Ginny’s Witnesses Ch. 05


Reading Chapter 4 will put this one in perspective. Here, Ginny continues her hands-on study of the natives.


Part 1

“Jeezus, Ginny! Your video and camera work…fabulous!” said JJ. “Or should I call you ‘Miz Jones’, you budding little porn star?”

“Sam spent a lot of time behind the camera, JJ,” I responded. “But, as you can see, he’s got real potential as an actor!”

After dinner, JJ and I reviewed the screen tests I’d done with the 20-year-old island stud, Sam. After seeing the videotapes and digital photos, my father-in-law thought the guy could be of real use in our porn production business, which was really no more than an idea on which JJ had sold me. “You’re gonna see him tomorrow…more ‘sight seeing,’ right?” he said, sardonically. “So, tell him to save his pennies for a one-way flight to SFO. We’ll set up a place for him and get him some gigs, then we’ll e-mail him to join us.”

“I don’t want him staying with us, JJ. Living with Luala and Sam under the same roof would be like refereeing a gang war. I want him just close enough so I can…you know…enjoy him when I feel like it.” I guess that I’d found – in JJ’s words of a few weeks earlier – my “young buck,” a guy I could use for purely recreational sex.

“We’ll get him a place in a student co-op apartment. He’ll go crazy with the coeds,” he said. “I’ll let the Chief know we’re probably leaving in a few days.”

That news saddened me, but I understood that JJ didn’t want to overstay our welcome, particularly since each of the male villagers might want a ceremonial goodbye fuck from me…the designated reincarnation of their long-dead white queen, Audra. We just didn’t have time for that.

This trip to Pohnpei had turned into “separate vacations” for the two of us, given how our individual sexual agendas had evolved since we’d arrived. That night I slept fitfully alongside JJ and my daughter’s nanny, Luala, dreaming lasciviously of the island bad boy I’d discovered. In early morning – it was Friday – I rose to shower and eat, after entertaining visions of his buff brown body coupling with me. I prepared carefully, packing my large shoulder bag with one film camera and one digital. The remaining space was devoted to the day’s supplies: toilet tissue, flavored lubricant, sunscreen, dark glasses, my dildo, a towel, washcloth and soap, a sponge, a douche, some bottled water, a thermos of sakau, and breath spray.

I took a while brushing my long hair and applying makeup, selecting just the right shades to match my purple halter top and flowered purple and white sarong skirt that left my midriff and shoulders bare. On my lips I used a dark pink gloss, then outlined them with a darker line. It was only 7:30 when I’d finished my finger and toenails with matching purple polish. I looked in the mirror and, facing me, was the image of a blonde, sexy looking American woman in her mid-twenties who was going “clubbing” – very much the fashion in the States. I was ready for almost anything. Finally, I attached large gold hoops in my pierced ears, which glinted sexily against my deeply tanned face and made me look a little trashy. With my bag packed, sitting next to the door, I sat waiting for Sam…my heart beating like that of an impatient teenager waiting for her boyfriend. Underneath my sarong, my bare pussy already throbbed with anticipation. Today I was going to live up to my fuckable image, I’d decided.

At the stroke of 8 a.m., Sam pulled up in front of the bungalow, revving his motorcycle, which roused JJ and Luala. “Have a great day!” JJ mumbled sleepily, and reached across the body of our bed partner, the beauteous, sleeping, Asian nanny, which – no doubt – signaled to her the beginning of some sort of sexual play with him.

“Morning, Miz Jones,” Sam said outside, cutely, using my assumed porno name. He lengthened my bag’s strap so that he could anchor it in front of his seat with the bag resting behind me, against my butt, and he helped me fasten a helmet on my head. I mounted the buddy seat and we were off. Just as we sped out of the village, I saw Anu watching us with a plaintive look, his hand raised to me. I waved back, and vowed to explain as much as I could to him before we left for home. I truly hoped that I hadn’t neglected him too much in the past couple of days.

“No hurry, okay?” I yelled in Sam’s ear, and he slowed down so that I could enjoy the heavenly humid morning, still too early to be hot. My arms were wrapped around his tight stomach, yet once out of the village I took liberties. I ran my hands up past his six-pack stomach to his chiseled pecs, then down again to his waist and my fingers plucked lightly at his loin wrap, which was split in front. My heart rate increased as I did this, but I couldn’t restrain myself, so I leaned forward, pressing my breasts into his muscled back, and reached forward to slide my hands from his thighs back to his groin. Yes! he was naked under his clothing, as always, which şişli escort bayan caused my pussy to palpitate. As my fingers touched his growing cock, Sam slowed down a bit more, allowing us a leisurely passage down the road under the jungle canopy. This allowed him to steer with only one hand. With the other he reached back between my legs, splayed underneath my sarong and welcoming the relatively cool breeze against my heated crotch, and slid two fingers up my moistening slit. He then turned his head sideways and made a big show of licking them, causing me to close my eyes and jack his prick more rapidly.

