Here We Go Again


I waited for the weather to break. This was my third day of waiting to get home to Florida. The plane was gassed up and ready to go but sat out there in the drizzle and fog tied down to the tarmac. I tired of looking out the window of the Fixed Base Operator’s waiting room. I moved back to my seat and noticed a flight bag in the seat next to mine.

It hadn’t been there ten minutes go. I leaned back and stretched my legs out in front of me.

I awoke with a start. Someone said, “Hi! Could you move your legs so I can get past you to my seat.”

I blinked and sat up, A lovely lady smiled at me and said “Excuse me. I am sorry I woke you up. I could sure use a little nap myself.”

“Well I think we are both going to have plenty of time for a nap. The last I heard was that the weather was supposed to be below takeoff minimums until at least tomorrow afternoon. Where are you headed?”


“Really, me too! I want to go to Naples. How about you?”

“Marco Island, right next door.”

“What are you driving?”

“A-36 Beech, you?”

“The same thing, which is yours, mine is 27 Bravo, White, Silver and Black.”

“Ours is 44 Bravo. The Blue on White. Are you flying solo?”

“Yes I am, you?”

“Yeah, me too.”

“We should fly south as a flight of two. We can take turns navigating.”

“Sounds like fun, My name is Betty Lasco. You?”

“I am Lucyann Bradley, glad to meet you.”

“Shit, look at the rain come down, We might as well go get a couple of Motel rooms across the street. They will get us a free pick up from here. The restaurant next to the place is supposed to be very good. What do you say?”

“Beats the hell out of sitting here all night. Let’s go.”

I picked up my flight bag and my overnighter and we walked to the desk and asked about a ride across the street to the motel. The guy made a call and said they would be right over.

We ended up getting adjoining rooms. Lucy said she wanted to take a shower and relax before dinner. I had a bottle of Rum in my bag and offered to share with her. She said, “Great, I’ll get a shower and get some ice and be over in an half an hour.”

I took my shower and it felt good, it relaxed me. I looked in my overnighter and found a dress and fresh undies. I put on the bra and panties and lay on the bed. A knock came shortly and I yelled for her to come in. I sat up and got a good look at her as she had changed to a cute little dress and heels. She was hot looking. Blond, blue eyed and a sexy figure. I got up and fixed us each a drink. We sat and talked airplanes and experiences. We had a lot in common. We were both married. Each had two kids. Each of us were empty nesters with husbands who were working them selves to death when they already had plenty of money.

I looked at her, “My Bill would go ape over you, your cute figure, blond and all. He loves blonds. So he married a brunette. I don’t think he even remembers how to have sex. I sure get horny now and then. How about you?”

“I know just what you mean. Sometimes I just want to scream at him. I told him to just keep on working so when he drops dead I’ll be able to have several boy toys to screw me when he is gone. I will tell you that Dave would drool over those boobs of yours, he loves big tits.”

“Hey, your boobs are just beautiful. He must be blind.”

“Men just don’t know how to appreciated a sexy woman. Right.”

“You are right about that.”

“Hey! Slip into that cute little dress and lets go eat.”

We went to the place next door. It was evidently a local meeting place. Lots of guys cruising. Plenty of gals too.

We had a nice meal and walked into the lounge. We were both hit on right away. We fended off the men and sat and sipped a little after dinner drinkie-poo. A really hot looking guy asked me to dance and I looked at Betty and she just grinned. I danced a couple dances with the guy and he had me pretty hot feeling a large cock pressing against me. He was a handsome stud and he hinted about us going to his place. I wasn’t ready for that and sat and watched Betty dance with a good looking guy. He was dry fucking her as they danced. She came back and looked at me. “Shit, my panties are soaking wet. I would love to fuck that guy but I just can’t do it.”

“I know exactly how you feel. Isn’t it hell to be a good true blue wife? We better go back to the room and have a night cap and go to bed. Before we get in serious trouble.”


We sat in my room for a few minutes talking. Betty got up and said, “I’m going to put on my nightie, I’ll be back, I want to get out of these wet panties.”

“Me too!” I changed into the gown I had with me and lay on the bed against the pillows.

Betty was back in a few minutes and grabbed the pillows from the other bed and put them beside me and leaned back against them. Damn she looked sweet. Just delicious. I told her so too!

