Happy Birthday to Me


I opened the door. “Happy birthday!” shouted Fiona and Shelly.

“My birthdays not until tomorrow,” I countered.

“Yes, “Shelly replied “, but you get to open one present early.” “And that present is us,” Fiona blurted out.

They stepped in and shut the door behind them. My eyes were drawn to Fiona’s dramatic display of cleavage. Shelly’s top was a bit more conservative, but it was obvious she was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were fully erect and clearly visible through her shirt.

“You are the recipient of a deluxe Girl Guy Girl threesome package, “Fiona said. She continued “This package contains special options, selected especially for you. It included a double blow job, complimentary back and leg massage, and extended dirty talk.”

“Unfortunately, the anal sex options was not available,” Shelly said, trying to sound remorseful,” so we have included unlimited oral sex instead. That’s right, you can do down on us as many times as you want. As an added bonus, there is no limit to the number of time we will come on your face. This may require you go down on someone you just fucked. We hope you are not squeamish about that.”

“The lesbian sex show option is also currently unavailable, although the grand finale does include a girl on girl kissing sampler,” Fiona added.

“Please note, in order to get to the sampler, you must complete the finale to get to the grand finale,” Shelly said quickly, doing her best impersonation of a late night TV disclaimer.

“This package does require the removal of all articles of clothing. For your convenience, this service will be provided for you. So stand still and relax as you are disrobed,” they said in unison.

Fiona began unbuttoning my shirt, Shelly started working on my pants.

“I’d like more details on the requirements of the finale and grand finale. Can you tell me more?” I asked.

“The finale is where one of use rides your cock while the other rides your face. That’s right, sex and oral sex at the same time. The grand finale is when we switch positions,” Fiona explained.

By now, they had completely removed my clothes, and were undressing each other. Both of them were drop dead sexy. Fiona was tall and athletic with C-cup breasts. Her ass was round and firm, something she was quite proud of. Shelly was average height with jet black hair and a dark tan. She had a more voluptuous figure. Her tits were easily a D cup.

As soon as they were naked they walked up to me and began kissing and stroking my chest. I looked down at them. They both had their hair up in a ponytail, so I had a clear view of them kissing me. Their hands were all over me, grabbing my ass, stroking my cock and massaging my chest. Shelly’s tongue danced around my nipple, Fiona moved behind me, rubbing her breasts on my back. They worked their way down, and soon were both kneeling in front of me. Both of them began kissing and licking my penis. Their lips and tongues were inches apart. Seeing them like that was a huge turn on. I knew I had to make it to the grand finale to see them kiss. Fiona was the first to take my cock in her mouth. She bobbed up and down in it a few times, then passed it to Shelly. They continued to take turns, one watching other give me a blow job. Shelly stood up and moved behind me, pressing her breasts into the small of my back. Fiona moved in front of me and wrapped her tits around my cock.

“Go head,” Shelly said from behind me, “Fuck her tits.” She was leaning to the side, looking down at Fiona with me. I rocked my hips back and forth. Both of us watching my penis slide between Fiona boobs.

“She’s got nice tits, I hope you get to the grand finale so I can touch them,” Shelly whispered.

They were driving me towards an orgasm. I closed my eyes and slowed down, trying to stay in control. I wanted the whole package.

“You seem tense, why don’t you bursa escort bayan lie down on the bed, “Shelly suggested I climbed onto the bed, slightly relieved. Between Shelly talking dirty and Fiona’s tits wrapped around my dick, I was close to orgasm.

“Face down,” Fiona instructed.

I laid on my stomach. One of them straddled by back, I could feel her warm, wet pussy in the small of my back. The other straddled my legs, her buttocks pressing against my calves. They both began to massage me. It felt good. Their fingers pressed into my shoulders, neck, thighs and ass.

“He seems relaxed enough, “Shelly said after a few minutes. She flopped down on her back, right in front of me. “You are now permitted to start the unlimited oral sex portion of your package “she said, almost like a flight attendant telling me I could move about the cabin. I crawled up to her on my hands and knees. She had spread her legs apart, showing off her smooth, wet, hairless labia. As I lowered my head between her legs, Fiona crawled up behind me. I felt her hips press into my ass and she bent forward pressing her breasts against my back. I ran my tongue over Shelly’s pussy, gently tracing the contours of her lips. I started to lick and suck on her. I looked up, Shelly had her hands on her breasts, caressing and pinching them. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensation of my mouth on her. I pressed my tongue inside her

“Oh yes,” she said “, fuck me with your tongue. I want you inside me.”

