Gentlemen Prefer Southern Belles


Francis E. Sterling III by all accounts considered himself to be a lucky man. Having moved from England to attend college in the United States he had been able to free himself from the confines of a stuffy traditional British heritage. Standing 5′-10″, weighing 150 lbs. soaking wet, with a slight build, he was definitely not an imposing figure. Despite his pasty white skin color, he did have a few things going for him. At first he thought the biggest one was changing his feminine family name from Francis to Frank. But he quickly found out he was mistaken. He had a keen sense of humor, and his groomed jet-black hair coupled with his frosty blue eyes helped, but it was the British accent that put women over the edge. He liked to call it the James Bond affect. Physically there was no comparison, but he didn’t intimidate women and they loved it when he talked.

Frank had his share of good times in college, majored in Economics, and then followed it up with an MBA, before heading off to Wall Street. He was determined to make it on his own and not rely upon the family fortune. When his parents had made a trip to visit during his junior year of college they were appalled at the social graces of the girls on campus and totally disapproved of the girl their son was dating at the time.

Frank worked 80 hours a week that first year setting a blistering pace at the meat grinding investment firm he had joined. Only the strongest survived and he wanted to be one of them. He had no time for social events, not that it would have mattered. While his accent had gotten him dates with girls and he always had a fun time with them, he never seemed to be able to get them into bed. Oh, a few had gone all the way, but unfortunately his slightly undersized 5-inch penis fit the name Francis more than Frank. The girl that he had dated the longest, 6 months told him she liked his size because it didn’t hurt her to have sex with him and she felt it helped her retain her tightness. Frank had meekly thanked her, but it sure wasn’t something to tell the guys about. After a year of working non-stop and winning all sorts of company awards, Frank found himself sipping a beer all alone and reflecting on his life. The money had come in, but it had flowed out just as quick. The high city rent and cost of living were almost too hard to keep up with. The sporty blue two-seater BMW convertible had been his big splurge and all he had to show for the countless hours he had put in on the job. His boss had been pissed the day he came in and announced he was leaving the firm. All the back slapping for being the number one rookie was gone. Now the only thing he got was a “good luck, asshole,” and a door slamming behind his back.

Atlanta or hot-lanta, as everyone seemed to call it seemed like as good a place as any to settle. He had heard southerners were very hospitable and that southern women were great lookers. It was there that Frank still found himself 5 years later at age 30 daydreaming about his life and new wife. As much as Frank had his traditional British roots, Misty Lane was all southern belle. She had graduated from the University of Georgia, and oozed that sweet innocent Georgia peach look. Misty was petite at only 5′-3″ and had full naturally blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Frank never saw her naked before they were married, but her matching blonde bush proved that she was a natural. Her deep golden tan was a stark contrast to his pale skin, but what amazed him daily was her tight compact body. Misty’s full 34D tits seemed to defy gravity, as they jiggled back and forth while standing tall on her chest. Her small ass was amazing though in that it curved out with a slight bubble, almost seeming more appropriate on a young girl.

Frank felt it was a miracle that they had ever got together. He had taken a big pay cut to slow down and work at a small regional brokerage house and had bumped into her, literally, at The Varsity, a local greasy hamburger place at lunch. Knocking her drink out of her hand onto the floor had been the unintentional introduction. She had thought his accent and red-faced embarrassment was cute and six months later they were married.

Predictably, Frank’s parents had been horrified upon meeting his young 21 year old fiancée’ and the rest of her Bar-B-Qing southern family and were quick to point out that convicts were the ones who had originally settled in Georgia. On the side, his mother had gone so far as to intimate that they would cut him out of the family inheritance if he followed through with the marriage. Frank was too in love to care.

He thought back over the past six months and how they were still getting to know each other emotionally and physically. Frank quickly found out that Misty had a way of getting what she wanted, but in most cases he was willing to comply. Her cute button nose with a sprinkle of freckles and that disarming smile would make anyone melt. He thought back to the previous night.

“Francis honey, I want to be on top tonight!”

“That’s quite all right my dear,” Frank said as he rolled over onto his back.

Misty opened her full pouty lips while sarıyer escort grabbing her husband’s limp 3-inch penis between her fingers. The sight of her open mouth and the heat of her breath caused him to stiffen with his full 5-inch penis. Straddling his mid-section she held his dick up as she slowly lower her moist pussy down until he was fully inside her.

