Neat N’ Naked 07: Genni


©2020 Sal De Klerk, “The Salacious Scribe”. Ms_Tiff, All Rights Reserved.

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Authors Note:

This is the seventh installment of a series of 26 stories about a naked cleaning service. Each story is self-contained, no need to read every story or in any order.


This story contains adult content including spanking, lesbian sex, age gap, sex toys, and more. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


“Neat n Naked…where our girls suck better than Hoovers. How can we help you,” came the well known deep throaty female voice of the service.

The only sign of how nervous Elena felt was how she twirled the phone cord around her finger as she paced. She was in her home office, using her landline phone. She suspected this phone was more secure than her cell phone.

“Oh, hello.” Hearing an actual person answer was a surprise. She expected to have to go through several layers of automated menus and an indefinite hold before speaking to an actual person. It took her a second to shift gears, “Yes, I’m uhh looking to hire a…a cleaner for tomorrow morning.” ‘Was that the right title,’ she wondered, ‘Cleaners.’ She didn’t know the protocol for this. “I need someone tomorrow. I’m hosting a party, and my place is a disaster.” She cast a glance around the pristine apartment. “Preferably an um…” she toyed with the chord some more, “a woman…younger woman.”

“We can get someone to help you get your house ready for your party. Do you only need help cleaning, or will there be prep work as well? Do you also need help with the party? Oh and if you have any preferences let me know.

“I need help with setup and prep, I don’t know if I’ll need up with the actual party now.” Elena sank onto the plush white sofa, taking a sip of her wine to calm her nerves. At thirty she wasn’t an inexperienced woman, but there were some avenues she had yet to travel. Enjoying the company of another woman was one of them.

“Well, I would like someone…younger than myself. Close to 18, and make her a little…adventurous. I do enjoy redheads or brunettes.” The wine was working, calming Elena as she settled in to explore her fantasy. “I like a girl who looks like the girl next door.”

“I have four ladies who meet those requirements. I’m sending their information right now. I do have one question, it this gong to be a mother-daughter fantasy? Or do you want a younger woman to will seduce you? I only ask to make sure you get exactly what you want.

“I’m looking for a younger companion.” Elena said, “I would like a girl who is a seductress but…submissive.”

“Yes, these ladies should fit the bill. They may be a bit older than you want but we don’t have many girls working for us under 25, but they all do look younger than their age. Oh! You’re on a landline that’s why I can’t send you their profiles. May I please give your email or cell number so I can send you their profiles.”

“My email is [email protected],” Elena tells the voice. Her computer dings and she sees an indicator flashing, letting her know she has a new message. She opens the first attachment…

This girl is straddling a bicycle, standing in almost sideways to the camera. She is wearing full-bottomed back bikini bottoms that tie on the sides. her legs and feet are bare. On top, she has a pale yellow shirt that has a nice design but the shirt itself is translucent. Looking hard at the picture Elena can see she has on a bandeau style, multicolored bikini top. She is a pretty fresh-faced girl next door. Her face is round and her smile is cute, showing off her white teeth. She has long light brown hair with natural blonde highlights. On the photo, there is some text…






Faie is working her way through cooking school. She has planned numerous parties and events for her sorority. She loves seduction and is a switch.

Elena liked the pretty college girl. Her knowledge and skills with cooking and party planning were a definite plus. But she wasn’t quite what Elena was looking for. She opened the next attachment…

Elena’s jaw dropped when she saw this image. It was of the prettiest freckle-faced redhead she ever saw. She was sitting in what looked like a Victorian-style sitting room holding a teacup. There was a definite steampunk feel to the image. She was wearing a maroon and white dress with a low cut bodice showing off a very nice expanse of cleavage. There was an Ivory cameo attached to the center of the bodice where it met her skin. On her legs were calf-length gray boots that looked like suede. The boots came almost to her knees, and then from the boots to mid-thigh were gray and black striped socks. Under the skirt, you could catch a hint of her right thigh. Her lips were full and pouty her hair bright red and flowed almost six inches past her shoulders. Elena swallowed hard and had to stop herself from hiring her on the escort fındıkzade spot. She forced her eyes away from the female and read the info on the photo…

Genevieve “Genni”



120 lbs


Genni’s innocent look hides her passion. She is friendly, compassionate, and down to Earth. In her free time, she loves to be creative. She has four tattoos and seven piercings. She tends to be submissive but lacks experience.