Fiona whispered in my ear, “I love watching you go down on her. Seeing you lick and suck her is driving me wild”. Then she raised up and shifted over a bit, pressing her pussy against my ass and grinding it against me. Her hands were on my hips, pulling me back into her. If they had touched my erection I would have come right then and there. Lucky for me, she seemed content to tease me.

“I see why you like doggy style so much,” Fiona said. Having her dry hump me was almost unnerving.

Shelly was pressing her hips against my face. I moved my mouth up to her clit, and slid a finger inside her. Fiona was grinding against me faster. I could feel her wetness on my ass. It felt like I she was fucking me doggy style. Her breathing was getting faster and becoming ragged.

Shelly let you a yelp, and started to push my face away.

“That’s one for me,” she said.

“One for me too, “Fiona said from behind me. I sat up. Fiona was getting on her hands and knees, “Time for you to do me doggy style.”

Shelly sat back, “I just want to watch this.”

I moved behind Fiona, pressing my cock against her ass. She pressed back and squeezed my dick with it, then used her hand to guide me up against her pussy.

I pushed forward and entered her. I looked over at Shelly, she was watching us intently. Her gazed moved from my hips to Fiona’s breasts, then back to me. I looked at Fiona. She was looking back at me.

“Hold still,” Fiona said.

She moved back and forth slowly. I could see the shaft of my penis going in and out of her. She pushed back until her ass pressed against my hips. I could feel her squeezing my penis inside her. Then I felt Shelly press against my back. She put her arms around me, her hands landing on my chest.

“I think the view is better from right here,” Shelly said. Now it was Shelly’s hips pressed against my ass. She slide her hands down to my hips. Shelly pulled me back, and then thrust me forward, moving my cock in and out of Fiona.

“Let’s fuck her together,” Shelly said into my ear.

“Hey Fiona,” Shelly called out,” I’m using Frank as a strap on to fuck you.”

“Fuck me harder Shelly,” Fiona replied.

She did, pushing and pulling me in and out of Fiona’s pussy. I could feel my orgasm building again, and I think Shelly did too.

“Fiona, I think Frank need another massage.” bursa anal yapan escort she said. Fiona crawled away from me and Shelly pushed me down. This time they used their breasts to massage me, sliding them from by calves to my shoulders, then back down. They moved slowly, just barely touching me. I could feel their erect nipples pressed into my skin as they moved back and forth.

Shelly declared me relaxed, and laid down in front of me again. Fiona said “This is the part where you fuck Shelly, and I watch”

If you have not ever had your girlfriend tell you she wants to watch you fuck her hot friend, I highly recommend it.

Shelly turned to face me, “She is right frank, this is the part where you fuck me. I want your cock inside me now.” She reached out and pulled me towards her. I got on my knees between her legs. She raised her hips up, and I grabbed her legs, pulling her up on my things. Shelly grabbed my cock and pulled it down to her pussy. I pulled her back a bit more and slid inside her. I bent down, taking her breast in my mouth, and pressed deeper into her. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Fiona watching me fuck Shelly. Fiona had one hand pulling her nipple and the other stroking her pussy. I felt Shelly’s legs wrap around my waist, setting the pace of my thrusting. I moved up so I could kiss her. As soon as my lips touched hers, I felt her tongue slide into my mouth. She gave me a long, passionate kiss, her hands on my head, holding me down. She released me I looked down at her, past her breasts as they bounced up and down. I could see my cock slide in and out of her. Fiona had moved so she could have the same view.

“Fuck her harder frank, I want to see her come,” Fiona commanded.

“Yes, frank, fuck me harder. I want to come on your cock the way I came on your mouth,” Shelly said.

I started thrusting harder and faster. I lowered myself a bit so Shelly’s tits brushed against me as they bounced back and forth, her erect nipples sliding against my chest.

“Yes yes yes, don’t stop,” Shelly cried out. I could feel her getting tighter around my dick, and her legs were gripping my waist like a vise. She started moaning, and finally relaxed.

“That’s another for me,” Shelly panted,” are you keeping Fiona?”

“Yes,” Fiona replied, “yes I am.”

Fiona pushed me off Shelly, and climbed on to me in the 69 position. She stroked my cock and few times and the wrapped her lips around it. I put my hands on her ass, and raised my head between her legs. It wasn’t long before Fiona climaxed again.

Shelly pushed Fiona forward so her tits were rubbing against my cock, and settled above my face.