She said, “You look delectable too! Can I kiss you?”

“Sure, I would love that.”

Her bursa sınırsız escort lips were soft and sweet. I parted my lips a little and her tongue slipped right in. I met her tongue and explored her mouth. I felt her hand on my breast. A tingle ran through me. I pulled back. My panties were wet again. Our kisses were soft and sweet, then they became more passionate. I felt Betty push me on to my back and she began kissing my neck. She squeezed my breasts and played with my nipples. I pulled her head to me and wrapped my legs around her waist. I pulled her close to me. She had me on fire. I wanted to get as close to her as I could. She started kissing and licking my breasts. My moaning was very loud and I was breathing very hard. She took one nipple in her sweet mouth and began sucking on it while she played with the other with her fingers. I felt her hand slide down to my mound and cup it. I wanted to feel her fingers inside me. She teased me by running her fingers lightly over my pussy lips. I was thrusting up trying to reach her fingers. She slipped down beside me and I felt her breath on my pussy. Her tongue slipped across my cunt and my hips thrust up to meet her mouth. Her fingers slipped into my wet channel and she began licking my clit as she fucked me with her fingers. I was screaming in my joy. I was racked by orgasm after orgasm. She moved up and held me for a long time until I relaxed.

She kissed me gently, “How was that?”

“Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Now I want to do you.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“I really want to love you too. Hell, I need to do it.”

I kissed her and felt her breasts, she gasped as my hands caressed her breasts. Her nipples were hard and erect. I squeezed her nipples hard and she shook all over. I sucked them into my mouth one at a time and she moaned and sighed. I ran my hands down to stroke her pussy. I dipped a finger into her hot cunt and lubed up her pussy lips with her flowing juices. I delved my fingers into her labia gently feeling for her clit. I pressed my fingers down on it every few seconds until she was writhing in ecstasy and squealing with pleasure. I saw her glistening pussy lips and pressed my face into her vagina. My tongue lapped at her juices and I then sucked her inner lips into my mouth, tugging them gently with my lips. I inhaled her sexy aroma and flipped her clit with the tip of my tongue My fingers plunged in and out of her vagina. I knew her orgasm was building inside her and I felt her hands pressing my face harder into her pussy. I kept sliding my fingers in and out then plunged one finger into her little puckered asshole. She screamed as her body exploded in her orgasmic climax. I moved up and kissed her lips and held her tight. We slept the night snuggled to each other.

In the morning there was no visible change in the weather. We called the FBO and were told they expected the weather to break just after noon. We made love again. It was delightful. I looked at Betty, “Sweetie, I think we need to meet at least once a week when we get home. Maybe twice a week.”

“Do you like to fish?”

“Sure I do. We don’t go often like we used to.”

“Dave and I have a thirty three foot sports fisherman moored behind our house. The front bunk is a king size. I want to get you on that as often as I can.”

“That sounds divine. I could never touch another man and cheat on Bill. I love him too much. This is different.”

“I feel exactly the same way. This will never break up our marriages. We are just girlfriends. Right?”

We packed our stuff and caught a ride across the street. We checked the weather again and it still looked good for around 1300. We filed a flight plan as a flight of two for Naples Airport. The sky seemed to be getting lighter. No blue though. We were both instrument rated but we decided to wait a little longer and try to depart VFR if possible. Neither of us felt that comfortable about flying a very tight formation in the soup. We decided that if it was above minimums we would depart separately on instruments and join up when we were VFR.

We took umbrellas and walked out to the aircraft. She held the umbrella over me while I checked the fuel and the things that required two hands. Then I did the same for her. We kissed each other and made sure we had each ones phone numbers and addresses. We were ready to go.

About quarter after one we taxied out and were cleared for takeoff. We flew a loose formation and cross checked each other on our navigation. Both planes were equipped with GPS so we had filed direct to Lake City then direct to Naples. That route kept us pretty much away from large airports and controlled airspace.

We had Naples Airport in sight when I blew her a kiss and she broke off for Marco Island.

