He Said, She Said


His cubicle was just across from mine. On a normal day, I would tune out his stories. But today, I was curious, and couldn’t help but listen. Would last night’s experience become part of his lexicon of lust? Would I become one of the nameless conquests he bragged of to anyone who would listen? Needless to say, the answer was yes. What follows is my account of what happened, with his version of events interjected here and there. Since his tall tale is already spreading like wildfire, it’s the least I can do to try to set the record straight.


Another day at the office, another story from Derwin. In his cubicle, he’d manage to steer every work-related phone call off the rails into a discussion of his vast experiences. On a short break, or over a long lunch hour, he would position himself at the water cooler, ready to share his exploits with anyone who would listen, but especially with any pretty girl who happened to walk by. Delwood really was quite the legend in his own mind, regailing us with ever-more impressive stories of sexual conquests, each one less believable than the last.

His name wasn’t actually Derwin or Delwood, I should clarify. It was Darren. Something about him reminded me of the character in the old TV series ‘Bewitched’, just enough that I had taken to playing with his name, both in my own head and when joking about him with others at work. I’m not sure what it was – whether that he never seemed to feel comfortable in his own skin, that he was a bit of a skinny and bumbling guy, or just the name ‘Darren’ itself. Anyway, it had actually become quite a bad habit – I sometimes just caught myself before calling him the wrong name!

Anyway, yesterday’s tale had something to do with two, wait, no, three, beautiful women who lived in his apartment building. According to Darnell, they often hung out in the building courtyard late at night in their negligees, where he just happened to run into them on occasion. Recently, they had shared with him pictures of their latest lesbian orgy, and invited him to join them.

Right. What does he do, find this stuff on the internet each morning before coming to work? Does he actually think I’m falling for this? But I smile and nod, feigning doe-eyed trust, fighting the urge to giggle. First it was his seduction of the entire cheerleading squad in high school, and now he has half-naked lesbians chasing him around his apartment building in the middle of the night.

I decided it was finally time to have some fun with this. I called his bluff. Just as he brought his exciting tale to a close, I asked if he’d like to meet for a drink after work. He agreed. Little did he know, I planned to invite my roommate as well. We were completely different types – Jessie being dark and voluptuous, me blonde and svelte – but nobody would deny we were each sexy in our own way. We’d just see how confident he was when confronted with two hotties at once. Should be worth at least a chuckle to watch him squirm.


Wow, Karen looks hot today. I love the way that sweater clings to her – I don’t think she realizes I’m watching her breasts move as she breathes. And she’s really hanging on every line of this story, obviously impressed that I kept my cool when talking with those three lesbians in my building.

“So, um, Darren, would you like to meet me for a drink after work tonight?”

“Sure, great, Karen, that sounds like fun. How about 6:30, that should give you time to get home and freshen up,” I replied with a wink, before heading back to my desk.

Always nice to remind her who’s boss – I would be ready for that drink anytime, but knew she’d need time to prepare. Once back in my cubicle, I pumped my fist. Finally – I knew I’d win her over!


Jessie thought my plan was a great one – we’d both had a tough day at work, and it should be a fun way to escort bayan unwind, teasing Darren over a few drinks. We met at our apartment after work, picked out our sexiest outfits, and hurried to the bar, hoping to be settled, laughing casually over our drinks, when he arrived.

We chose a couple of seats at the bar in plain view of the door. I was wearing my favorite little black dress, short to show off my legs and low-cut to emphasize cleavage. Jessie was wearing a black sweater that clung to her curves and designer jeans that fit her like a second skin. I kept my eye on the door, ready to toss my hair back and trace my leg suggestively with one finger, a gesture sure to intimidate my poor co-worker.

He was right on time. As he walked across the bar towards us, I had to admit that he was not at all unattractive. He had changed from the square suit he always wore to work to more casual attire, a shirt and khakis, and looked much more relaxed than I was used to seeing him. And though he was still a little skinny for my tastes, I noticed that Jessie did a double-take as well. OK, OK, so he cleaned up alright.

But much to my delight, he did seem nervous, distracted even, as he joined us. I knew it – the cheerleading squad, the late-night lesbians – these were the exaggerated stories of an insecure man. I motioned to the bartender to bring him a beer, and we started talking, Jessie and I playing up our sexiness, touching each other as much as possible, giggling at inside jokes. We’d have him backing away, calling it a night, in no time.