“Remember, its unlimited oral sex,” Fiona said as she was rocking back and forth. My dick was still wet and slippery from being in her mouth, her breasts sliding up and down my penis. I put my hands on Shelly ass, and pulled her down to my face. Once again I ran my tongue into the wet folds of Shelly’s flesh. She squirmed a bit, and pressed her clit right into my mouth so I could suck on it. I reached down and put my hands on Fiona’s breasts, pressing them together around my dick. Shelly leaned down and put her hands on top of mine.

“That it, “Shelly said,b”Titfuck Fiona.”

“Yes,” cried out Fiona, “Your cock feels so good between my tits.”

All I could see was Shelly’s pussy, but I was thinking about her tits, pressed up against Fiona’s back, and her hands pressing mine into Fiona’s breasts. Just when I thought I could not take any more without climaxing, they stopped.

Shelly laid down beside me, and Fiona did the same. Their hands were all over me again. Fingers were running through the hair in my chest, one of them was stroking my cock. Both of them were kissing me. They were slowly moving down my body, kissing me as they went. I bursa rus escort raised my head up, watching them. They were both kissing my chest now, I could see and feel their tongues circling my nipples. Soon they were both giving me a blow job. They were off to the side, so I had an unobstructed view of my penis going in and out of their mouths. I watched Shelly’s head go up and down, then Fiona’s lips replaced hers and she did the same. I reached out, putting my hands on their breasts.

They both looked up at me, and announced it was time for the Finale. Shelly climbed onto me, right over my hips. She guided my cock between her legs. She moaned as I penetrated her. She went all the way down without stopping, rocking her hips against me once I was completely inside her.

After letting me watch Shelly start fucking me, Fiona straddled my face. I immediately went to work, licking and sucking on her pussy. She leaned forward, so if I looked up, I could see her breasts. Her nipples were still erect. I reached up and cupped her breastsin my hands.

“Yes, Frank, “Fiona moaned, “Squeeze my tits while you lick my pussy.” She knew I liked dirty talk, and kept it up. “Yes, fuck me with your tongue.”

Shelly joined in.

“Your cock feels so good. I’m going to ride you hard.” Shelly began to move up and down. She went up until only the tip of my penis was inside her, then plunged back down. They continued to fuck me like that for a couple minutes.

“It’s my turn to be on his cock,” Fiona said.

“Then I guess it’s my turn to have him go down on me. “Shelly replied. They switched positions. Shelly waited as Fiona mounted me, letting me watch my cock slide into Fiona’s pussy. Shelly was facing Fiona, her hips still behind my head. I watched her lean forward. She looked down at me.

“Welcome to the girl on girl kissing sampler” . Fiona leaned forward and kissed Shelly on the lips. They both reached out and started caressing each other’s breasts. Fiona was sitting still, not moving on my cock. If she had been fucking me while they made out, I don’t think I could have held out.

They both leaned back, and Shelly pressed her pussy to my face. I put my hands on Shelly’s tits, right where Fiona’s had just been. I pressed my lips against her. At the same time Fiona started moving her hips back and forth, rubbing her clit against me. I felt Shelly leaned forward. Her face must have been inches from Fiona’s breasts. I couldn’t see what was going on. I imagined Shelly licking Fiona’s tits. I felt my orgasm building. Shelly sat up, and I felt Fiona leaning forward. My hands were on Shelly’s breasts, my fingers on either side of her nipples so I could pinch them. The Fiona’s mouth was on my hand. Her tongue ran along my fingers, then between my fingers, right over Shelly nipple. Fiona moved my fingers so she could wrap her lips around Shelly’s nipple

“Oh,” Shelly cried out,” your lips feel so good on my tits.” That’s when I came. Knowing that Fiona’s mouth was on Shelly’s breast pushed me past any control I had left. Fiona felt my orgasm, rode up and down on my cock a few more times, then climbed off. Shelly started to lean forward again.

“I’m going to suck every last bit of come out of you.” She said as she moved down, getting into the 69 position. I kept my hands on her breasts and he leaned forward. Soon her mouth was on my cock, sucking and licking it. I did the same to her.

Fiona leaned down to watch me, “Frank, make her come one more time. Fuck her with your tongue, wrap your lips around her clit till she can’t stand it anymore.”

Shelly was moaning as she sucked on my cock. As I continued to suck and lick her she let my cock slide out of her mouth.

“Yes, Frank Yes, Don’t stop. Don’t stop. I want you to lick my pussy till I come.”

I felt her getting hotter and wetter. Her pussy quivered around my tongue as she came. She rolled off me and lied down beside me. Fiona snuggled up on the other side. They both kissed me one more time.

“Happy birthday,” the said together.

We all went into the shower, Fiona and Shelly cleaned me up, and I washed each of them off. We climbed back into bed, still naked, and drifted off to sleep.

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