I walked in the house just before dark. Bill’s car was in the drive and he opened the door and swept me into his arms. We shared a passionate kiss. He had brought home Chinese for dinner, that was great with me. He fixed us bursa üniversiteli escort some drinks and wanted to hear all about the trip. I told him our son Bill, Jr. was fine as was our daughter in law and our new grandson Bill III. I told him about the wonderful girl I had met waiting for the weather in Atlanta. I told him I had to call and make sure she got in OK. I dialed her number and she answered instantly and told me she had the phone in her hand to call me. Every thing was fine with her and she told me she would call in the morning.

We warmed up dinner and it was nice for a change. I cleaned up and washed a sink full of dirty dishes he had left.

He led me to our bed room and almost raped me. He was so hot and horny. We stripped and jumped in bed. His tongue explored my mouth and I savored his taste and smell. God he felt good, his cock pressed against my leg and I had to reach down and feel him. He moved to love my breasts and it was wonderful, he knew how to turn my heat up by licking and sucking my nipples. He kissed my mouth over and over telling how much he had missed me. He said, ‘I can’t wait, I wanted to eat your pussy but I need to fuck you right now.”

“Oh! Yes! Put him in me now. I need him too!”

I felt him rub the head of his cock up and down the lips of my pussy and then plunge his cock deep into my vagina. God! It felt wonderful. His thrusts into my pussy were powerful and slammed into me hitting my clit and sending

shock waves through my body. He was humping harder and harder and faster and faster. I was having orgasms in rapid secession now. I was screaming and clutching at his strong body trying to pull him deeper. He shuddered and moaned as he stiffened then flooded my pussy with his cum. We melted together and slept like babies.

I got Bill off to work in the morning and went through the mail. Sat at my desk and paid the bills on the computer. The phone rang about ten and it was Betty. It was good to hear her voice. We gabbed and compared notes agreeing we needed to leave home more often. She invited Bill and I down Saturday evening for dinner. I accepted instantly. We decided the two of us would get together and go shopping earlier in the week. She said she knew of some trendy little shops and boutiques in Marco. I never shop Marco so I agreed to pick her up Wednesday morning about ten.

I was right on time an she invited me in for coffee and to see her house. She showed me pictures of Dave and of her kids. Dave looked like a hunk. It was a lovely house right on a canal leading to the river. The boat was beautiful. She showed me the master bedroom. Very nice. I sat on the bed and she pushed me on my back and then flopped down beside me. She looked in my eyes and asked if I really wanted to go shopping. I shook my head, “I really want to love you.”

“Me too, I have to find out if you really taste as good as I remember.”

“I can’t tell you that, you have to find out for yourself, sweetie.”

The sex was as good or better than we remembered.

We talked about Saturday evening and she said that she and Dave had changed their minds and were going to take us by boat to the Yacht Club for dinner and dancing. They had a slip for the boat reserved for overnight. She said dress would be semi casual, Jackets without ties, etc. I asked what she was going to wear. She showed me a really cute dress that would show off her figure and her long legs. She giggled, “Let’s have fun, I’ll flash Bill if you’ll flash Dave.”

“What exactly do you mean?”

“We will go to the ladies room just before dinner. While we are in there we’ll remove our panties. Then at dinner we will each drop something and have our husbands pick it up from under the table. When you drop a fork or something and Bill goes down for it I’ll spread my legs and give him a good look at my pussy.”

I giggled, “Sounds like fun. When I drop it I’ll try to push it towards you a little.”

“Right and then before we leave we can go put our panties back on, or not, if we want to be really naughty. If I know Dave, after he gets one look at you, he will drop something to get another peek.”

“Have you and Dave ever swapped or anything like that?”

“No, but we have talked about it and agreed we might like to try it with the right people if the situation ever came up.”

“We feel about the same way, hey! Maybe we will all get lucky Saturday night.”

I was on ants for the next few days. Saturday morning I had my hair done and I laid our clothes out for Bill and I. I was wearing a basic ‘little black dress’, with a black lace bra and panty set and a matching garter belt and dark hose. Patent leather stiletto heels completed the outfit.

Bill went fishing with a buddy. He promised to be home early. He was as good as his word and we were all spiffied up and knocking on the Lasco front door at five, right on time.

Dave answered the door, he was very gracious and friendly and seated bursa ucuz escort us on the patio where he had a wet bar. He was a very handsome guy. Large and well muscled and in good condition. My Bill fit the same description. Dave mixed drinks for us and said Betty was still dressing. I said I would see if I could help her and left the boys talking boats and fishing.