Elena was the type of person to weigh all her choices, otherwise, she would have asked for Genni. She looks at the beautiful girl one last time and then opens the next attachment…

This picture is a petite olive-skinned girl even more beautiful than Genni. She was wearing a white long sleeve lightweight white sweater. It was obvious it was thin and there was nothing under it since the girl’s nipples were pushing the material out. The rest of the outfit was a black and white check mini skirt. She had white thigh highs that were long enough so the tops were under the skirt. On her feet, she wore black closed to pumps with a four-inch heel. Her hair was dark at the scalp and grew lighter until it reached a pretty caramel at the ends. Her smile was infectious and Elena could lose herself in those eyes. Again she had to force herself to read the info…






Nika started as a nude model in the Czech Republic. She came to the US to study business. She is friendly, outgoing, and enthusiastic. She loves roleplay especially age gap scenes.

Elena couldn’t decide between Nika and Genni. She was a bit afraid of opening the last picture. If it was another girl that gorgeous, there was no way she’d be able to pick one. Steeling herself she opened the last picture…

This one was different from the others, for starters it was Black and white and wasn’t a professional shot. The lady in it was plus size but pretty in a plain jane kind of way. She had long dark hair, and an oval face with large eyes. She reminded Elena of the anime her nephews watched. She looked tall but you could see she was a fun person. She was wearing a gray pair of Calvin Klein panties and bra set. The panties were extra brief and showed a hint of a cameltoe. Her arms crossed her chest covering most of her breast and cleavage. She looked over her info so she could make an informed decision.






Riley is a sweet girl who needs a lot of TLC. Due to her day job, she can only work nights and weekends. Photos and videos are not allowed. Riley is a new employee and is eager for her first client.

Elena paused for a moment. She looked at Riley’s picture again and thought about being her first. She went through all the pictures one last time before making her decision.

“Wow, you guys know what you’re doing. This is a difficult choice. I want them all.”

A sweet chuckle comes over the phone. “That’s doable if you can pay the fee for them. Or you can choose one now and ask for the others at a later date,” the voice tells her.

Elena tabs through each of the pictures one last time. She felt drawn to Genni and kept going back to her photo. “Genevieve should suit my needs,” she tells the voice. Looking one last time at the other three ladies.

“Excellent choice! Genevieve is quite lovely. You should have a lot of fun with her. Okay let me get some information from you, and then I’ll send you a confirmation that the appointment is set.” The voice went over legalities, took payment, and set up the new client account. Once finished the voice told the caller, “Genni has confirmed she will be at your home by 10:00 am is that okay?”

“Ten is fine thank you so much, and I will be calling again,” Elena tells the voice before hanging up.

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

Genevieve pulls up in her mint condition cherry red 1994 VW cabriolet convertible. Putting the top up, she locked her car and walked up to her client’s house. Pressing the doorbell, she bounced on her feet, excited for this new encounter.

The door buzzer sounded and Elena checked her reflection one last time. She adjusted the sapphire blue sheath dress. She walked to the door, her heels clicking on the polished wood floor. She threw open the door and her notice caught in her throat. Genni had put her hair in a bun, leaving her long luscious neck exposed. She was wearing an off the shoulder blouse with fringe over the bust. It was almost the same color as Elena’s dress. She was wearing daisy dukes and blinged-out sneakers. Genni smiled at Elena, her eyes danced appreciatively over the older woman’s body.

Before Genni could say anything, Elena found her voice. “Good morning, Genevieve,” Elena smiled to hide how nervous she was, “Please come in.” She stepped aside, allowing the young woman to enter her two-story penthouse apartment. Elena drew in a deep breath, her body already humming in anticipation.

Genni escort topkapı stood by her host, “Hi Elena. You are one gorgeous lady. We’re gonna have fun together,” she says hugging the older woman and kissing her on the cheek. Elena blushed, feeling the young woman’s body press against hers and the lips on her cheek. She did let one arm wrap around the younger woman and let her hand squeeze her guests ass.