“Oooohh baby, you look ravishing,” he cried out.

“Mmmmmmm, I like it this way,” was her short reply, as she started thrusting her hips into him and then ever so slowly lifting herself up and down on his shaft. Frank looked up at her magnificent upturned tits, her nipples stiff and pointed, the aureoles rounded and puffy with little bumps highlighted around the tawny brown surface.

Misty lowered her chest down to his mouth.

“Suck my tits Francis…Ooooooh come on…please…suck ’em baby.”

Frank didn’t think he could hold out much longer with all the stimulus as she continued thrusting herself into him, her tight cunt pulling at his throbbing penis. Suddenly she pulled her tits away from his mouth with a pop and starting hopping up and down on his dick as fast as she could. Her tits bounced up and down frantically trying to keep up with her jerking movements.

“Oooooohhhhh Gahhhhhhhhhhd….I’m cummminnnnngggg,” he shouted, spurting his load, as she continued bouncing up and down like a pogo stick.

“Not yet…honey…I’m not there yet,”

Frank felt his dick starting to wither as she tried to speed her movements up even further to keep him hard. “Nooooo honey…not yet…I haven’t cum yet.”

Frank felt the sting of her disappointment as she slowed down and the tightness of her cunt muscles pushed his slimy shriveled penis out of her hole.

“It’s not fair!” she pouted rolling off him and laying dejected beside him.

“Honey, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. You’re too hot. I just need to get used to you so that I can last longer.” “Well that doesn’t help. You get to cum but I don’t.”

“Please honey, give me a break. Let me frig you with my finger and get you off.”

“No! I don’t want your finger, I can do that myself,” she started icily. Then her voice changed to that sweat southern belle melody. “I want your tongue.”

“I’ve never done that before honey, and besides I just came inside you.”

“It’s not my fault you’re too fast on the trigger. If you want to have sex again this week then I better feel your tongue right now.”

Misty spread her legs wide to accommodate her husband and grabbed the back of his head as he slowly lowered his face to her pussy. As she felt his tongue make contact with her clit she let out a low moan. More to encourage him than out of true excitement. “Ooooooooohhh yeahhhh baby … that’s it, don’t be shy, get your whole mouth into it.” The encouragement seemed to work as Frank started working his tongue up and down her wet lips, the mixture of her juices and his sperm starting to turn him on. Misty gripped his thick hair tightly and held his head firmly as she thrust her pussy up and down his face covering his chin, mouth and nose in their mixed fluids.

“Aaaaaahhhh I’m cumming,” she screamed as she gave one last thrust onto his stiff tongue that was stuck up her pussy. Frank caught the sudden rush of fluid as it coated his tongue and ran down into his mouth. As she came down from her high, Misty knew that they’d need to do this more often.

Everything seemed be back to normal today as he kissed her prior to leaving for the office. “See you for lunch,” she smiled while giving him that innocent yet seductive wink.

Frank was brought out of his trance by the boom of the intercom. “Mr. Sterling, your wife is here to see you.”

Frank came waltzing out of his office and stopped dead in his tracks as he entered the lobby. Mouth agape, he looked his wife over from head to toe. During the six months they had dated and been married Frank had always marveled at his wife in her fashionable clothes. Form fitting like the latest fashion trends it was nothing out of the ordinary, although her marvelous body did turn more heads than other women. This was different, the sight before him now was causing an immediate stirring in his groin.

Misty’s hair was up, having obviously just been to the hairdresser; her lips were coated in a high gloss bright pink color that matched the tight sleeveless top that clung firmly to her full tits. Frank doubted that she was wearing a bra the way her nipples protruded so noticeably. Despite their size, with her youthfulness and their firmness, he knew she didn’t need to. The top cut down into a deep “V” revealing several inches of cleavage and showed about two inches of her dark brown tan on either side of her belly button. His eyes traveled down to her equally form fitting short shorts that seemed to cut up into her pussy. Without seeing her ass, he knew that they probably just barely covered both of her tiny cheeks. Her muscular legs looked longer than her 5′-3″ frame because of the five inch heels she was balancing on.

“Cat got your tongue?” She cooed.

“Oh istanbul escort baby, you look good enough to eat,” he replied.

“That’s the idea,” she laughed, putting her arm through his as they turned to walk out the door.

With her five-inch heels, she was almost as tall as he was. Frank thought, ‘I’m glad she’s so short, so that I don’t ever look small next to her.’

