her face.

The cock that was buried in her cunt was next. He started grunting and he stiffened and filled her pussy with a huge load. I don’t know if she was still cumming or if she was experiencing another orgasm, but Catherine began to scream again. “Oh God. FUCK ME. I’m cumming. Cum with me Jamie. Cum with me.” I couldn’t last any longer; I didn’t want to. The smell of sex in the air. The moans and grunts were enough to set me off. I shot my hot seed deep in her ass. I looked around again. The whole room was cumming. Everybody, all at once. The room was filled with sweat, moans and screams. Debauchery everywhere.

All of us collapsed onto the mat, exhausted. The lover in Catherine’s pussy pulled out, letting the cum ooze from her as he moved to Monica and her partner. They all hugged and kissed. I rolled over and held Catherine in my arms and licked Marc’s cum from her face. We then shared a passionate kiss, tasting the cum together. I reached for Catherine’s pussy and began to lightly stroke the juice that was spilling from her. I brought my cum covered hand to her mouth and she licked my fingers. I moved my face in close and we shared more seed. We kissed again and embraced, holding each other. We looked into each others eyes. In her eyes I saw lust, love, passion. Everything we both wanted and needed. We both wanted to say those three words but knew we couldn’t. We could never say them because we knew we had to return to our own worlds soon.

As we laid there in each others arms I asked Monica if she would draw some bathwater for Catherine. When the tub was filled, Monica came back and the two of us helped lift Catherine. Her body was spent, her knees were weak. I carried her into the washroom and set her down and left while she relieved herself. I returned, lifted her and lowered her to the hot water. As she laid in the tub, I took a washcloth and began to wash the sweat and cum from her body. When I came to her breasts, I couldn’t help but stop and spend more time there, wiping, caressing, loving her breasts. Her nipples began to harden. To my surprise I was becoming aroused again. God, she was beautiful. I leaned in and kissed her, then moved to her ears where I nibbled and teased them. I then kissed her neck as she rested her head on the back of the tub.

I moved down here body wiping her stomach, then to her sex. She spread her legs for me. She lifted her hips for me. The more time I spent in the nether regions, the harder I became. God I wanted her again. This time all to myself. When we were done, I helped her to her feet and out of the tub. As she stood there dripping, I toweled her off from head to toe.

I washed myself off and we walked out of the washroom to meet Monica. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw two of the couples fucking again. They were not making love. They were fucking, pure and simple. Raw, passionate fucking. I couldn’t believe how horny I was after what we had just experienced.

Monica brought Catherine’s clothes and we dressed her. I dressed, put my arm around Catherine to help her, and to be close, and we walked to the door. Monica followed us, naked. As we turned to say good by to our new friends, ones we will probably never see again, Monica reached for me. She ground her body onto my hard cock as she kissed me deeply. She smiled as she pulled away and placed her hand on my bulge and asked with a devilish grin, “Are you sure you want to leave” I smiled and nodded my head, yes. She moved to Catherine and embraced her. This time Catherine took the lead and pulled Monica to her. Catherine ground her body into her and kissed her passionately. Their tongues danced in each others mouths. Monica asked Catherine the same question. Catherine said yes, it was time to go.

Monica opened the door, not knowing or caring if anyone was outside to see her naked. As we exited, we turned back for one last look to see Monica closing the door with one hand, the other stroking her pussy. Her eyes were half closed.

As the door closed, we turned arm in arm and walked to the elevator. We both wanted to spend the last few hours we had together making sweet love, exploring each other, loving each other before we parted.

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