“You’re very beautiful yourself.” She replied with a smile. Her blush deepened when Genni pushed back against her hand. After the hug, Genni stepped inside and Elena leered at the taut young ass almost covered by the denim. She licked her lips as the luscious globes rocked as their owner move deeper into her home.

“Make yourself comfortable,” She told the young woman. Genni looked over the immaculate apartment. The stark white furniture was showroom fresh. The entire apartment, at least what Genni could see, was pristine. The large windows let in a lot of light and offered a panoramic view of the city.

She looked around. “I heard this place was a mess. Are you one someone that spends days cleaning before a maid comes to clean,” She asks with a cute smile on her face.

“No, I uh, I don’t like things out of order. I’m a bit of a neat freak.” She rushed to add, “But there’s plenty for you to do. Some dishes need to be washed for the party. They’re in the kitchen, through these doors,” she led Genevieve into the kitchen. The kitchen was ultra-modern. The appliances were stainless steel, counters were black marble. White tile floor and cabinets finished the look. There was a large island in the middle of the room with three boxes of Waterford Crystal stemware.

“Okay, I can do that. Are you going to help, or watch?’ she says licking her lips and giving Elena a sultry wink. Genni picks up one of the glasses and flicks it hearing it sing. “Ohh very nice she says in approval, as she turns on the water and gets ready to start washing the glasses.

Elena perched on a barstool. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to watch you.” She said, as her eyes roamed over the young woman’s body.

“If that’s what you want,” Genni says. She puts her phone on the counter, and Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer starts playing. Genni sways to the music as she turns on the water and takes several glasses out of the boxes. Elena’s eyes drunk in her lithe body as she swayed to the music. About a third of the way through the song, Genni gives up the pretense of washing dishes and, dances closer to Elena. Elena felt herself growing moist as she watched the flaming haired beauty undulate toward her.

At the halfway point of the song, the music all but dies out and the Genni lip synch’s the words ‘So kiss me.’ Her eyes boring into Elena’s, and she stepped close and put her hands on Elena’s bare skin just below the hem of her dress. Genni brought her lips toward Elena in slow motion. Elena couldn’t stop staring at them. Genni closed the gap between them, her lips less than an inch from Elena’s.

Elena closed her eyes, waiting for their first kiss. There was a momentary pause and Genni whispered, “Are you sure you don’t want to help?” That was all it took, Elena leaned forward until their lips met. Their tongues finished the dance that Genni started.

The kiss ended when the song died out. They stared into each other’s eyes breathing heavily. “I have something else for you to clean.” Elena moaned, her voice husky with desire. Elena eased her dress up past her hips until it was around her waist. Her pubic hair region was bare and as well maintained as the rest of her apartment. She put her hands on Genni’s naked shoulders. It only took light pressure to get the younger woman onto her knees and between Elena’s spread legs.

Genni inhaled the musky aroma and leaning forward, she planted a soft kiss right on the older woman’s clit. Then she caressed it with her tongue before sucking it into her mouth. She sucked on it like a small cock as her hands caressed Elena’s thighs. She let it slip out of her mouth and began to swipe her tongue across her lips. Genni pushed her blouse down to let her large breasts hang free. Her tongue wormed it’s way past the lips swollen with desire, and began to explore her lover’s insides. Once her top was around her waist, she put her hands on Elena’s thighs. Genni caressed the soft skin with her soft warm hands.

Elena’s legs trembled as Genni placed a soft kiss on Elena’s clit. She gasped as the young woman sucked her clit. A moan escaped Elena’s lips as she watched the young woman expose her firm, full breasts. The feel of that tongue on her slit and the sight of those beautiful breasts had Elena’s body respond to Genni.

“Oh god.” She moaned, her fingers threading in Genni’s hair, pulling the young woman tight to her. “Don’t stop.”

Genni smiled at the woman’s reaction. She loved it when she was able to arouse a client so fast. She pulled sweet face away from Elena’s sweet spot and began escort mecidiyeköy to kiss and nip the tender flesh of her thighs. Her hands caressed the folds of flesh where the legs met the pelvis, without touching her lips. She wanted this woman to beg her for her release. Genni was going to turn Elena into a quivering mass of sexual desire. Then and only then would Genni make Elena cum.