I’m such a slut, I thought, doing all this with a guy I might not look at twice…maybe three times…back home. But I was on vacation, and was overjoyed that he was letting me use his body for amusement. He turned again and yelled, “Rest stop comin’ right up!” and steered off onto one of the many dirt roads leading into the jungle.

By the time we’d coasted to a stop and he’d killed the engine, I’d taken off my helmet and shaken out my blonde tresses. I slipped off the back of the bike as he set the kickstand and I said, “Today’s for sightseeing…and this is Sight

! Get back on your bike and face the back. It’s been a long night and I need my protein drink this morning!” I giggled, still giving orders, though quite apart in mood from the bossy bitch I’d been the day before. “You passed the screen tests, by the way…with flying colors!” I said, as I leaned over the back of the bike and took Sam’s purple glans quickly into my hot mouth for the first time since yesterday.

“Wow! Ginnnny,” gasped Sam, as I worked his extraordinary prick past my gag reflex. “I’m gonna get in the movies?” he asked eagerly, panting.

“If you please me, baby. Remember, you told me…you c’n cum five times!” I was going to suck down his first load ten ways from Sunday, I thought – right here, less than a mile outside the village – as my throat muscles gripped him. My primary fixation this morning was sex, sex, and more sex. “Now, just cum…whenever you want…don’t hold back…this is for you,” I murmured, as I took him deeply. “Just think of it as my congratulations…for yesterday.”

He’d placed his hands behind himself on the handlebars and his legs straddled the bike’s seat with his feet on the ground. My eyes never left him as my head bobbed up and down. His narrow, bronzed hips, with their statuesque muscles outlining his flat belly, extended upward as I counted his abdominal ridges with my eyes – three prominent ones, one less so – then I viewed the sexy flare of his ribcage up to his broad chest and deeply-articulated pectorals. My Gawd, he was beautiful! I moaned deeply in my throat in appreciation, and my cheeks hollowed around his glans, hungrily demanding his seedy deposit.

“Goddam, Ginny, yer gonna make me pop!” he groaned, as I sped my pace.

“C’mon, sweetie. Gimme your cum. I dreamt about you all night!” I confessed, my hand jacking him in a twisting motion as I dropped back onto him and felt his cock head growing ever larger in my mouth.

“Fu-u-u-uck, Ginny, yer too much for me!” he gasped, jerking his head back and forth in a snapping motion as he tried to forestall his climax.

“Give…it…to…me…Sam!” I growled, interspersing each word with a deep oral plunge onto his shaft. “I…want…your…cum!”

“Ah! Ahh! Ahhhgh! Ahhhghhh!” he grunted, as his loins began jumping up at my head, trying to bury his prick deeper into my mouth and throat.

I hurried my jacking motion and, with my other hand, reached down to softly stroke his balls, which had an immediate effect. As I hummed encouraging “Mmm-hmmms” in my throat, his first blast filled my cheeks, which I immediately swallowed. As I took a deep breath, another spasm filled my mouth again, which I took down, then another…and another, causing me to seal my lips a couple of inches past his corona to avoid losing any of his semen. After what seemed like minutes of sucking, Sam’s grunting and groaning ceased, and he lay back on the bike’s handlebars. Still, however, he was leaking his thick cream onto my tongue. When he was finished I rose up over his hips and licked my lips lasciviously, saying, “You’re so cute when you’re like this…all defenseless!”

“Shiiiit!” he said, and just lay there, breathing heavily. I got to my feet, reached into my bag and took a deep swig of water from my bottle, then followed it with breath spray.

“C’mon, Sammy, let’s get back on the road! We’ve got four more sights to see today! Next stop, the cultural center I haven’t been to!”

It took several minutes for my young brown motorcyclist to come to his senses and continue our journey. He was noticeably more placid – less cocky – as we proceeded toward town. But, as we got closer to Kolonia, I’d found a convenient place for my hands, at his crotch, cupping his meaty genitals with my palms.

