I Couldn’t Wait


It’s close to midnight and you’re just on your way home. Everyone was on vacation this Friday night so you were left doing all the work.

You tried calling home a couple times, but I wasn’t answering so you figured that I had already fallen asleep. You felt kind of bad for being late because you promised me that we would be able to have a “special evening” tonight. So you did not drive as fast as you normally would, in fear of what I may say to you once you got into bed.

As you parked your car, you noticed a glow coming from the bedroom. “Great,” you thought, “she’s still awake so I’ll hear about it once I come through the door.”

You unlocked the door as slowly and quietly as you could and crept in. The bedroom door was closed so you breathed a sigh of relief as you began to take off your watch and phone. Your head perked up and you took a sniff of the room. The smell of vanilla candles entered your nose so you looked into the living room and saw a couple candles and glasses of champagne on the table. With a confused look, you saw that the empty bottle of champagne was tipped over on the floor and right next to it was a pink sweater. “I don’t remember her having a sweater like that,” you said to yourself.

“mmmm yesss….”

You quickly turn your head towards the bedroom. All of sudden, a rush of anger surges through your body. “She’s fucking that Chris guy again!” At first it was kind of a turn on when I would be with Chris, but it’s been getting a little out of hand lately. And you didn’t think it was right for me to get a “substitute” just because you came home late.

As you turned the doorknob slowly and slightly opened the door, my moans were getting louder and more frequent. But you also noticed that the second moan was not from Chris.

You had to keep yourself from saying, “oh my god!” out loud when you saw who was between my legs. It wasn’t Chris, but Rita, one of our neighbors!!

We met Rita as we were moving into our apartment. She is 30, single, and works as a teacher at Central College. You first noticed her getting her mail when you were taking one of our moving boxes into the apartment. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a tight, red tank-top. Her big breasts stretched the shirt to its limits and you licked your lips as you eyed her long black hair, big brown eyes, and lightly tanned arms and legs. She is even shorter than me so her full tits and ass are packed in an even tinier package. Yes, she was a yummy one.

The three of us became good neighbors, but not best friends. You would chat with her while in the laundry room and she always was wearing something to reveal at least one part of her curvaceous body.

I’ve mentioned to you before how görükle escort pretty I thought she was and you would tease me about all three of us “becoming better friends.”

You saw how much fun we were having and didn’t want to barge in and bother, so you stood there watching.

Rita had my legs spread wide and was licking my thighs. Her tongue felt so soft against my legs, I shivered as she licked. Her red-polished fingernails ran up my tummy to my tits. She took each nipple and pinched them as her tongue dove deep into my pussy.

“OHHH!!!” I screamed as my back arched. Rita began moaning into my pussy; licking and stabbing her tongue deep inside. My body writhing under her, she grabbed my tits hard and sucked my clit between her lips.

“Cum for me,” she kept commanding me over and over. I wrapped my legs around her head and began cumming right on her face. Her tongue lapped up every drop of me as I drowned her. She was smacking my tits with one hand and grabbing my ass with the other as I came. After I calmed down, she crawled back up to me and slid her tongue into my mouth. We kissed long and hard as my orgasm was still rocking my body.

By this time, your cock was hard and wanting to be free from your pants. You unbuttoned your khakis and began rubbing your dick slowly, watching us kiss and fondle.

You saw me whisper something into Rita’s ear, then I had her get on all fours. She poised her ass high in the air and I gave it a strong “smack!” Rita squealed in delight as I ran my tongue up her ass, tickling her gently. I spread her cheeks and began licking the bottom of her pussy, all the way up to her ass, my tongue probing her tight little hole. “Mmmmm deeper!” Rita kept begging me. I wet my finger with her pussy and began working it into her ass. I reached over to rub her back and tug her hair as my finger slid in deeper into her. Rita started rocking back and forth on my finger, riding it like a cock.

Your hand was beginning to pump your cock harder and faster as you watched us play. You were ready to cum when you heard me say, “Honey, why don’t you come in here and say hi to our new friend.”

You hesitated at first to enter the room, feeling a little bit guilty about watching us, but when you finally saw us and how hot and sexy we both looked, all inhibitions went out the window.

I got up and kissed you. “I hope you don’t mind sweetie… you were late and I was upset and so I called Rita over to have some coffee… and well… you knew I thought she was pretty and all.. and one thing just led to another…” As I was explaining my story to you, Rita slid behind you and squeezed your ass. She then started taking your pants off while I was unbuttoning your bursa merkez escort shirt. You could feel Rita’s hard nipples poking your back as mine poked your chest.

