Hot Red Head in a Black Dress


It has been a hot humid summer and my wife and I was tired of sitting in the house on the weekends. We have been talking about an adult alternative club in the area, and we decided to see what they had to offer. So we go upstairs and we get ready to go out.

Carol decides she wants to wear this short black mini skirt that shows all her curves and her full breast figure. I had asked her not to wear a bra, so that the nipple piercing would show off a little bit better. Of course I liked it and was eager to show her off in that outfit. A couple days ago she went to the mall and got this pair of lace panties that had a string of beads in the middle. Imagine a pair of black lace panties with just beads going up your pussy and ass. That is such a turn on. Carol mentioned that they rub her clit and really turn her on.

I was hoping that she was turned on by them cause I had been turned on seeing her try them at the mall. The dressing room was big enough for the both of us, and of course I went into the dressing room with her. She tried on a tight black nightly, and those panties. Man was I eager to see how those felt on her while I made love to her. As I sat in the chair she lowered herself onto me, and we started to make love in the dressing room.

After she had the tight black mini skirt and lace panties on, we went out to the club. It was around 10pm when we finally arrived, and the parking lot was pretty full. We did not know what to expect but we were prepared to have some fun no matter what. Prior to going in we confirmed our rules that we had for each other, no males were allowed to touch her, and I could not have intercourse with any females. She could do whatever she wanted with any female, as long as I was told or could watch.

As we were walking in the building, I had noticed a few women looking at Carol, she was hot, black outfit, nice tan and reddish hair. She was a knockout, and I am glad that she is mine, that I can show to everyone. We walked in and they görükle escort were playing alternative music, really not Carol’s music but she was all right with it. As soon as we made it to the bar I pointed out this younger lady probably in her early 30’s to Carol, and asked what she thought of her. Carol was like, nice body nice outfit. So I walked up to the stranger and introduced myself, and asked if she would like to have a drink with us. She looks at Carol and smiles, and accepts my offer.

We all get drinks and go and sit down, our friend introduces herself as Meg, a flight attendant with SWA. Meg had this short skirt barely covering her ass on, it was white, almost see through and you could tell that she was not wearing anything under it. She had the most amazing blue eyes and wonderful full lips that you just wanted around your dick. Her hair was about shoulder length, brown and had curls at the bottom of her hair. She was sexy, and I could tell that Carol really wanted to get to know her better. So as we were talking, I had to go to the restroom, and this gave them a few minutes to talk about more stuff without me around.

On the way back, I got some more drinks, and chatted with the bar tender, and asked if she had ever seen that woman in here before. She had not, but told me that she was looking good. And gave me my drinks on the house. I went back to the women, and they were sitting real close to each. Carol had her skirt up some and Meg was rubbing her inner thigh. I was getting excited just with that cause I knew this is what Carol had been wanting for a long time. As I sat across from them, Meg opened her legs and I seen that she had no panties on and looked like she was shaved. I made it noticeable that I was rearranging my dick cause it was getting hard. They both seen me, and smiled.

In this club you could do almost anything you wanted, so Meg looked at Carol and she shook her head. So Meg got up and walked over to me, and asked me to stand bursa merkez escort up, so I did. Then I felt her grab my manhood and said take them off. I looked at Carol and she was smiling and I knew it was all right. So I did, and I let my pants fall to the ground. Meg pushed me back and I fell back onto the chair. Then Meg told Carol to get over here next to her. They both started to suck on my dick, man did it feel good. I then seen Carol start fingering Meg, and tasting her juices. I asked for a taste and Carol said that later you could taste us both. They continued to give me the best blowjob I have ever had, and Carol knew I was about ready to cum, and she stopped sucking and let Meg have the fun. I had Meg’s head in my hands and was making her deep throat my hard swollen dick. I told her I was ready and she engulfed my dick all the way to the end of the shaft and just let it stay, I started to cum, and you could feel her swallowing all my juices. She took everything I gave her without hesitation. As soon as I was done, she went to Carol, and they kissed with my cum in her mouth. Carol was very turned on by the taste of my cum in Meg’s mouth, that they kissed for a few minutes.

As they were kissing I stood up and got my pants back on. I was ready to go home and watch these two women get with each other. I would not even have to join, for she sucked me so good I knew I was out for at least an hour. We finish up our drinks and we asked if Meg wanted to come to our place since we lived a few miles from the club. She was like come to mine, I live three blocks away, so we get in the car and head to her place.

She had a nice two-bedroom apartment that she shared with another female flight attendant. She was on a three-day flight so we did not have to worry about her coming in on us. Meg told us to get comfortable she would be back in a minute, she wanted to get changed. So we sit in the living room, and start playing with each other, bursa sınırsız escort and sucking on Carol’s tits, I really like sucking on her nipples, especially her pierced nipple, since that is a major turn on for Carol. Meg walks in and says ‘hey no playing without me”. I was like well what are you waiting for. She was wearing a pink baby doll outfit, which had mesh around the breasts, she was even hotter without clothes. Carol stood up and walked towards her, and started to kiss her intimately. It was a major turn on for me. Meg asked us to follow her, so we did. We went into the other bedroom and found out that it was a ‘dungeon’. This is something that both of us had wanted to do in our house but have not seen all the toys that you could have in a dungeon.

She had a dildo’s all over the room, magazines, a cross, horse saddle holder that had straps on the bottom of it. Whips hanging on the wall. Queen size bed with leather straps on the corners. It was like a dream come true for us. We mentioned that we were not into pain, just fun and excitement. Meg assured us that no pain would be involved and all you had to do is say stop.

The girls wanted to tie me up to the saddle holder so I agreed. After they had tied my feet and arms to the base, my ass was ready for spanking. They decided they did not want to spank me, they wanted to use a strap-on. This was turning me on. Meg showed Carol how to put it on, and lubed my ass for her. Meg stroked my hard dick as Carol gently played with my ass with the strap on. Eventually she got it in, it hurt but it was feeling good. Meg put more lubricant on the strap-on, and Carol started to go faster and faster, by this time, Meg was on her knees sucking my dick, and making me harder. It was intense, since I could not move my hands or anything I was at the mercy of the women. I felt like a slave and wanted to be a slave. I told Carol to fuck my ass and make me her slave. Meg knew I was getting into it and wanted me to last so she stopped Carol. They both untied me and let me relax for a few minutes. While they did that, Meg took Carol and showed her some more toys that they can use on each other and on me. I knew this was going to be a good night after all. Too bad that I had too much alcohol and was relaxing since I fell asleep on the couch.

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