“Where we headed honey?” He asked. She had said she wanted to make it a surprise.

“Anthony’s” she said matter of factly, a mischievous smile forming on her face. Anthony’s was one of the older high-end Italian restaurants in town. Unlike the newer eateries that were bright and open, Anthony’s was dimly lit, even during the day, with big booths and long tablecloths.

Frank watched his wife’s perfectly shaped butt covered like saran wrap in her tight spandex shorts. The seam of the material pressing into her crack and separating her ass cheeks slightly. He felt his dick start stirring as he followed her and the matre’ de to their booth. As they settled in next to each other, Misty pressed her tits into his arm as she cooed in his ear, “happy 6 month anniversary honey!”

Frank didn’t know what had come over his wife, but whatever it was he liked it. He was always the center of her attention and he knew she loved him. Unbeknownst to her he had observed her order a contractor who was remodeling their house to fire a worker who made advances on her. As they waited for their meal to arrive, Frank jumped as he felt his wife’s hand move into his lap and grasp his semi-hard penis. “Honey?” his voice squeaked as he looked into his lap.

“Yes,” she raised her eyebrows slightly and then continued with her conversation.

The waiter approached with their meals and Frank hurriedly pulled the tablecloth up over his lap. Misty’s hand continued stroking his now stiff dick, alternating between squeezing and rubbing.

“Sir, can I get you anything else?” the waiter asked.


Misty smiled deeply as she watched her husband struggle to respond and shift uncomfortably in his seat. In a naïve, immature sort of way she was getting a kick out of the idea that a young 22 year old wife could exercise this type of power and get this type of response over her more mature husband.

“Honey…please, I can’t take any more. I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop it.”

“You’ve got to learn how to control yourself Francis, that way I get to cum with you, honeybun.”

“Oh please… oh please… it’s too much… I can’t take it!” Beads of sweat sprouted on his head.

She squeezed him hard and tugged a few more times until she heard the familiar sound of her husband peaking.

“Ahhhhhhh!!” he tried to stifle as he thrust his cock up at her already fleeing hand. His sperm would have shot into the air if he was naked, but instead it met his underwear and trousers, creating a gooey mess in his pants. After a few quick jerks his balls had emptied and he felt his dick begin to shrivel up in his wet cotton underwear.

The meal ended quickly and Misty excused herself. Blowing his a kiss and mouthing, ‘I’m so hot,’ she winked, turned and shook her ass back and forth as she strolled out of the restaurant. Frank wondered how he was going to make it back to his office with the wet stain on the front of his pants. About thirty minutes before the end of the workday, his phone rang.


“Honey, it’s me,” she said in a downcast tone. He knew something wasn’t right.

“What’s wrong dear? It sounds like you’ve been crying.”

“I just…just got a call from Cousin Julia…” she stifled a sniffle. “My Great Uncle Feister died last night in his sleep.”

“Oh, dear, I’m so sorry,” he hesitated unsure of how to go on, “Is that the Uncle you mentioned who lived in a mansion outside Nashville?”

“Yes,” sniff… “I was always his favorite niece. He wasn’t much of a talker, but I could sense it in his look.”

“Is there going to be a funeral?”

“Yes, Friday, and then a reading of his will that evening back at the mansion.”

“Do you think you’re in it?” He asked

“In what? The funeral?”

“No, honey…the will,” he clarified

“I don’t know, how insensitive, the man just died.”

“I’m sorry dear…I was just curious, I’ll get the time off so we can drive up Thursday and stay through the weekend.”

As he hung up, Frank thought to himself, ‘ what a bummer, nothing like a funeral to put a damper on Misty’s sudden sexual forwardness. Maybe they’ll be a big inheritance.”

Francis E. Sterling III, had no idea how right and how wrong his thoughts were going to be. And how the next weekend would change the newlywed’s relationship forever.

Francis E. Sterling III looked over at his lovely bride of six months. Her solemn stare the result of a phone call earlier in the week announcing the death of her great uncle. Even with her mild depression, Frank couldn’t help notice the swell of her breasts rising and falling with each deep breath. The sun was beginning fındıkzade escort to set as the little 2-seater BMW made its way through the mountain passes of northern Georgia in to Tennessee.

“Dear, I think I’m going to pull over for the evening and we can continue in the morning.”