After getting you naked, we took each of your hands and had you sit on the edge of the bed, each of us sitting on one side of you. Rita began licking and kissing your neck while I licked your soft lips. You then turned to Rita and grabbed one of her tits and kissed her hard. You’ve been wanting to feel her hot body for so long and you finally had your chance.

As you concentrated on Rita, I slid between your legs and placed your big cock between my tits. You moaned into her mouth as you felt my soft flesh surrounding your cock with warmth. Your hips began to thrust into my tits as your hand traveled down to Rita’s wet cunt. She screamed when you shoved two fingers into her, fucking her hot pussy. I continued to fuck your cock with my tits as I licked the precum off the tip.

You couldn’t take it anymore and told us both to stop. We sat there staring at you, hoping we weren’t disappointing you. You bent down and whispered to me, “I want to fuck her…”

I looked at Rita and smiled. “Fuck her for me honey,” I told you.

You grabbed the back of my head and kissed me deep. You motioned me to sit on the edge of the bed to watch as you gave Rita her first instructions. “Get on all fours you little slut!” Rita obeyed and took her position. You took a look at her sweet, luscious ass and gave it a hard smack. She jumped a little and moaned. You then grabbed her cheeks and began kneading them hard, sliding one of your hands under to rub her juicy cunt.

You couldn’t wait anymore and needed to feel that pussy around your dick so you slid yourself into her slowly. Rita’s fingers dug into the bed as you pushed in every thick inch of your cock deep inside. “UNNhhh” you moaned when she gripped your cock.

“Mmmm fuck that pussy honey,” I said to you. You look at me and wink as you began to pump in and out of her. Her ass was bouncing off your hips; each thrust making her cheeks wave like water. My fingers were sliding deep into my pussy as I watched you take her. This made you even hotter and you began mounting Rita more. You were on one knee while your other foot was on the bed, shoving your cock deeper and harder. A bead of sweat slides down your forehead and lands on her back. Your grunts get louder. Her moans grow deeper. My pussy gets wetter.

You grab her tits and pull her up so her back is against your chest. Her tiny body makes it easy for you to work her on your cock. She’s bouncing on your dick, moaning like an animal in heat.

“Oh… I’m cumming!!!!” she screams! bursa sınırsız escort You push her back on the bed and get top of her to begin pumping harder as her cunt creams on your cock.

You pull your cock out and rest for a few seconds. Rita’s ass is still wiggling in the air, her pussy still quivering from her orgasm. You look at me once again and I know you want me to come to you. I crawl towards you, past Rita who is now on her back, breathing heavily. I slide my tongue around your cock, tasting Rita’s juices…. Continuing to slide up your tummy and chest and finally to your lips. We lock in a passionate kiss and you grab my ass with both hands.

I know what you want, but I tell you anyway, “mmmm fuck my ass baby.”

You grin wickedly and have me get on my back. You slide my legs on your shoulders and slide a pillow under my ass for better leverage. Rita has rolled over next to me and is playing with my nipples as you get the KY to spread all over your cock and my ass. The lube feels cool as it drips down my ass crack. I feel your finger sliding around my tight asshole and I’m already moaning. Rita licks my nipples as you finger fuck my ass. At first it hurts because you haven’t fucked it in such a long time.

I get a little bit nervous as I feel your cockhead getting in position.

“Oh honey, you know we haven’t done this in a while so please be slow…” I request.

“UNNNGGGHHHHH!!!!” You scream as you SHOVE every inch up my ass.

“AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” I respond as your dick stretches my almost virgin ass. Tears well up in my eyes when you first start thrusting, but they soon go away as your thrusts begin to feel so hot and good against my ass. You grab my ankles and begin moving your entire body into each thrust, making your cock get even deeper into me. You reach down for a brief moment to kiss me. The feel of your lips on mine and your cock in my ass makes my body shake.

Rita slides up to you for a kiss. You bite her neck and slide down to suck on her tits as you pound me. You then slide one hand down to rub my cunt.

With each thrust, your cock gets closer to exploding. I keep begging for you to cum for me. Your grunts get loud once again and you bite down on Rita’s nipples. She screams with delight watching us fuck.

My legs begin to quiver as I begin to cum. “Oohhhhhh yessss,” I moan as I have yet another orgasm.

You can’t take it anymore and need to cum. Rita pulls your cock out of my ass and I place my hand on your cock as well, both of us jacking you off on my tummy. Your head tilts back as you shoot hot loads of cum on my belly, our small, soft hands being so naughty. You collapse on me and we kiss softly.

Rita leans over and gives both of us kisses and begins to get dressed, “I think I’ll leave you two love-birds alone. Thanks for the fun evening!” She quietly leaves our apartment.

We wrap the sheets around us and snuggle up close together. I place my face into your neck and purr while you lean your head back and relax.

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