Sam walked escort istanbul me through the cultural center, this one devoted chiefly to the time before and during WWII when the Japanese had occupied the Pacific islands. Most of it was devoted to old photographs showing the development of the island’s economic infrastructure. There were several old pictures of a beautiful stone church as well, with a tall European bell tower that looked very much out of place in the jungle setting. “What’s that?” I asked him.

“The German Catholic Church,” he said. “Built when they were here after the Spanish. The Japanese destroyed it – except for the tower – during the Second World War.”

“The tower’s still there? Could we go see it?” I asked. I was still a sucker for things religious, though most of my fundamental Protestant beliefs had been discarded…chiefly at JJ’s urging, and because of our sexual activities as swingers.

“Sure!” said Sam. “It’s a half hour away…beautiful place. Only tourists go there now.”

We hopped on the bike and made our way into the jungle on the other side of Kolonia. On our way, Sam yelled back at me, “It’s Lulu’s birthday. Ya know, the owner of the bar next to the store. I told her I’d be seein’ ya today an’ she begged me ta bring ya by for her party. She liked ya a lot when you two met. Should be pretty wild!”

I nodded, anxious to do something crazy, but not really looking forward to going. A party in a smelly bar was far from my mind as I let my whole being absorb the warm, humid beauty around us. I’d felt so free on Pohnpei since arriving, and my heart jumped with happiness at the fresh air and blue sky, causing me to lay my head against Sam’s broad back. I felt especially reassured by the feeling of his crotch under my hands. He still seemed to be moist between his legs from my earlier saliva bath, though the weather was getting warmer and it might have been only sweat. I knew that the wet between my legs wasn’t perspiration.

We rode up to the church tower past an empty tourist bus. A tour guide was leading a crowd of pale-skinned visitors around the grounds, pointing out headstones in the old churchyard and disseminating historical information. We stood at the back of the group, with Sam carrying my heavy bag, and listened to him drone on and on. “Who’s that?” I asked him.

“He’s the Lutheran minister on the island. Another one o’ them ‘nose-in-the-air’ types. Doesn’t like me at all,” he said.

I looked at the people and saw Rafe and Veronika among them – my Australian acquaintances from the first day in town – and they grinned, waving back at me. I touched Sam on his arm and said, “We don’t have to stay here. I wanta climb up the tower and see the view, okay?”

“Sure. We’ll have ta watch our step, though. It’s kinda rickety.”

It sure was rickety, but, after several minutes we’d made our way up an old winding stairway to the very top of the bell tower, which looked down on a plain that showed Kolonia lower in the distance, then a breathtaking background vista of the azure ocean. It was an absolutely stunning view, and I wished that I could live on the spot. Below, through a large portal, we could see the group of tourists – along with Rafe and Veronika – in the yard, still mesmerized by the solemn tones of the minister. The place and the moment were perfect, I thought. I slowly backed up into Sam, felt the bulge at his groin, turned around and murmured quietly, “Okay, big guy…this is Sight


I whimpered as he swept me off the floor into his arms, and ground my crotch against a muscular thigh as he kissed me and lifted me away from the open portal to the center of the belfry. He carried me to a safety railing that surrounded the top of the winding stairway, and I looked down sixty dizzying feet to the floor of the tower and leaned forward against it as Sam lifted my sarong. I whimpered with excitement as I felt his strong legs press against my naked thighs and ass, and I lifted one leg high to rest one foot on a cross beam forming the rail. I heard him rasp from his lungs, “Gawd, yer so hot, Ginny,” as he bent his legs and simultaneously lifted my other foot off the floor to probe my dripping pussy with his erect cock. I wrapped that leg behind his knee and slowly felt myself being filled with his hot meat.

“Ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh…Sa-Sa-Saaamm!” I whined, as my sheath slipped down over his rampant prick, which lodged against my cervix. “I really…really…really need you to fuck me to-daaay!” I keened, sounding ridiculously childish as I did so.

“Uuunngh…so.sweet,” he grunted as we slowly began pushing and pulling at each other. With my arms supporting my upper body on the railing, and both legs keeping me at the right height, Sam’s hands snaked around me and slid under my halter top to twiddle my nipples.

“Squeeze my tits, Sammy…pinch my nipples…please…hard, baby!” I crooned, as I cycled back and forth onto his suspending escort taksim cock. He did so and I moaned, as my entire body began to glow with the delight he was causing. “Aaangh! Aaangh! Aaangh! Aaangh!” I began to grunt, once again losing myself in the sublime rhythm of fucking my mixed race island stud.