Wow, this must be my lucky day. Not only was Karen here, looking hotter than ever, but she had brought a friend along – what’s the story here? Maybe Karen goes home at night and talks me up to her roommate, who insisted that she set us up? Maybe Karen’s interested in me, but brought her roommate along to check me out before agreeing to go out with me alone? I never have known what makes women tick, especially since they rarely share what’s truly on their minds.

A few more swigs of my beer, and it’s pretty clear that they’re both flirting with me. Are they competing for my attentions? How will I ever find the time to go out with both of them individually, and how awkward that could be, with them being roommates. Or, wait, maybe they actually want to go at it as a threesome? I lose myself in this daydream for a while, pretending to listen as the alcohol begins to take effect and they start babbling and giggling even more than before.

In fact, I was watching them, studying their bodies. Karen’s I’m already quite familiar with. I’ve made it through many boring meetings at the office ogling her smallish but perfectly perky tits. And her long legs, not an ounce of fat, oh yeah, would love to have those wrapped around me. Before I sound like a total pig, she really does have a pretty face to go along with her hot body – her big blue eyes, all that gorgeous wavy blonde hair.

Jessie’s a totally different type, but equally hot. Man, the curves on that one – big round tits, at least a C cup, a perfect round ass. And next to Karen’s fair skin and light hair, her dark features really stood out – olive skin, dark brown hair and big deep brown eyes. Quite a pair – I’d enjoyed quite a few threesomes, but never before had an opportunity to be with two women quite this hot, in such different ways.

I’d better let them drive the situation – just in case I was letting my cock do my thinking for me. As I said before, I never can be sure what women are really thinking. Even with the drinks and all the flirting, maybe they didn’t really have any intention of taking this further, at least on this particular night. I’d better tune back in, though – they probably think I’ve been listening and might expect me to remember something of this conversation.


I bursa vip escort decided it was time for us to make our move, before I’d had too many drinks to keep control of the situation. Certain that Darren would back out at the last minute, I broke the small talk with a powerful suggestion.

“So, Darren, how’d you like to come home with us? You up for it?”

My question seems to bring him quickly out of a daydream. “Um, yes – I mean, hell yeah!”

I was surprised, and took a moment to gulp, wondering what I’d gotten us into, but quickly regain my composure. “Well, then, stud, why don’t you go hail us a cab!”

His departure gave me a moment to collect my thoughts and share them with Jessie. “Hmm, don’t worry, I’m sure he’s going to back out once he gets us home. You OK to keep playing along for a little while longer?”

Always a good sport, especially when she’s tipsy, Jessie replied, “Of course, Karen. I’m having a great time. Don’t you worry about me!”

A few minutes later, we were in our apartment. We all took off our shoes, I lit a few candles, and Jessie turned on the stereo. As music filled the room, Darren sat down on the sofa, put his feet up on the coffee table, and put his hands behind his head, a defiant gesture of making himself at home, obviously not ready to leave. Fine, then. It was time to pull out all the stops, if I wanted to win this battle of the wills.

I motioned with one finger for Jessie to come towards me, and we began dancing to the music, putting on a silly show for Darren. Before long, our hands were roaming over one another’s bodies. It had begun as a prank, and I’d never been this intimate with another woman, but somehow it felt very natural – gee, how many drinks had I had, exactly? I glanced at Darren, who continued to sit motionless on the sofa. Well, at least I’d been right about him – he wasn’t exactly jumping into the action!

Before I knew it, Jessie had unzipped my dress and her fingers were tugging at the fabric, pulling it down until it slipped from my shoulders, exposing my chest to her. I made no effort to stop her as she began fondling my breasts, and arched my back in pleasure as she bent down to take one of my nipples into her mouth. I was shocked at how much I was enjoying her touch, and now began to explore her skin more aggressively. Darren was now the least of my worries, as I focused my attention entirely on Jessie.


God, I’m a lucky guy. Here I am, my first date with Karen turning into a live lesbian porno before my eyes as I watch her and her roommate go at it. And they seem so earnest, you’d almost think they’ve never done something like this before! What a rare opportunity, two hotties going at it right in front of me, asking nothing of me but to relax on the sofa and watch.