Betty looked at me as I walked in her room. “Wow! You look great! I want you right now.”

“Betty, hush, you will have my panties all wet before we start the evening.”

“Pull your skirt up and let me see, Oh! God, Dave will cum in his britches when he sees that. He really loves garter belts and hose with high heels.”

“Now let me see you. Hey! You are really hot too! I love those thigh high stockings and those sheer little wispy panties are very sexy. Bill will drool all over himself.

We joined the guys and Betty walked right up to Bill and kissed him on the lips and welcomed him to her home. He looked a little dazed and I knew he was turned on. He sat beside me and we all talked for a while. Dave and Bill really hit it off good. They liked each other very much I could tell that.

Dave said we should leave for the Yacht Club because it was about a thirty minute ride by boat. The ride would give us a scenic tour of Marco Island on our way. Dave had the boat ready to go and helped me into the cockpit. Betty was next and Bill just stayed on the dock until Dave had the engines running and then asked Bill to cast off the lines. Bill did so and jumped aboard. It was a delightful cruise to the Club and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We had another drink before dinner and Betty and I went to powder our noses. She grinned at me when she stepped out of her stall, She whispered, “I feel like flashing every good looking man in the place.”

“I know, I feel sexy and naughty as hell.”

Dinner was excellent and I dropped my spoon and Bill searched for it for a long time before he came up with it. His face was a little red and he stared at Betty. She continued her conversation as if nothing had happened. She turned and said something to Dave and her napkin fell on the floor she tried to pull it back with her toe but only pushed it further toward me. She sent Dave to get it. He said he would get her a clean one. She told him we couldn’t leave that one on the floor and to please get it. He sighed and ducked down. I eased my legs apart as wide as I could while he was down there. I could see the napkin between my legs on the floor. Betty and I kept on talking about how nice the flight back from Atlanta had been flying formation. Dave surfaced and looked at me. “Did you find it?” I asked brightly.

“Oh! Yes, I got it alright!”

“Oh! Good. I am having such fun we wouldn’t want to spoil it by loosing a napkin.”

Betty suggested we go back to their place for a cup of coffee. They had brought a car and left it that afternoon so we wouldn’t have the long ride back in the dark. They would get the boat in the morning.

When we got back to the house we sat in the kitchen and had coffee. Dave poured a little Brandy in his and everyone tried it. Dave dropped his spoon and bent to pick it up. As he went down Betty nodded slightly at me and I gave him another look. He came up and said, “Bill, I can’t reach it, would you see if you can get it for me.”

Bill said, “Sure, no problem.”

Dave put his hand on Betty’s leg and she opened them anyway. Dave was grinning from ear to ear when Bill came up.

“Did you get a good look? We have been set up, Buddy, these girls have been teasing us all night.”

“I wondered about that. Girls, Dave and I were talking while you went to the ladies room trying to figure out how to talk you guys into a little group sex. I have a feeling you are a step or two ahead of us.”

“You are right about that! We decided three days ago we were going to see if you guys were interested.”

“Lets move into the family room and Betty can put some music on and the girls can strip for us.”

Betty grinned and said, only if you guys strip at the same time. Right Lucyann?”

I agreed and we moved into the family room. Betty put on some music and I told everyone to sit down, I would start. I stood in front of Dave and danced a little turning as I danced. I reached behind me and pulled down the zipper on the dress, I turned my back and pulled it down over my hips and let it fall on the floor. I bent over with my legs tight together and picked up the dress. I held it in front of me and turned to face Dave. I extended one hand and told him it was his turn. He stood and I took his place. Dave gyrated for a bit while he removed his jacket and shirt and shoes. He smiled at me and dropped his slacks. His erection was evident in his jockey shorts. It looked nice. He turned and helped Betty to her feet. Betty really but on a show for Bill and danced only about a foot from his face. She looked hot when the dress came off and she did a bump and grind right in Bill’s face with her bare pussy. She took off her bra and bent until her tities touched Bill’s nose, then jumped back and pointed to Bill, He danced slowly in front of Betty and stripped to his boxer shorts. He bumped and grinded in her face. She reached out and snatched down his shorts letting his cock jump free. He sat beside her and I saw her hand slip over on his lap.

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