“Okay,” she replied indifferently

He pulled into a Holiday Inn and checked in and unloaded the car, while Misty announced she was going to take a hot shower. Frank’s hopes rose at the thought since they hadn’t had sex in almost a week now.

Taking off his clothes while waiting for his wife to finish, Frank looked in the mirror. At 5′-10″ he wasn’t very imposing and his slight build and fair skin didn’t help matters. He looked down below the small pooch around his waist to the limp 3-inch noodle sticking out of a sparse field of pubic hair. His one wish was that he could have one of the big dicks like he had seen in a porno film once. He looked at himself again, disappointed to see a shriveled little sack holding two marble size gonads. ‘Oh well, at least I have a woman who loves me for who I am.’

That thought brought Frank back to reality. He knew when he married Misty that she was somewhat high maintenance. Not in a negative way really, but she liked the nicer things in life and had gotten used to them. It reminded him of his upbringing in England. In the six months since they had married they had taken on a huge mortgage, a Jaguar for her and a ton of credit card debt. The credit card debt had piled up from clothes, jewelry, and fine dining. Frank hadn’t had the guts to tell her to slow down. That coupled with a freeze on bonuses at the firm due to the downturn in the financial markets had created a situation in which he was only able to make the minimum payments on their debt and had them one step away from financial disaster. He wasn’t about to drop that bomb on her now.

“Honey? Hand me a towel will you?” Misty said opening the bathroom door.

Heavy steam spilled out as she reached for the towel. Frank took his time taking in her full rounded breasts capped by nipples quickly hardening in the cool bedroom air. He couldn’t help himself and reached out to cup one.

“Hey, cut it out!” Misty cried, pushing his hand away.

“Aww come on babe, we haven’t had sex in almost a week.”

“It’s all about you isn’t it? What about me and my feelings? I can’t have sex when I’m thinking about my uncle. I hadn’t seen him since our wedding 6 months ago…I feel …so…so guilty.”

“I’m sorry, Misty, will you forgive me?” He reached out to hug her.

“I thought I said…”

“Hey, ” he cut her off, “I’m just giving you a comfort hug.”

They embraced, her towel dropping to the floor. Misty’s big breasts pressed fully into his stomach. Frank felt his dick get rock hard. Misty did too and at first was going to push him away, but then felt different about it. The memories of teasing Frank a few days ago came flooding back. She smiled to herself as she nuzzled her face into his chest and slowly pressed her pussy against the hardness in his jeans. Frank turned her slowly so that he could look as her backside in the mirror. ‘What an ass,’ he thought, as he viewed her slightly spread tan legs, the upturned curve of her small butt cheeks and the tuft of blond hair sticking out below. His dick was so hard it hurt.

“Thanks,” she smiled looking up at him with those big green eyes. “I really needed that.”

“Uhhhh…uhhhh, your welcome,” was all Frank could manage, as she turned and hopped over to her suitcase, bending over to give him a perfect view of her ass and pussy. Pulling out a full-length cotton nightgown, she slid into it and bounded over to the bed.

“Be a dear and turn the light out before you take your shower,” Misty said, “and try not to wake me when you’re done. I’m exhausted and sure I’ll be asleep by the time your done.”

It felt like his dick stayed stiff all night as Frank tossed back and forth trying to fall asleep.

The rest seemed to do Misty some good as she slipped a black tank top over her bra-less tits. She squeezed her firm tits through the cotton fabric causing her nipples to stiffen and poke through. Her tight jeans and black high heels were the perfect compliment to tease and travel in.

Frank hopped into the convertible in his loose fitting travel clothes, a pair of sweat bottoms, a golf shirt and tennis shoes. “You look smashing dear,” he said, while taking in his delicious young bride.

“Thanks babe,” she laughed. ‘ He’s so cute sometimes with that accent,’ she thought. Looking him over as they pulled out of the hotel parking lot she decided she’d have a little fun with her hubby along the way.

For the two-hour drive to Nashville, it was a mixture of pleasure and pain for Frank. He was delighted that Misty was in a great mood, but her antics were killing him. Misty would rest her hand on his groin and then very slowly begin to squeeze and stroke his dick through the thin material. His 5-inch woody was very obvious as it formed a pup tent in the middle of his lap. Then Misty would giggle and pull her hand away. What killed Frank the most though was when she lifted up her shirt to reveal her perfectly sculptured bare tits. Her nipples stood out rock hard with the top of the convertible down and the cool Fall breeze flowing over the windshield.

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