“Fuck,” Elena moaned as she felt Genni nip at her thigh. She stared down at the young woman, so sweet and desirable. She clamped her thighs around the younger woman’s head. She grabbed a handful of Genni’s red locks and pulled her back to her creamy center. “Lick me, Genni.” She gasped, “make me cum.”

Using her tongue, Genni caressed the outer lips barely making any contact. Her hands reached up and squeezed the older woman’s breasts, through her dress. She felt Elena’s hard nipples, so she pinched and twisted them enough to make Elena gasp in pain and delight. As she toyed with the nipples, Genni blew softly over Elenas clit. Genni continued to kiss and lick around Elena’s pussy. She only made minimal contact with the outer folds of her pussy.

Genni wanted to dive in and devour the stunning older woman. This was almost as torturous for her as it was for Elena. Genni’s pussy cried out for attention. Genni shifted her body so her pussy rested on her heel. She rocked her hips so she was masturbating herself with her foot.

Elena’s head fell back as Genni manipulated her breasts through the thin fabric of her dress. Her nipples ached as the young woman pinched them, making them even more erect. The way Genni’s tongue moved nimbly over Elena’s skin was sheer torture. Her tongue was like a sexual acrobat that moved and bent in just the right places to tease and please. Elena’s fingers tightened in the young woman’s auburn locks.

“Yes. Fuck that’s it. Right there.” She panted, looking down to watch the woman pleasure her. She could see Genni shifting, pressing the heel of her foot against her own sex. The sight of the young woman trying to find her own release was enough to send Elena over the edge. “Fuck yes!” She cried out as her orgasm trembled through her, cum gushing out to coat Genni’s face.

Genni was shocked, shocked, and pleased she was able to make Elena cum so hard so soon. She wondered how long it had been for the older woman. She knew from experience ut usually took a lot more for a woman to cum especially that hard. As these thoughts crossed her mind, she plastered her mouth to the older woman’s pussy. Genni slurped the fluids that flowed from her older lover. She drove her tongue deep into her to make sure she was able to drink every delicious drop.

Elena’s face flushed with a heady mix of passion and embarrassment. Elena couldn’t remember the last time she had cum that fast. She figured it was a mix of anticipation and her lack of a partner in over three months. Of course, Genni was an artist with her tongue.

Once Genni had swallowed every drop of Elena’s fluid, she slithered up her body. Elena drew in a deep breath, trying to calm herself as she watched the sublime girl move toward her. When their eyes met, she pulled Genni up so that the girl stood between her legs and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Elena’s tongue swept over those plush lips, tasting herself as her tongue sought entry. She pushed Genni’s top over her hips so it would fall off her body. Her senses were so heightened Elena could hear the material land on the floor. She pulled back and drank in the sight of those beautiful bare breasts and the bright pink nipples. Elena took the young woman’s hand, hopped off the barstool, and led her from the kitchen to her bedroom.

“I want to show you something.” She said, opening the doors of her massive walk-in closet. On one side hung rack after rack of designer clothing and shoes. But, it was the other side that Elena wanted to show her. There, running along the wall was a jewelry case, the glass polished to a perfect shine. But instead of jewelry, there were sex toys of all shapes sizes colors, and textures. There were some that Genni couldn’t even identify.

“My family owns a large sex toy manufacturer,” Elena told her with a touch of pride and lust. She stood behind Genni, cupping her beautiful breasts. She teased the hard nipples making them even harder. “I want you to choose two toys. Choose wisely. Because I’ll be using them on you.” Elena nipped at Genni’s slender neck as her fingers fondled those glorious nipples.

Genni looked over the collection amazed at the variety. She had never realized how varied sex toys could be. ‘Elena has to have a better selection than some sex shops I’ve been in’ she thinks. “You and I will be very very good friends,” Genni says with a huge smile on her face. She looked over the selection in breathless anticipation. She tried to narrow down her choices to a few of the options. She had become mesmerized by the selection, colors, shapes, and sizes. It was a cornucopia of pleasure awaiting her. Elena couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled up from her throat as Genni looked about like a kid in a candy store. The young woman surveyed the selection with wide-eyed excitement. Her slim fingers caressed the glass in a way that sent shivers down Elena’s spine.

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