That’s what he’d become…my island stud. God…forgive me, I thought, sullying your church – what’s left of your house – with my base desires. Down deep, though, the fact that I was satisfying my animal needs as a woman in an old place of Christian worship made it all the sweeter. I was still a believer, yet was hardly devout anymore, so my feral hunger drew from the most elemental depths of my imagination a gut-wrenching, guilty joy that transported me to a place where sex was everything. Mindless fucking was all that was important. It was as if I’d found my perfect existential level as the center of my body cyclically swallowed, then expelled, the monster that sprang from Sam’s loins.

“Gonna cum soon, Ginny!” he gasped, unlike him. “Can’t help it…too good…gonna…”.

The sound we both then heard was a surprised, frightened, female cry below us. I opened my eyes to look down and saw a woman turn and run outside from the bell tower floor many feet below, only to be replaced by four or five other curious men and women who felt it necessary to take a peek upward at our feverish coupling. We heard much frenetic jabbering going on outside among the tourists, which only spurred us onward. We thrust faster…then faster yet…mindlessly questing for the orgasms we knew would come…soon, I hoped. I was moaning now, “Unh, unh, unh, unh,” and urging Sam to drill me harder, floating as I was on the sensuous cloud that buoyed me.

It wasn’t until my wide open eyes saw Rafe, one of my Australian acquaintances, climbing up the stairs with his camera clicking at us, that I realized I was split wide open for all to see from below, with Sam’s huge brown cock plowing the pink furrow between my legs. Rafe laughed loudly up at me and called, “Knew you were one steamin’ sheilah when I metcha’ the othah day, Ginny. Nikki tol’ me she thot so, too. We’ll be heah a coupla days yet, so, if ya get tired o’ that theah teenageah, give ol’ Rafe a call at the Excelsior!” He then snapped a half dozen pictures of me, the last four of which showed me cumming with a vengeance. I couldn’t help but scream as Sam began spilling his hot load into me at the same time. When my vocal echoes died down I was hoarse, and I heard the tour bus’s engine start. “Oops, gotta go now,” said Rafe, who’d witnessed the writhing throes of my noisy orgasm. He slowly lowered his camera, descended the three flights of stairs he’d climbed, and was gone.

I should’ve felt ashamed, but I didn’t. Instead, I stood up, stretched my legs, and kissed Sam deeply. Going to my bag, I unrolled a bunch of tissue and soaked up his copious cum, which was running down my legs. “Want some water, honey?” I asked. “I need a drink after that,” and tipped the bottle to my lips. The liquid felt clean and soothed as it went down.

“Naw…maybe some sakau…a real drink,” he said, ever the party boy, as he tipped my liquor-filled thermos to his lips. He seemed remarkably subdued after that, though.

“What’s the matter, sweetie? Am I wearing you out?”

“Uh…no, it’s just that…I…I’ve never met anyone like you before,” he said.

“And maybe you never will again! C’mon, show me some more sights! What’s next? What’s
gonna be?” I asked, raising my eyebrows several times in succession to show my sexy intent. “Will you carry my bag?”

It was late morning when we rode back to town and Sam took me to the fish market on the lagoon. All the native fishermen had brought their catches ashore and were selling them right off the boats. There were finned fish I couldn’t identify, mysterious shellfish…even octopi and squid. They were sold to all comers, as well as to procurers from the tourist hotels, one of which was the Excelsior that Rafe had mentioned. It was a modern, six-story building right on the beach. We had a romantic walk along the beach behind that hotel, with me devilishly pulling Sam under an adjoining pier a couple of times to grope him and taste his tonsils. He talked about his white mother, who had, incestuously, initiated him into the arts of physical love when he was a teen. I didn’t tell him about similar experiences with my father.

We ate lunch at a folksy little native restaurant on the pier. I’d never eaten a tastier fish soup – much better than stateside cioppino or bouillabaise, served with grainy island bread and sakau. I was slightly tipsy and giggly when we’d finished, and decided that I wanted to see how tourists lived in Paradise. “Let’s go over to that hotel and raise some eyebrows,” I said.

“What, the Excelsior? Ginny, they won’t let me in the lobby, even. I told ya ’bout how they look down on us!”

“Aw, c’mon, it’ll be fun! A new adventure!” I lowered my voice to a sexy tone and crept my fingers, spider-like, up his bare thigh. “Don’tcha want a new adventure, cutie?”

He thought for a moment, then brightened, saying, “Wait! One o’ the girls from school’s a maid there. I’ll call her. Maybe she can get us in!”

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