I couldn’t last like this, though. After a few minutes, my hardening cock was pressing uncomfortably in my khakis, and I shifted my weight on the sofa. When Karen reached down Jessie’s unbuttoned fly and received a satisfied moan in return, I couldn’t help but to begin stroking myself. As they began to peel off more layers of clothing, still paying no attention to me whatsoever, I quickly and quietly did the same.

When Jessie slipped two fingers inside of Karen, I imagined what it would be like for my cock to take their place, and my hand began moving faster on my cock. As Karen’s moans started to come more quickly, I decided it was time to make my move. As great as this was to watch, it was time for these hotties to focus a little attention in my direction.


I jumped as I felt Darren – naked, his hard cock pressing into the small of my back – come up behind me. But I’m too far gone to object, to worry about my failed prank, as he wrapped his arms around me, squeezing my tits as Jessie continued to finger bursa elit escort my pussy. She let out a satisfied little squeal as she looked up to see that our twosome had just become a threesome, but didn’t lose a beat in pleasuring me.

Just as I approached orgasm, Darren took control with two simple words whispered in my ear, “My turn.”

I turned around, dropped to my knees, and took his big, hard cock into my mouth. Slowly, I managed to take in his entire length, until I almost gagged, before I started moving up and down on him. Jessie knelt beside me and fondled his balls. After a few more strokes, Darren pulled out of me and plunged forcefully into Jessie’s mouth, while I looked up at him with my big blue eyes full of lust, one hand dropping to my clit.

We continued to pleasure him with our mouths for a few minutes more, until he finally lifted us up from our knees and encouraged us to move over to the sofa. With surprising strength, he picked me up easily and guided his hard cock into my pussy as I wrapped my legs around his waist. Once inside me, he lowered us onto the sofa, and began a slow and steady rhythm, filling me completely with each stroke. Jessie sat down next to us, her legs spread wide, and began fingering herself as she watched Darren fuck me.

After a few minutes, we reversed our roles, Darren switching over to Jessie’s eager, dripping pussy, as I fondled his balls with one hand and my clit with the other. Close as I was to orgasm while he was fucking me, the whole scene now overwhelmed me, and I writhed in pleasure against the sofa cushions as he continued to fuck Jessie – harder and faster now.


When Karen came, sitting next to us on the sofa, it seemed to put Jessie over the edge as well, and I could feel her juices coating my cock, her muscles clenching around me, as I continued to thrust in and out of her. After riding out her orgasm, I decided it was time to shift positions once again. Both women stood up, and I sat in the middle of the sofa, my cock still hard and ready for more action.

Karen eagerly took advantage first, straddling me and lowering herself down until my cock filled her pussy. She was tighter than Jessie, and the feeling was incredible as she began to rotate her hips, then bob up and down on me. Meanwhile, Jessie stood on the sofa, spreading her legs to give me access to finger her. She moaned as I stuffed three fingers deep into her pussy, and hissed at me to fuck Karen even harder.

Karen and Jessie exchanged positions, and I pounded Jessie’s pussy even harder now, as Karen positioned herself close enough that I could lick her clit. Her scent was powerful as she arched her back, pressing into my face. I could tell she was close to another orgasm as her juices began trickling down my chin, and I wanted to cum with her, my cock buried in her tight little pussy.

I gently pushed Jessie off, and they switched positions once more. I grabbed Jessie by the ass as she sat on my face, licking from her pussy to her clit as Karen once again took my cock into her throbbing pussy. It wasn’t long before we once again reached a fast and furious pace, my balls slapping against her skin with each powerful thrust. Even as wet as she was, the tightness was still phenomenal, and I could no longer hold back.

She stopped her up-and-down motions as I shot my load deep inside of her, triggering her own orgasm. We remained in this position, her pussy still clenching, throbbing against my cock, as I focused my attention on Jessie’s clit for a few moments more. She finally came as well, once again covering my face with her juices.


OK, OK, so I was wrong, I thought to myself the next morning as I passed Darren at the water cooler. So he really was all that, and most of his stories were probably true. But frankly it was hard to care about being wrong after such a great night.

And yes, he was telling someone about last night. But I knew he’d never use my name – and more importantly, I knew that nobody would believe him. I smiled to myself as I walked back to my desk and sat down, gingerly, still a little sore from the wild ride the night before.

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